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  1. cole boop

    Where are the yellowtail we used to see

    Just got back into ocean fishing last year after a fun dorado trip. I’m pretty into it now constantly scouring bd forums even got Fishdope from when I was interested in trying to get out on a couple slayday trips figured it’d pay off. This has always been a thought to me but where are the...
  2. I

    Winter fishing

    Assuming we do not get El Nino what is a good boat 1/2 day to full day boat to hop on out of the LA or oxnard to go fishing. Also random does glow in the dark lures help rockfishing.
  3. I

    Island rod

    I am looking for a rod preferably seeker, phenix, calstar, Uc. Problaby going to use 25lb line and fish it for calicos, yellows, and maybe some rockfish. Also what reel do would you prefer on the rod just wondering.
  4. loco jigs

    Vendetta 4th July 4 Guy's Needed

    Hey Guy's! My brothers chartering a trip to the islands on the Vendetta out of H&M Landing 4th of July and needs 4 guy's who know how to fish the islands. Not looking for salt BRO'S who like to fight, get hammered and tell stories of how bass a@@ they are. We are a great group of guys that...
  5. mokahehteh

    FS: NEW Riffe Spearfishing wetsuit, 2 piece $35

    SOLD... NEW Riffe Spearfishing or freediving 2 pc wetsuit, 1MM. Men's Size Small, complete with loading chest pad and knee pads. Again, this is Brand New! Never seen water. Bought for my teenage son but he already outgrew it. $35 for both hooded top & bottoms...
  6. M

    Gulf Shores, AL - What party boat should I take?

    I'll be in Gulf Shores, AL and want to go fishing this Thursday May 4. Can anyone tell me which party boats they've enjoyed the most? I'm up for 1/2 or 3/4 day, maybe full day. I'm used to fishing out of Dana Point Harbor, CA and a little San Diego/Mexico & Channel Islands, CA. Would love to go...