horseshoe calico sandie

  1. DrBob89

    102 at the Shoe!

    Had my first 100+ fish day with Kman! We started at 6:30 from Huntington Harbor and went south to the Pipe, where we scratched a few mixed bass and a couple of rockfish. Sonar was promising but the fish were not interested. We then went to some spots near the 108, same story. Took a few...
  2. DrBob89

    6/10 LB Loop: No YT/Cuda in am, 59 bass in pm

    Left Huntington Harbor with Kman on board at 6:30. Hit Izors first, only one sandie. Then trolled rapallas & a hoochie around the mussel farm and all the way to the 150 for nada. Didn't see any surface activity but fog prevented us from seeing too far. Along the way we cast jigs into a...
  3. DrBob89

    On the Chew at the Shoe 12/3/18

    What a beautiful day on the water today! Flat seas, light wind, sunny & warm (for December) and the bass were hungry. Left San Pedro at 7:30 heading for PV. About a mile out of Angel's Gate I stopped at a clump of lobster pots and threw a Kman plastic. First and second casts were calicos. I...