1. N

    WTB Looking for Avet Raptor in Dorado

    Looking for any of the Raptor Dorado's to add to my collection. I do ask that they are in good condition. Thanks
  2. pvmarlin

    Mag Bay CRAZY Marlin Action

    The fishing right now outside of Magdalena Bay San Carlos is above and beyond the norm for this time of year, which is always great! Our last group of only 3 clients spent almost no time at all in 3 days without rods bent. One day the best we can count on marlin was 29 striped marlin, 2 blue...
  3. Whiskey Line

    8/10 MX Yellowtail Limits and Dorado South

    Short version: One stop shopping for yellows around the FD numbers south off Ensenada. Left them biting to find another species. Saw the right colors under a paddy and got 3. Total for 15 Yellowtail 3 Dorado. Great day on the water. Fish are there. Get out! Long version: Left SD on Friday...
  4. Tower Todd

    Pair Seeker TS60B 40-60 Trolling Rods, Aftco

    (2) Seeker TS60B trolling rods featuring Aftco roller guides, Pac Bay aluminum reel seat, hypalon fore grips. These are rated 40-60 lbs by Seeker. 6' blank, 75" long tip to tail. Located in Snohomish, WA. $200 for the pair. TT
  5. King of the Rogue

    1st annual Baja trailer boat trip a success!

    Just got home from what is to be the first annual trailer boat fishing trip to Baja. We had good weather and a great time. We learned a lot on this trip as far as travel, camps,fishing and weather. Met some really nice people, and can’t wait to go back! Starting in southern Oregon with my 20ft...
  6. STELO415

    Mahi Mayhem Mag Bay

    Hey guys check out this video I just uploaded from my recent trip with Mag Bay Lodge
  7. HBar

    Fishing SJDel Cabo Oct 26-28

  8. STELO415

    Mag Bay Lodge Wahoo,dorado,marlin action!!!!

    Hey guys just got back from a excellent trip down in Baja at the Mag Bay Lodge we fished 3 days catching dorado,wahoo,and plenty of marlin action. Our first day we saw a lot of Marlin jumping everywhere we had the most action on the Mag Bay Lures Pink Panamania lure trolling we did get on a good...

    2 day - Mustang Sportfishing - 10-12-18 to 10-14-18 - Video

    Short Story - I got a phone call early Wednesday morning from my Rep John at Dal-Tile. He asked if my reels were oiled??!! I replied, my reeIs are always oiled but why are you asking?? John says can you go fishing on Friday? I ask, this Friday in San Diego? Yes, in SD!!! And Yes, this Friday...
  10. Ricky@Outpost Charters

    Pre and Post Sergio

    Leading up to the storm Sergio we were on dorado pretty well, along with billfish. Billfish we had four hookups and saw a total of seven in two days. Unfortunately those hookups didn't last long having a stretch of just bad luck and were unable to keep those fish on. Theres tons pf activity on...

    1.5 DAY LIMITED TO 25. ONLY $225!

    1.5 DAY LONG BEACH SPORTFISHING. On the AHRA AHN . We will be targeting BIG BLUEFIN TUNA AND PADDY HOP FOR DORADO AND YELLOWTAIL ! .. It will be a 1.5 day trip leaving THIS FRIDAY 8 pm.. return SUNDAY early around 3-4 am.. Price is OLNY $225 a person LIMITED TO 25 ANGLERS on a 70 ft boat ...

    Islander - 3 Day - Froggy goes Fishing - Video

    I was invited on this 3 day trip aboard the Islander with a group....Froggy goes Fishing..... 24 anglers that were pumped up to go Kill some fish!!! This was my 1st time on the Islander. Some of you may know the Islander for there mother-ship Kayak trips and for Shark diving trips. This is an...
  13. Ricky@Outpost Charters

    10/2 and 10/5 Loreto

    Wind has been an issue off and on and causing us to try and switch trips around to try and give customers the best chances for a great experience. There are still lots of dorado in the area ranging in all sizes. On Tuesday we caught some good sized ones along with having a 500lb+ blue marling...
  14. Crickett

    Recap on Legend Aug 19, 2018 2 day trip wide open Yellow Fin Tuna,Skip,Dorado

    I wanted to share my video with this who were on the Legend witty me on the 2 Day Trip on Aug19th 2018 Hope you all like and enjoy my video
  15. michelle

    Local Knowledge "Paddy Hop" San Diego Summer Dorados

    Ali and Rush fish the San Diego waters in search for floating piles of kelp (kelp paddy) that serve as structure for many bait fish and pelagic species such as tuna, dorado (dolphin) and yellowtail. These kelp paddy’s are an iconic staple of the California fishery and when you find them, the...
  16. Ricky@Outpost Charters

    Dorado, Wahoo, Marlin, in Loreto

    Weather and water are still warm in Loreto. There has been a good amount of whale activity in the area, we have seen humpback, pilot, and orcas in the past week. Yesterday there was several whales in the area so fishing was not so great. Today we headed further offshore past Catalan, coming...
  17. samhigh

    Private Boat Life - September 9th - 390 and Beyond

    First time fishing from a private boat. BD user YakAtak said he had room for one more, I jumped on the opportunity. Fishing out of a Parker 2120 SC. The good life haha Met at 2am, got a scoop of sardines from the barge in MB and started heading south. Motored for about 3 hours, and started...
  18. BACo

    BACo. Good Bye August, Hello September!!

    Another great month has come to an end, showing some promising days ahead in September. With some pretty stable weather, we’re getting closer to the end of hurricane season, so this can only mean good weather windows to plan blitz fishing trips and spearfishing strike missions. We also just had...
  19. Swampchicken

    Now that you landed that big Bluefin, what to do?

    Well, the SoCal fishing is still on fire. Huge bluefin tuna coming over the rail daily. Yellowtail and dorado under paddies. Its the time of summer that we dream about. One question I get asked pretty often is what do I do with all of that fish. Here is a pretty simple recipe for fish jerky...

    Pacific Voyager - 2 Day - Aug. 11 - 13 - Video

    Another stellar 2 day trip aboard the PV. This is a great boat with an amazing crew. Captain Rick, Julio, Koz, Cody and Chef Jeff always put on a GREAT trip!!! It was a private charter with 18 Anglers from Las Vegas!!! Most of you know the drill......Hit the Bait Receiver, while a trip plan...
  21. RideMX4life21

    Mahi Mania on the "A-Salt Weapon" - Highlight Video!

    Late report from Sunday 8/12/2018 Launched out of Mission Bay @ 4am on my Parker 2320 -- the original, "A-Salt Weapon" :2gunsfiring_v1: Had my dad, my buddy Tyler, and his dad on board. Stopped by the bait barge and picked up 1.5 scoops of 4-6" sardine. Bait wasn't in the best shape from the...
  22. NonProphet

    Late report 8/4 Nados to 371 - bag of YFT + 1 Dodo

    Quick report to add to the action around the 371 on Saturday. Got out of MB at 5am heading between the 101 and 425 to look for paddies and fish seen the day before on fishdope. Flew by the weather side of the north island and not a kelp in sight. Got level with the south island and headed...
  23. Mike Darby

    9 Mile & Point Loma

    Left the dock today around 8:30am with a plan to work the 9 Mile south to north hoping to find paddies with YT or Dodos. Got out there to a few boats sitting on paddies but not getting anything. Started a fast troll with a feather and an XRAP-15 mackerel while looking for paddies. Came across...
  24. BACo

    Off The Hook! Summer fishing season is on Fire!

    First Half of July - 2018 Hello there ! It’s a true pleasure to write about what we love the most about the summer, which is fishing season of course. Although this year has been a wild ride, we’re finally seeing what we have been waiting for, so let’s talk about the past couple of weeks...
  25. F

    Line setup and lure recommendation trolling Catalina-long besch

    Hi all, I am sailing to Catalina out of Long Beach this weekend and leaving in the evening, sailing back in the afternoon. I'd like to troll off the boat for some fish both ways. Any recommendations for line and lure setup? I have read that tuna, mackarel, and Dorado are in the waters on that...
  26. Central America Fishing

    Costa Rica Fishing Report - June 2018

    When people talk about the peak fishing season in Costa Rica everyone rushes to say that it's December through April, just like the dry season. While that is indeed our peak billfish season, for some reason a lot of anglers think that just because we experience our green season, or rainy...
  27. BACo

    Baja Adventure Co. June Fishing Report

    With the summer solstice now past us, we could say that the best fishing season is now in full swing. Despite the upwellings, the tuna never left, very good size Dorado are being hooked daily on live bait near the shore, this is a big improvement from the years before. Wahoo are also starting to...
  28. Local Knowledge Fishing Show

    Guatemala Dorado vs. Sailfish - S03 E05 Dave's House Preview

    A NEW episode of Local Knowledge airs this Sunday May 20th on Discover channel at 8AM Dave Salazar, owner of Casa Vieja Lodge, invites Ali and Rush down to his place for some relaxation and fishing. While enjoying great sailfish fishing, the guys learn about the vision and journey of how Dave...


    Hey everyone this is a 2 day charter that I've been putting together for the last 15 years and I have some open spots for sale. Please PM me if you are interested or have questions. HERE ARE THE DETAILS : BOAT: "OUTERLIMITS" - out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego (across fwy from Sea World)...
  30. K

    Maxing Out Avet LX 6.0

    Hello Bloody Deckers. I'm curious, what's the heaviest mono that an Avet LX 6.0 can properly fish? Also, in your experience, what's the biggest fish this thing can haul over the rail, assuming average angler skill set. I'm researching some gear to build up my arsenal. Thank you!!
  31. saltysam

    pairing lexa 300hd

    I just recently bought a 300 hd spooled with 40 lb braid. I'm looking for a rod to buy and I have 2 in mind. Can I get some opinions or suggestions. I want to use it for yellow, calicos, bonita. BW8040S or TIC80HF
  32. P

    Santa Rosalia multi-species bonanza

    Spent several days there last week and wanted to share: best panga service I've found, and excellent fishing to match. We set up the trip with Jaime, who sent us on his "Zimba VIII" with captains Giovanni and "El Coyote". These guys worked their asses off to put us on fish and were great to...
  33. Reel_Time

    Fishing Cedros Island with Cedros Sportfishing Recap Video + Photos

    I wanted to get this up sooner, but was down in Cabo for 3 weeks with limited computer time. Here it is anyways! I have known Rosie Flowers for many years, so when she took on the role as the GM for Cedros Sportfishing I had to get more information. After meeting the other owners, Big Al...
  34. willsurf02

    WFO Yellowfin Tuna...Like a Broken Record!

    Our friends on board the Faith in San Diego have had three trips in a row with limit style Yellowfin tuna fishing. A few dorado mixed in with some skip jack just keep things interesting. The Faith is a private 6-pack charter running overnight trips the rest of this month. Check them out...
  35. SeaTiger

    Tony Reyes Fishing Trip Sept 24 - 29th ~ Spot Open

    Hello Fishing Mates, Anyone interested in taking my spot on this Tony Reyes Fishing trip Sept 24 - 29th. I am not able to make it. Cost is $1,295. Depart from San Felipe Mexico. Price includes your food, fish cleaning & vacuum packing. You fish each day on a panga with 2 other anglers. You...
  36. Rfishinggirl

    San Diego and Coronado Islands Monday

    Monday was a beautiful day on the water. I went down to San Diego to fish with my friend Rob. We left San Diego harbor about 530am with a scoop of dinos. Then we headed about 9 to 10 miles outside of Coronado islands and came across two paddies. Found one small Yellowtail and threw it back...
  37. JoshInSD

    Kelping - 8/2 (Quality > Quantity)

    Been enjoying all the attention on the BFT as it's created several fun opportunities over the past week to take a different, less traveled path. The recent bite of small BFT at the Coronado Islands is no exception. Look, squirrel! While most everyone has been looking for the elusive squirrels...
  38. RiggingSoCal

    What's produced the most patty bites for you on a San Diego overnight?

    Hey guys. Gonna be heading out on the Old Glory this Thursday night and just wanted to get an idea of what the yellows and dodos are biting. Plannig on mostly fly lining. I've got 3 rod reel combos all of which have 300 yards of 65lb power pro. And planning on using hooks ranging...
  39. S

    BoatUS Week 4 Winner Announced...

    BoatUS Week 4 Favorite Fish Report This last week was a change of pace for anglers down in SOCal, Dorado started to show up for private boaters! ! We saw awesome reports coming in but Bloodydecker @chef gabe and his Son headed out of Dana Point and put some Mahi Mahi on the table! Their report...
  40. chef gabe

    Big bull dorado

    on Saturday we headed out of Dana point early and made the trek down toward oside up to 209 over to 277/152 down to the 14 mile and back to the barn. Nada!! We stopped on the biggest kelps in the bluest of waters I've ever seen around the 14 mile. Found one paddy all day that had something on...
  41. Central America Fishing

    Costa Rica & Panama Still Producing in the Green Season

    Many anglers know that the peak billfish season in Central American hot spots like Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala runs from roughly November through April but many incorrectly assume the fishing shuts off after that or that visiting in the "rainy" season is waste of money. That couldn't be...
  42. Tifoso

    San Diego boat suggestions

    Just found out that we'll be in San Diego mid July. Would love to get a fishing trip in, as I've never fished out of there. Looking for: 1. A 3/4 or 1/2 day trip (not enough time for multiple days) 2. Really interested in WSB and/or (is "and" even possible?) Dorado 3. If neither fish in #2 is...
  43. SoBayOutCast

    So I finally attempted to make a custom Calstar

    This is my fist attempt at making a fishing rod, and it came out better than I imagined. It's a Calstar 100J 10' 20-50Lb with 13 Alps guides. Despite learning the hard way there's a spine, and I had to cut 10 hours of thread wrapping off and redo EVERYTHING... All said and done, I put 40 hours...
  44. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape was rocking over the weekend!!

    What a great day of fishing in the East Cape!! Suzy T. lands a 180# tuna, Finatic lands a 50# dorado and Rude Baby lands a 40# dorado. Lots of tuna for everyone!! East Cape is rocking!!!!
  45. Central America Fishing

    Meat Season in Costa Rica

    The peak billfish season in Costa Rica (Dec-Apr) has passed and now with the afternoon rain showers we move into one of the best times of year to fish Costa Rica - meat season! The months of May-Nov typically feature the highest catch rates of dorado, wahoo, and yellow-fin tuna offshore so it's...
  46. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape fishing is off and running!!

    It's been a great week down here on the East Cape! The fishing has finally busted wide open with a variety of species being landed each day. The primary specie the last few days has been yellowfin tuna. The school started out about 42 miles off hotel Palmas De Cortez, but has now moved to...
  47. Tifoso

    Long beach: six pack dorado and/or halibut

    A recommendation as to the best boat/times of year to go after each down there, please.:) Thanks!
  48. HavasuSun

    Salty Trolling Rigging Ideas....

    what are some rigging techniques you have found to be successful when setting up your trolling spread? I just got back from Bimini and one of the things we did there was using in-line trolling weights and to get the lures deeper in the water column. On a 15" 16oz, MagBay skirted lure we ran...
  49. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape off to a great start!!!

    And it's only April!!! The variety of species that we are seeing on the East Cape this month is a very welcome site. The nice dorado have not been around for a few years now, so we hope this is a sign of things to come! The last couple of weeks we have seen yellowfin tuna just a few miles from...
  50. rkhinsacto

    Freshwater Dorado in Argentina

    My buddy and I went to Argentina in early March to try for dorado. Some call it Golden Dorado. The term is redundant since gold is dorado in spanish. Anyway: the short version. We spend three days fishing for them. Used plugs, live bait and trolled. March is usually the tail end of the season...
  51. liorcohen39

    Hello I'm new member.

    Hello to evryone :) ! I found out this forum on the internet whille i was looking for a rod. My name is Lior and I'm from Israel. I need some expert fisherman to help me suit a rod for the type of fishing i'm fishing for. In Israel the Amberjack seasson started 2 months ago and i'm willing to...
  52. Zancudo Lodge

    2016 Triple Crown Tournament - Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica

    We recently concluded the 2016 Triple Crown Tournament, hosted at Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica. The fishing was red hot with eight teams (20 anglers) competing for top spots in the billfish, roosterfish and gamefish divisions. TOURNAMENT TEAMS Ascent - Dave Hawrys/Trent Lemke Dos Gringos Guapos -...
  53. michelle

    Coupon Code For Epic Trip To Guatemala-Casa Vieja

  54. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape Fishing Report

    Hola Amigos, The fishing today was very good on the East Cape out of Hotel Palmas De Cortez. All the boats got into the tuna which were in the 15-40lbs. range. On Saturday, the Finatic got into a couple of nice tuna, one was 110lbs. and the other was 129lbs., so there are some big boys out...
  55. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape Fishing Report

    10/11/16 Fishing Report Hola Amigos, Well it’s been another great couple of weeks down on the East Cape! Anglers have had a lot of success landing some nice tuna for the last week and a half. The boat El Tio landed two of the biggest this past week, first with a 170lbs. yellowfin...
  56. Rancho Leonero

    The amazing bite continues...

    Rancho Leonero Resort East Cape BCS, Mexico A report right from the source: The week of Aug. 27-Sept. 3, 2016 The Environment: Like they say in New Orleans around Mardi Gras time, "laissez les bons temps rouler or let the good times roll!" No weather issues and good water temps continue...
  57. Rancho Leonero

    It's all happening here on the East Cape!!

    Rancho Leonero Resort East Cape, BCS, Mexico A report right from the source: The week of Aug. 13-20, 2016 The Environment: Overcast days with both drizzle and rain have kept the temperatures down. This weather pattern has helped stabilize the SSTs in the mid- to low-80s … good news for...
  58. Rancho Leonero

    The East Cape’s fishing season is in full swing!

    Rancho Leonero Resort East Cape BCS, Mexico A report right from the source: The week of May 28-June 4, 2016 The Environment: No two ways about it: The East Cape’s fishing season is in full swing! All the critters have come out to play. Mild mornings giving way to welcome afternoon...
  59. Baja Bytes

    Larger dorado trickle in, roosterfish explode

    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview Friday, May 27, 2016 Gary Graham Que Pasa More info on Mex 5 route: This whale breach is one of the coolest whale videos we've seen in a while! Coronado Island The boats are seeing a bunch of...
  60. Baja Bytes

    Pesca la Baja draws record-breaking turnout and fishfollow

    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview Friday, May 20, 2016 Gary Graham Que Pasa RedRum Sportfishing Teams Up with Veteran Outdoors Here is some information in regards to the Wounded Vet’s Trip we are doing this week here in Cabo -- Veteran Outdoors Staffers Cody Hirt, and Brad Strittmatter...
  61. Rancho Leonero

    Larger dorado...WAHOO!!!

    Rancho Leonero Resort East Cape BCS, Mexico A report right from the source: The week of May 7 - 14, 2016 The Environment Wonderful weather has provided perfect fishing conditions all week. The Bottom Line –The fishing on the East Cape continues to improve. Anglers brought a mixed bag to...
  62. Van Wormer Resorts

    East Cape Fishing From Palmas De Cortez

    4/27/16 Fishing is definitely showing signs of improvement early in the season. Only a few boats have been going out each day and they have had some success these last few days. The main specie has been striped marlin and sailfish, but the last two days we started to see some yellowfin tuna...
  63. Van Wormer Resorts

    2016 Dorado Shoot Out

    The Van Wormer Resorts Dorado Shootout has been scheduled for July 16th, 2016. A great tournament for the whole family, there will be terrific prizes awarded to the top three teams that catch the largest dorado. Optional cash jackpots of $200, $300, $500 and $1,000 with an 85% payback! The...
  64. The One. The Only.

    Marlin University departs with 882 Raises in 8 days of Fishing!

    Marlin University of Marlin Magazine fished 2 groups for 8 days this month and totaled 882 raises, 748 bites, and 391 sailfish releases. They also had 13 Marlin raises, 10 Marlin bites, and 6 Marlin releases! Aboard only 4 vessels with 3-4 anglers per boat this was no easy feat! For many of...
  65. Jayhoov

    New guy here: tuna videos included

    I've been following BD Outdoors on Facebook for a while but I just finally got around to joining on the main website. I hope it's ok to post these two videos here that I assembled from this past, epic, El Niño summer we had last year. Enjoy!
  66. Baja Bytes

    Football...tuna still continues in Baja Sur

    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview Friday, February 12, 2016 Gary Graham Que Pasa Flying Doors Off Over Baja California - an Aerial Photography Expedition Tourist Card Gets Pricier “The Mexican tourist Visa, officially called an FMM, has increased in value from 322 pesos (About $17) to 390 pesos...