kayak fishing

  1. Jordan Lynn

    Best kayak for beginner kayak fisherman

    I put this video together about my Tamarack Angler 100 10 ft kayak I've been using for the last year and a half or so. If anyone is considering kayak fishing this thing is awesome and only $300 new. Best way to find out if yak fishing is even your vibe without breaking the bank.
  2. Jordan Lynn

    Kayak fishing safety with winter coming up...

    Hey everyone, hope you're all ready to chow on some turkey. I just finished this video with a buddy of mine on the essentials of kayak safety. This isn't techincally a kayak fishing report but I thought this would be a good place to leave it for you guys to share with friends or family who may...
  3. Jordan Lynn

    Anyone used 13 Fishing's "YAK" version of the Omen Black rods?

    I picked one up recently and took it to MDR to fish the docks. Slow day but I managed a few. I do admit I like the rod a lot. Let's just say I may not need to sacrifice the Double Double's at in-n-out to be more comfortable on a yak. Gut approved. I did this little review video on it if you're...
  4. Jordan Lynn

    Fun Calico sunset session at Marina Del Rey Breakwall

    Had a good time with my buddy Terry in MDR. We started in the docks and worked our way out to the breakwall. Terry was throwing HUBs and underspins and I was throwing some underspins as well with a few different swimbaits. Overall it was a great time on the water.
  5. Jordan Lynn

    First time fishing Newport Harbor/Balboa Island was tough...

    Fished Newport for the first time the other week with some friends. It was my first time there and I really didn't know what to expect. I brought my same old stuff I normally throw at Marina Del Rey and LB but man... the bite was tough for me. I managed a couple and everyone else got on some...
  6. Jordan Lynn

    Had a decent day in Los Alamitos Bay on the yak on the Ned Rig

    Had a good time with my friend Mark G out in LAB the other day. Never a bad day when you're out there on the water. Here's a video I put together of our day. I stuck mostly to the ned rig and got a few spotties.
  7. Jordan Lynn

    The struggle was real but I managed a few fish....

    Had a slow day at Marina Del Rey recently but at least I caught a few. I was trying to explore new parts of the Marina and stuck pretty much exclusively to Basin D. I crept into Basin E a hair but not enough to say I explored it. Was throwing a few different things but the Dark Sleeper seemed to...
  8. Jordan Lynn

    Marina Del Rey Kayak fishing battle! Round 2!!

    So me and my buddy always fish MDR but lately we've been trying to make it a little more interesting. We hit the marina the other day for a little friendly competition. Rules are simple... most fish wins. Must use Wackem Baits. Halibut = instant win! This is round 2... Bairon is trying to get...
  9. Cashdaddy777

    Kayak Fishing Leffingwell 8/13

    Hey all, next thursday I’ll be launching my kayak out of leffingwell if anyone wants to meet up! Last time I went was a year ago and got a 15 lb halibut and a 26” ling! Ill be there a little after sunrise and I’ll probably stay around the kelp just south of Leffingwell. - John
  10. Jordan Lynn

    Windy day on the yak fishing 22nd street docks. Managed a few though

    Me and my buddy Rob hit up 22nd street in San Pedro the other day. I was on my kayak and Rob was float tubing. I had never been there before so thank you Rob for showing me around and getting us a few fish! Other than the heady wind it was a great day weather wise. We got on three difference...
  11. Cashdaddy777

    Kayaking near Carlsbad

    Hi all, I have been doing a little digging and found some reefs, terramar and tamarack, near carlsbad. It looks like its a pretty decent spearfishing spot but has anyone ever tried launching a kayak out of there? Is there a spot with minimal surf anywhere where I can launch and land somewhat...
  12. Jordan Lynn

    Awesome day smashing Calico at the wall at Marina Del Rey using Damiki Products only!

    Man, what a fun time I had on Sunday with my buddy Bairon hitting the wall at MDR. We used only Damiki stuff and challenged each other to a little fishing competition, loser buys lunch! Check out the video if you'd like. Probably one of my best days on the water in a while for a newb...
  13. Jordan Lynn

    I got 2nd place in a tournament in Long Beach, CA on the yak!

    This was only my third tournament to fish and it was in an area I had never even been to before. Yea I'll say it... I got lucky. ha. Anyways, here's a video of the day if you're interested. I stuck mostly around the Queen Mary.
  14. Jordan Lynn

    Slow day at Marina Del Rey but managed a couple

    Definitely a slow day but at least there was some excitement along the way. Too bad that excitement always depends on me screwing something up... lol
  15. Jordan Lynn

    Got my PB Spottie at Los Alamitos Bay this weekend... Good fishing on the HUBs

    LAB has been a struggle for me the first couple times I went. Clearly I was just using the wrong bait... lol. Here's a video I put together from my day trying to figure out how to fish LAB. Hope you enjoy.
  16. Jordan Lynn

    Fishing Tournament at Marina Del Rey last weekend... hard lessons learned...

    Last weekend if anyone was there and noticed, there was a fishing tournament with like over 30 people. It was kind of nuts actually but it was fun none the less. I caught a couple decent ones out at the wall and pretty much everyone was hooking up that day. Anyways, here's a video I made from...
  17. Jordan Lynn

    Catching a Calico using my Deeper Chirp Sonar Fish Finder

    Hey BD, I had a suuuuper slow day at Los Alamitos Bay in Los Angeles the other day. Managed a few small ones but didn't want to waste the footage so I edited this quick little catch video. Nothing crazy but I hope you guys enjoy.
  18. Cashdaddy777

    Kayak Fishing South of Santa Barbara

    Hi y’all, I’m taking my kayak out this weekend. Ive been looking on Fishbrain maps and google maps to find some kelp beds along there and I’ve narrowed it down to 2 spots. A reef in Summerland and Carpenteria reef. Has anyone had any luck at either? If so any tips on shat setups to use would be...
  19. Jordan Lynn

    First time fishing the Red Tide in Marina Del Rey

    Got out to MDR on Sunday on the yak was tripping out over the color of the water. I have never seen it in person before. Managed to grab a flaty and a few spotties drop shotting a Bass in the Hood Torpedo. Check it out if you'd like...
  20. Jordan Lynn

    Marina Del Rey was super fun as usual on Sunday!

    Me and a couple buddies met up at MDR on Sunday to fish for whatever bites. Ran into a couple float tubers from Redondo... what's up fellas if you're out there and see this, hope you landed a few! Overall I think I had like 12 fish and I mainly just fished the docks around there. Here's a video...
  21. Nuno Morao

    Trolling with 3 lines on 1 kayak - 3 Rods and 6 lures without tangles

    This video is intended to help you improve trolling . It highlights some common mistakes like stopping after fish on or slowing down the speed when making a turn ... Theoretically, with 3 lines you are more likely to get a strike with more lures in the water, more the variety of lures, colors...
  22. DaPerrin

    Rainy Day Ocean Kayak Fishing Newport Harbor

    Decided to get away to NH and try for some bass. Was not expecting moderate rain and gusty winds but went out anyway as I love fishing in the rain now and then. Picked up some Calicos trolling a Bomber Long A 15 ft diver. Only noticed one other kayaker out fishing on this morning. Lots of paddle...
  23. Jordan Lynn

    The Journey to the Skunk... a fisherman's tale

    Hey BD, hope everyone is staying sane during the quarantine. It was a freaking tough week at Lake Balboa... I made this spoof video making fun of myself for being skunked... hope you guys get a laugh or two out of it!
  24. Jordan Lynn

    Tough week at Lake Balboa... Managed this though

    Hey BD, well the fishing at Lake Balboa was no joke this week. Super tough week and I'm not sure why. I made this little spoof video called The Journey to the Skunk because I feel like you guys can relate lol. Hope this gives you guys a laugh while quarantined...
  25. Nuno Morao

    Eging - Best Squid Jiging Moments from 2019 to 2014

    For this video, I select my best moments of squid fishing - Eging . The video includes the best images collected over 5 years and all seasons covering day fishing and night fishing, It follows a retrospective time sequence, Best regards and tight lines!
  26. Jordan Lynn

    Freshwater bass tackle useful in Saltwater?

    I honestly had no idea if you could use the same kind of stuff from freshwater fishing out in the salt. I decided to try with a few different things and see what happens. I went out to the wall at Marina Del Rey with the boys and put in a few hours of work. Overall it was a good test and we...
  27. Jordan Lynn

    $40 budget Okuma Stratus VI Spinning Reel does pretty good

    I've been using the crap out of this affordable little Okuma spinning reel from Dick's Sporting Goods. Caught a couple decent calico bass on it again this weekend. Here's a little video of the day out with it if you're bored...
  28. Nuno Morao

    Sea Bass on Lures - Top 5 fishing memories of 2019

    My top 5 fishing memories concerning European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax ). The year 2019 was one of my best in Sea bass fishing.
  29. Jordan Lynn

    Kayak fishing the outer breakwall at Marina Del Rey last Sunday

    Hey BD, I had a hell of a time Sunday with my buddies kayak fishing the outer breakwall at MDR. It was super cloudy pretty much all day and the bite was definitely on! I think I ended up getting 6 or so, Terry went into double digits and Oliver got three. In total we landed 4 different species...
  30. NY4Reels!

    San Diego Bay 1/11/2020

    Hi folks Many years ago I was stationed at the ASW base in Point Loma. That’s where I first learned about Spottie fishing. It was nice to visit SD bay again. I just can’t get enough of fishing for Spotties. I’ll be back on 1/25/2020 to fish the SD Anglers open bay tourney. Hope to see you...
  31. Jordan Lynn

    Fishing Anaheim Bay with Dan from Lost Horizon Fishing

    Hey BD, just wanted to share this video of my day out in Anaheim Bay/Huntington Harbour with my buddy Terry and Dan from Lost Horizon Fishing. It was my first time out there and I was super thankful for Dan's willingness to show a rookie the ropes out there! I was able to catch one decent...
  32. Nuno Morao

    Little Tunny ( Euthynnus alletteratus) - New PB - Trolling with Lures

    New personal record size Little Tunny ( Euthynnus alletteratus) also commonly called bonita or false albacore,. A strong fighter with fast runs when hooked with hard fighting ability. Trolling with deep diving lures. English and Spanish CC (Subtitles)
  33. NY4Reels!

    YouTube playlists of Dana Point & Newport Beach

    Hi folks, I seldom had any reports worth posting but that changed when I picked up a GoPro. l finally created a few playlists by location, and I’ll continually add to them and possibly create some new ones as time goes by. Please have a look Hope you like them! Southwest Kayak Fishing: Dana...
  34. Nuno Morao

    Cuttlefish & Squids - Eging (Squid jigging) #12

    A Kayak launched from a Marina, the Egrets that feed quietly in the early morning and then the cuttlefish, many..many cuttlefish and a squid. Turn on English CC (subtitles) Lots of action and ink in the video. I hope you enjoy the video. Turn on English CC (subtitles)
  35. Nuno Morao

    Night Fishing for Squid - Eging (Squid Jigging)

    The twilight and darkness of the night bring a new dimension to fishing, in the video you can watch amazing colours and images as a result of the led lights used to attract squids ultra violet (Keimura), green and white. On a summer night with a new moon kayak fishing in the tranquility of the...
  36. T

    For Sale Hobie Kayaks

    My Hobie fishing Kayaks are up for sale !!! These kayaks are in perfect condition. I took care of them, they are always covered, always wash down, and waxed once a year. I have all the bells and whistles for them. I have a Hobie Outback, and Pro Angler 14 both 2013s. I have also build a custom...
  37. Fisheye Channel

    Port San Luis Lighthouse - Halibut and Lingcod

    We paddled to the Lighthouse and caught our fish right in front. Rick caught a 23" Halibut on a Hookup Baits Sardine 1.5oz and a 23" Lingcod. I caught a 29" Lingcod on a Berkley Gulp on a 1.5oz leadhead. I lost a Vermillion when I was holding it up for a photo, which Rick didn't even get, so I...
  38. Nuno Morao

    1st Journey on the Outback 2019 - Kayak Fishing - Premiere

    The premiere of a Hobie Outback 2019, this video challenge to myself, launch a new kayak in the sea, to have fun, to fish and to share the best images with you. The result was better than expected in terms of fishing, I was able to capture 9 different species on a journey, a new milestone for...
  39. Fisheye Channel

    Channel Islands Harbor Halibut and Bass Report

    On Saturday June 8th I launched out of Channel Islands Harbor, and worked for Halibut. Brett TKO and I ended up with 2 shorts each. I had a 19" and one just shy of 22" next week he will be 22". After fishing for Halibut with live bait from Ciscos on a Carolina rigg for a few hours and getting...
  40. Nuno Morao

    An Epic Day of Fishing for European Sea Bass

    Hi, A foggy morning that turned into a magnificent day of fishing, Sea Bass, double catches of Sea Bass, Atlantic Bonito, Horse Mackerels and Mackerels. Kayak Fishing is a real adventure, trolling with sinking lures is a very effective option. (Turn on English subtitles )
  41. Levi Santana

    High Tide vs Low Tide

    Hi there! I just got a new kayak, and I want to take it out. I’ve been a purely shore-based angler my whole life, so this is all new to me. My schedule is tight so I want to optimize my fishing time. My question is: what effect does tide have on fishing when you’re offshore? Also, does tide have...
  42. Nuno Morao

    Fishing in the Fog - Kayak Fishing

    Trolling with lures in the fog, an unexpected sea fog rolling in a beautiful sunny winter morning, and a nice catch a Bonito (Sarda Sarda) If I had known about the fog I wouldn´t have launched the kayak The sea can be a dangerous place and you can always launch another day. Sea fog forms when...

    3-30-19 Lake Mead Kayak fishing - Video

    Did a quick trip to Lake Mead last week. Water levels are up with lots of brush in the water. Good weather and no wind. The fish are there but you have to work at it. Caught 1 LMB in about 2 hours of fishing.
  44. Nuno Morao

    Best Fishing Moments - Back to the Past (2013 to 2017) - Kayak Fishing

    My best fishing moments, a rewind to the year 2013. It starts with my first video of a big Corvina (Jewfish , Mulloway or Croaker) catch and then year by year until the end of 2017, in a time line sequence my most intense and dramatic scenes. The video has a cinematographic footage which best...
  45. Nuno Morao

    Biggest Sea Bass (European) Caught in 2018

    A great day fishing in the company of many friends.I caught of my largest Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) of 2018, in terms of weight. Trolling with lures. .
  46. Nuno Morao

    Trigger Fish - Fighting Power Ripping Out Lure’s Through-wires

    The Grey Triggerfish ( Balistes capriscus ) fighting with tremendous power on light tackle, often taking my light gear right to the brink of explosion. The biggest one completely destroyed a soft timber (balsa ) lure and ripping out the lures’ through-wires. The small mouth of the Triggerfish...
  47. C

    Kayak Fishing Pros and Cons?

    I came across this video of these guys having a ton of fun catching salmon and a huge halibut fishing out of hobie kayaks in Alaska and I've been considering getting into it myself. Any suggestions of where I should start, or maybe some pros and cons to kayak fishing? I live in the...
  48. Fisheye Channel

    Channel Islands Harbor Calico Bass Kayak Fishing - Video

    Funny Video of my Wife and I catching Calico Bass.
  49. Swampchicken

    Nearly donated Komodo at Cedros

    Lucky enough to win the CCA raffle for the Cedros Kayak Fishing Trip at last years tournament series. In short, the trip was amazing. Such a class operation Jeff runs down there. If you get the opportunity, do it! That said, if you do go, hold on tight any pay attention around the kelp. Even...
  50. Kayak_Bernie

    For Sale L2 Fish Stand Up Paddleboard $1,700 (Super stable, Fast, and Very Fishy!)

    2016 L2Fish Stand Up Paddleboard (Super stable, Fast, and very Fishy) Looking for anyone interested in transitioning over to the stand-up world. L2Fish from Live Watersports $1700 This is the most stable SUP on the market and with 10 flush mounted YakAttack gear tracs the customization...
  51. D

    SOLD 2016 Hobie Pro Angler 14 - $2,600

    2016 Hobie Pro Angler 14 in Orange Kayak. Comes with lots of extras! This model has duel steering, vantage seating and tracking skeg. H-Rail and attachments include 2 Ram balls for multiple attachments 1 Rod holder 2 Hoizonal Rod holders (One for each side) Cup Holder 2 Rod extenders for...
  52. Nuno Morao

    Test driving a Compass Kayak - Seaworthiness - Trolling for Sea Bass

    A real test driving of a Compass Kayak to evaluate its seaworthiness. Trolling offshore for Sea Bass in the same spot I have been several times with the Adventure Island Kayak. The outcome was positive the Compass is seaworthy, but the kayak navigability should improve with an upgrade of the...
  53. Nuno Morao

    Rough Water Trolling for Sea Bass

    Offshore trolling for the european Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax), during the journey 4 different species were caught, Blue jack mackerel (Trachurus picturatus), Mackerel (Scomber scombrus), Whiting (Merlangius merlangus) and Sea Bass of course. Only in the afternoon with rough water...
  54. Nuno Morao

    Jigging for Cuttlefish with 2 rods - Eging (Squid jigging)

    Almost a perfect day for eging , the tidal stream flows towards the sea until the low tide. I prefer otherwise to fish from the low tide to the high tide . Tips: 1) Rod action slow movements with some pauses to keep the jig near the bottom., the drift helps the jig action. 2) To...
  55. Nuno Morao

    Nothing but Bonitos

    Nothing but Bonitos I only went 3 times fishing since last December and April 2018 due to the rough weather and sea. The result was nothing but Bonitos (Sarda sarda) in all weather...Great fighters for the size ! The fishing technique was trolling with hard lures around 3 knots.
  56. Nuno Morao

    Best Lures for Trolling #3 - Jointed Deep Husky Jerk

    The 3rd vídeo from a serie reviewing my favorite lures. This 3rd vídeo reviews the Rapala's Jointed Deep Husky Jerk (JDHJ12) in saltwater, a “woundedminnow” wobble and an exaggerated tail action that attract fish.The lure is efective even at slow trolling speed. In the video you can watch...
  57. Eman1001

    Help! Rental Kayak fishing?

    Hello! A couple buddies of mine are heading out of malibu this coming week (first week of April) on their yaks. I unfortunately don't own one myself so I planed on renting. Any words of advice? I'll be bringing a Lexa 400 and a small bait rod (maybe a jigmaster as well). We're gonna be fishing...
  58. NathanNichols14

    La Jolla spring yellowtail

    Whatsup guys. Anybody having any luck lately in LJ for some early spring yellowtail? I think a buddy and I will be headed out past the shores on Tuesday. Thinking about yoyo....
  59. Nuno Morao

    Best Lures for Trolling #2

    The second vídeo from a serie reviewing my favorite lures. This second vídeo reviews the Rapala's Trolls-To-Minnow in saltwater, a purpos-designed trolling minnow lure. Very efective at slow trolling speeds, flat sides create a fast-working action and the minnow profile attracts fish in...
  60. Nuno Morao

    Best Lures for Trolling #1

    The first of a serie of vídeos reviewing my favorite lures This first vídeo reviews the Cotton Cordell’s Wally Stingers CDS7 in saltwater, a famous lure for walleye ( zander ), designed to be trolled in fresh water. The lure dives to 7.5m when trolled The lure is very efective in saltwater...
  61. rhyak

    Rainbow Trout Catch and Cook from the 805

    Had a steller day at Cachuma lake on the kayak. Pulled in some hefty stockers and cooked them up for the family for dinner.. Had some Crappie check out the rig as well. Things just would not eat it, maybe next time.
  62. loguespub

    Cobra fish n dive set up F/S

    $800 firm! - Excellent shape Cobra Fish n Dive. Including - Lowrance X50DS fishfinder with through hall and battery set up. 5 Scotty mounts. Four flush rod holders. Wired for exterior connections including live bait set up. Wheels, Paddle, buggies, accessories Tom 310-344-9590
  63. Nuno Morao

    A Golden Day for Fishing - Atlantic Bonito

    A memorable red sunset and fishing day for Atlantic Bonito (Sarda sarda). A Happy New Year 2018
  64. Nuno Morao

    Trolling for Bonito

    Trolling for Atlantic Bonito (Sarda sarda) a fishing adventure, feel the adrenaline, an opened up snap, a broken leader, camera falling overboard.
  65. Nuno Morao

    Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola) - Drifting near ocean surface

    An Ocean Sunfish drifting near the ocean surface This fish exhibits a peculiar behaviour: it lies on its side on the surface of the water to sunbathe. There are various explanations for this behaviour; in particularly, it adjusts body temperature and it also allows birds to pick parasites off...
  66. rhyak

    Central Coast Slam Down VI

    This years Central Coast Slam Down VI registration is open. https://centralcoastkayakfishing.com/cc-slam-down/entry-form-waiver/ König Media did another amazing job on this years logo Every angler that enters will receive a raffle ticket for a Hobie Outback... Check out Fisheye channel...
  67. FlowerOfLife

    Fishing For Monster Alligator Gar From A Tiny Kayak

    For 4 years now i have been trying to land a 7 foot alligator gar from a kayak its an extremely difficult thing to do, or has proven to be in my case. Getting a good hookset and not getting towed through underwater trees being the main concerns, that and a jumping gar can, well you know jump in...
  68. alex91950

    New Kayak

    Am out to buy a use kayak tomorrow an ocean kayak prowler 13 I have never fish of a kayak any help or advice will be appreciated also if any one want to take the time and teach me how to be save on the water I can go fishing Saturday and Sunday thanks,
  69. NumbThumb

    First time on the Hobie!

    Still stoked!
  70. firreal

    Kayak bait tank with battery delay switch

    This is a modified liquidfishing.com, tuna tank, kayak bait tank. Comes with adjustable delay timer to prolong the life of your batteries. Rule 360 bilge pump wired inline. No loose wires leading to pump. Stainless strainers. Keeps fish alive! $75.00. Richard 818 888 5499
  71. Y

    Kayak fishing buddy in Newport Harbor?

    Hi, looking for a kayak fishing buddy in Newport Harbor. Been bouncing Gulp off the bottom for a couple of years but wanna try spinners and lures. Also want to fish in Kelp off of Corona del Mar. I go out once or twice a week, after work at night also works great!