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  1. D

    Surf/Near Shore Yucatán Peninsula rod set up

    BD Crew, I’ll be spending the months of November and December on the Yucatán peninsula near Cancun, and I’m looking for a rod setup appropriate for surf and near shore applications. I’ve been fishing the California surf for ~1 year with a Daiwa Saltist Inshore Light Action surf rod (model...
  2. Dhamar_Sportfishing

    Summer time on fire 🔥

    Fishing has been really good this early summer, this year of El Niño we had decent fishing at el banco (the bank) the water temperatures changed lately 82/84 degrees skipjacks, little bonito(billet size bonito),flying fish,sardines and more!! running around and big bait means big fish …...
  3. N

    Shared fishing charters Baja (Ensenada, Cabo, etc.)

    Hi guys! First post, but I've been reading for a while, so a quick intro. I just started fishing about 6 months ago. I live and travel with my gf through Canada, the US and Mexico in a campervan at the moment while working as a freelancer and making some travel videos. I really caught the...
  4. S

    Fishing Mexico outside the 12 mile range

    Hi everyone! I know the requirements to fish Mexico within the 12 mile range. I'm wondering what is required to fish outside the 12 mile range. I've read you need a passport, Mex fishing license, TIP(just in case) and Mex insurance(I know some say no but why not get it). My main question is one...
  5. D

    Gonzaga Bay report + fishing buddies

    hi how’s it going guys this is my first post on BD so please don’t go too hard on me. I am a southern California native who has moved part-time to San Felipe to further my angler goals of catching more fish. I have a house and air bnb in Pete’s camp in town and as well as a beach house down in...
  6. jmeddy1

    Where to Get a Puerta Vallarta Fishing License??

    Anyone have a line on where to get mainland Mexico fishing licenses for Puerta Vallarta? Going on a No Tuna No Chinga trip and need to get one. Used to get the licenses at Grant's Guns in Costa Mesa, but they have closed. Can't seem to find a website for CONPESCA to buy online either... Thanks...
  7. A

    Loreto Mexico fishing

    Hey there guys! First post here. I will be traveling to Loreto in mid June. I've been there a handful of times, but it has been years. I'm looking for some tips on surf fishing or fishing off the rocks near Loreto. I will be getting a guide to take me out on a boat for a day or two, but wanted...
  8. ChrisFishSD

    Fishing captains in Baja

    Anyone have contacts for capitans that operate pangas in these Baja places? Doing a road trip from San Diego to La Paz in May. Looking to fish and dive. Cheers! - Gonzaga bay - Bahia de LA - Scorpion bay - La Lobera / bahia tortugas - San Juanico - Punta chivato - La Paz
  9. Spontaneous 2day

    New Member - Retired and fishing the world

    New Member here and sorry for sticking this in the middle of your Forum but I didn't see any "New Members" section. Anyway, my wife and I just retired and sold off, gave away or threw out everything we own and are now traveling the world. We are avid fishermen and love bill fishing. That said...
  10. AKSocal

    Open Trip On the Marla IV - Marla Sportfishing Osuna Brothers - DISCOUNTED Fare!

    Hey there, We have an open 3.5-day open party trip in January targeting cow yellowfin tuna. The dates are January 13-17 and the fare has been discounted to $2045+tip. The trip is an ALL-INCLUSIVE (including airport pick-up, food, drinks, tackle and fish cleaning/processing) and limited to 4...
  11. BigGarrett!Adios&vayacond

    Puerto vallarta bound march 8th-13th looking to share a trip!

    Hello Bloody Deck Nation, My names Garrett, im headed down to puerto vallarta on march 8th for my birthday! Looking for some recomendations on charter fishing boats, whats a fair price for a good trip, im not tryin to do a entire day maybe a 1/2-full day (4-10 hours ) of fishing. I'd like to...
  12. next-sunrize

    Tony Reyes Fishing Trip Video - 2019

    Hi Guys, we made this Video of our Tony Reyes trip we took in July. We had an amazing group of fishermen and women on the boat. The fishing was great, I got to land a 74 lb White Sea Bass, but the biggest fish on the trip was a 300+ pound Black Sea Bass. You can also check out the full wright up...
  13. 222

    Puerto Vallarta Surf and Panga Action!

    Here’s some videos from my recent trip from Puerto Vallarta. Fishing was great, enjoy!
  14. foreignfishing1

    BOLA 6/8-6/11

    Left San Diego Saturday at 4am made good time across the border. Ran into the same road work from last year a little past Ensenada waited for about 45 minutes, not too bad. The road conditions were not bad at all. Lots of improvements since last year. Made it to campo Archelon around 3pm. Got...
  15. ChrisFishSD

    Sea of Cortez Fishing

    Aloha Friday! Any suggestions for good fishing outfits in the little gulf? Heading down to Bahia de Los Angeles in April. Looking for grouper (obviously) among other species. Also, seeing lots of mixed feedback about driving south of Ensenada...some say no problemo, others say it’s not safe...
  16. Pancheke

    Algún reporte reciente de Eréndira

    alguien tendrá un reporte reciente de Eréndira ?
  17. Hotel Buena Vista BR

    East Cape Fish Report (4th Week of July - Part 1)

    Hi there folks , how have you been ? Here in the Eastcape it has been nothing but great ... Weather has been just perfect for fishing Temps were nearing the mid 90's with a few clouds here & there but nothing to worry about Water temps are getting nearly perfect for fishing standing in...
  18. Baja Orchid

    My La Bocana fishing report.

    We had a fabulous time at La Bocana, Baja California Sur, last week with the Stoked On Fishing crew. The guys hooked up to an approximate 300# Blue Marlin that sadly broke off. I was not on that boat so unfortunately I do not have the footage for it. They did record it on that boat so I am...
  19. Baja Orchid

    Cedros Spearfishing

    Our friends on the island love to show off their catches. They know all the hot spots for grouper and BSB. Care to join them? Bienvenidos amigos!
  20. Baja Orchid

    Cedros Fishing

    On some recent trips to Cedros with Zammar Sports Fishing, our guys enjoyed catching a variety of species of fish. Here are a few pics...
  21. Cast N' Reel

    Loreto B.C.S fish report 1/23/2017

    We went out for 4 hours and caught 9 large yellowtail (30+ pounds) and 2 red snappers today. We fished a few of the high points South of Catalina. The water color was a little off but there was a lot of fish. The water temp was 69.2 degrees. We caught some bait in the morning and caught all of...
  22. BajaGringo

    San Quintin, Baja Mexico - Compromise or Fishing Ban?

    OLD MILL, SAN QUINTIN - A few hundred miles south of the border along the Baja Pacific coastline a conflict has been building between the local San Quintin sportfishing captains and the San Diego fishing charters. The story is complicated, with several chapters and perspectives; heating up to a...
  23. BajaGringo

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    FISHING CONFLICT IN SAN QUINTIN Suggestions for charters on how to avoid another such event... Very, very easy and a couple of ways to do it but the solutions center on NOT parking for days at a time on a small, sweet high spot that is close to shore and prime fishing ground used to support...
  24. Van Wormer Resorts

    213lbs. yellowfin in East Cape!

    Hotel Palmas De Cortez, Los Barriles, B.C.S., Mexico. Todays catch of the day was on the Deluxe Cruiser El Tio! While fishing in the Roy Clark Billfish Tournament, Kathy and Hal Hunter from North Carolina landed this giant 213lbs. yellowfin tuna! Way to go guys!
  25. M

    Local Knowledge Bonus Feature-Rancheros de Abulon

    While filming Local Knowledge in Baja, Mexico, Rush and Ali stopped by the Abalone Cooperative to check out the revolutionary work they are doing to farm raise abalone. Read the full article Here. You can catch Episode 3 "Vamonos a la Baja Part 2" this Sunday on channel Destination America or...
  26. M

    Local Knowledge Episode 2 "Vamonos a la Baja Pt. 1"

    Check out the latest episode of Local Knowledge and get ready for this Sunday's newest Episode. The Show airs every Sunday at 7am EST on Destination America. Find your cables channel HERE
  27. M

    Local Knowledge Episode 2 Preview

    I wanted to make sure all you Washington anglers had the chance to check out BD's Preview of Local Knowledge Episode 2 called "Vámonos a la Baja Pt. 1" Check out the show on Sunday here on BD or on Destination America Channel