fishing advice

  1. TanstaaflSD

    Full-Day, Open-Party - Tuna & Yellowtail - Tactics, Tips & Tackle ?

    As an 'old guy' I locked down & isolated for too damn long! I am vaccinated and throwing my mask in my car trunk and tomorrow going on a season warm-up Full Day, Offshore trip, on an open boat out of San Diego. I also have a cousin from Okla coming in July (hosting him to a Full Day...
  2. Armenfishing

    Pacific Queen Preperation

    So I have a 1.5 day trip aboard the Pacific Queen on June 4th and I just wanted to make sure that I have all the gear covered. Phenix M1 inshore/shimano tranx 400-50lb braid 20-25lb topshot Daiwa Proteus/shimano torium 16-50lb braid 30lb topshot Phenix Abyss/avet G2 sx-50lb braid 30lb...
  3. H

    Should I get a Avet sxj

    So I’ve been looking for a new reel for yellowtail and smaller Tuna. Just something I can take to sci and throw a iorn or fish live with it and wondering if the Avet sxj was a good option. Found one used in good condition for 150 seemed worth some research. Thanks !
  4. scrappyfisher

    HELP!!!! Coming to Maui looking for shore fishing advice!!!!!

    My wife and I are coming to Kihei from 09/20/2018-09/26/2018 and I am looking for what ever advice I can get on what to bring in terms of tackle and lures as well as basic size on what is commonly caught from the shore. I have read a huge mix online with recommendations all over the board. We...