harnell harrington

  1. sharkman gary

    Southern California Help looking for a Harnell

    Hi there looking for a Harnell in the 7ft 10-30 or 10-25 or 20-30 give or take range let me know if you have one please =)catch a keeper!!!
  2. sharkman gary

    Help identifying rod

    Hey there I have a rod I need to identify can you help me please to find out what it is. It has little squigly lines all over the rod it lòke like mountains or something like that its #25-80 its 6ft i dont know what it could be it has a truline butt cap but its not a Truline.
  3. sharkman gary

    Southern California 171 Harnell

    Looking for a 171 Harnell its a 7ft 20-30 lb rod let me know if you have one
  4. Looking for a 171 Harnell

    Southern California Looking for a 171 Harnell

    Hey anyone have this rod its Harnell 7 footer 20-30 l have a few rods to trade for it I have 1580 octagon truline its a 15 lb rod I have a 1x truline black octagon really whippy rod If someone can do me that favor of hooking me up with this rod that be cool
  5. Wanting two 531 Harnells.

    Southern California Wanting two 531 Harnells.

    Looking for two 7 and a half foot harnells that are rated for 25 lb mono if anyone knows someone that has one or knows where I can get them let me know please thank you. Text me at (530) 288-7244
  6. Looking for 2 531 Harnells

    Southern California Looking for 2 531 Harnells

    They are in 7'6" 25 lb rated if you have one let me know I will take a blank too or a chopped rod
  7. sharkman gary

    Southern California Delete

  8. Truline and a few others for sale

    Southern California Truline and a few others for sale

    Hello I have this few rods I want to get rid of. Truline chocolate 7'2" spinning rod rated 6-15 lb really parabolic comes with a Garcia Mitchell 300A $125 Truline Dynamo 7f 5' 2-10 lb line Great for mackerel fishing on light line $95 Harnell ultralight 5' 2-10 line also great for mackerel...
  9. sharkman gary

    Southern California want to buy a Harnell 7' #10-25

    Hi does anyone have this rod around and would sell it? 7 foot 10-25 lb line
  10. Truline and Harnell combos

    Southern California Truline and Harnell combos

    Hello selling these beautiful nice looking great condition vintage rods if you know then you know these are very hard to find rare indeed they come clean the both have rod labels on them and ready to fish ultra light fishing rods only $260 each Truline 7f 5ft #2-10 lb mono line or fluorocarbon...
  11. ext

    Southern California ext

  12. sharkman gary

    Southern California delt

  13. sharkman gary

    Southern California delete

  14. Harnell 196-7 7' 10-30 blank

    Southern California Harnell 196-7 7' 10-30 blank

    Hello selling this old Harnell 196-7 blank for $100 it needs new guides they are all damaged so $100 for it rod measures 7 foot exactly
  15. M

    Looking to Acquire Harnell 773

    I am looking to find a Harnell 773 10’ rod.
  16. Wtb (two) 8ft 10-25 conventional rods

    Southern California Wtb (two) 8ft 10-25 conventional rods

    Hello people I want to know who has two 7ft 10-25lb rated rods looking for old sabres, calstar, daiwa vips, harnells, trulines, Roddy's, lamiglass, kencors, Fenwick's, Garcia Conolons, silaflexs, Kennedy fishers, kelp cutter, seekers etc.. call or text (818)five79-six2nine3
  17. J

    Harnell or harrington

    Looking for harnell or Harrington rods one piece. Looking for models 540, 550, 553, 555, 704, 721, 724, 542, 724, 532, 530, 536 if you have any you want to sell please message me thanks
  18. J

    Harnell and Harrington

    looking for few models or harnell or Harrington rods. Mainly looking for one piece rods. Looking for models 540, 555, 704, 542, 550, 553, 754, 724, 701, 530, 532, and 536 if you have any you are willing to part with or any other models message me or reply to this thread. Thanks