dana point

  1. J

    Inshore Dana Point 6/19/22 - macs/grunion/dogfish

    Dragged kids out with me for father's day so later launch. Boat ramp - summer is getting here is all I have to say. Learning experience for me loading the boat without a walkway in wind. Trailer guides thankfully held. Water was relatively clear, water temp was 68-69degrees. Swells were...
  2. J

    Inshore Dana point 3/13/22

    Time change. Launched at 8. Water temp 59. Choppy water with waves coming from every direction. Clarity green murky. Headed to San O. Wind waves were challenging. Dropped a five ounce metal jig with squid and hooked decent canary. Took a wave over bow while spotlocked, took it as a sign and...
  3. J

    Inshore Dana Point 2/18/22 sculpin and sand bass

    Short story - slow sculpin fishing. Red hammers with no bait to keep rockfish off. Launched at about 0815. Water moderate clear green. 60 degrees. Minimal swell or wind. High tide. Regular sculpin spot near mateo was over run with whitefish last trip. Went south to directly in front of domes...
  4. J

    Inshore Dana Point 2/13/2022

    Short story - whitefish, mackerel, attempted bass and sculpin Long story - launched at 0800. Warm weather. Water was 58, clarity was decent, green. Mild wind, no significant swells. Tide/current was going out to sea. Headed past Mateo rocks to a sculpin spot at 150 - always reliable and we...
  5. J

    Inshore DP Lobster 1/22/22

    Launched from DP at 430. Low tide forecast at about 6pm. Mild wind, mild chop. Water was 60 degrees, clarity fair. Used the smaller promar traps and mackerel as bait. Ended up with 3 keepers and 5 short. Fished in rocky regions in front of Poche again at about 20 feet in depth. First set...
  6. J

    Inshore 12/3/2021 Dana Point hooping slow

    First time lobster hooping, first time driving at night so no idea what we were doing. Launched from DP at 445, water temp 62, clear visibility, swells mild, mild wind, high tide predicted 830 pm, new moon. About 2 miles from harbor entrance, set hoops in 40 feet, 1 hour soak, zip. Moved...
  7. W

    Offshore ORCA'S Spotted off DANA.... in the fog....

    So Brothers.... Orcas off Dana this morning. Do you think its because of the large "biomass" of food? With abundant squid.... anchovies..... and BFT to eat? Or the seal populations exploding? Have you seen them? Have they had a impact on your fishing trip today? Will they finish the BFT...
  8. J

    8/28/2021 Dana Point launch NOPE (Outrigger event) Oceanside -NFIO

    Synopsis: Launched from Oceanside. Foggy, mild chop, water temp 68-71.4, clarity - off short somewhat clear, inshore blue green. Went 2/3 way to 209, then north to 267. Saw ZERO kelp paddy but conditions made it difficult. Ran into one large school of common dolphins with a lot of bird...
  9. J

    Inshore 7/31 and 8/1 Dana Point Inshore - dogfish and rockfish

    7/31/2021 0730 launch, water temps just outside jetty at red buoy was 59-61 degrees, NW wind waves with short periods, moderate fog. Went to pipe just south of Laguna SMCA, hooked up with a spiny dogfish on 1/0 circle hook and strip of squid on a double dropper. Hooked up with barred bass and...
  10. J

    Offshore 7/7/2021 267, empty paddies, then grocery shopping

    Launched from Dana Point on a wednesday 0730 - by the time we got back the lot was full. When we launched, the lot was already 3/4 full. Seas were calm, water temp was 70.7 degrees. Water en route to 267 was blue and clear. Went to 267, half way there we saw a few birds, stopped and...
  11. J

    Inshore Dana Point 6/23/2021 skunked

    I didn't know whether I should post skunked reports with all the tuna, white sea bass being posted so feel free to tell me not to waste your time. Conditions were weird. Launched DP 6/23/2021 0730, very light rain coming in from S-SW with blue skies otherwise. San Pedro Buoy yielded swells...
  12. J

    1/31/2021 Sculpin Dana Point

    We launched from Dana Point 1/31/2021 at approximately 0800. Weather was calm, approximately 60 degrees, water temp was 58 degrees, swells were 1-2 feet at roughly 14 seconds, no appreciable wind. Headed out to San Mateo at about 160 feet depth to try a new spot. On the way, we saw a whale...
  13. J

    1/17/2021 Sculpin fishing, Dana Point, San Onofre, San Mateo Point

    We launched from Dana Point 1/17/2021 at approximately 0800. Weather was very warm and sunny - forecast was 75, water temp was 58 deg, water was near glassy with swells predicted at 1-2 feet at 14 seconds, little wind. Headed south to Box Canyon south of the Domes in roughly 240 feet of water...
  14. Sebastian Hong

    Sculpin fishing with a surprise - DP 1/10/21

    Decided to give the lobster a break and do some fishing in the dinghy on Sunday. Headed down to the Box Canyon area in hopes of some sculpin. There was some swell, but a long period so it was pretty manageable. There was a bit of wind which made it a bumpy ride in our inflatable boat, but we...
  15. P

    PRICE DROP - Yanmar powered 1979 Penn Yan Flybridge

    1979 Penn Yan Flybridge Yanmar powered $37,500 I've owned this boat since 2001. It is slipped in Dana Point. Penn Yan boats were made in New York and are solid, heavy good riding boats with Tunnel drive and a straight shaft. Length: 26’ Beam: 10’ Draft: 2’ Cruise speed 16k-17k, max cruise...
  16. zorzal

    1984 18' Stringari Skiff, turnkey condition $14,800

    This boat is a sought-after classic in excellent condition, purpose-built and comfortable, sitting on a premium, as-new trailer. I bought from another BDO'er last year, and fixed her up to spend a summer tuna fishing with my son, but COVID has scrambled our plans and this boat deserves to be...
  17. Dylan Tortarolo

    Torium 30HG-LEFTY For Sale (San Clemente/Dana Point) $175

    Torium 30 HG-Left Handed Reel (8/10 condition) Just spooled May 14th with 245yards of #80 Green Power Pro & 100 yard Topshot #40 Mono. Reel has only been used 1x since spooling, so mono is still fresh. Comes with clamp. Willing to trade for Right handed Toruim (16/20) or Trini (16/20)and...
  18. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    Video Report: Capo beach b

    It felt good to be back in the game!😃 Fishing Capistrano beach targeting bass and sheepshead (Bat Ray Bycatch)
  19. J

    Dana Point DP 5/3/2020 fishing report

    Launched out of DP 5/3/2020. Boaters were responsible with current social distancing so it wouldn't ruin the ramp and close it down. Water temp 68. Water color - brown with poor visibility. Winds and swell minimal. Single spottie at Headlands on live anchovie. Strand kelp bed - nothing...
  20. ivanwang811

    DP 4-19

    Headed out of Dana on the yak for a couple hours. It was super windy out which made it really hard to stay on a spot which was pretty annoying. Picked up a couple calicos mostly short off the pipe. caught with strips of squid. Would've fished longer but the conditions just kept getting worse...
  21. ivanwang811

    Tips for Halibut

    Possibly headed out of Dana Point this weekend if conditions allow. Prob gonna fish the Pipe and sandy areas around it. Wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions for fishing Halibut around the area.
  22. ivanwang811

    Fishing allowed during quarantine? Dana Point

    Does the stay at home order affect fishing? I've been hearing about people still heading out during the pandemic. Also, does anyone know how I would be able to launch a kayak around dana? Heard baby beach parking lot was closed which is also where I normally launch.
  23. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    Kayak Fishing Dana Point Targeting Bass & Sheepshead 3/7/2020

    Kayak Fishing Dana Point Targeting Bass & Sheepshead 3/7/2020 It was the 2nd weekend after the Rock Fish opener so I was hoping to find some Sheepshead to take home. I was using shrimp on a 1/0 Hayabusa light wire circle hooks with a red bead and 1/2oz egg sinker. I was also drop shotting a...
  24. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    Video: Lots of Sand bass and Spotties. Long Beach Harbor 2/15/2020

    Hi guys It was way too much fun! Hope you like the video! I created a new intro that I’m going to use in future videos. Please post up and let me know what you guys think. Lots of Sand Bass and Spotties. Long Beach Harbor, CA 2/15/2020
  25. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    YouTube playlists of Dana Point & Newport Beach

    Hi folks, I seldom had any reports worth posting but that changed when I picked up a GoPro. l finally created a few playlists by location, and I’ll continually add to them and possibly create some new ones as time goes by. Please have a look Hope you like them! Southwest Kayak Fishing: Dana...
  26. JustFishn

    Offshore Yellow Fin They’re Coming You Ready (video)

    I hope you all are having a great weekend and season thus far. The YFT are on there way and it looks like we’re going to have another great season, I just hope they come bigger and that the BFT stick around with them. I think we will end up with a great mixed bag this season. My buddy went out...
  27. Matthew T.

    Box Canyon restricted?

    I'm new to the Dana point area. Gonna head out this weekend to box canyon and other coastal spots south of Dana. On my GPS dana point is show in restricted area. Is this true or did I type in the coordinates wrong or something. Regardless, for all restricted areas like box canyon and san...
  28. Matthew T.

    Good Yellowtail Fishing Spots around Dana Point?

    Recently got a new boat and moved her up into the Dana Point Harbor. Used to go yellowtail fishing around this time of year at the Coronado Islands, but its more than 70 miles from Dana Point to get out there again. So, I was wondering if there are any good yellowtail spots around the Dana Point...
  29. B


    Hey all. I need to preface this by saying I don't fish. It's not my thing. My husband however, is obsessed. It is his one true passion. We're coming off of a very stressful launch for a new business and his birthday is right around the corner I want to send him on a trip but I'm not sure...
  30. dhelmick

    Offshore Heading out of Dana Point. Need any info!!!

    Heading out of dana tomorrow early. Thinking of heading out towards Catalina and looking for yellowtail and dodo. Any info between Oside and Newport would be helpful. Thanks!
  31. M0nger

    Lost shaft at Dana Point Ramp

    I accidentally left my speargun shaft at the wash down in Dana Point launch ramp a couple weeks ago. Most likely was left leaning against the wall. Custom Mori Shaft and slip-tip. Euro cut for 140 Abellan Gun. Text or call 562-659-4361 Jason
  32. Patrick7117

    Bait Report for Dana Point

    Anyone have a current bait report for Everingham at Dana Point. Is it still Dana Point – 6-8″ sardine (5-9) or do they have any anchovies? Thanks in advance. Looking to fish the kelp for calicos tomorrow. Any tips would be awesome havent fished out of Dana in quite a while
  33. annie715

    Need help with fishing

    Hi, I'm currently a student and one of my class has a research project. Basically, my research deals with fish at Dana Point (Jetty near Ocean Institute, Dana Point Fuel Dock, and Dana Point Pier) and Newport Beach (Balboa Pier, Jetty on 56th St., and The Wedge). For each of the mention...
  34. Invictus

    Offshore 10/8 DP Local Offshore and On the Beach

    Fished w/ 6 kids today offshore and north of the harbor. Made an honest offshore effort as follows; Started out getting monster, clean, lively Dines from EB. Very generous scoop. Headed out in that lumpy SSW swell watching massive white water blow ups from Laguna to San Juan Rocks. The wind...
  35. smazza123

    Epic Twilight on the Sum Fun Bass on the Chew- 20 min outside the harbor

    Never thought I would post that a 29 dollar twilight special on the Sum Fun out of Dana Point would be called Epic but hands down was On Fri 06-17 I had taken a first time ocean fisher-lady on the Sum Fun. out of Dana Point, Girl has to fish to be with me. That aside for now. Have fished the...
  36. wburdge

    Irons Gear & Tips! Help! 1st post too!

    Hey folks! Been lurking here for quite a while & figured I'd better ask for some help! Haven't seen my particular questions asked & I used the search bar ;) After much research I picked up a Lexa 400HD & Phenix Abyss 809 to toss irons. I got the Lexa for a steal & the rod fits in my car haha...
  37. Oc gabe

    Another Big DP Halibut 1/9/17

    Well I wasn't expecting much after the rain we had. I finished work a bit early and went to pick up my son Kaden from school. We rushed to get the boat out and make some macs so we could fish for an hour or so before dark. Making macs was easy so that was great. In 15 minutes we had 20 or so...
  38. M

    Guest moorage in Oceanside/ Dana point

    Hey all. Just wondering if anyone has a slip they aren't using in Oceanside tomorrow 9/4 or Dana point on 9/5. All guest moorings are full and I would drop anchor, but I'm traveling with my little dog. Moving the boat from San Diego to San Pedro. Have already hit many obstacles along the way...
  39. chaser5539

    Offshore Nice Yellowfin @ the 43!!!

    We got a scoop early from Dana (3:45am) & set sail out on a line thru the 209, 181, to the 43 Fathom. Bumpy ride made paddy spotting very difficult. After stopping on a mysterious Navy metal tube bobbing in the water, quickly tossed it back in, & pushed on to the 43. Approx 30-50+ boats in the...
  40. B

    Fishing for calicos and spotties in dana point

    Hey guys just recently got a 9ft bass traker with a trolling motor. Any one have luck fishing the mouth of the harbor for calicos? Or where is a good spot around the harbor for them? Thanks any help appreciated
  41. B

    The Best Laid Plans...

    Hello-Been lurking on this site for a while now. Let me preface by saying I know fishing holes and techniques are sacred and I am not asking for a roadmap on how to catch fish. I’ve doing a lot of reading on BD regarding Southern CA saltwater fishing which has provided great insight. I’ll be...
  42. Sheaalderete

    1998 SportCraft 16'CC 90HP Evinrude For Sale

    1998 16' Sport Craft -2007Evinrude 90HP This Boat Is Turn Key! I Have fished the boat the last two seasons and have never had a problem! This boat handles weather extremely well and is rare 16' that feels like and rides like an 18'. This boat rides very dry for a CC. The Hull is in great shape...
  43. scbassmaster

    Want to fish Sat out of Dana Point Harbor

    Buddy messed up his back this week and had to cancel on me for Sat, right now the plan is to fish the 3/4 day out of Dana Wharf but wanted to throw this out there. I got $100 toward gas, bait and ice if anyone has room for one out of DPH sat. I can bring one rod and a pocket full of hooks or 5...
  44. weekday hooker

    2013 Dusky 17'

    2013 Incredible Eco fishing machine ! All hand laid glass,Built by legendary boat builders at {DUSKY MARINE} Dania beach Florida Built to specs for optimum west coast off shore fishing ! This skiff is the only one on the west coast it's amazing Aluminum trailer /with fold away tongue Easy slide...