Catalina Trip Two Harbors-Bonito, calico, lobster

    Here is our most recent trip to Catalina: Lots of bonito, calicos and lobster (mostly shorts). Any suggestions besides floating strips of bonito to get past calicos and bonito for YT? Heading out to Avalon Wednesday and Thursday this week.
  2. WickedGood

    Mooring system, like New Never Used.

    Mooring system, like New Never Used. Includes Dual Hazelett Elastic Bands, Buoy, Shackles, Swivel & 1" Polydyne, 15ft long, PN 93164NOORpen15 Painter Rhode Yale Cordage. Just hook it up to your Granite/Concrete Block or mushroom or helical. Designed to hold up to 45-50 ft boat. If your boat is...
  3. D

    Avalon mooring #28

    30 foot mooring in Avalon Harbor, Catalina, California. Right between the Tuna Club and the Yacht Club in front of the summer dinghy dock. Buy your own mooring and always have a mooring for your boat during the busy Avalon summer season. Why pay slip fees when you can leave your boat on your...