1. D

    Yo-yo / bottom fishing recommendation

    Hello All- New to the forums and relatively new to the hobby/addiction...I recently joined some friends on a few of the 1/2 day and 3/4 day trips out of SoCal, and am now looking to put together my own setup. I’ve acquired a Daiwa x-20sha reel that came with a 6’ Daiwa Sealine Graphite Custom...
  2. R

    Anyone know what these types of jigs are used for?

    Found these in my Father in Law's fishing tackle box. He fished mostly saltwater but these look like freshwater jigs - they are quite small in size, about 1.5" total length. Can anyone tell me what they are used for? And is it OK to cast them "as-is"? Many thanks!
  3. Andrew Padgett

    New to fishing

    Hello everyone I'm new to fishing. Trying to get into fishing and learn as much as I can to be the best I can become at it. I'm looking to get some salt water gear and looking for any suggestions or input on what I should get or consider getting. I do have a family and am a father to two kids...