1. Rodriguezfishing

    For Sale 30 gallon fuel tank

    100 bucks or best offer
  2. hotrod1127

    For Sale Lowrance, Fuel level sensor

    This is a fluid, Fuel level sensor nema 2k. Bring in the fuel or fluid level to your head unit.
  3. sereneskies

    New Aluminum Fuel Tank

    Hey everyone, went to take the boat out this weekend and found it full of fuel. Pulled the tank and it had a bout 10 pin holes in it, most were sealed up by the rubber strips that were holding the tank in. Anyway I weld aluminum so Im building a new tank out of .125 5052 and Im wondering what...
  4. G

    FREE Fuel Valves 3-4 position (set of two)

    These valves are nice silicone bronze valve bodies. They have some 90's and reducer fittings as well. I took these off my boat when I changed my engine and fuel setup. They work smoothly and don't leak. Right now they are mounted on a plastic board with handles facing out. Mainly just don't...
  5. G

    Free Diesel!!

    Gone! In September I had my tanks emptied out and cleaned, then topped them off with new diesel. I put 135 gallons in. About three weeks later, I had decided to do conversion on my boat. I sold my volvo penta diesel to a BD'r here. I still have about 100 gallons of diesel that I am sure someone...
  6. Lorboy

    Moeller 50gal Fuel Tank- 250$

    BRAND NEW Moeller 50gal FT5042 I intended to use this tank for a rebuild. I jumped the gun and purchased this one for just over 350$ (including shipping) from greatlakesskipper.com. Selling this one for 250$ obo. I'm willing to trade for a bow railing that will fit a 20.5' boat with a 6.5' beam...
  7. Capt.C.Delany

    Need Help Before I Pull Out What Little Hair I Have Left.

    Ok, so long story long. I have a 1978 Skipjack 24. Been doing tons of work to it, basically completely re-wired a couple months back, new gauges, everything, last year had the motor pulled by Ray at Outdrive Exchange and replaced the PDS bearing etc etc. Just trying to make this thing bullet...