1. SalmonEye


    The fishing the past couple weeks has been decent. The coho have arrived in close to shore which it’s really great to see. Not every day has been on fire for chinook fishing but if you put your time in you will get fish. The wind have not moved into our favourite day as much as we would like...
  2. SalmonEye


    Chinook Chinook Fishing has continued to be good during June with the exception of a few days around some stormy weather. Chinook fishing has continued to be good close to the harbour and lately in mostly protected water. Some of the spots are shallow water which makes the fight even better as...
  3. Fetha Styx Rod

    Pacific Northwest Fetha Styx Rod

    Brand new never used fetha styx rod. Big game rod, extremely rare.
  4. Michael L.

    What's YOUR go-to rig for sport boat halibut?

    When the yellows don't want to cooperate at the islands, a lot of captains will kill a couple hours with shallow halibut drifts. I've asked many deckhands and old timers what their go-to rig is for this, and I've heard a lot of different answers. Popular ones are reverse dropper loop(RDR), RDR...
  5. Scott Edgar

    Puke and Rally! #bloodydecks (warning graffic images and cussing)

    I was a bit hesitant to post this video, but I figure this forum of all forums deserves it! #bloodydecks
  6. SalmonEye

    Fishing Report May 12th British Columbia

    Fishing continues to be hot for salmon and halibut. This continues to be the best early-season fishing we have seen in a very long time. Chinook in the range from 8 to 15 pounds are plentiful not far from the harbor. As the weather gets more consistent we will have more fishing days. And when...
  7. SalmonEye

    Fishing Report April 14th British Columbia

    Salmon fishing has been better than normal for April so far. Our guy Dan has consistently been hitting between 6 to 12 fish per trip about 10 minutes from the harbor. The salmon are biting on little fish Hoochie‘s and small spoons like normal for this time of year. There seems to be quite a bit...
  8. Jordan Lynn

    Windy day on the yak fishing 22nd street docks. Managed a few though

    Me and my buddy Rob hit up 22nd street in San Pedro the other day. I was on my kayak and Rob was float tubing. I had never been there before so thank you Rob for showing me around and getting us a few fish! Other than the heady wind it was a great day weather wise. We got on three difference...
  9. SalmonEye

    Ucluelet, BC Fishing Report: June 24, 2020

    Well tourism has really picked up in town. Sport boats are starting to slowly trickle into the marina. There are some nicer Chinook being brought in and there has also been consistent halibut fishing. The Chinook have mostly been in protected water spots. We are mostly using small spoons and...
  10. SalmonEye

    Ucluelet BC Fishing Report: June 9, 2020

    With the world events that happened the past 6 months, we ended up opening up later than normal and just did our first trip of the year yesterday. Of course, we were still doing personal fishing trips here and there, but now things start for real. The past few days the Chinook fishing has...
  11. kodysun

    Offshore How and where the [email protected]&$ can i catch halibut in Newport??

    Anyone trying to meet up and teach a young lad on how to fish for halibut like a pro? i been going every day to a spot in newport bay i got lucky and snagged my first halibut about 8"! just got my first lucky crafts but i'm not too sure where to start trying for the 'buts. i'm afraid of...
  12. Chef Patrick

    Fish & Chips

    It's a perennial favorite for a reason. I know many people already have their favorite recipe. If you care to check out mine, CLICK HERE for the blog post.
  13. Cashdaddy777

    Kayak Fishing South of Santa Barbara

    Hi y’all, I’m taking my kayak out this weekend. Ive been looking on Fishbrain maps and google maps to find some kelp beds along there and I’ve narrowed it down to 2 spots. A reef in Summerland and Carpenteria reef. Has anyone had any luck at either? If so any tips on shat setups to use would be...
  14. NoShameInTheSaltGame

    Just for the halibut, please help!

    Aloha all, Hope you’re all doing well, particularly given the light of what going on in the world. How many halibut whisperers are out there? If you’re one of them, please help a brother out🙏🏻 I want to catch them here in the Monterey Bay, but am not experienced targeting them. I tried last...
  15. ivanwang811

    Tips for Halibut

    Possibly headed out of Dana Point this weekend if conditions allow. Prob gonna fish the Pipe and sandy areas around it. Wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions for fishing Halibut around the area.
  16. Tboss19

    Morro Bay Halibut info

    Seeing if anyone knows any good spots to fish halibut around Morro Bay? I’ve heard of a couple up north past San Simeon but haven’t gone yet. We are heading out Monday. Any info would be appreciated. I can trade you info on our killer ling spot! Message with any details thanks
  17. Jordan Lynn

    Kayak fishing the outer breakwall at Marina Del Rey last Sunday

    Hey BD, I had a hell of a time Sunday with my buddies kayak fishing the outer breakwall at MDR. It was super cloudy pretty much all day and the bite was definitely on! I think I ended up getting 6 or so, Terry went into double digits and Oliver got three. In total we landed 4 different species...
  18. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    San Diego Bay 1/11/2020

    Hi folks Many years ago I was stationed at the ASW base in Point Loma. That’s where I first learned about Spottie fishing. It was nice to visit SD bay again. I just can’t get enough of fishing for Spotties. I’ll be back on 1/25/2020 to fish the SD Anglers open bay tourney. Hope to see you...
  19. Bob Woods

    2 New Diawa Sealine boat rods

    Selling 2 Brand new Diawa Sealine 6 1/2 foot rods, line 40-80 pound. Asking $50 each or $90 for both OBO. No shipping please.
  20. Bob Woods

    FS 2 New Diawa Sealine Boat Rods

    Selling 2 Brand New Diawa Sealine boat rods, 6 1/2 foot long, 40-80 pound line. Asking $50 each or $90 for both.
  21. Jordan Lynn

    Fishing Anaheim Bay with Dan from Lost Horizon Fishing

    Hey BD, just wanted to share this video of my day out in Anaheim Bay/Huntington Harbour with my buddy Terry and Dan from Lost Horizon Fishing. It was my first time out there and I was super thankful for Dan's willingness to show a rookie the ropes out there! I was able to catch one decent...
  22. Jordan Lynn

    Los Alamitos Bay kayak fishing report

    Hey everyone, so this is a couple weeks late but I wanted to post this from my first experience kayak fishing the LAB in Long Beach. It was a very very beautiful day and I have nothing but positive things to say about the LAB! We spent a lot of time fishing docks for spotties and I ended up...
  23. Augustine Brace

    Live Bait vs Bounceball

    Which type of style fishing for halibut do you use? My favorite way is bounce balling due to not needing bait. Also what do you think of the solunar theory on the halibut bite
  24. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    Calder Mountain Lodge, Point Baker, Alaska 8/2019

    Hi guys I seldom post much but I wanted to share because this lodge is first rate in every possible way and we had a great time! I finally created a YouTube playlist of our trip to the Lodge. Hope you guys like it!
  25. Nuggets

    SF Bay Striper & Halibut fishing - video

  26. Brandonkop

    Ucluelet Jigging Halibut and Salmon

    Ucluelet is one of our favorite places to go fishing on Vancouver Island for Salmon and Halibut. There are so many options at this magical West Coast adventure destination. The coast line is spectacular, rugged and wild. It feels remote yet you have access to the beautiful quaint town of...
  27. downtime

    Fishing Mission Bay 7-20-19

    We wanted to take the 13 Whaler out to La Jolla to fish but once we got outside the jetty we realized we brought the wrong boat for that job. We knew the wind would be up but thought maybe the forecast was off. Well it wasn’t. We fished the bay and had a blast catching all sort of fish. None...
  28. Baja Belk

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Had an opportunity to jump on my buddy's battlewagon mid-week and join 200 of my closest friends at the worst-kept secret in Southern California. Summertime, and the fishin's easy. It took all of 5 minutes to hookup on the Nomad and make sure the fish were still there (spoiler alert: they...
  29. S

    Desperately Seeking Fishermen for Tuesday, 7-16

    Here’s the deal… I’ve booked two of six spots on The Long Run Sportfishing boat for Tuesday, July 16. It is a 12-hour charter leaving at 6 am and returning at 6 pm from Sunroad Resort Marina in San Diego. The cost is $300 per person. There’s a maximum of six people on this beautiful 40’...
  30. Surg

    Team Fandango goes north. Channel Islands.

    Since the WSB fishing has been going off at the Channel Islands team Fandango opted to do an exploratory trip to check it out. After picking up great finbait in redondo Steve, Brian and son Michael, Marlow and son Kevin, Kevin #2, DJ, and myself were off to Jankovich to fuel up. Before making...
  31. Fisheye Channel

    Port San Luis Lighthouse - Halibut and Lingcod

    We paddled to the Lighthouse and caught our fish right in front. Rick caught a 23" Halibut on a Hookup Baits Sardine 1.5oz and a 23" Lingcod. I caught a 29" Lingcod on a Berkley Gulp on a 1.5oz leadhead. I lost a Vermillion when I was holding it up for a photo, which Rick didn't even get, so I...
  32. Fisheye Channel

    Kayak Fishing Avila for Lincod and Halibut

    We paddled to the Lighthouse and caught our fish right in front. Rick caught a 23" Halibut on a Hookup Baits Sardine 1.5oz and a 23" Lingcod. I caught a 29" Lingcod on a Berkley Gulp on a 1.5oz leadhead. I lost a Vermillion when I was holding it up for a photo, which Rick didn't even get, so I...
  33. Fisheye Channel

    5th Annual Flatfish Classic - Santa Barbara

  34. Fisheye Channel

    Clash of the Kayaks Fishing Tournament

    Clash of The Kayaks Fishing Tournament Announcement! Join us October 12 for a fun day of Kayak Fishing and BBQ at Channel Islands Harbor. Compete to win Cash and prizes for the three longest fish, and earn the title of the "First Champion of the Clash of the Kayaks” at Channel Islands Harbor...
  35. Ramblin

    MDR Halibut Derby - A White Seabass wins it for the First Time

    New history moment. The halibut got scarce a few years back and the MDR Halibut Derby added other species to the mix to keep the fishing tournament fun and fish getting on the board. It took 5 or 6 years for it to happen but it happened this last weekend. A big beast of a White Seabass took...
  36. Scott Edgar

    Halibut shakedown trip.

    We repowered this year with a brand new 300hp Yamaha. Decided to take her out for the new engine break in period, got bored half way through it and decided to backtroll for some bottom fish. First one picks up in a shallow cut on hard pan. 98-110’ 2nd one was on mud in a hole in 225’ Didn’t...
  37. Scott Edgar

    I don’t post often ......

    But lately we have had some reel good fishing with my new setup. Running brand new 2019 Yamaha's. Getting out too where there isn’t any fishing pressure from the rest of the fleet that sell 4hr-6 halibut or salmon trips.... right in close to town. I love the peace and quiet... but the...
  38. Levi Santana

    Springtime Halibut

    Context: I am a surf fisherman based out of Ventura County mainly, though I go down to Malibu frequently. Question: I hear that halibut (California) come to the shallows this time of year to spawn. My question is: what is the best method to catch them, specifically in spring? I am preferably...
  39. downtime

    Catching the fish on the bottom

    Been good fishing for rockfish, halibut, and lings. The video shows it off. This day was Reel fishing on Madrugador. The reds ate the Eds jigs extremely well.
  40. Tklein

    Saltwater Customer Appreciation Day at LFS Bellingham

    Hi All, This is my first post in the forum, so I hope this is OK? I'm trying to get the word out about Customer Appreciation Day at LFS Marine & Outdoor in Bellingham this Friday (4/12/19) from 8AM-6PM. 20% off all apparel and footwear all day. This includes waders. 20% off Superbait Shrimp /...
  41. Mle

    Rare Lucky Craft 110 Flash Minnow for SALE

    5/8oz Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110 for sale $15 each
  42. Mle

    Rare Vintage Krocodile Lures Krocodile 5 oz and 7 oz 5oz 7oz

    ***RARE*** Vintage Luhr Jensen Krocodile 7 Oz. And 5 Oz. Heavy Metal Fishing Lure Tackle. Condition is Brand New in original packaging. This item is impossible to find anywhere on eBay, fishing stores, and craigslist. A collector’s item that has a value that will increase over time. $40 each...
  43. Tuna-Tic

    Halibut Rod, Electra Mate and Penn Reel

    Older setup. Seen some work. Not used for at least 7 years. Not serviced recently but has been in the past. It works fine. I would like $250 for this setup. It comes with a Penn Senator 114H 6/0 reel and a 6' Penn Special rod. I opened up the electra and lubed it. Reel and pole has some pitting.
  44. Mle

    Best Okuma rod for lucky craft 110 shore fishing halibut??

    From what I understand, slow action rods are said to have a parabolic curve which is even like the letter "C" and fast action rods only bend near the tip and look more like a "J" That said can anyone confirm whether or not a slow action or fast action rod should be used with the LuckyCraft 110...
  45. C

    25 Boston Whaler Outrage 300hp Yamaha

    25 foot Boston Whaler Outrage. Fast AF classic. 2016 4 Stroke Yamaha will take you fishing for salmon & halibut, pleasure cruising up the bay, the Marin coast or to the Farallon Islands and beyond for tuna/albacore. This boat is extremely safe and effective, with an unsinkable hull, full...
  46. coastalsharker


  47. thrasher949

    slow fishing BUTT rewarded!

    Early Season fishing is always tough. The weather is still unpredictable and conditions change rapidly. My first trip of the year was going to be on the Ultra with the usual crew. I was very much looking forward to being on the water after the 7-month winter hibernation. Last years first trip of...
  48. Adam Sewall

    25 foot Boston Whaler Outrage with CA Salmon Permit

    If you fish the Bay Area you probably know this boat, as it is one of the most proven fish catching and successful vessels in the fleet. Turn-key package, everything you need for a commercial fishing career, including market introductions. This boat is very fast and effective, comfortable...
  49. K

    Maxing Out Avet LX 6.0

    Hello Bloody Deckers. I'm curious, what's the heaviest mono that an Avet LX 6.0 can properly fish? Also, in your experience, what's the biggest fish this thing can haul over the rail, assuming average angler skill set. I'm researching some gear to build up my arsenal. Thank you!!
  50. SoCal_Fishing

    Dana Point Jetty Fishing

    Hey guys! New member here and I can't wait for what's in store. Originally came from SD Fishing Forums. Dana Point Harbor is my go to for inshore fishing and I have fished the whole harbor. Never been to the two main jetties though. Anybody been? What do you use?
  51. 20180113_155550


    1.13.18 Limits of Halibut somewhere off Newport 1 on a Spreader Bar then Sardines from Nacho w/Ward Kollar on the Sally Ann
  52. Northeastfshman


    Since the day I moved to California halibut fishing has been my favorite inshore fishing here hands down. Finding them is a challenge (till the last couple of months LOL), presenting a bait properly is a challenge, hooking them can be a pain and landing any decent sized one on the tiny size 4...
  53. Alexander Joseph Gonzalez

    Corral State Beach - Halibut & Calico Bass Fishing

    Corral State Beach in Malibu is an awesome place to go fishing in the surf. The beaches near Highway 1 have a lot of surfers and tourists so it's best to look at the surf reports and pick a good day with low surf conditions. I used a 7 weight fly rod that is 9 feet long, with a 250 grain...
  54. DrBob89

    Where to bounce for Halibut?

    Hey All- I just went to Johnny's in Pasadena for some recreational shopping ;-) . What a great shop, and the family that runs it is always super helpful. They suggested that I try bounce-balling for halibut when the surface action slows. They set me up with a rig - flasher, hoochie, trap...
  55. ron2381

    fishing buddies marina del rey redondo santa monica

    looking for fishing buddies in these locations to hit local piers or the venice rocks or if u have a boat at one of these harbours i got gas/bait money got my own gear also got a lobster net if u want to go roach huntin
  56. waak

    Morning Fishing session 10/03 ended up with 1 Hali and 1 Spottie

    Headed out to Long Beach this morning to try and catch a legal sized Hali. Got to the first spot around 6. It was a gloomy morning sunrise was around 6:30. Threw the LC 115 Surf Pointer for a little bit with no bites. Switched to Berkley Gulp Mullet in white, drop shot rig and caught a short...
  57. A

    Long rod for jerkbaits from shore

    Do you have suggestions for a long baitcasting rod (8 or 8'6 maybe) for throwing jerkbaits like the LC110 in the surf for bass/halibut etc? I usually use a 200 size reel and 40lb braid. I feel like the extra length could helpwith casting distance to hard to reach areas. Thanks!
  58. A

    Long rod for LC110/Jerkbaits?

    Do you have suggestions for a long baitcasting rod (8 or 8'6 maybe) for throwing jerkbaits like the LC110 in the surf for halibut etc? I usually use a 200 size reel and 40lb braid. I feel like the extra length could help with casting distance to hard to reach areas. Thanks!
  59. willbuyone

    Bounce Balling for Halibut ( rod selection) ?

    Looking for some advice on best kind of rods for trolling for Halibut ? We slow troll with 2 lb balls usually right now I am using an old 7 ft graphite rod bought at Walmart so long ago I can't remember. I think it is called Bluewater brand ? Now I want to upgrade my gear . Any help will be...
  60. coastalsharker

    F/S NEWELL S235-5 REEL

    Newell S235-5, clicker and drag are strong, Very good good condition! ROD NOT INCLUDED. Will ship. $175.00 OBO TEXT 831-588-4545 ANGEL
  61. Fisheye Channel

    50 lb Halibuts on Video • Santa Rosa Island

    3rd Annual Flatfish Classic • Leadbetter Beach Santa Barbara This was a fun tournament to be part of. I got some photos and video of two of the largest California Halibut I have seen in person. I was even able to get a Halibut Myself, not the winning Halibut but a nice 34" one that was...
  62. Meanwhile

    Garibaldi Halibut Bite

    This Saturday the halibut bite was much better out of Garibaldi. I heard the bute was excellent off Newport too.
  63. Ramblin

    Get your Team Ready - Sign Up for the MDR Halibut Derby

    This is the weekend to get your team ready. Next weekend is the Halibut Derby. The Derby will fund Youth Fishing and White Seabass rearing so it goes to a good cause. It also has some great fishing trips to give away. IMHO the Fish Picks the Winner. Will the Fish Pick You? So get your...
  64. Tifoso

    Long beach: six pack dorado and/or halibut

    A recommendation as to the best boat/times of year to go after each down there, please.:) Thanks!
  65. C

    Lowrance HDS Carbon

    Just ordered the new Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon! Can't wait to try it out. I'll be running my current transducer HST-DFSBL (50/200hz) so I'll try that out first. Any recommendations on transducers that I could look at upgrading to? Local installer said that the Totalscan transducer is cool with it's...
  66. chef gabe

    Another Big DP Halibut 1/9/17

    Well I wasn't expecting much after the rain we had. I finished work a bit early and went to pick up my son Kaden from school. We rushed to get the boat out and make some macs so we could fish for an hour or so before dark. Making macs was easy so that was great. In 15 minutes we had 20 or so...
  67. Tifoso

    Suggestions for a halibut trip out of SF bay

    I am interested in going out for halibut in May/June (or other month, if you think it is better) out of SF. Really like the boats out of Emeryville, but if you think that another location would be better, that's fine obviously. So 1. Month(s)? 2. Boat (six pack would be better, but am open...
  68. AllDayEveryDay

    Fishing PL Kelp tomorrow.

    Hello fellow anglers! I will be fishing the kelp tomorrow, most likely off of PL rather than LJ because it seems to be producing more. Looking to catch rockies and calicos and whatever else wants to bite. I read a few other threads mostly reinforcing double droppers with squid or macks, and of...
  69. Tifoso

    Halibut out of LA-when and with who

    Ok, my general question was answered in my previous thread, narrowing my search. Thanks for that. :cool: So I will narrow the questions. Halibut out of LA: 1. which month(s) is (are) best down there (I know about up here ;) )? 2. with who? (party boat and/or six pack) 3. cost? Thanks a lot!
  70. Brandonkop

    Ucluelet Report Salmon/Rockfish/Halibut and Engine Trouble

    Well after seeing the forecast for this last week decided to make a last minute dash to the island and check out Ucluelet again. Only trouble was no accommodations. After searching found one room available at Little Beach Resort on Wed and Thursday night so booked and decided to stay at Port...
  71. tee time girl

    My first halibut ever!

    I am new to fishing in Oregon and being a California transplant who is used to fishing off the salty seas in San Diego just about anytime of year, I was in dire need of getting out onto the ocean. I had met Bruce Coblentz from the 15 day Catchy Tackle charter on Intrepid (a magnificent...
  72. lips

    Flatties on the chew!

    3D Cold Rolled Steel Flatty That is! Made from Hand Formed 18 Gauge Steel Bronze TIG brazed eyes Heat marks and clear coated front and back Wall Art Measores 28"L x 11.5" wide PM for any ?'s or any other fish you may like. Stay Salty
  73. dawgdirt

    Furuno 5.7" Color GPS Chart/Fishfinder at Halibut Deby

    Furuno GP1670F Multi Function Display was donated to the Marina del Rey Halibut Derby. 5.7" Color GPS Chartplotter/Fishfinder Combo Great Item. The new Multi-Function displays are Fantastic allowing you to find the information you need FAST. Thanks Furuno!! April 9th and 10th Sign up at...
  74. Ramblin

    MDRA and the MDR Halibut Derby

    Anyone fishing Southern California for long has heard of the Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby. It is now in it's 41st year. And it is back to a Two Day fishing format. They have opened the fishing up to lots of the best fish we have in Santa Monica Bay. Halibut White Seabass Yellowtail Bag of 5...
  75. Olive

    Kodiak Island Advice - Whale Pass Lodge or Afognak Wilderness Lodge

    I'm considering a trip to either Whale Pass Lodge (not to be confused with the Lodge at Whale Pass) or Afognak Wilderness Lodge. Any of you have experiences with either you'd like to share? I'm open to other lodges on Kodiak, too, if you'd like to suggest one. These just happen to be the ones...
  76. minesgold

    Rod Holder

    I bought 2 used Hali rods with the wing nut reel clamps any suggestions on which holder works best. Prefer rail mount holders for front of Thunder Jet.
  77. hawksfan75

    Official 2016 Halibut Seasons

    The worst-kept secret in fishing is now official. Hope you weren't waiting for this press release announcing the 2016 Washington halibut seasons to make your reservations... Press release: http://wdfw.wa.gov/news/mar2316a/ Important details: 2016 Puget Sound halibut seasons Marine Area...
  78. archy99

    Free bait

    Doing a huge remodel, and need to clear out and unplug deep freeze. Mix of stuff...old salmon eggs, squid, mackerel, salmon heads, etc...couple of kitchen sized garbage bags worth. Needs to be gone asap, as power is getting cut over to temp this week. I'm in north Everett. 42fi six niner ocho...
  79. S

    2010 Parker 2320 with Yamaha 250

    Hello all, Selling my Parker. She just had the 300 hr service and is in excellent condition. Approx. 330hrs. Located in Seattle WA. 2015 Rocket alum. tandem axle trailer with disc brakes. Noco genius battery tender, cabin storage heater, stainless crab pots, Ace pot puller, USCG gear. Coolers...