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    Hello I got 3 MARLIN TROLLING LURES from MURRAY BROTHERS in great shape. Please see pics. $125 SHIPPED in the US or pick up Text Ric 562-980-6301
  2. gmehrguth

    Best Charter for Marlin in SoCal

    Hey y’all! I am looking to plan a charter trip targeting Marlin in our local so cal waters. Do you know anyone who specializes in targeting these fish in our waters?
  3. Tun-a-cious

    Tuna and Marlin West of CSL - Video Report

    Great day on the water last Saturday 11-26. 20 mi west of CSL. 3 nice striped marlin and 8 YFT........
  4. San Jose del Cabo Charter

    Mexico San Jose del Cabo Charter

    The custom, wheelchair accessible, 42' Riviera, "Reel Easy" is ready and waiting for your dream trip. Gordo Banks is only 5 miles out and perfect for lots of action for 1/2 day. Full day charters ... well, we go where the fish are. Reel Easy can get there @22 knots and 500-mile range. The...
  5. Axel at Buena Vista

    Buena Vista/East Cape Fishing Report

    According to the calendar, summer is scheduled to begin on June 21, but nobody told the fish. Fishing on Baja’s East Cape shifted into high gear the third week of May with a burst of 25- to 60-pound yellowfin tuna that are full of tug. Buena Vista skippers found them between 17 and 35 miles...
  6. Spontaneous 2day

    New Member - Retired and fishing the world

    New Member here and sorry for sticking this in the middle of your Forum but I didn't see any "New Members" section. Anyway, my wife and I just retired and sold off, gave away or threw out everything we own and are now traveling the world. We are avid fishermen and love bill fishing. That said...
  7. bayougt

    Guatemala 25th Of April, 2020- Alive & Well

    Hola Anglers. Been a while! This quarantine is taking its toll. To have such a great fishery and not be able to fish is probably the worse part. This is 100% why I live in Guatemala and I can't even do what I came here to do. I guess join the club. These boats need to run all the time to...
  8. seann

    Tuna and Marlin fishing in Puerto Vallarta

    Tuna and Marlin video compilation in Puerto Vallarta
  9. pvmarlin

    Mag Bay CRAZY Marlin Action

    The fishing right now outside of Magdalena Bay San Carlos is above and beyond the norm for this time of year, which is always great! Our last group of only 3 clients spent almost no time at all in 3 days without rods bent. One day the best we can count on marlin was 29 striped marlin, 2 blue...
  10. stelo415

    More pictures from my recent trip to Mag Bay Lodge

    Here is some pictures from my Mag Bay Lodge trip make sure you guys check them out for your fishing trip of a lifestyle.
  11. stelo415

    Mag Bay Lodge Wahoo,dorado,marlin action!!!!

    Hey guys just got back from a excellent trip down in Baja at the Mag Bay Lodge we fished 3 days catching dorado,wahoo,and plenty of marlin action. Our first day we saw a lot of Marlin jumping everywhere we had the most action on the Mag Bay Lures Pink Panamania lure trolling we did get on a good...
  12. Ricky@Outpost Charters

    Dorado, Wahoo, Marlin, in Loreto

    Weather and water are still warm in Loreto. There has been a good amount of whale activity in the area, we have seen humpback, pilot, and orcas in the past week. Yesterday there was several whales in the area so fishing was not so great. Today we headed further offshore past Catalan, coming...
  13. Central America Fishing

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - July 2018

    Last month was served as another example of why Costa Rica has earned the nickname "the billfish capital of the world" as the sailfish bite remained steady and the marlin bite phenomenal. Most anglers and travelers know by now that Costa Rica's peak billfish season and dry season run from...
  14. JustFishn

    So Cal Skiff Life Fishing Videos

    Hi everyone my name is Justin and I have just started a fishing channel on YouTube and I need the fishing communities support to help me make the channel a successful channel. I need 1000 subscribers and 240,000 minutes of watch time. This is my goal. I understand not everyone has a google...
  15. J

    EPIC Marlin Video Nicaragua

    Let me know what you guys think :)
  16. Central America Fishing

    Incredible Marlin Fishing at the FADs in Costa Rica

    By now many of you have probably heard about the incredible marlin fishing at the FADs here in Costa Rica. These man-made FADs are set on sea mounts 80-120 miles offshore and have become the world's best marlin fishing grounds over the past four years. The best time to make a trip out to the...
  17. bayougt

    GUATEMALA: Sails Call & Capt Starrs

    Bring on the rain! As expected the trash lines appear, bait is stacking up inshore, but even offshore the sailfishing remains ''good''. Working hard we were seeing 15 sails in the spread, last week some boats saw 40 sails! Once again Guatemala has no offseason. Lots of variety these days in...
  18. ecuagringo

    Ecuador/Galapagos Islands & Peru Fishing Report March 18-21/2017

    Manta and Esmeraldas have exploded the last few days with lots of blue and striped marlin. Several boats registering double digit raises of blue marlin and there have been plenty of striped marlin too. Galapagos has seen some continued striped marlin action even with water over 82 F. The tuna...
  19. bayougt

    Hot Fly bite in Guatemala- Sailfish on the FLY.

    5 Days fly fishing: 47 Releases 2 Days Bait Fishing: 60 Releases We are having no problem seeing close to 50 fish most days, and blue marlin here and there. The area we have been working is pretty defined, we haven't even began the search for the ''better'' area. Lots of good blue water, even...
  20. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape Fishing Report

    10/11/16 Fishing Report Hola Amigos, Well it’s been another great couple of weeks down on the East Cape! Anglers have had a lot of success landing some nice tuna for the last week and a half. The boat El Tio landed two of the biggest this past week, first with a 170lbs. yellowfin...
  21. bayougt

    Guatemala: Late August to early Sept, lots of BLUES.

    We wrapped up the last days of August fly fishing. Offshore to the west ledge we were seeing a dozen shots a day on the sails. Out of the 3 days with this angler, we decided to fish inshore 2 days. Both of those days we had 4 shots a day at blues, only the last day we had a decent take on the...
  22. bayougt

    Blues have arrived in Guatemala! 4 shots in one day Capt Starrs

    Camped out on dorado log (16 miles to the east), we saw 4 quick shots at marlin, all different fish, different size, different attitude and teaser position. First one hammered the pitch bait on the short teaser, quick release, raised another very big one that wouldn't tease close enough for the...
  23. bayougt

    June 3rd, 2016 Guatemala Fishing Report Capt Starrs

    Won't Stop Can't Stop Once again, we found another decent push of fish in Guatemala. Just 35 miles way to the east we found them coming in with purple water. This came after a couple slow days trying to escape the green water, and being the only boat on the water which is tough sometimes. We...
  24. C

    Great time in Playa del Carmen

    Trip started out in Playa del Carmen and then headed down to Punta Allen for some incredible Permit fishing along with some medium size Tarpon that were just hitting all the flies we threw. We then headed back up north to Playa and fished out of Puerto Aventuras and landed a few dorado and a...
  25. bayougt

    March 13th, 2016 Guatemala- Still HOT Sailfish bite & many blues inshore at just 12 miles!

    It just won't quit! Blue water is now only a few miles from the house and BIG blue marlin are showing up on the short teasers. Nothing like a 400 lb beast buzzing by at just 5 yds from the transom. As she misses, the pitch bait will be in her way for the bite....i hope. The better sailfish...