mission bay fishing

  1. N

    Bay / Harbor Mission Bay Night Fishing

    Heading out on the boat tomorrow to scoot around Mission Bay. I’ve never been night fishing in the area except for bugs. Does anyone have recommendations of where to go at night? Same as my usual day fishing spots in Mission?
  2. N

    Advice on Fishing Sail Bay from Boat?

    Hi All. Headed out on a buddy's sailboat this weekend and wondered if anyone had tips for hooking fish in Sail Bay. I'd planned on using plastics and live bait to fish on a Carolina Rig to see if we can hook halibut or rockfish. I've fished the bridge pilings throughout Mission Bay before, but...
  3. downtime

    Fishing Mission Bay 7-20-19

    We wanted to take the 13 Whaler out to La Jolla to fish but once we got outside the jetty we realized we brought the wrong boat for that job. We knew the wind would be up but thought maybe the forecast was off. Well it wasn’t. We fished the bay and had a blast catching all sort of fish. None...
  4. corazondeloso

    Off Shore Guy Needs Help re Fishing Mission Bay w/ 7 yr old Son!!

    Hey gents...avid off shore guy here humbly asking for some guidance re fishing Mission Bay tomm morning from about 7am-noon. Goal is to get my salty 7 year old some action if possible on spotties, etc and I don't even know where to start re tackle/set ups, baits, weedless lures, location on the...