kite fishing

  1. Okuma Makaira 50WII Ready to go

    Southern California Okuma Makaira 50WII Ready to go

    Great condition Makaira - two speed- 50 wide for sale with box, cover and clamp. Backed with 130yrds of 200# JB and spliced to 800yrds of 130# JB (or vise versa, I can’t remember) Mechanically: 10/10 Cosmetically: 8.5/10 (just minor boat rash as pictured) As you know these things handle big...
  2. Taco Marine 3 Rod Trident Cluster

    Southern California Taco Marine 3 Rod Trident Cluster

    Taco Marine 3 Rod Trident Cluster Model F31-0770-BSA1. 15 Degree bent butt version. Use to expand your existing overhead rod storage or use it for kite fishing. This one went on a few boat rides with me and that's it. Great condition. This is the bent butt version so rods sit about...
  3. California flyer

    Southern California California flyer

    California flyer for sale. Needs wings. I have 2 sets of wings to sell her with.
  4. Helium tank for sale

    Southern California Helium tank for sale

    Helium tank for sale. Empty. $100
  5. bradnoble

    Southern California Free Mac Flyer Luer

    To Kick off my new Bluefin Kite Luer, I am giving away 50 of them! The Mac Flyer is patent and trademark pending, and is essentially a set of wings that you put on a live bait with a clear rubber band. It comes in two sizes, Sardine and Mackerel. Pm me your address and I will send you one...
  6. New Mac Flyer

    Southern California New Mac Flyer

    I have a new patent pending fishing Luer for bluefin kite fishing, it’s called the Mac Flyer. Bluefin will want to chew it! No comment or message from the mods, so here are some pictures of the Mac Flyer. What I’m gonna do with it, I’m not sure yet! I still need to find a company to make...
  7. bradnoble

    My Kite Setup

    Here is a pic of my kite setup. It is basically a rechargeable drill in a frame with a short rod mounted on a pivot so the angle can be adjusted. The drill has forward and reverse to let the kite out and bring it in. I also installed an auto retrieve feature. The unit clamps on a boat plank...
  8. 5 Karma Flying Fish + 1 rigged hook set

    Southern California 5 Karma Flying Fish + 1 rigged hook set

    I have leftover frozen flyers from a previous trip. I would like to sell them (5) + one hook rigging that I didn't use. This is for local pickup only (Newport Beach)
  9. jSun

    Braid for bluefin kite reel

    I recently purchased two Okuma Mak 50’s as dedicated kite reels. I need to get them both spooled. I usually fish hollow core braid because I like to use wind-on leaders and general versatility. A good friend told me not to spool kite reels with hollow core because they trap water inside and...
  10. Bmoore1975

    Helium Tank - $100

    50 cubic feet Aluminum Helium Tank. Purchased from West Air in Escondido. Maybe 20% full or less ? I'm located in Carlsbad. Let me know....Thanks
  11. NVLTY

    Shimano Tiagra 20 Two Speed Conventional Reel

    MINT MINT MINT CONDITION !! Shimano Tiagra 20 (two speed) with Diawa Sealine X 40-100# roller rod! Spooled Ready to fish!!! Line Retrieve Per Crank (high/low)41/18 in. Line Capacity (lb/yds)20/690 PowerPro Line Capacity (lb/yds)50/1225 65/720 80/525 Max Drag at Full With Freespool...
  12. bradnoble

    Kite Fishing for Bluefin Tuna

    Kite Trolling for Pacific Bluefin Tuna - Sport Fishing
  13. Dave Hansen

    Bluefin on the Kite -

    To make this a reality, instead of just a dream, log onto If you follow our step by step video series on flying the kite, this could be you.
  14. Fishingguy

    Offshore New Youtube Video--Bluefin on the kite

    Takes more time to put these videos together than actually the fishing trip itself but I enjoy it. Thanks for watching and share if you like it
  15. J

    Anyone bridle mackerel from a kite for bluefin in Southern CA?

    Went out last week for a trip down to the tuna grounds to try for the first bluefin of the year. As is typical with our beloved beasts, we found them and chummed them to the surface, only to strike out on getting any to bite. We even backed down to 15lb flouro leader to no avail. At any rate...
  16. Fishinjunkie

    Offshore "SO-COW" Video (follow up on 2 1/2 cow post) Pics Heavy!!

    I finally have some free time to put this fishing video together. I was working on my ebook called “SO-COW”. What an amazing trip that was. We couldn’t have done it without Billy putting us on the fish that day. Billy and Vue are legit fishermen! I had the pleasure to share the rail with these...
  17. Mcgyver

    Offshore Seeking a Cow on the Kite

    Always looking for new ways to catch fish so obviously kite fishing had to be tried after tirelessly chasing the bluefin. Lost a big fish at the 371 on Wednesday night had to get back out there, damn the weather. Found a willing cohort and after making mackies at the mouth of MB headed for...