jigging rod

  1. Leke

    For Sale Shimano Game Type J B605 (Conventional)

    Selling my shimano jgging rod Model: Game Type J B605 Photos and listing at https://offerup.co/B6oTxMU9l9
  2. KennFisher63

    For Sale Okuma andros jigging rod and reel

    Okuma andros jigging rod and accurate 500 reel. Price - $250
  3. KennFisher63

    For Sale Okuma Fishing Rod

    Okuma nanomatrix jigging rod with Okuma Metaloid 5n 15kg reel. 50lb quality braid. Used once trolling. Mint condition.
  4. X

    Detachable Fishing Rod Extension

    Hello there. Recently came across this interesting fishing rod gadget on Kickstarter and would like to know your views on it. Said to be the world's first detachable fishing rod extension for anglers like us to enhance our casting and spinning rod's functions without any customisation. It's...
  5. Ziad Amr

    Slow jigging ( important )

    i want to ask guys about your opinion for slow jigging rods that has a wide range of jig weights because i might need heavy weights and also in sometimes i might use 100 to 150 grams jigs .. i see a lot of rods with very close range like 220g to 300 g , i need rods reccomendations for rods with...
  6. brokenseal

    CHEAP Shmano Travela TVC-66M2 $60

    SOLD PENDING Good condition. Tiny surface rust color near a few guides. Other than that really good condition. Been sitting in my garage for a few years, little use. This is 2 piece at the fore grip and does not effect parobolic. Great for travel. $129.99 plus tax new. TVC-66M2 6'6" 30-80#...
  7. papajig

    FS-Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid Rods

    Selling following Phenix Hybrid rods (All factory wrapped with reel seats): 1x Brand New with Tag Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD-869XH 25lb-60lb - SOLD!!! 1x Used Once with few boat rashes Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid PHD-838MH 15lb-40lb - SOLD!!! 1x Used Twice Phenix Iron Feather with Rod Tube...
  8. wwen


    Bump. Will trade for Daiwa Isla/Catalina 5000 (HG/LG) or (equivalent amount of Halco Max 130, Topwater Swimbaits/Poppers (70-90g), Japanese jigs). Need stuff to actually fish with too much jigging gear. Hope some one else can out this fine equipment to good use! This setup would make a sweet...