gonzaga bay

  1. D

    Gonzaga Bay report + fishing buddies

    hi how’s it going guys this is my first post on BD so please don’t go too hard on me. I am a southern California native who has moved part-time to San Felipe to further my angler goals of catching more fish. I have a house and air bnb in Pete’s camp in town and as well as a beach house down in...
  2. Joe Nelson

    Gonzaga Bay Panga?

    I wanted to make the trip down to Gonzaga soon. I'm having trouble finding any information on panga operations down there. Any ideas of where to look?
  3. DJ Lawrence

    Best time of year to fish Gonzaga Bay for YT?

    Planning a trip to bring my small Boston whaler down to Gonzaga Bay to fish hopefully for yellowtail was wondering what time of year do you think I’ll have the best luck? September? And any recommendations on boat ramps I’ve use Alfonsos just wondering if there’s better options. Thanks
  4. mejorpescador

    Gonzaga Nov 12-15

    Some buddies and I headed down to Gonzaga Bay to do some fishing and spearfishing. We got out with Eddie (brother of Pollo) on a 19 foot Grady and fished the islands and along the coast. There were a lot of 5 to 10 pound yellowtail, tons of Sierra's, lots of nice cabrilla, and one good...
  5. james760

    Gonzaga Bay (Baja California) Fishing Recommendations

    I am headed out to the islands just north of Gonzaga bay for the first. Any recommendations as far as tackle and bait for this time of year? Any fishing updates for the area? Thanks!
  6. samhigh

    Gonzaga Bay - 7/7 Trip - Advice and Other Kayakers?

    Hey BD Crew, Will be making my first trip down to Gonzaga Bay this coming weekend. Does anyone have any recent reports from the area? Any recommendations for what to bring / avoid / etc? And finally, anyone else planning on being in that area this weekend? -Sam
  7. King of the Rogue

    Oregon to Gonzaga bay / Bay of LA mid November

    Hello all, I’m in the beginning stage of planning a fishing trip to Baja in November after fall fishing season in Oregon finishes. Ive been researching for a while now and would still like input as far as camps, tackle, and roads, and any other knowledge willing to be passed along. The plan as...
  8. chazdaddy

    Gonzaga Bay Questions

    Headed to Gonzaga for the first time in November. I want to stay at Papa Fernandez as I hear they have the best/only launch ramp in the area. I have searched the forums for tips about fishing the area and there is lots of good info, but I have a few other questions. Can I reliably launch my 21...