1. S

    For Sale 65hp Suzuki 2stroke 637 hrs $1800

    I want to repower my 19’ Baja Bayrunner so this engine is ready to sell. 1996 DT65TC oil injected. Has only 637 hours now. Has recent impeller lower end oil and plugs replaced. Carbs rebuilt. Fuel pump replaced. I just bought the boat and I think this engine is undersized for ocean use...
  2. Dstompe

    For Sale 1995 Suzuki DT55 - Parts/Repair

    Selling a 1995 Suzuki DT55 2-stroke oil injected outboard off my Klamath offshore. It currently needs a new starter, and perhaps a new starter solenoid. Put a bunch of money into it this year (replaced lower unit with DT65 LU, new overheat sensor, new thermostat, descaled water jacket, new...