livingston 14

  1. Santa Cruz

    Northern California Santa Cruz

    This little Livingston works great out of the harbor, no trailer hand launch with a furniture dolly, you can keep the motor inside and the boat leaned up against the side of the house till your ready to go fish. The Livingston Fits in the back of most trucks. The boat is 12’10 by 5’7 lots of...
  2. M

    Livingston fiberglass repair - 14'

    My little project is getting bigger! As I sanded off gelcoat to inspect lots of spiderweb cracks it became obvious this boat needs some serious fiberglass repair work! I would like to use polyester laminating resin with 1708 fiberglass to repair the holes and then cover the entire sanded off...
  3. Bradley Martin

    (SOLD) 40hp outboard, Livingston Console/controls/steering, Captains chair + more $750.00

    Everything below included at the price of $750.00. I want it gone. *HULL NOT INCLUDED _________ 1. 1986 Nissan NS40C2 40HP 2-Stroke Remote Outboard 22" shaft. Runs great, mechanic owned. Always flushed, always ran dry. 2. Livingston 14 Console. Includes steering, and remote controls for...
  4. JustFishn

    Livingston Skiff

    2012 foam filled Well kept LV 14 Livingston Skiff Paid 6500 for it with nothing but two chairs and a decent size Yeti cooler that sat between the two chairs she was used about 10 times since bought because I decided to buy a CC version and my brother didn’t go out very much so she sat most of...
  5. kahoiwai101


    Aloha, looking to buy a Livingston. Preferably a 14. Saw a few on here set up for fishing with a half cab. Im located on Oahu, but open to listings from other islands as well! Lmk if you, or anyone you know is selling one!