la jolla

  1. Chris Caicedo

    Inshore La Jolla 11/14

    Left out of Dana Landing at grey light and headed for La Jolla hoping to get some yellows. On the way we stopped on 2 paddies, nothing on them. We did have some stellar marks though, not yellows, so we decided to play around anyway. We ended up slaying 3 20-22 inch sheepsheads!! They were caught...
  2. J

    Inshore La Jolla Kelp Lessons Learned

    Short story - La Jolla Kelp, 3 calico, hard bottom south of kelp 2 white fish/1 Boccaccio, misc rockfish, 9 mile bank scout nothing Long story - This is not informative for those with experience, I have none so it was news to me. Drove down to Mission Bay and launched from South Shore boat...
  3. G

    Yellowtail in La Jolla?

    El primo and I are launching from Dana landing tomorrow and want to know if the yellows are still around La Jolla and what they’ve been caught on Thanks 🤙🏻
  4. Don gomez

    What fish finder is right for me?

    I just bought an old 1985 seawirl Sierra that I want to fish in the bays and inshore here in san Diego. What fish/depth finder would be good for a beginner? This is my first boat and I know nothing of boat electronics.
  5. DogDudeDrone

    I'm new to fishing but not new to filming

    Hey everyone thanks for taking a second out of your day, I am a newbie fisherman and freakin love the sport! Really dedicating time into it now, only been fishing for about 6 months but I also film and make videos so I thought why not make a youtube channel. Check out Dog Dude Drone on...
  6. JustFishn

    So Cal Skiff Life Fishing Videos

    Hi everyone my name is Justin and I have just started a fishing channel on YouTube and I need the fishing communities support to help me make the channel a successful channel. I need 1000 subscribers and 240,000 minutes of watch time. This is my goal. I understand not everyone has a google...
  7. NathanNichols14

    La Jolla reports?

    HAs anyone had any luck in LJ lately? Thinking about cruising over there tomorrow morning for any kind of yellow or calico bite.
  8. AllDayEveryDay

    Trying for some fish out of SD... LJ kelps/canyon? any info?

    Anyone been out recently? any tight lines for anyone? any info helps mostly lookin 4 yellows, but halibut+lings are sick for sure, might switch over to those if yellows aren't producing was there bait? or no? jigs or live?? Ill do a post, about how the trip goes, would love to return the favor...
  9. JoshInSD

    La Jolla - 8/26

    Lee wanted to test out the new sound system on his boat, and refill on fresh fish, so despite it being a Saturday and seeing 19 boats inline at Mission Bay bait barge we still decided to get a 1/2 scoop and head to the Yellowtail family reunion out around La Jolla. The bait was the best bait...
  10. Mcgyver

    La Jolla Thresher

    Late start on Tuesday with buddy and new gaff man Todd, was going to run out and look for tuna, decided against due to positive on the water report from my buddy Adam in La Jolla. Got a half scoop of 98% chovie 2 percent deans and blasted up there. Arrived at about 5PM, buddy was cleaning some...
  11. B

    Just got my boat - now what?

    After years of riding on friend's boats and fighting for premium rail space on the cattle boats, I finally pulled the trigger and got myself a used 19ft Center Console. I'd like to get it down to San Diego area to fish La Jolla. Although I'll probably spend a day just cruising Mission Bay to get...