1. S

    Fishing Mexico outside the 12 mile range

    Hi everyone! I know the requirements to fish Mexico within the 12 mile range. I'm wondering what is required to fish outside the 12 mile range. I've read you need a passport, Mex fishing license, TIP(just in case) and Mex insurance(I know some say no but why not get it). My main question is one...
  2. strictlytimmy

    Would a seeker pinhead BH89 be a good live bait rod?

    Hi this might be a pretty Barney question but im wondering if a seeker pinhead BH 89 would be a good rod for live bait. Mainly fishing offshore paddys for yellowtail and school sized tuna. Reel is a Trini 14a.
  3. strictlytimmy

    Trinidad 14a Rod Pair

    Hey guys, I just picked up a Trini 14a for my first offshore stardrag reel.. I’ll be primarily using this reel for flylining live bait but I’m not sure what rod I should pair it with. I live in San Diego and will mostly be fishing for yellowtail and small grade bluefin.
  4. B

    Help with Bent Butt Wahoo Rods

    Looking for a little insight on a couple of wahoo rods I want to build in the near future. Rods will be fished out of a 28 ft mako high speeding so I'm using a 4'6" xxh blank rated 50-80. The butt pairs up nicely with the #2 Aftco unibutt regular due to the fact that it'll rarely leave the rod...
  5. Y

    Bobs Furniture Ads Suck.

    The ads on mobile are making the forums borderline unusable for me. It takes three seconds to make the stupid pop up go away and takes up a rediculous amount of the screen. I understand the site runs on ads but why does it need to be an unskippable pop up ad? Why can't it just be a bottom flyer...
  6. I

    Saltwater Looking for anyone who has extra room on their boat

    Looking for anyone who has extra room on their boat or Solo's that might need help or just want company on their boat. I'm new to the PNW, just moved here to the Mt. Vernon/Burlington area with my wife from Pennsylvania and have been eager to experience more of the Salish sea/Puget sound. So far...
  7. 1Matthew

    Calico Bass swimbait reel-Help

    Hi all! I’m trying to get more into the saltwater bass species fishing. I’ve gone out for calico Bass using my sealine 30 but really want to get a baitcaster for chucking swim baits at them. I’m looking for something to throw 1/2 oz - 2 oz probably and typically fish around the Channel Islands...
  8. L

    Fishing Problems to solve with Software

    I’m a software engineer by trade and an avid fisherman, freshwater at least. Im trying to understand some of the problems in the fishing space that can possibly be solved by software maybe something I can work on on the side. For example, when I start fishing new water, I’m not quite sure what...
  9. iThRoWIroN

    How to.....fresh start

    Long story short. Going through a nasty separation and need to get away. Long time fisherman on the ocean, sport boats, private boats, everything. Anyone know if any boats are looking for a hard working deckhand? Hard work always seems to make the healing speed up. Any information is greatly...
  10. Taco Maker

    New Boat, Struggling Bait.. Help!!

    Hey All, I've tried 'everything' (read all the how to guides, searched the forum, called bait tank shops, etc) and hoping to get some guidance from the BD Community on this thread as a last resort. Boat specs: 2021 42 Magbay Express 85 Gallon Transom Livewell The problem: As soon as the bait...
  11. Eman1001

    Where can I get mackerel?

    Hi all, Unfortunately because of work and school I have precious little time to fish anymore and find myself struggling to find bait for surf fishing trips. In the past I could spare a day or two to head out on a bait making trip to the pier but with so little time I'd rather just fish the...
  12. Madocarmo

    Advice for San Clemente?

    Hey everyone, I have plans to try San Clemente this coming Monday since conditions are looking pretty good. I’m going to be heading to Catalina Sunday night to sleep there then head to Clemente Monday morning. I’ve heard ALOT about the tuna at Clemente and was wondering if anyone knows where I...
  13. Eman1001

    Full day Channel Islands Set Up

    Hi all, a bit of a silly question here but I'm not sure where to start. So I'm going on a full day on the Sea Jay (freelance out of CISCOs) next week but I'm unsure of how I should set up my rods. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to boat fishing as I usually fish the surf or pier. I have 3...
  14. Hurtdog

    New Project - Need help with ID

    Hey everybody, New to BD from Morro Bay, CA. Kayak fished for a long time and figured it was time to get a boat for more serious fishing / surf excursions. Been hunting for a center console project for awhile and found one on CL. Was originally bought from an estate sale with no paperwork, so...
  15. M

    My Penn Reel Wont Let Line Go

    I recently bought a Penn Pursuit III 6000 reel and I was fishing off a pier with it a few days ago, I was fishing a dropshot rig with a 1oz sinker and it was casting perfectly but I'm pretty sure the line wasn’t sinking all the way to the bottom. Does any one know what the problem is and how I...
  16. NoShameInTheSaltGame

    Snapped Antenna Help

    Hey All, I just snapped my Shakespeare antenna....AGAIN. Second one in a row. This time I was washing the boat at a self serve wash place and the helicopter water hose caught the antenna and snapped it clean off at the base. I had literally just installed this new antenna and redid the wiring a...
  17. Christianbrat

    2003 Mercury 4 Stroke 40HP EFI Shifting/Throttle issue

    Hi all! First time "real" boat owner (had a small tinny with a 9.9). I have a Merc 40 with EFI on a 15' hobie skiff and it runs great and all except one small thing. When the boat is idling at all in neutral, I cannot shift without stalling. I have gone slowly, fast, start slow and speed up...
  18. Levi Santana

    Offshore/island opportunities

    I live in Ventura County and I’m thinking about getting a boat within the next couple of years. I’m trying to buy a boat that will fit my needs (obviously) so my question is: what kind of fishing can I reasonably do up here without having to boat super far? Yellowtail sounds fun, as does tuna...
  19. S

    Need Help Rigging New Rods

    This is my first time posting here FYI. Friend of mine gave up fishing and gave me some old rods he had. I want to rig these new rods up with the appropriate tackle (I would like to fish any species of bass, trout, salmon) for northern CA fishing. Can anyone provide any insight as to what these...
  20. F

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    Hello, I recently bought a Penn fathom 25nld2 and I'm trying to decide on what rod to pair it with mainly for bluefin 50-80lb with the ability to catch a 100lber if i happen to hook one (i don't plan on it). I plan on fishing 30-40lb topshot/leader on it primarily for flylining sardines. I want...
  21. Asael

    Pls help I need info

    I’m planning on buying a combo from a guy pretty soon but can’t find anything on this rod GRAFTECH SJS-90H 25-40 Is this a good rod for an avet jx 6/3 2 speed Or should I go the extra mile and buy a phenix abyss psx908
  22. I

    Pin Head/Deckhand

    no longer interested
  23. Eman1001

    Shaver Lake Help

    Hi all, I'm heading up to Shaver Lake for a week long trip and thought I would post to see if anyone has experience there. I'll be covering a lot of water with opportunities to fish from the bank, kayak, and potentially a boat. I also heard there are Kokanee biting. I'm essentially a kook when...
  24. Z

    Crab help!?

    alright, so I’m fairly new to fishing and my fiancée wants to join in by crabbing along with me. She caught a couple of legal size rock crabs and we threw them straight into a cooler and that same night she cooked them and ate them. I read after this event that doing so is bad due to the acids...
  25. Levi Santana

    Live White Croaker

    Ok, so I’ve been experimenting with live bait and I realized I know a place where I can catch lots of white croakers (most are about 4”-7” but pretty chunky). So it occurred to me to try them out as bait. My questions are: is white croaker any good as live bait? What fish eat it? What are some...
  26. Levi Santana

    High Tide vs Low Tide

    Hi there! I just got a new kayak, and I want to take it out. I’ve been a purely shore-based angler my whole life, so this is all new to me. My schedule is tight so I want to optimize my fishing time. My question is: what effect does tide have on fishing when you’re offshore? Also, does tide have...
  27. Franklin Warner

    San Diego Trailer Storage

    We are on multiple military wait lists for dry storage for our boat on trailer, and keep getting dropped off the list or bumped down so far we will never get a space. If I bottom paint the boat I can get a slip at Fidlers Cove or Naval Base Point Loma but I still need an affordable place to...
  28. S

    Senior Stats Project - Does bait matter?

    Hello everyone, I am a student at my local university and I am doing my senior project on fishing. Specifically I am seeing if there is a difference when using natural bait (dead/alive but natural) or artificial bait (ex: lures, "soft bait", flys and such). Overall I have fished in both fresh...
  29. M

    Need help identifying rig

    Can anyone tell me what this specific rig is called and where I can find it? I am on a search for my father. He purchased a bunch about 20 years ago and can not find them anywhere. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  30. Eman1001

    Best place for bat rays?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a good spot for bat rays in malibu. I know Ventura is probably better but my means of transportation is pretty limited. Anyway, I've tried malibu pier and paradise cove with little success (fishing whole squid) and figured I might give the...
  31. Eman1001

    Penn Fathom vs Squall Comparison

    Hi all, I'm looking at both the Penn Fathom and Squall and can't decide; I like the line capacity and price point. I'll be fishing the surf for threshers and soupfin mostly. Maybe YT on charters too. From what I've read I'm leaning towards the fathom. Any suggestions? I'm specifically...
  32. dhelmick

    Offshore Heading out of Dana Point. Need any info!!!

    Heading out of dana tomorrow early. Thinking of heading out towards Catalina and looking for yellowtail and dodo. Any info between Oside and Newport would be helpful. Thanks!
  33. scrappyfisher

    HELP!!!! Coming to Maui looking for shore fishing advice!!!!!

    My wife and I are coming to Kihei from 09/20/2018-09/26/2018 and I am looking for what ever advice I can get on what to bring in terms of tackle and lures as well as basic size on what is commonly caught from the shore. I have read a huge mix online with recommendations all over the board. We...
  34. D

    In Need of Some Guidance

    Last month was the first time I had gone fishing in any type of format. My wife tells me around 2000hrs that I should go fishing with her friend's husbands (who I had never met) on a private boat and that it would be good for me to get out of the house. I told her that I don't have any fishing...
  35. A

    $200 Okuma Credit to Spend, Need some advice

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post. I had purchased the Okuma Nomad Travel Surf Rod 10' 4 piece rod Heavy Power and it broke after getting snagged on the bottom doing some offshore salt water fishing in Mexico. Okuma has agreed to provide a ~$200 exchange for another one of their products...
  36. annie715

    Tips for beginners?

    If you have read my previous post, you will know why I'm writing this post. If you haven't...well, basically I'm a student and I need fish for a research project. At first I planned on buying the fish from other fishers. I didn't know that it is illegal. So now, I've decided to fish for it on my...
  37. annie715

    Need help with fishing

    Hi, I'm currently a student and one of my class has a research project. Basically, my research deals with fish at Dana Point (Jetty near Ocean Institute, Dana Point Fuel Dock, and Dana Point Pier) and Newport Beach (Balboa Pier, Jetty on 56th St., and The Wedge). For each of the mention...
  38. Eman1001

    Rockfishing Question

    Hi there! I'm pretty new to rockfishing and have a couple questions. I'm going out on the Speed Twin *CISCOS* in the next couple of days. First off, I would really love to bag some larger fish, at the sacrifice of possible limits, and heard that using an Ahi Jig + dropper loop w/ plastic or...
  39. Eman1001

    Help! Rental Kayak fishing?

    Hello! A couple buddies of mine are heading out of malibu this coming week (first week of April) on their yaks. I unfortunately don't own one myself so I planed on renting. Any words of advice? I'll be bringing a Lexa 400 and a small bait rod (maybe a jigmaster as well). We're gonna be fishing...
  40. MrJigs

    Need Help!!

    Looking for someone to help me install an outboard bracket for my boat I have a 1982 Blackman center console 20' I pulled the motor out, closed the transom and I need someone with experience to help me install the bracket. call me 714-472-7353
  41. RooSalad

    Help me identify this fish?

    I've not fished using nightcrawlers in a very long time, aside from catching my bait for the day. Fished a new spot for yesterday's bait, and was catching the usual perch, bluegill, etc- but then I started getting these things in large numbers. I've heard them called Shiners, Shad, and Bream-...
  42. tbarna6715

    have YOU, been to Catalina lately?

    Anyone have reports for the front side or backside of Catalina in the past week? Considering going out on the water. is it worth my time?
  43. spearedfishes

    2 Calstar Rods and Penn Fathom reels missing

    2 Calstar rods, one custom black rap and a Penn fathom 25 n and Penn fathom 30 went missing out of the back of my truck September 1st at H&M parking lost around 8 pm. Any help would be great.
  44. wburdge

    Buying All New Combos!!

    Hey folks! I'm in the process of purchasing another boat, and it's time for some new combos. Traditionally I've fished CalStar rods, and a mix of reels (no loyalty really). Mainly looking to keep chasing the YT and start learning how to nail more BFT. Here's kind of what I've been thinking...
  45. T

    Can anyone help me find the specs of this reel?

    I bought this as a rod and reel combo while in Florida on my yearly fishing trip last year. I'm planning to go this year and wanting to try new line. I want to know the specs of it. It's a coastal tuff Circle baitcaster. Here is an amazon link of the reel, but it doesn't have the specs Can...
  46. fisherman1133

    C90W Upgrade

    Hey all I was wondering if it is worth it to upgrade my current unit. I have the old C90W, and use it with Raymarine radar unit as well. I use it mostly for the fishfinder and radar, seeing as I have a separate chartplotter. I was wondering what the best upgrade would be that would include...