fishing report

  1. Pocket Aces

    Offshore 8-7-21 277 and 14 mi

    Headed out of newport harbor to make macks at around 10 am, and for some reason we werent finding macks outside of the jetty, just smelt 🤦‍♂. Headed out to check out the 14 at around 11:00 and didnt see too many boats. No immediate action spotted on the surface so we headed out to the 277 were...
  2. Madocarmo

    Offshore 371 area on 10/29

    Me and my buddy launched out of Shelter Island Wednesday 10/28 at 7am and got a very healthy scoop of bait for the day. We headed straight towards the 226 area to start and got there at about 9am (got stopped by coast guard for an hour). We trolled around the area for a bit as we were metering...
  3. J

    Dana Point DP 5/3/2020 fishing report

    Launched out of DP 5/3/2020. Boaters were responsible with current social distancing so it wouldn't ruin the ramp and close it down. Water temp 68. Water color - brown with poor visibility. Winds and swell minimal. Single spottie at Headlands on live anchovie. Strand kelp bed - nothing...
  4. S

    Kerm river

    Bout to head down to lake isabela do some fishing. And try the fly fishing out aswell. Super stoked even though the bft are biting in San Diego. Any ideas of were to hike and fish in the lower kern river????
  5. Central America Fishing

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - Aug 2018

    Sport fishing along Costa Rica's Pacific Coast served up yet another fantastic month of action for anglers last month. Sailfish were found nearly every day, there were still a few blue marlin around, and and the meat fishing continued to be off the charts good. Boats out of the Los Suenos...
  6. Ted Grilla

    Black Marlin in Puerto Vallarta

    A big Black Marlin and dorado's starting to show up just outside the bay in Puerto Vallarta. Also heard some nice sized roosters off of Litibu but unconfirmed on that.
  7. Central America Fishing

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - Dec 2017

    If you read my November Costa Rica fishing report you would have seen the huge numbers of dorado being caught last month. Many captains said it was the best dorado bite in the past decade. At the end of that report I said "One thing is for sure, with all these dorado in the water the marlin...
  8. Tvdan

    Long Beach Report

    Yesterday I took the day off and took my girlfriend out for a short fishing trip. We left the dock late a little after 9AM. After a quick stop at Nachos for bait it was off to the horseshoe. We only had a few hours to fish so we never anchored, just drifted over a few of my favorite spots in the...