1. R

    Anyone know what these types of jigs are used for?

    Found these in my Father in Law's fishing tackle box. He fished mostly saltwater but these look like freshwater jigs - they are quite small in size, about 1.5" total length. Can anyone tell me what they are used for? And is it OK to cast them "as-is"? Many thanks!
  2. A

    SOLD JRI Stingers and 7s

    Selling a lot of 11X JRI Surface Irons: 7X JRI Stingers 4X JRI 7s Selling all together (no singles) $100 Pick up only in Rancho Penasquitos area or Seaforth on a sunday.
  3. Drew Stephens

    Anyone throw small jigs?

    Not really odd but I mean everyone throws the popular surface irons and yoyos 45, 4/0, 6x jr ,7x to name a few. What about like the little Tadys? The AA, A2, 9, TLC to name a few. Ive thrown mega baits and coltsnipers for small jigs but I have a couple A2s. The reason I'm asking is I'm going out...
  4. SD32J

    SOLD Please Delete 4 the sake of others panties

    8’ 15-40. Rod has some wear . 110$ sold as is picked up in San Diego. Text 619-261-7163
  5. deadpinniped

    SOLD Tranx 500 and fathom 40 star drag

    Thinning out the reels that never get used. I have a Penn Star Drag 40 (with reel clamp not shown) and a Tranx 500hg with tiburon clamp. Looking for $old for the Tranx with the clamp and $150 for the Fathom. Both function perfectly and have not been on many trips. They do have boat rash.
  6. A

    Dixon Lake Trout Fishing Help

    Going to Dixon Lake in Escondido this weekend looking for trout. First time heading down there. Anyone have any tips on lures and favorite fishing spots. They stocked the lake with 1,500 lbs. of trout on 12/19
  7. Endurance

    SOLD Tiburon 7530 SST Automatic shift two speed

    I hate to do it but I’ve got too many reels and I don’t go fishing as much as I like. This beautiful reel got a 70 lb. bluefin on bait. It has 65 lb Kast King braid and the original rod clamps. Very clean, I take care or my stuff. Thanks for looking. $350
  8. Shade42087

    Age old jigs.

    My wife's grandfather was a fisherman, and my good friend. He told me on his deathbed that he wanted myself and my brother in law to split his gear. My brother in law isn't so much into the fishing like i am, so after 8 years, my wife's grandmother was finally ready to let some of these things...
  9. Ziad Amr

    Slow jigging ( important )

    i want to ask guys about your opinion for slow jigging rods that has a wide range of jig weights because i might need heavy weights and also in sometimes i might use 100 to 150 grams jigs .. i see a lot of rods with very close range like 220g to 300 g , i need rods reccomendations for rods with...
  10. ron2381

    huge freshwater jig/lure lot

    250 or trade for vintage video game collection snes or genesis games no consoles or a nice 2 speed avet or penn can add cash on that obo
  11. coastalsharker


    ATTENTION COLLECTORS!! Hard to find Jack Poling Tuna Pick Jigs in vintage condition, a lot of 7 total, MT. Fuji made in Japan. $75.00 obo Will ship at buyers cost (Cheap) Text 831-588-4545
  12. coastalsharker


    Largest is 6 1/4", Medium sized are 5" and the smallest is 4". The 6" and 4" are marked Japan, the two 5" are not marked, but the darkest one is a pre WW2 jig due to a rivet/ Pin is used to secure the hook, the other 5" with abalone inlay possibly Hetzel..?? It is missing the brass screw that...
  13. Captain Gregg

    II Sharp JIGS

    II Sharp Jigs $18 A piece Copy Cat Jigs Made by Tady $12 a piece 544 Jigs $10 3 -44WL 2-44R 1-44L 4-38L 5-25L copy cats- 4-45 size 6- tady-c size and 5-544 jigs 1-25H 1-44WH and one 44-L that has no letters and is one of the first prototype 2 sharps DM me if you have questions
  14. W

    Where to Practice Casting Jigs/Irons in San Diego

    Hey Guys, I am new to fishing Irons and really want to get this style in my tool box when on the boats! It seems like a lot of fun and shows that you are a real angler when you can make your Iron swim like a fish and have your fish crash on it! I watched people do this the last two summers and...
  15. coastalwerks

    FS: Lot of Lures, Deck Bag, Reel Bag, Shimano Black Moon

    The following items are up for sale. Finally found time to do some spring cleaning with items laying around. Hopefully another member can put these to good use. Paypal gift accepted. Located in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego. PM if interested. 1. New, Lot of Jigs and assist hooks. Will not...
  16. NY4Reels!

    5 Jigs for sale

    5 jigs 1 Tady C 1 Tady 9 2 Tady AA 1 TLC $25 Local pick up near Mission Viejo or ship for $6
  17. sulla

    Tady 45 and Jpot new paint jobs

    Painted a few of my jigs just to keep busy. I think I have an airbrush somewhere in the garage but for these I used a brush. if you notice I also opened up some of the holes to hopefully get them to swim better. Do you guys have any tricks to get your jigs to swim better?
  18. osiito

    Bomber Deep Water Jigs 16oz

    Bomber Deep Water Jigs 16oz (Lot of 6) Asking $45. Pick up during Week in West Hollywood and Weekend in Norwalk. Shipping extra. I have 6 of these brand new jigs in original packaging. 3 in Chartreuse and 3 in White. Perfect for Big Grouper, Rockfish and Lingcod.