Heading out of SD for 425 tomorrow

    We are heading out from Shelter Island lauch ramp tomorrow morning around day break on our Parker 2320, Graylight. Anyone want to buddy boat down to the 425 let us know. Any tips appreciated, have not fished San Diego yet this year. We have to stay away from the islands since a few of our...
  2. Lure Lots - Vintage / Marlin / Tuna/Marauder

    Southern California Lure Lots - Vintage / Marlin / Tuna/Marauder

    Lot 1: Vintage Lures and Misc. - 18 total lures - Vintage Storm, Rebel, and Rapala lipped baits. Some in box - Misc. Linen line (new in packaging) - Net - Diamond jig $80 OBO Lot 2: Marlin Jigs - Total of 14 marlin jigs between 9" and 14" (11 rigged, 3 unrigged) - Various conditions from...
  3. jcsportfishing

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - JC Sportfishing October 17TH, 2020

    Jc’s Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report. As the Admiral Seas It Fishing Report: 10/11/20 to 10/17/20 Stop by our Office for up to Date Fishing Report Marlin Are slowly moving down from Mag Bay as the water temperatures cool. The boat has been catching Stripes Marlin up at Los Arcos, Golden Gate...
  4. Alex Cohen

    Cow Trip November 19-23 on Marla's No Tuna No Chinga - Puerto Vallarta

    Hello guys, A friend has two spots for his charter and a couple of guys canceled so I would like to open the trip here. Great group and knowledgeable anglers! The fare is $2175. It is ALL inclusive. Food, beer, tackle and everything else is. Captain Danny Osuna is THE legend down in PV and can...
  5. jcsportfishing

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - JC Sportfishing August 30th, 2020

    Jc’s Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report. As the Admiral Seas It Fishing Report: 8/23/20 to 8/30/20 Our Office will remain closed due the Covid-19 Until October of this year. What a year… The fishing was starting to really pick up last week, past 3 days we have a couple of tropical storms come...
  6. rojo loco

    San Quintin 8/24/20 - K&M Sportfishing w/ George Catian

    Headed down to San Quintin Sunday 8/23 to fish with George Catian from K&M fishing yet again..... Crossed the border in Tecate and drove straight to to the Old Mill with no issues at all. Monday 8/24: Conditions were calling for wind so we tried to hit it on the early side and left the dock by...
  7. Alex Cohen

    Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report - Marla Sport Fishing/No Tuna No Chinga *****

    I've been meaning to post about a trip I took to PV to fish with the Marla fleet. We had a lo of success on this trip with the yellowfin in range. We fished mostly live bait. This was on the brand new No Tuna No Chinga boat. Check out the pictures below. The biggest fish on the trip was 274lb...
  8. jcsportfishing

    Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - JC Sportfishing Feb 29th, 2020

    Jc’s Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report. As the Admiral Seas It Fishing Report: 2/23/20 to 2/29/20 Stop by Our Office for up to Date Fishing Report Marlin Fishing started off slow at the beginning of the week, the fish have moved up the pacific to the inside Golden Gate. Last few days wide open...
  9. rba4dive

    Cabo San Lucas - Hacienda Del Mar Vacation Club - 1 Week

    Hi All, This offer will only be up until the end of January as we will be wanting to schedule for our use as soon as possible. Once again our one bedroom Executive Suite (2 queens, 1 sofa bed, jacuzzi tub , 2 bathrooms, kitchenette/dining area) at the Hacienda Del Mar Vacation Club is available...
  10. james760

    Gonzaga Bay (Baja California) Fishing Recommendations

    I am headed out to the islands just north of Gonzaga bay for the first. Any recommendations as far as tackle and bait for this time of year? Any fishing updates for the area? Thanks!
  11. james760

    Fishing San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

    I am a little new with this whole posting thing, so any help is appreciated. I am headed to San Felipe for Veteran's Day weekend. Does anyone have any fishing charter recommendations or contacts?
  12. Mike Darby

    Offshore 8.15 - 9 Mile and 302

    Sorry for a bit of a late report. Got out to the 9 Mile around 9:30 and started trolling with an X-Rap 20 and two blue feathers off the back. Made a big loop around the west side of the bank and got a double hookup on decent size bonito on the north end of the 9. X-Rap goes off and feather right...
  13. Baja Belk

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Second time this year I put a date on the calendar to go tuna fishing, and the tuna go lockjaw the day or two before, only to resume biting a couple days later. Like clockwork, every time. C'est la vie, let's go to the islands and have some fun. Got to South Island, dropped Rapalas back, and got...
  14. foreignfishing1

    BOLA 6/8-6/11

    Left San Diego Saturday at 4am made good time across the border. Ran into the same road work from last year a little past Ensenada waited for about 45 minutes, not too bad. The road conditions were not bad at all. Lots of improvements since last year. Made it to campo Archelon around 3pm. Got...
  15. Baja Belk

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    I was going to revive or reply to older posts on this subject (and thus not beat a very dead horse any further), but I thought I would start a new one to share how I prepare for fishing trips to Mexico (mainly Coronados), since there is widespread confusion and panic on this issue. Yes, most of...
  16. M

    Bahia de Los Angeles Captian

    Looking for a Captain recommendation for Bay of LA. Heading down some time in May. Thanks!
  17. M

    Bahia de Los Angeles CPT

    We're heading down to Bay of LA some time in May and looking for any Boat/Captain recommendations. Thanks!
  18. ChrisFishSD

    Sea of Cortez Fishing

    Aloha Friday! Any suggestions for good fishing outfits in the little gulf? Heading down to Bahia de Los Angeles in April. Looking for grouper (obviously) among other species. Also, seeing lots of mixed feedback about driving south of Ensenada...some say no problemo, others say it’s not safe...
  19. Hotel Buena Vista BR

    East Cape Fish Report (4th Week of July - Part 1)

    Hi there folks , how have you been ? Here in the Eastcape it has been nothing but great ... Weather has been just perfect for fishing Temps were nearing the mid 90's with a few clouds here & there but nothing to worry about Water temps are getting nearly perfect for fishing standing in...
  20. Mike Darby

    Nados 7.21

    Headed down to the islands around 7:30am, got down there a bit after 8:00. Came up on the north island to about a dozen boats on the north and east sides. Trolled a pair of X-Rap mackerel around the north island before crossing over to the middle islands and putting out a feather as well...
  21. D

    2 Day trip H&M Relentless

    Private charter. Ultra limited load. Leaving Sunday July 22, coming back Tuesday night. $600 includes your meal package. We have 13 so far and are limited to 16-17. Interested? Give me a call or text. 909.910.8144 Rudy
  22. Mike Darby

    Coronado Islands Documentation

    Hey, Just wondering what kind of documentation is needed to go and fish the Coronado Islands if you're leaving from and returning to San Diego. If I'm stopped by the Mexican Navy, what are they going to ask for? I know I need my passport and a Mexican fishing license but what else is required if...
  23. BACo

    Baja Adventure Co. June Fishing Report

    With the summer solstice now past us, we could say that the best fishing season is now in full swing. Despite the upwellings, the tuna never left, very good size Dorado are being hooked daily on live bait near the shore, this is a big improvement from the years before. Wahoo are also starting to...
  24. marcortez

    RayMarine Dragonfly charts

    The son unloaded his 14' Gregor on me. It has a Ray Dragonfly 5 Pro on it with some lake charts. I live in Baja MX......and want the Baja MX charts. Downloadable charts from Ray are $40 bucks. Same charts from Navionics are $150 bucks on a pre programmed SD card Q is......anyone with those...
  25. timb

    Seeker Mexico Series, and Calstar rods

    For Sale: super clean and cared for, lightly used bait rods... SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M870-7' 15 (25) 40 LB. (wrapped 11-03) SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M270-7' 12 (20) 30 LB. (wrapped 05-04) SOLD Seeker Mexico Series M270-8' CT 12 (20) 30 LB. (wrapped 04-04) CALSTAR WCDH 270-8C 12-30...
  26. Swampchicken

    El Salto Blog Post

    Hello all, Here is a blog post I just posted from our trip down to El Salto last year with Shea and Todd. We had an epic trip, and thru the Savage Gear Suicide Duck every morning, for some pretty incredible topwater action. Here is the full blog post and report...
  27. swoooll

    Recommendations for Charters out of PV - Marina Vallarta

    Hey guys, I'll be in Puerto Vallarta March 10-13. I'm looking to fish on an 8-10hr trip March 11th or the 12th, whichever is available. Any suggestions for charters out of Marina Vallarta or the surrounding area would be much appreciated. Also, there will only be two of us, if you will be in...
  28. rba4dive

    Cabo San Lucas -Hacienda Del Mar Vacation Club (1 week)

    Hi All, Once again our one bedroom Executive Suite (2 queens, 1 sofa bed, jacuzzi tub , 2 bathrooms, kitchenette/dining area) at the Hacienda Del Mar Vacation Club is available for 2018 (excluding Christmas week) Unit will sleep six (but not sure that the two who sleep on the sofa bed would...
  29. Baja Orchid

    Baja Fishing Convoy Alert to San Felipe!

    October 2-5, 2017 Got a few guys going and would love to have more join us! See link below for more info.
  30. SeaTiger

    Tony Reyes Fishing Trip Sept 24 - 29th ~ Spot Open

    Hello Fishing Mates, Anyone interested in taking my spot on this Tony Reyes Fishing trip Sept 24 - 29th. I am not able to make it. Cost is $1,295. Depart from San Felipe Mexico. Price includes your food, fish cleaning & vacuum packing. You fish each day on a panga with 2 other anglers. You...
  31. Baja Orchid

    Cedros Spearfishing

    Our friends on the island love to show off their catches. They know all the hot spots for grouper and BSB. Care to join them? Bienvenidos amigos!
  32. Baja Orchid

    Cedros Fishing

    On some recent trips to Cedros with Zammar Sports Fishing, our guys enjoyed catching a variety of species of fish. Here are a few pics...
  33. JoshInSD

    Offshore Kelping - 8/2 (Quality > Quantity)

    Been enjoying all the attention on the BFT as it's created several fun opportunities over the past week to take a different, less traveled path. The recent bite of small BFT at the Coronado Islands is no exception. Look, squirrel! While most everyone has been looking for the elusive squirrels...
  34. M

    Local Knowledge Preview "Yachtsmen" - Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

    Ali hopes to knock a few species off Rush’ s bucket list with a trip to his “second home”, Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It’s a crash course in west coast yacht style fishing and cow yellowfin tuna are the target. Life in the waters of Baja Mexico are abundant, and even when you’re targeting a...
  35. Cast N' Reel

    Loreto B.C.S fish report 1/23/2017

    We went out for 4 hours and caught 9 large yellowtail (30+ pounds) and 2 red snappers today. We fished a few of the high points South of Catalina. The water color was a little off but there was a lot of fish. The water temp was 69.2 degrees. We caught some bait in the morning and caught all of...
  36. M

    Dominator 1.5 Day to Colonet Leaves Tonight

    WILL RUN! 1.5 day trip fishing Colonet / Baja Coast for Yellowtail, Rockfish and Lingcod. Ticket price includes your Mexican fishing permit, tourist visa and bunk. ALL PASSENGERS MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT OR PASSPORT CARD TO BOARD THE BOAT. THIS TRIP IS A DEFINITE GO! Book HERE Book HERE
  37. Fisheye Channel

    Offshore Pacific Voyager Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Video

    Fishing with some friends on the Pacific Voyager. We got into a Wide Open Yellowfin Tuna bite with fish in the 10-18lb range. Super fun and we caught our limit practically all on one Kelp paddy. Most of our fish were caught fly lining Sardines, however a few were caught on jigs and poppers.
  38. J

    BOLA Updates?

    Howdy All, Has anyone been to Bahia Los Angeles since Juan? We are heading down to fish with Enrique Oct. 9,10 and wanted to get an update on the bait situation. Also wanted to see if the dorado have moved in. Every time I have been to BOLA bait has been easy. If bait is tough, what jigs and...
  39. Turnersd

    Scuba/freedive spearfishing coronado island

    Can anyone tell me the rules and regulations other than fishing permit and visa to scuba and free dive to spearfish the Coronado islands?
  40. seann

    New Marlin Record at Last Weekends 56 San Blas Tournament 535lbs

    535 lb New Marlin record caught at last weekend's 56th International Marlin and Sailfish Tournament in San Blas. The Blue Marlin was caught by captain Cesar Perez aboard His super panga The Pacific Wt 243 Kilos captain Cesar Perez Blue Marlin
  41. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape August Special

    HOTEL PLAYA DEL SOL Hotel Playa Del Sol is offering a terrific special for select dates in August. Stay 4 night in an ocan view room or poolside room and fish three days with meals included for the following rates: 2 people per ocean view/poolside room with 3 days fishing on a super panga =...
  42. C

    Great time in Playa del Carmen

    Trip started out in Playa del Carmen and then headed down to Punta Allen for some incredible Permit fishing along with some medium size Tarpon that were just hitting all the flies we threw. We then headed back up north to Playa and fished out of Puerto Aventuras and landed a few dorado and a...
  43. The Dominator

    Dominator Trip This Friday For Sure Go

    Hello everyone, the Dominator crew is fired up to get back off the dock so they went ahead and made this Friday night trip a definite go with a light load! This trip is departing at 7 p.m. Friday evening heading down to Punta Collnett. Its been consistently good yellowtail fishing and of course...
  44. BigFick

    Mexico for the Day

    I have read a lot about taking your boat to Mexico but most talk about leaving your boat there or going to customs etc. I just want to go down to the islands and explore for the day. No fishing this trip..what do I need to make that a legal trip? Any help would be great!
  45. M

    Local Knowledge Episode 2 Preview

    I wanted to make sure all you Washington anglers had the chance to check out BD's Preview of Local Knowledge Episode 2 called "Vámonos a la Baja Pt. 1" Check out the show on Sunday here on BD or on Destination America Channel