1. HarborSeal

    WTB 16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson

    I know this is a long shot but I am looking for a turnkey boat or a project for a local firefighter. Cash in hand for either. Willing to travel. Please let me know if you are willing to part with one or know where I can find one. The usual...and yes I check CL on the reg All glass...
  2. Mnunez42

    WTB Greenough Del Mar 13 or Hobie Power Skiff

    On the prowl for a 13 foot Greenough influenced Del Mar. I’ve been having witchdrawals after selling my 17ft montauk and I’m looking for a small skiff to fish inshore and potentially the islands if the swell is calling. A hobie power skiff may catch my interest as well or a 13 or 15’ calibogie...
  3. Thebonecollector

    For Sale 177 Surf Skiff

    Length 17ft Beam 7'7" Weight 2,000 pounds dry. 30 degree dead rise in the bow, 18 in the stern. 2017 Hull with 9 warranty. 2017 Honda 90hp - 100 hours 4 year warranty. Tops out at 34 mph and cruises at 26 mph. 805 Marine designed the pilothouse and began glassing. Jeff Hull finished glassing...
  4. Mr Lingcod

    Greenough: Exotic, but how do they ride?

    What's the deal with the Greenough build? How do they ride? Why are they so fuel efficient for the size/weight? Does that near-tri-hull design make it pound in exchange for increased roll-stabilization and economy? If so, how does it work for our ocean on the West Coast?
  5. Greenough19

    Anderson/Greenough 19, Price Drop 37.5k

    This is a Anderson built Greenough that started life as a 17 center console and was completely redone by Bill in about 07-08 with cabin etc. I had this done myself and am the original owner since the rebuild. I had him extend the boat 2 feet which makes the rear deck almost twice the size it...
  6. Thebonecollector

    WTB 17-22ft greenough, anderson, wilson, radon

    Looking for 17-22ft range. Range 22k. Cuddy or Pilot house preferred. Would love to be able to sleep 2, but I'm a long distance backpacker/hiker so I can sleep in anything. I'm in between grad school. I don't have too much time for a project. Primarily used for crossing the channel and as a...