1. C

    For Sale 12 Gallon Gas tank. Tall version

    Selling a lightly used above deck 12 gallon gas tank. I need a low profile tank, so this one has to to go. 50 dollars obo. Amazon sells it for 75-100 dollars. Pic shows it sitting in my boat too tall for the space. I also have a 9 gallon and two 6 gallons available. 480-283-3149
  2. Rodriguezfishing

    For Sale 30 gallon fuel tank

    100 bucks or best offer
  3. Jason

    BD specials at Summit Gas Station in SD- Cheap Fuel

    BD joined up with one of the cheapest gas stations in SD to bring better fuel prices than Costco, cheap frozen bait (flyers coming next season) and deals just for BD members. Summit Gasoline has you covered. Featuring: -Fuel always at low prices -Open 24/7 -Easy access to pumps for large...
  4. G

    FREE Fuel Valves 3-4 position (set of two)

    These valves are nice silicone bronze valve bodies. They have some 90's and reducer fittings as well. I took these off my boat when I changed my engine and fuel setup. They work smoothly and don't leak. Right now they are mounted on a plastic board with handles facing out. Mainly just don't...
  5. Lorboy

    Moeller 50gal Fuel Tank- 250$

    BRAND NEW Moeller 50gal FT5042 I intended to use this tank for a rebuild. I jumped the gun and purchased this one for just over 350$ (including shipping) from Selling this one for 250$ obo. I'm willing to trade for a bow railing that will fit a 20.5' boat with a 6.5' beam...