fathom 25n

  1. PENN FATHOM 25N star drag

    Southern California PENN FATHOM 25N star drag

    Used a few times, couple of scratches but nothing major. Spooled with 65lb braid and 40lb Pline mono. 5.8:1 upgraded pro gears Feel free to ask questions. Asking $160
  2. SOLD

    Southern California SOLD

    Tranx 400 HG w/50# Power Pro- Used on two trips- Like new condition SOLD Penn Fathom 25N Star Drag w/65#braid- Used some boat rash on crossbar otherwise great condition. $125 North County San Diego area.
  3. Fishing-Ron

    Southern California Wtb penn fathom 25n

    Looking to buy a penn fathom 25n lever or star drag. Let me know if you’re willing to part with one :-) thanks! thanks guys I was able to find one!! I’ll keep y’all updated if it was a scam or not 👍🏽
  4. WTS Penn Fathom 25NLD LH

    Southern California WTS Penn Fathom 25NLD LH

    I have a left handed Penn Fathom 25NLD w/ 280 yards of 65# spectra for sale. Clamp, and all original parts, packaging, and tools included. Mechanically 10/10 condition Cosmetically 9.5/10 condition -- it could pass as new This has always been a spare reel for multi-day trips and rarely used...
  5. akachalupa


    Recently picked up a Fathom ii 30 (high speed, 6 x 1) and would like to trade it for a Fathom ii 25N star drag (of similar condition) in case any one is interested. Reel has been used 1 time and is in perfect condition. Let me know, thanks.
  6. D

    Lexa300H trade

    Hi All, I have an extra Lexa 300H. Would love to upsize/trade one for an Lexa 400. Is there anyone out there who is tired of using 400H for bass and want to make a trade? Minor scratches on front and braid has been removed. (photo attached). Always washed down after use and I have serviced...
  7. Sardine_matt


    I have a penn fathom 25N spooled with 65lb spectra and about 100 yards of 40lb mono. It also has aftermarket 4:8:1 gears. I still do have the original gears in hand. Used it a few times and is still in good condition. Looking to get around 145 for it pm me with offers.
  8. Taro870

    New Penn Fathom 25N Star Drag Fishing Reel With New Line (65lb J Braid)

    I have too much gear I am not using: Brand new, unused. Original packaging with all accessories. Comes spooled with 300 yards of fresh 65lb white J Braid line. $200 firm. Two available. Cash, paypal friends & family, and venmo accepted. Will Ship! Local Pickup okay!