1. PHENIX AXIS 909 H 9”

    Southern California PHENIX AXIS 909 H 9”

    Only used 5 or less times out on a sport boat. Its collecting dust so i’m looking to get rid of it fast. Feel free to message me! (Not Open to trades)
  2. 10ft baby ulua C S/8 white tiger series

    Southern California 10ft baby ulua C S/8 white tiger series

    Looking to trade or sell, $400 or obo
  3. Newell S220-5 & S332-5

    Southern California Newell S220-5 & S332-5

    S220-5- serviced, new smoooth drags, hybrid ceramic bearings, comes spooled with 30lb braid backing with 25lb mono main line & fluoro leader ~200yrds. No reel clamp. Beast of a smaller reel for fly lining small bait and for smaller jigs/lures $200 obo S332-5- serviced, new smooth drags, comes...
  4. Seeker G6480 Black Steel Cork Handle

    Southern California Seeker G6480 Black Steel Cork Handle

    Used but still in good condition. Great versatile rod Cork Tape Handle. Looking to Trade for: - Skinny Butt Ulua or something similar. - 9 & 10’ rods or anything between feel free to offer. -Midlength Surfboard(Random).
  5. CSW1008 Long Beach

    Southern California CSW1008 Long Beach

    Whatsup guys. Got a mint CSW1008. Got it wrapped and took it tuna fishing one time. Put a 30# tuna on the deck. Bitchen fly line rod. It’s the dark blue color. The photos were taken in my garage and the lighting was terrible. The thread job is a beautiful light grey with blue accents. Not too...
  6. 10ft WTS Baby Ulua C S/8 skinny butt

    Southern California 10ft WTS Baby Ulua C S/8 skinny butt

    Looking to sell, it’s custom wrapped with a nice Turkshead and tuna cord on the but. Have shrink wrap for the reel sat with the clamp. Been on the boat twice. Hasn’t been on a fish yet. Shoot me your offers.
  7. Seeker 530 #15-40 9ft

    Southern California Seeker 530 #15-40 9ft

    Have a Custom wrapped Seeker 530 cream color. #15-40 9ft long with Alps XXNLG guides, x-tube deckhand handle. Great #25 to #30 bait stick or light Jigstick.
  8. Shimano Torium 16hg paired with a Californian tri-helix

    Southern California Shimano Torium 16hg paired with a Californian tri-helix

    Rod is a 907mh rated 15-40lb reel is spooled up with a 40lb topshot to a 50lb braid backing price is firm 350$
  9. chxh8me

    Southern California Calstar 670-8 blank and Custom 100J

    Tan 670-8 blank $120 Used, custom black 100J with sic guides and nice green/black wraps. Message me for pics as I don’t have any on my phone at the moment. This is the older glass 100J. $275 Located in Thousand Oaks (Ventura County).
  10. Fishing_Frank

    Southern California Looking for Calstar 690j

    Looking for a clean factory wrapped Calstar 690j dhs in either honey or black glass. Send me pics & let’s work a deal. Located in Costa Mesa 🤙🏼
  11. Drew Stephens

    Super Seeker 6490 for jig stick?

    Whatsup BDers, I was at the local tackle shop today and noticed they had a few 6490's for sale. Ive been looking to get a dedicated jig stick for some time now. I was set on an Ulua for a while just waiting to find one locally. Is the 6490 a jig stick? The rating on the side says 25-50. I held...
  12. >SOLD<  Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead 36

    Southern California >SOLD< Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead 36

    >SOLD< For Sale or Trade for Accurate Valiant 300, 400, 500N YouTube video of rod: https://youtube.com/shorts/EonIl4RvEfA?feature=share
  13. Californian 907 Tri-Helix

    Californian 907 Tri-Helix

    9 feet rated 15-40, same blank as the Phenix Axis 907, just wrapped by Turners I still have the receipt so if you break it you can bring the rod and receipt and get a new one for cheap. Great condition, used once, casts really well, Solid 30# jig stick for cheap. 170$ Open to trades for small...
  14. Fishing_Frank

    Looking for Calstar 690j

    Looking for a clean Calstar 690j dhs factory wrap in either honey or black glass. Send me pics & a price let’s work somethin. Located in Costa Mesa 🤙🏼
  15. Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead 36 For Sale or Trade

    Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead 36 For Sale or Trade

    Wrapped by BB Customs. 15-30# rating. Green glass blank
  16. Fishing_Frank

    Looking for Calstar 690j

    Looking for a clean Calstar 690j dhs factory wrap in either honey or black glass. Send me pics & a price let’s work somethin. Located in Costa Mesa 🤙🏼


    BRAND NEW*** Rare blue and maroon SKINNY BUTT ULUA 100CT 20-50# Equipped with Alps Hard Aluminum Oxide guides starting with a size 25 and ending in size 10s Asking $500 local pick up in Orange County area
  18. Fishing_Frank

    Looking for Calstar 690j

    Looking for a clean factory wrapped 690j dhs in either honey or black glass please send price and pics. Located in Costa Mesa
  19. Varmac #20-40 9ft rod jigstick/bait stick

    Varmac #20-40 9ft rod jigstick/bait stick

    Wrapped a Varmac graphite blank last year was a fun stick but moving on. Re-glassed and ready to fish. Perfect for small jigs and bait stick.
  20. Fishing_Frank

    Looking for Calstar 690j

    Looking for a factory wrapped calstar 690j dhs honey or black glass in good condition please pm me price and pics
  21. Wildman

    Price reduced Green Glass Custom Seeker Pinhead PH36

    Wrapped by BB Custom Rods Green SD 36 Blank inside, blue outside. Light Blue/Silver Wraps. Light blue/dark blue cord handle. Located in South Bay, L.A. Potential to get it to SD. $300 $310 320 or best offer
  22. B

    Seeker - Custom Wrapped, Creamsicle Skinny Butt Ulua - WTS jigstick

    So I've come to realize that I'm not a glass guy and prefer composite for my jig sticks...which breaks my heart because I absolutely love how this rod turned out (Jim Trelikes/Webspinner is one seriously gifted dude). This is a mint condition, White Tiger Series, Skinny Butt Ulna (9 ft. 3...
  23. S

    Phenix Titan 68ML slow pitch

    Located in North County SD Will not ship rods, sorry! Looking for a UC Raptor 76 or UC Wahoo 800/900 if you have one to trade From left to right: Factory wrapped Cal star 700H 30-80lb **SOLD** Factory wrapped GG690j 20-50lb **SOLD** Factory wrapped 900M 20-40lb **SOLD** Phenix Titan slow...
  24. Sardine_matt


    phenix axis 909H, used a few times but still in pretty good condition - $245 shimano teramar inshore series J90HB, also used a couple times but still in good condition - $160 diawa vip 870 in good condition - $80 nothing wrong with any of them just need to clear some space
  25. Jonathan A

    Calstar 90j or 6480

    I am looking to buy a fiberglass 90j or a 6480. Thanks!
  26. Jigslinger

    New Super Seeker Ulua SB custom wrapped!

    New full length Super Seeker Ulua SB! Great stick for surface iron! Sold! Thanks!
  27. Sammy108

    SB creamsicle Ulua, Penn Torque 25 Gold

    The rod is freshly wrapped with fuji k guides in an acid wrap. Reel is in good shape and perfectly functional has 80lb spectra on it currently. Combo- $650 Rod- $450 Reel- $300 Text me at 808-639-4191 for pictures
  28. Sandieangler

    Phenix PSX908 $125

    9’0” 15-40# moderate fast Fuji reel seat ST laser composite These rods usually come with a cork style wrap but I added x-wrap over. Drop to $125 OBO want it gone
  29. chicho64

    2 Supper seeker rods sold delete please thanks

    Selling 2 brand new supper seeker rod jig and bait rod never used model ss 6470H-7' 40-60 lb asking $450 paid $519.00 next is a SS 6465xH 6'6" 50-80 $420 i paid $503 my lost repeat this are brand new rods Tag
  30. A

    12 ft CUI (Tady) Jigstick

    I have a CUI Jigstick that was originally 13ft cut down to just over 12ft. Rod has scratches but no major chips or dings in the blank. Rod is very strong and held up to a 150# bluefin one of my last times using it. Rod is perfect for any 20-40 size reel and can cast all variations of jigs very...
  31. Spencer Ngo

    WTS Cousins 95 Mag Blank

    Brand new, never fished. I can also have it professionally wrapped from a friend if you provide components. $700.
  32. Kai

    Calstar 100J Custom Wrapped $150 negotiable

    Folks, I have custom wrapped Calstar 100J. It has Fuji Alconite guides with a Fuji Hardloy tip. Some minor wear, fishing scraches, and etc to the cork tape grips where I have put my reel seat on. Can be patched with friction tape, or shrink tube. Asking $150 for it. Negotiable
  33. Espinoza569

    WTT GG690J for 8 Footer

    It’s in really good condition. Purchased through this forum. I took it out once. 9’ is tough for me to transport and I’d rather start out with something 8’ to shorten the learning curve. Willing to make up difference in cash depending on rod. thanks
  34. E man

    2 Custom Seeker WTS 7X

    I've been looking for a local builder and recently found one here. He built a couple for me and I must say I am very happy with them. They're clean and the threading is tight. I just wanted to give him a shout out and post a few pics of the builds. Thanks @twinfin1000
  35. Moor_fish

    Sold please delete

    Californian Tri Helix 9ft H 30-60 Lb jig stick (phenix blank) Hasn't been used in a while. No issues with guides. Ready to slay some tuna, yellowtail and calicos. Perfect for surface iron, coltsnippers, stick baits and poppers.
  36. MatthewC

    Custom Phenix Jigstick (lowered price)

    This is a one-off phenix blank that is made from the same material as their Axis line, super durable and light composite. 9’3” and 30-80lb. Made to resemble the seeker baby ulua. Heavy duty Essix SIC guides (same as on the 909xhj). Lowered to 325!!. Make me an offer or a trade!
  37. Jigslinger

    Super Seeker Ulua S/B blank

    I have an extra SS Ulua Skinny Butt blank that’s up for sale. It’s the black version. Asking $230 Please PM or text (714) 916-2462
  38. K

    Daiwa Saltist 40h and Seeker 6490-ct

    $400 Basically Brand new, 2 boat rides with no fish caught. 300yds 65lb j braid 40lb mono topshot. Great jig stick, casts a mile. Reel also has upgraded handle, cover and box. Located in Rancho Cucamonga
  39. Darin Dohi

    Calstar GG6490H-J

    Near new condition. It was taken on one trip to Guadalupe in 2018 but never fished. It had a reel mounted on it for that trip but not fished. This is a unique rod that is relatively hard to find these days. It is a corktape rod. It could be used for throwing large surface iron as well as...
  40. Bite1

    9 foot surface iron rod

    My 900m deckhand style stick had the graphite where I mount the reel, crush in...Anyone have a similar 9foot I can throw 45's on with 40lb
  41. PescadoVato

    Calstar T540 vs. T100

    Searched the forum long and hard and could only find some vintage Nelz and Landesfeind posts on the subject. So here it goes: what's the difference between these two blanks? I'm looking to cut one down for 40lb - the magic formula on these 4" off the tip and 2" off the butt?
  42. Hector Garcia

    Stuff, updated pricing

    I live in Lake Los Angeles(look it up) I head to LA maybe once a month to every 2 months. Willing to ship up to an 8ft rod or blank. Buyer pays shipping. Txt me. 323-338-2107 If you needs pics of something else let me know. Or txt me for a faster response. Cash or paypal FnF. Rainshadow Gaff...
  43. Seemonster

    S332-5 Newell reel

    $120 firm works perfect 213-302-0104 no offers it's firm
  44. Seemonster

    440 Newell

    $140 firm works perfect, has clamp 213-302-0104 Save your flakyness and low-ball offers for offer up. Call me if your serious thanks Located in Azusa Ca.
  45. Seemonster

    S332-5 Newell

    $120 firm works perfect, has clamp 213-302-0104 Save your flakyness and low-ball offers for offer up. Call me if your serious thanks Located in Azusa Ca.
  46. j12

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 868MH $180 OBO

    Cosmetically 8/10 typical boat rash on reel seat and guides. Functionally 10/10. All guides are clean. Rod is factory wrapped and not warped. Super versatile 8'6 rod fishing 20-30lb mainly. Light profile and thin. Asking for $180 OBO Pm if interested. If you prefer text, pm me your phone...
  47. Seemonster

    Calstar 100jc factory wrap

    Great condition 100jc 20-50 full 10' deckhand special 213-302-0104 $200 firm Text for more pics I'll be at the 22nd landing swapmeet tomorrow
  48. Seemonster

    Custom 90j glass

    Great condition, Calstar 90j glass blank $180firm 213-302-0104
  49. Moor_fish

    Daiwa Saltist 35 Calstar combo

    Daiwa Saltist 35 with box and 60 lb Seagar Threadlock Hollowbread backing. I took the 50 ft mono top shot off. Cosmetic 9/10 (some boat rash) mechanical 10/10. (Used 3 times) Calstar is the WCDH-69OJ. 9ft rod 20-40 rating. Ready to go for all different types of saltwater fishing. Can use it to...
  50. RiggingSoCal

    Okuma Makaira 9ft jigstick 30-60

    In good shape. 30-60 lb 9ft X rap in good shape. Deckhand style Great for throwing surface iron Will post pictures tomorrow night. If interested text me at1 (818) 590-8355 Asking $100
  51. Yammo

    Attaching a reel to a deckhand grip?

    So I just bought a Okuma PCH Custom as a Jigstick and got it in deckhand grip and planning on pairing it with my Fathom 30 star drag. Question I had is do I need to do anything to prepare the rod before clamping on the reel with the factory clamp that comes with the reel? The rod came with an...
  52. West Coast Tuna

    10ft jigstick Conlon

    A friend of mine has a few Conlon blanks he wants to give to me. I am thinking about wrapping them and making jigsticks out of them... I can't find any info on them. If anybody has knowledge on the blanks I would love to hear it :)?
  53. B

    9' + Jig Stick

    Interested in buying my first 9ft+ jig stick. Not looking to spend a ton of money. Maybe calstar or seeker? Thanks!
  54. Collin_789

    Jig stick calstar / seeker

    Looking for a calstar 90j, 900H 100 etc. seeker ulua 9ft or 10ft, please let me know what you got, (looking for factory rods only)
  55. Collin_789

    Seeker ulua jigstick

    I’m looking for a seeker ulua, (jig stick) 9ft or 10ft , please let me know what you got, thanks!
  56. Jarrr

    Calstar GG690j rod (REDUCED!)

    Factory Calstar GG690j up for sale. 9ft jig stick. Rated 20-50lbs. Cork wrapped. 9.5/10 excellent condition $180 firm
  57. A

    Looking for a custom 2 piece deckhand jigstick. 8ft 20 -60lb range

    East coast guy that likes to travel. Want a west coast deckhand style jigstick for throwing iron and for 30-40lb live bait. Would it be possible to have a 3 to 3.5 foot deckhand corktape butt section that takes a blank to make an 8 ft rod? Would be using for yellowtail and bluefin up to 2.5...
  58. fishboy93

    CUI mandrel?

    Heard that the 12’ cui blanks that were being made for a short period of time are based on a classic mandrel. Anyone have any insight into this? Figured this or the rod building board would be the best place to ask.
  59. skipjackrobert

    Calstar Jigstick-Mint

    Selling one of my jigsticks which is custom and in mint condition. BTG 90 9 foot 30-60. Deckhand with turks head and all quality components. 300.00.
  60. Mac D

    Shimano Crucial, Coastal Custom Jigstick, and StarRod Livebaitrod

    Selling a couple rods... Shimano Crucial Swimbait Rod CRC-SX711MH. 7'11'' Swimbait rod 15-30 mono 20-65 braid. Medium Heavy Extra fast. 3-5oz rating. Lifetime warranty. Excellent condition. Originally designed for catching Muskies but has no problem with Yellowtail and baby Tuna. $100. Coastal...
  61. mikerome98

    Newell G332-F / Rod Recommendation

    Just purchased my first Newell reel, the G332-F for fishing the surface iron. What 8' or 9' rod would you recommend pairing up with this reel? Lol Thanks for your feedback. Mike R.
  62. W

    Where to Practice Casting Jigs/Irons in San Diego

    Hey Guys, I am new to fishing Irons and really want to get this style in my tool box when on the boats! It seems like a lot of fun and shows that you are a real angler when you can make your Iron swim like a fish and have your fish crash on it! I watched people do this the last two summers and...
  63. manho

    WTB/WTT - calstar 700H, phenix 700xh, super Seeker 6470H

    Looking to buy following any used /like new rods: 1. Phenix 700xh 2. Super seeker 6470H 3. Calstar 700H 4. United composite 700XH Please post what you have, and price. Please text your pics :) 510-362-5299 I have for trade if interested: 1. Teramar 90MH - used 8/10 condition 2. Classic...

    Jig stick reel seat?

    Couldn't find the answer through searching so I apologize if this has been talked about before. Bought a factory wrapped United Composite 90 Monster for surface irons The handle is cork wrapped and I want to put my Avet JX 6/3 MC on it What would you guys recommend putting on the cork for where...
  65. M

    Shimano Torium 20hg on cousins csj 90m clamp issue

    i have a torium 20hg that I want to pair with my cousins csj 90m rod. Problem is the tee slot bolts aren't long enough to thread into the barrel nuts because it's a deckhand cork tape rod. Any after market clamps that I can buy or anywhere that I can get a hold of longer tee bolts?