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    SOLD Just Hx left

    Most sold but Hx
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    Having a hard time pairing a rod to this reel

    Currently have a accurate valiant 400 and I bought a Calstar rod recently the GFGR-800MH and it says 20-50 which is what all my other Shimano rods say but it looks like the rod is a little big compared to the reel I do understand that the accurate 400 has 27lbs of drag so maybe it’s a good rod...
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    Tiny lever drags

    I am looking for the absolute smallest lever drag.... seen the Andros 5NS, Valiant 300, Avet SXJ, Siegler SGN, some others and some Chinese knockoffs. The valiant is a bit pricey. But not completely opposed to it. I have multiple SXJ’s and just wanted something new and smaller. If that even...