1. Levi Santana

    Crustaceans near me?

    Does anyone know if there are any lobster or crab opportunities near me? I live in Ventura County. Also, I don’t have a boat so I would need to fish off a pier or jetty. Also, other than mussels, what kind of shellfish can I collect around here? Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Taro870

    Hoop Netting For Spiny Lobster From Piers/Jettys?

    Hello everyone! I have never been hoop netting for anything and I thought I would try it with this year's spiny lobster season. Apart from diving and looking for these lobsters from a boat, I want to see if I could manage to catch some with a hoop net from a pier or jetty. Anyone have any...
  3. Franklin Warner

    Another SD Bay Lobster Report

    I went out again, this time on a buddy's boat on Friday 04OCT19. This was my second time out and my friend's first time so we only had 5 hoops again. Dropped the first hoop at 6 pm and stopped 15 minutes to midnight. We were able to get 8 keepers and had to release 30, yes 30 SHORTS! Tons of...
  4. downtime

    Lobster 2019

    Well the opener was just what I thought it would be....tons of boats all wanting a piece! We had 3 boats out all in the same area working it hard. Lots of great laughs with the boys!! Here is the evening. Would have been home by 11....but someone drove their car into the water at the ramp...
  5. quietman

    For Sale 4 Lobster hoop nets

    Four old style Lobster hoops, three with bait cages and extra weight. One without. One extra set of rope and floats. Ropes are all about 50 feet or so. Pick up in Laguna Hills. $60 or best offer. John
  6. I

    Lobster charters

    Anyone know of lobster charter boats in the LA area besides GailForce, Bight, Natalie Ann.
  7. I

    Don't own a boat but wanna get some lobster

    Title basically explains it, I don't own a boat but want to go get some lobsters. Any charter boat recommendations in LA or open party boats.
  8. leucadia

    Why one full net and the other is empty?

    Put in some time hoop netting last night, worked the edge of a jetty with some success, spaced the hoops about 30’ apart trying to dial in where they were crawling. Pulled one with about 8 lobsters 1 leagal, 2 just short, and 5 smaller. Other trap next to it had nothing? I thought there might at...
  9. RideMX4life21

    Lobster Season Opener 2018 - Highlight video!

    Launched out of SD bay at 1pm on my Parker 2320, "Asalt Weapon" -- Headed out with my dad and buddies Austin (plattas son), Chad (madrugador), and our media guy Fritz (Pretty Is Productions). Glorietta launch ramp was a shit show to say the least, all the kooks were out. Got everything setup...
  10. G

    SOLD Lobster Pots/nets (two rigid, one flat)

    SOLD . The two ambush/promar rigid pots come with bait bag and aprox 40 ft nice (sinking) line. They are in great shape, plastic coating is good, no rust on the frames. They are also rigged with chain along the bottom ring to help them stay put on the bottom. Easy to clip the chain off if you...
  11. S


    HELLO! This is my boat for sale with Ballast Point Yachts. This is my boat - I live in san clemente and have listed with them. This 22' Edgewater Express is a rare find on the west coast. I purchased this boat two years ago and trucked out from south carolina on a flatbed. It has been a...
  12. J

    Found lobster cage - Oceanside

    I work on the pier in Oceanside, and this afternoon someone dropped off a green commercial lobster cage they found washing up on the beach. It's got about 30 feet of light blue rope on it, and a black buoy with yellow reflective material on it. If you think this could be your net, message me...
  13. Promar

    Southern California Lobster Report

    Hey Everyone, Looks like we are off to a great start to the 2017-18 lobster season. Here is a quick report on whats has been going on. Feel free to offer your latest report and share tips or suggestions. Thanks everyone and good luck on the water!
  14. B

    New Lobster regs.

    https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Conservation/Marine/Invertebrates/Lobster/Fishing-Regs New Regulation Changes for Recreational Lobster Fishing California Spiny Lobster Fishery Management Plan that was adopted by the FGC at its April 2016 meeting. The public comment period closed on June 22, 2016...
  15. nickorlik

    Lobster Hoop Nets (complete) for Sale

    I have 5 complete hoop nets for sale, volcano style. Moving out of state, switching to crab cages. Floats are keeled, drilled for light sticks, numbered and have reflective tape. Ropes are all marked at 10ft increments. Each has wire bait cages with plastic clips. Only used a few times...
  16. revvv2000

    Ocean Ready 20' Skipjack Open, Custom Aluminum Pilothouse

    Here we have for sale 1977 20' Skipjack on a trailer (in fabulous condition) with hydraulic brakes. She has a custom-made aluminum Pilot House, depth finder, radar, GPS, autopilot and VHS. Custom-made rocket launchers and pole holders, swim step. Cuddy cabin sleeps 2 /three if you like to get...
  17. Promar

    Lobster Season Closes March 22nd

    Hey Everyone, Lobster season closes Wed March 22nd So you have 6 days to get out there and get some bugs before the season is over.
  18. Cal_Steve213

    Lobster Season Closer March 22nd

    Hey Guys, Just want to remind you that you still have a couple weeks before the closer. This year the closer is March 22nd, so grab your hoop nets and try to get out there and get a few more bugs.
  19. HookinFinger

    Looking to go lobster hooping. Free any day this week.

    If anyone has room on their boat. Please let me know. I can bring 5 hoops of my own and can pay for all the gas! Thank you!
  20. hbouldin1216

    WTB Hoop Nets

    Have a smaller skiff so 5 nets would be the most I'm looking for. Let me know what you have, floats and wire bait cages preferred but not required. This will be my first lobster season and I would rather trial and error with used gear. I check the site frequently so PMs are best. Thanks!
  21. IrieMitch

    Promar Model# NE-75B 1/2" x 75ft Lobster Rope

    Trust me from experience, you want the larger diameter rope. So much easier on the hands when pulling. I have 5 extra packages new in the bag that I will not be using. $5 bucks each for local pick up here in San Clemente. 75 FT 1/2" Diameter Braided Rope -Yellow Model# NE-75B Attach line...
  22. SharkSlayR

    Killed the BUGS

    Went out with my friend Boo-Boo and Stefan. Stayed at twin harbors and headed out hooping both Friday, Sat, Sunday night at around 10pm - 3am each night. Before anyone say's anything , we had a multi day (3) day pass and 3 people with lobster cards.
  23. Tvdan

    Awesome Lobster Trip To Catalina

    Last night Feb 21st we started filming for our 29th season on TV, it was a lobster fishing trip aboard the Gail Force out of San Pedro. We left at 3PM and made to ride over to the island, the weather was a little bumpy, but it made it there fine. Around 5:15 the crew started to drop the nets...