lobster hooping

  1. GrabBass1

    WTB One Promar Ambush 36” hoopnet

    Looking for a single Promar Ambush 36” hoopnet in good shape. Lost one in the bay last night. I live in Menifee - anyone close by have one for sale? Text me if so 95one-757-90one2
  2. Franklin Warner

    San Diego Bay Lobster - Sunday 29SEP19

    Got out to the spot a bit late and set our first of 5 hoops by 7. It was a rough go for the first few since me and my buddy had never done this before. Stayed out until midnight and ended up with 11 keepers, 20 shorts tossed back (some very very close but didn't want to chance it), 20+...
  3. downtime

    Lobster 2019

    Well the opener was just what I thought it would be....tons of boats all wanting a piece! We had 3 boats out all in the same area working it hard. Lots of great laughs with the boys!! Here is the evening. Would have been home by 11....but someone drove their car into the water at the ramp...
  4. RideMX4life21

    Lobster Season Opener 2018 - Highlight video!

    Launched out of SD bay at 1pm on my Parker 2320, "Asalt Weapon" -- Headed out with my dad and buddies Austin (plattas son), Chad (madrugador), and our media guy Fritz (Pretty Is Productions). Glorietta launch ramp was a shit show to say the least, all the kooks were out. Got everything setup...
  5. Gunnerp999

    For Sale 11 Lobster Hoops for sale $150

    Have 11 Lobster hoops for sale. All in good condition. Most have ropes and buoys, couple have bait boxes. Take them all for $150. Text 951.265.1777 JEN
  6. Josh Lucas


    I am hooping for lobster in Channel Islands harbor at the moment trying to get some lobster for thanksgivings, it’s pretty slow.... would anyone suggest any spots outside the break wall or in the fasinity. THANKS!
  7. MikeDinSD

    San Diego Bay Sheephead

    While hoop netting for lobster, I had some time to kill and decided to throw a plastic swim bait a few time for a shot at sand bass. Instead I caught this 12.5 lb sheephead after a few casts. Another skipper nearby that I just met gave it a shot as well and landed a 25 lb male sheephead at the...