Southern California WTB KENCOR BLACK ZEBRA ROD

    Either 6'6" or 7' 10-30, 15-40 or 20-50 (213)294-6559 Won .
  2. Kencor Rod 820 7ft #40-60

    Southern California Kencor Rod 820 7ft #40-60

    Newly wrapped Virgin blank, never fished Kencor rod. Great #40-60 rod 7ft. Deckhand wrapped with x-tube handle. $175 OBO.
  3. T

    Looking for kencor fishing rods.

    Hello everyone. Looking to buy kencor fishing rods. I mainly want the trout rods but will buy any kencor. Comment or PM with what you got and lets make a deal happen. Thanks
  4. K


  5. S

    Looking for Kencor Rods (3 to 6 foot Preferably)

    Hello Fellow Anglers, As stated in the title, I am interested in getting my hands on a old Kencor Rod, preferably the SP3, SP4, SP5, or any of their rods in the 3-6 foot range. Main reason is that my father used to fish with the SP3 and SP5 and he unfortunately lost them when his car was broken...
  6. 222

    Kencor Magnaglas Graphite Zebra Rod

    Kencor Magnaglas Graphite Zebra Conventional Rod 6'9" 20-60 in good condition. $100 Kencor Magnaglas Graphite Zebra Spinning Surf Rod Z12MF 12' 2 piece 12-30 good condition. $200
  7. Tunaslayer

    Original Kencor Magnaglas XL-2 7

    SOLD SOLD SOLD an original Kencor Magnaglas XL 2-7. Rod is 7ft. 2 piece rated 2-6lb. These are no longer made and harder to find. Purple and yellow wraps are original factory. All guides are perfect. Minor cracking in cork (see pictures). Perfect for minijigs, bait, or trolling. One of the...
  8. B


    Edit: kencors sold 3' sp3 - sold PAC73 crappies finger rod - sold Also have Phenix Mirage for sale. I have a Mirage MF671-2 rated 1-5lb line and 1/32-1/8 oz lure. And an MF777-1 Split grip rated 1-5lb line and 1/32-1/8 oz lure. I had the 6'7" for a season, and it was kept in a rod sock so it...
  9. Chipnmint

    Kencor and Phenix rods

    3 rods for sale. SOLD Phenix Axis HAX720XH 7.2 30-80lbs Used few of times Very clean PENDING Kencor Magna Ocean Series BPOS 800 MC 15-40lbs 8ft NEW with tag. No signs of a reel ever mounted. Deckhand style. Some discoloration in gel around some guides. $140 SOLDKencor Graf...
  10. AdrianSquid


    Looking for this rod. I have had lots luck posting for these rods in the last few weeks. (a big thank you!) I want to get a set of these rods to fish 3/4 day to day and a half stuff. Still looking for a 7 foot 12 to 40 all black factory wrapped. Even if you have other of these rods in this...
  11. loveR

    Kencor PAC63 Tenlew Magnaglas 6’ Ultralight Trout Fishing Rod

  12. loveR

    Kencor SP4 Tenlew Magnaglas 4’ Vintage Ultralight Trout Fishing Rod

  13. loveR

    Kencor SP3V Tenlew Magnaglas 3’ Ultralight Trout Fishing Rod

  14. Lops

    Kencor blanks for sale and some kencor rods

    Hey Guys, here is a list of the last kencor blanks and rods im willing to sell from my private stash Free pick up in Apple valley, Or I will ship via USPS Blanks 5' – 5'3” 261 – (3) reddish brown, (5) black ( 2 piece) blanks.......... $38 264 – 8-15lb test (2) black ( 2 piece) blanks...
  15. Specks_247_yum

    Kencor, Lamiglas Honey, Truline, Harnell surf rods

    Hey y'all, I'm looking to purchase Kencor Japenese Tenlew Magnaglas surf rods or blanks. Also looking for Lamiglas Honey rods (2-piece). Would be interested in Harnell surf rods over 10 foot, and will pay good money for Truline surf rods over 10 feet. Basically, I'm rewrapping old...
  16. DJ Lawrence

    WTB Kencor Panga rods

    Looking for Kencor rods please let me know what you have thanks!
  17. Specks_247_yum

    Looking to buy a Seeker White Tiger rod-Truline,Harnell, Kencor, Conolon surf blanks

    Hello all, Looking to buy a Seeker White Tiger rod for King fishing off the pier. Looking for an 8 foot plus rod. Doing a custom build, so a blank would be fine too. Thanks y'all, Adam
  18. Specks_247_yum

    WTB:. Truline, Harnell or Kencor surf blanks over 10 feet long

    Looking to restore some old rods. Looking for Kencor Magnaglas, Harnell, or Truline Dynamo rods/blanks over 10 foot. send me a pm please Thanks, Adam 401-602-6033
  19. DJ Lawrence

    Looking For Kencor Rods!

    I'm looking to buy kencor rods saltwater and freshwater poles let me know what you have thanks!
  20. GarySC

    Kencor MAG66

    Question if anyone cares to answer: I bought this Kencor a couple of months ago, but the specs don't seem to match the model number. Has anyone seen a Kencor like this, or did I get duped. Any info is appreciated: Image by GarySC posted Aug 20, 2016 at 9:50 PMImage by GarySC posted Aug 20...
  21. J

    FS/FT: Kencor Zebra Z720

    Kencor Zebra in good condition Z720 12-40LB Great for one day range rod $80 price to sale. Call/Text 3105261205 Whittier
  22. Marc Pantoja

    Kencor Surf Rod For Sale

    Kencor 13 ft Surf Rod 15-30# for 150
  23. mkimin

    WTS KENCOR Trout Rods SP4HV & XL-2

    Kencor SP4HV 4' Line 2-6 good condition $150.00 Kencor XL-2 4'.8'' Line 2 good condition $125.00 NO trades and I will not ship.
  24. F


    I have three Kencor rods which are collecting dust in my garage. I've had them for a few years now and never got around to using them since I always use my Calstars. Wanting to make room in my garage. $60 bucks each . Jeff (626) 922-0964 . Text or call is preferred . Thanks ..