1. Mr. SALTY

    For Sale Lexa 300 win $130

    $130 Double paddle win spooled with 30lb nomads braid and a 7.1 gear ratio.
  2. ChrisFishSD

    WTB WANTED - Okuma PCH-TRB-5101XN + Shimano Saragossa 2000SW or 2500SW + Other Stuff

    Looking for used: Okuma PCH-TRB-5101XN Shimano Saragossa 2000SW or 2500SW Kite Gear: Bob Lewis or SFE kite Okuma PCH 761 Spinning Rod Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P (5:1) w/ power handle
  3. C

    SOLD Daiwa coffee grinder combo

    I have a spinning reel & rod combo for sale. Daiwa BG5000. Have this reel for several years but never really use it. 99% new. Spooled with 40lb Toro Tamer Super Braid white 300 yard, with a sato serving knot for 20 lb Izorline copolymer mono 100 yard. Daiwa V.I.P. A 870S spinning rod. 99% new...
  4. Wildman

    SOLD Prices Reduced Accurate Tern 400x and ProGear V42 and 545

    M O R E P H O T O S on later posts ***VIDEOS uploaded on February 20 Post*** Accurate Tern 400X (High Speed, Re-built by Accurate/New Serial #/Essentially a new reel- Best price online new is $309.95 plus tax $295 $285 $275 ProGear 545 w/Power Handle - $175 $170 ProGear V42 N.I.B. -...
  5. A

    For Sale Shimano Saragossa 6000 and terez 20-50

    This rod and reel has only seen a few trips and has fresh braid on it. No boat rash. Just got it for my first few trips getting into fishing to learn how to cast.Asking 400 dollars or trade for a accurate tern 300 or Trinidad 14. message me for more information. :)
  6. Wildman

    SOLD Looking for Levelwinds , Baitcasters , Swimbait Rods

    I'm looking for RH Levelwinds, like the Penn Fathom 15LW / Shimano Tekota 500 / Daiwa Saltist 20LW I'm also looking for RH low-profile bait casters in the 200 or 300 size , preferably Saltwater models I HAVE, FOR TRADE, RH: Penn Fathom 12 - New In Box Daiwa Luna 253 - paddle handle and Power...
  7. Tyler Doan

    SOLD BNIB Talica 12 2 speed

    Hello bders, I have a brand new talica 12 2 speed that I won in a raffle a while ago. Only took out of the box to take pictures and that’s about it. SOLD Located in Anaheim
  8. Tyler Doan

    SOLD Daiwa Lexa 300H w/box

    I have a used lexa 300h with the box still It has some boat rash as scene in the picture. Just serviced by The Longfin Filled with 30lbs power pro moss green Located in Anaheim SOLD
  9. fishnuke


    Hello BD, I'm selling my entire collection. Not because I want to, it's because I have to. I need to raise money because my dog has cancer and needs surgery. If any are familiar with vet bills, it's a few thousand dollars for surgery. Anyways, I love my dog more than my hobby. Please understand...
  10. G

    For Sale Calstar 850L grafighter (for sale)

    Og calstar 850L grafighter $300 willing to Negotiate willing to trade for bass reels. Has boat rash but is an awesome stick.
  11. G

    For Sale Calstar 850L grafighter for sale

    Old school calstar 850L grafighter with new tuna cord. Has boat rash but great stick. Only selling because I’m moving to TX. $300 or willing to trade for nice bass reel.
  12. tarantula_tamer

    For Sale Reels: Penn, Avet, Accurate, Daiwa

    Used Reels. All in working order, some with more boat rash than others. Accurate Boss Magnum 870 Narrow $150 Green 50lb spectra backing Avet HXJ 2- Speed $250 80lb spectra backing 50lb mono top Daiwa Saltist B&G 50 $100 (No clicker) 50lb mono Penn Senator 113h 4/0 special $125 Tiburon...
  13. V

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga LD 35 2 speed $380

    In like new condition 9.5/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically $380 pick up and cash only Filled with 65 yellow spectra , 40lb mono top shot
  14. V

    SOLD New Daiwa Lexa 400 hd HP 6:3. $270

    Brand new Pick up and cash only. Thanx $270
  15. V

    SOLD New Shimano Blackmoon tackle backpack $145

    Brand new model Pick up and cash only Firm on price $145
  16. V

    SOLD New Shimano blackmoon backpack $145

    Brand new model Pick up and cash only firm on price $145
  17. akachalupa


    Thinning out the quiver, selling my hybrid (UC MEGA TIP/UC MONSTER BUTT) RUS PHANTOM. It is 8.5 feet long and carries a 20-50 line rating. This rod is custom wrapped from the factory in green and orange... and for that I reduce the price to $235 (MSRP $377). Also selling my Okuma Cavalla 5ii 2...
  18. V

    SOLD New United Composites RGP 80 MEGA 20-50 $380

    Brand new mega rgp SOLD Still Available : also selling brand new factory wrapped United composites Reaper for $400 Daiwa proteus wn 80mh $190
  19. sulla

    For Sale * SOLD * Tiburon N533NK $90

    I have a Tiburon narrow kit ( silver frame black spool ) for 500 and 400 Newell series.
  20. Chadmo

    For Sale New Daiwa Lexa 400 HD Handle $35

    If this is still tagged as "For Sale" it's still available Brand new Daiwa Lexa 400 HD handle. Has never been installed on a reel. Located in Chula Vista, CA $35
  21. V

    SOLD Phenix Black Diamond 700M 15-40

    In excellent shape with alps reel seat $220 cash and pick up only
  22. V

    SOLD AVET SXJ 5.3.1 single speed Upgraded habdle

    Single speed. Very clean reel with upgraded handle $160 Cash and pick up only.
  23. V

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist BG 30H black and gold sd

    $165 cash and pick up only. Clean reel with 50lb braid $300 if you take the 20H and the 30H Ignore: daiwa,shimano,penn,lexa,saltiga,calstar,phenix,avet,seeker,United composites
  24. D

    SOLD UC REAPER Factory wrapped

    Brand new factory wrapped REAPER. deck hand. $425 FIRM FIRM FIRM
  25. V

    SOLD Calstar Graphiter 900M 20-40 jig stick or trade for saltiga 15 plus cash on my end

    Custom wrapped by Lindsay. fuji real sea. 900m 20-40 Very well taken care of. All guides are good no rust. Just very minor scuffs $250 FIRM won’t go any lower. cash and pick up only.
  26. D

    For Sale *pending* Penn Fth 400 Low Profile Left Handed Filled with 50lb Nomad design

    Literally just purchased this reel brand new 4 days ago, filled it with 200 yards of 50lb nomad design braid and then booked a trip on a boat where this will be severely outclassed to fish with. Im looking to sell for 300 , i have 335 + tax invested into it and this reel is unfished. the low...
  27. V

    SOLD Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P old version

    Reel spooled with 50lb braid and 30lb topshot mono. Minor scratches on the reel. Works perfect ready to fish. Comes with extra paddle handle. Pick up only. $185 firm
  28. V

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist 20H BG

    Excellent condition reel. Minor scratches works really well. With 50lb braid. $150 firm pick up only
  29. V

    SOLD Daiwa Proteus WN 8’MHF new version

    Selling brand new with tags and wrap Daiwa Proteus WN 8’ MHF new model. $200 firm. Pick up only Thank you
  30. Stussmanj

    For Sale Selling 12 rods, 14 reels

    See pics for details eight zero five two three one zero eight one five. Will trade for reels, rods. shipping Info in california $9 for reel can ship 4 rods for $20
  31. akachalupa

    SOLD AVET MXL 6/4 - 215

    Selling this MXL 6/4. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. This reel has defeated several decent fish for me but I upgraded to a raptor version and never take it out anymore. Reel is spooled with 65lb izorline braid topped with 25lb mono. I had it serviced at...
  32. chicho64

    SOLD Medium heavy spinning rod

    selling a 2 piace custom spinning rod only used 2 times rod action is medium heavy length is phenix blank 8'6" line rating 8-20 asking $120
  33. E man

    SOLD NIB Daiwa Saltiga 10 Reel

    NIB Daiwa Saltiga 10 star drag. Never spooled or mounted on a rod. Pick up in North Hollywood or meet in the SFV if it’s on my way. Can ship on your dime. Price $OLD
  34. Leke


    Selling my slow pitch setup Reel: Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG (Just the reel - 440.00) Rod: Shimano GameType J B605 (Just the rod - 250.00) Bundled - 650.00
  35. Tjsmith562

    SOLD LEXA HD 300 HS-P ($220)

    Brand New no box.
  36. Tjsmith562

    SOLD LEXA WN 400 HS-P ($220)

    Brand new Lexa WN 400 HS-P spooled with or 40 or 50 braid dont remember
  37. Jjt03

    SOLD Tranx 400a (22lbs of drag) with Power handle

    hey BD'ers Have an almost NEW Tranx 400a (22lbs of drag) with a power handle. I didn't want the paddle so I purchased one from Shimano. Still have the paddle in the box. Its loaded with ~315yds of 50lbs white jbraid. Need to make some room for new equipment. This reel has been out maaaaybe...
  38. Arthur Seropyan

    WTB 2 Daiwa Lexa 400hd

    WTB 2 daiwa Lexa 400hd located in San Diego. Willing to drive up to LA. Need it ASAP please.
  39. Jbananas556

    SOLD 2020 Saltiga 8000H

    Purchased Brand New from Tomos, spooled full with 40# of Nomad x8 Pandora braid then put back in Box and never left the house. So its basically brand new, only selling because I could use the funds for other projects and have a 18K that I use. Will also accept 10k and 14k spools. Never...
  40. S

    For Sale Phenix Titan 68ML slow pitch

    Located in North County SD Will not ship rods, sorry! Looking for a UC Raptor 76 or UC Wahoo 800/900 if you have one to trade From left to right: Factory wrapped Cal star 700H 30-80lb **SOLD** Factory wrapped GG690j 20-50lb **SOLD** Factory wrapped 900M 20-40lb **SOLD** Phenix Titan slow...
  41. Arthur Seropyan

    For Sale Varmac rod with a Lexa 300hd

    Selling my varmac 7’10 10-20lb with a Lexa 300hd comes with 30lb spectra on it. located in San Diego Asking 320$ Doesn’t let me load the pictures Txt me for pictures 619-538-5357
  42. Espinoza569

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist Back Bay Spinning 4000

    Used once. Just need something lighter for surf fishing. Comes with aftermarket handle. All paperwork and box included. $140 I am located in San Diego (East County). I work in La Jolla right now, so I can meet in most areas after work. NO SHIPPING.
  43. Brandon Johnson

    For Sale Trini 16a, Lexa 400HD 8:1

    I have for sale: Trinidad 16a 65lb Maxcuatro power pro with 40 xxx Izorline original box and handle $400 2020 Daiwa Lexa HD 400 XS-P 40lb power pro with 25lb xxx Izorline With original box $260 Txt 6613197242 Or pm me
  44. F

    For Sale Seeker ISP

    Seeker Inshore Pro 706-7'T 10-17 never used. $160 great inshore/bay bass rod.
  45. F

    For Sale Daiwa Saltist 40H Blue/Black

    Near new. Been on 3 boat rides but never seen water. 100 yds of 40# xxx top shot, the rest blue 65# power pro. Cosmetic 9.5/10 slight boat rash barley noticable Mechanical 10/10. Ready to fish! $225
  46. jewie27

    Missing screw for Lexa 400 HD (2019 model)

    I've had my LX-HD400HS-P since November 2019 and have fished with it on about 4 trips. On my last trip to Catalina, I was winding in my bait and the EVA foam knob became unscrewed and the entire retaining screw fell out into the water. I was able to catch the blue plate that sits at the end...
  47. Arthur Seropyan

    WTB Willing to buy a Daiwa Lexa 400hd

    Anyone in San Diego area selling a Lexa 400hd pm me.
  48. Sith Lord

    SOLD Saltiga 40- OG

    OG Saltiga for sale. In excellent mechanical condition. Static magged for effortless casting of those 7Xs and Caivo jigs. Very smooth and strong drag to support 40 and 50lb setups. Asking $200- negotiable. Text me for fastest response. (562)756-8297
  49. ricmlopez


  50. chicho64

    SOLD Phenix Abbyss delete please

    Selling brand new phenix abbyss rod has reel seat. Abbyss AHD -897 Rod is 8'9" line rating 12-30lb moderate action st composite $270
  51. Sardine_matt

    For Sale DAIWA VIP 870 for Sale

    I have a daiwa vip 870 7” rod rated 15-40 that has never been fished. I bought it and kept it in my garage ever since. Looking for at least $100
  52. M

    For Sale Shimano Tallus set up

    Selling my shimano Tallus 7ft rod paired with a Penn Fathom 30 2 speed reel For $380. Both the reel and rod were only used 2x the reel has some scuffs from rubbing on the boat but basically new. The reel comes with 80lb braid and topped with 60lb mono. If interested text or call Omar @ 7608057703
  53. N

    HUGE rare gear selloff (cheap prices). Cousins Raze, Abu Volatile, MC/Pearl Swimbaits, Daiwa, Phenix, Shimano, and more!

    Hey bass guys - I posted in classifieds but thought I'd give the bass guys a look too since it's all bass gear. I am selling a ton of tackle. Please text me three one zero-eight zero one-three one zero eight if interested. Open to discounts if you want multiple items. Thanks! Reels: OG...
  54. N

    For Sale Huge Rod/Reel Selloff, Very Cheap and High Quality, Cousins/Shimano/Abu/Daiwa/Phenix

    Hi all: Times have changed and I have to get rid of a bunch of gear. Here's what I have for sale. I'm open to discounts if you want multiple items. Reels: OG abu garcia revo inshore - $100 OG abu revo toro 50 hs - $100 OG abu revo toro 50 ambassadeur - $100 Penn Jigmaster - $30 Penn...
  55. Cdistro89

    SOLD Shimano. Avet. Daiwa. San Diego

    Shimano Trevala - in fantastic shape. Used only a few times over the years Properly rinsed and stored correctly. $85 OBO Daiwa BG60 Reel- in fantastic shape. Used exclusively with Trevala. Once again properly rinced and stored correctly. $70 OBO Avet SX665 Rod- won it at Fred Hall a few...
  56. Mikeyboy

    For Sale New Shimano Curado MH Spinning

    Hey Guys. Just bought this directly from Shimano. Curado MH Spinning 1/4-3/4 ounce. Awesome rod but I’m more of a medium-medium light guy for what I do. Tags are on it. want to sell it. Retail is $159 but I’ll let it go for $140 cash local pickup in Granada Hills or surrounding areas...
  57. chicho64

    SOLD Komodo ss 463

    Selling brand new never use komodo ss KDS-463 selling for $220
  58. chicho64

    SOLD 2 Supper seeker rods sold delete please thanks

    Selling 2 brand new supper seeker rod jig and bait rod never used model ss 6470H-7' 40-60 lb asking $450 paid $519.00 next is a SS 6465xH 6'6" 50-80 $420 i paid $503 my lost repeat this are brand new rods Tag
  59. BobbyAgate

    SOLD Calstar 700L Used Once $165

    Located in Manhattan Beach. Will ship the reels, not the rod. 20h - Used once. Excellent condition. Has 150 yds of 50lb Suffix braid. SOLD 30h - Never been spooled. Never been fished. Excellent condition. SOLD 700L - Used once. Excellent condition. SOLD Saltist 20h Saltist 30h
  60. SccfoChef

    SOLD Sold saltiga

    sold saltiga
  61. dylan Hameister

    Bed Fishing Underwater Video!!!!

    Stuck my go pro in the water and got a sweet shot of a fiery bed fish picking up my jig. Hope you enjoy!
  62. chicho64

    SOLD Lexa 300cc $140 delete please

    Selling bait caster daiwa lexa 300 cc it comes with a clicker asking $140 reel works 100% and apeareance is 10-10 Gear ratio 6.3.1 Reel weaight = 10.58oz Line capacity Mono(lb-yds) 12-240, 14-190, 20 - 120 Braid(ll lll) 40-240, 55-180 80-180 up to 25lb max drg Clicker for slow trolling or bait...
  63. MrMartilyo

    SOLD 3x Factory Phenix Rods - Black Diamond ISA - PSW 906L, PSW 907ML, PSW 908MH

    I have a set of factory wrapped Phenix rods. All rods are 9 footers. I am the original owner of all these rods. They have served me very well and I am looking for a good home for these puppies. PSW 906L - Black Diamond Inshore Assassin Series 9’ 8-25lb Fast Alps guides and Fuji reel seat 8.5/10...
  64. B

    For Sale Dobyns champion xp rods for sale

    Dobyns champion xp 734H $180 Dobyns champion xp 763MH $180 Rods are in mint condition local pick up or meet up in Fullerton CA thanks for looking
  65. Brqndqn

    For Sale Brand new phenix trifecta 905-2

    Trx-s 905-2 9’ 6-12 Medium power 1/4-3/4 Asking $130 firm Shipping on buyers dime
  66. sulla

    SOLD Calstar GF 765m

    I have a factory GF765M in good condition (has initials and tuna sticker added). I’m Looking to trade for a GF 700H, 700XH, 765L or something else comparable in Seeker, UC, Rainbow or Phenix? Basically looking for a yo-yo stick for #50 maybe #60
  67. sulla

    SOLD P322 Newell

    Clean p322 with silver tib frame $210
  68. sulla

    SOLD Newell P322 with Tib frame

    Super clean p322 with silver tib frame.
  69. sulla

    SOLD Newell G series 338

    Really nice G338 with tiburon frame and purple handle. Recently serviced and ready to fish! $180
  70. sulla

    SOLD NEWELL P series 338

    Clean reel, works perfectly with fresh carbon fiber drags. Always cleaned and serviced regularly. $180
  71. J

    WTB Daiwa Saltiga 5500h

    New or Used.
  72. Espinoza569

    Daiwa Saltist for Surface Iron

    Which size reel for throwing iron? 15?20?30?35?40?50? thanks.
  73. SccfoChef

    WTB Found one here on bd, thank you. Please delete

    anyone get a saltiga 10H or 15H for sale?? TIA Must be the high speed version.
  74. SccfoChef

    WTB Found it on here, thank you BD, please delete

    Anyone got a saltist 15H or 20H for sale?? Thanks
  75. noahg727

    WTB 30 or 30w 2 speed

    Looking for a 30 or 30w 2 speed reel. Want to get my nephew started land base shark fishing and figured a 30 was a good Christmas gift for him Cosmetics isn’t as important as functionality. Looking to spend around 100$. Must be willing to ship and PayPal gift Thanks Noah
  76. R

    For Sale Price Drop NEW Daiwa Seagate 35H

    Never used, in box with clamp and all other accessories. This was a gift and I have decided to stick with the Seagate 20s and 30s. Local central San Diego pick up. Price lowered to $90 cash
  77. J

    WTB Daiwa Saltiga or Stella *Accurate Twin-Spin SR30 for trade*

    I will like to purchase a Saltiga 5500h. Have an Accurate sr-30 available for trade. Will also trade for a Stella Sw 6k and over or a Saltiga 5k and over.
  78. J

    WTB. Daiwa Saltiga or Stella *Accurate Twin-Spin SR30 for trade*

    I will like to purchase a Saltiga 5500h. Have an Accurate sr-30 available for trade. Will also trade for a Stella Sw 6k and over or a Saltiga 5k and over.
  79. F.I.S.H.Y

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist BG 40h, keeping for now

    I got a Daiwa Saltist BG 40h in Nice condition 8/10. The insides are just amazing though 10/10 super smooth and honestly it casts like a dream! Has 65# backing braid 30# Mono top shot Asking $130 OBO Also Accepting trades
  80. SSART714

    SOLD Shimano ocea JIGGER

    JDM Shimano OCEA JIGGER F custom 1500hg Like new conditon took out on one trip didnt even use it spooled with 65lb braid $400 FIRM also have DURAN DFP clamp with sell with it for $40 text 714 6240665
  81. E man

    SOLD Okuma Makaira 10, Daiwa Lexa HD400HS-P, Pro Gear V42

    I have a couple reels I’m selling to free up some money. All reels are in excellent condition and can be picked up in North Hollywood or can meet anywhere in the SFV if it’s on my way. 1. Silver Okuma Makaira 10 - includes clamp, box & cover. Filled with 65lb braid. SOLD 2. Daiwa Lexa...
  82. Matthew G

    For Sale Shimano Scorpion DC 101HG JDM Baitcasting Reel

    Shimano Scorpion Dc 101HG JDM baitcasting reel. Very good reel. pretty much brand new, Used once very lightly in fresh water for about 30 min. Full of 30lb dark green braid. Left hand reel. 10/10 cosmetically 10/10 internal Comes with Winn Grips to put on handles for extra comfort. Located in...
  83. F.I.S.H.Y

    WTB Daiwa Lexa 400HD or Tranx 400hg/300hg

    Looking for 2 daiwa lexa 400hd or Tranx 300hg/400hg (with power knob) it a nice condition. Also looking for Phenix m1. Pm me. Thanks!
  84. akachalupa

    SOLD PRICE REDUCED, Avet MXJ MC Single Speed

    AVET MXJ MC Single Speed never been fished or seen a boat ride. Asking 150. Not looking to do any shipping. Local F2F only please. In North County SD or somewhere near Sorrento Valley. Thanks
  85. Moor_fish

    SOLD Sold please delete

    Californian Tri Helix 9ft H 30-60 Lb jig stick (phenix blank) Hasn't been used in a while. No issues with guides. Ready to slay some tuna, yellowtail and calicos. Perfect for surface iron, coltsnippers, stick baits and poppers.
  86. Saltwaterbassfisherman

    WTB Looking for Daiwa BG 35H

    Looking for Daiwa Black Gold 35H reel. Thanks! -Rudy
  87. TheGarBrah

    For Sale Phenix Black Diamond 867 10-30 with Daiwa Lexa 300HS

    Selling a lightly used Phenix Black Diamond 867 10-30 # rod that was purchased used and is paired with a Daiwa Lexa 300HS that was purchased brand new and used only a handful of times. The reel comes spooled with braid. Selling both for $260 Used this as an inshore kelp cutter set up and just...
  88. K

    For Sale Daiwa Saltist 40h and Seeker 6490-ct

    $400 Basically Brand new, 2 boat rides with no fish caught. 300yds 65lb j braid 40lb mono topshot. Great jig stick, casts a mile. Reel also has upgraded handle, cover and box. Located in Rancho Cucamonga
  89. Rockets

    SOLD sold daiqa

  90. K

    SOLD All sold for now

    Meet up ONLY in Hacienda Heights. No shipping. No trades. REELS: ACCESSORIES: RODS: Thank you.
  91. Jigster_Josh11

    WTB Calstar GG 90j

    Let know what you got!
  92. bassxsniper

    For Sale Megabass Orochi xx Braillist Rod

    Megabass Orochi xx Braillst Rod 7'5" MH aciton Only used a few times Comes with megabass rod bag $200
  93. Asael

    Shimano waxwings needed

    i need to buy some waxwings of all sizes let me know which ones you guys have
  94. Asael

    For Sale Shimano tyrnos 30ii looks and works brand new

    Shimano tyrnos 30ii 2 speed reel in crazy good condition has 60lb mono on it has original clamp and box along with the little screwdriver which came with it.. OPEN TO TRADE!!
  95. Matthew G

    For Sale Shimano Curado 200K, $130, full with 50lb blue spuperslick pp braid

    $130 firm CASH ONLY 949-402-1001 Im selling my great condition Shimano Curado 200K. 9/10 exterior 8/10 interior The reel was washed off every time after use and drag was backed off when not in use. reel was serviced when needed. Free spool is still great. The reel comes full with 50lb blue...
  96. Moor_fish

    SOLD Please delete

    13 Fishing Omen Black $45 obo Model: OBC273H Length: 7'3" Power: H Lure: 3/8 - 1 1/2 oz. Line: 14-25 Action: Fast
  97. Moor_fish

    SOLD Please delete

    Roddy gator tail model BH65HC 6'6" 20 - 50 lb Used it as a yo yo rod. Caught plenty of yellows on it. $55 obo Roddy Penn Daiwa Diawa Shimano Cousins Phenix Tuna Yellowfin Bluefin Yellowtail Seeker Offshore charter Okuma Avet Accurate
  98. C

    SOLD Daiwa Proteus 76h, 76xh

    I have 2 rods for sale. Daiwa Proteus boat rod PRTB76hf. Can fish 25 30 to 40lb line on this. Daiwa Proteus boat rod PRTB76xhf. Can fish 40 50 or lite 60lb no problem. Mint condition, $120 each. Local pick up at Rowland Heights, ca91748 area. Will post pictures later. 62625898 seven seven...
  99. hudamang

    SOLD Daiwa lexa 400hd $190 San Diego

    Brand new $190
  100. Halihunk24

    For Sale Avet MXL Raptor w/ Daiwa Proteus Rod

    For sale: Avet MXL Raptor 6/4 MC. Has 65# braid to the top. Comes with original box and Avet reel cover. $425 Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF line 20-50lb braid 55-100lb $160 Will sell as a combo for $550 Everything is brand new. Just haven’t had the time to fish as much. Would love for someone to...
  101. JDFishSD

    For Sale Daiwa Seagate 35 reel and Seagate Rod - $125

    Brand New Seagate SGT70HF rod and Used Seagate 35 reel. Reel in good shape too with some wear and tear. Can see on the pics. Rod is 7ft rated 20-40lb and very well balanced with this reel. This combo is perfect for SoCal fishing almost everything offshore (except the big bluefin). I can load up...
  102. K


  103. Jbananas556

    SOLD BNIB Saltiga Dogfight 8000H

    Selling a brand new Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 8000H. Purchased last month, tuna trips didnt happen and I picked up a new 19' Stella. Reel has only been out of the box for initial inspection and then these photos. Asking $800 shipped via paypal. Please see pics as well
  104. K


  105. J

    For Sale Graftech GJS80M Jig Series Rod

    Like new, only used once. $100
  106. S

    For Sale Shimano, Daiwa, Phenix

    Located in North County SD If you’d like more pictures on any item feel free to send me a message. - Brand New Shimano 14 Stella 2500HGS, never been spooled. Only taken out of the box for pictures. *SOLD* - Abu Garcia Revo Rocket RVO3-L, few scratches as seen in pictures. 10/10 mechanically...
  107. Moor_fish

    SOLD Please delete

    Okuma Metaloid 5N 2 speed paired with a Phenix Abyss rod. Reel is new only been on one boat ride 10/10 with 80lb seaguar threadlock braid and clamp. Rod is 8/10 tip recently repaired at squidco. Looking for $300 obo.
  108. E man

    For Sale delete please

    Combined with another post
  109. Tyler Doan

    SOLD Daiwa Bg 8000

  110. Moor_fish

    SOLD Lexa 400 combo

    Lexa 400 7:1 used twice. Filled with 60lb white Seaguar threadlock braid paired with a 9 ft Californian Calico rod XH 15-40 rod. 200 for the combo firm. 150 for the Lexa and 80 for the Californian seperately. Awesome calico setup but can handle any pelagic up to 60 lbs. Throws the iron a mile...
  111. hockeyplayer2503

    For Sale Shimano Terez, Teramar Rods and Shimano Curado, Daiwa Lexa Casting Reels and Shimano Torium for sale

    <<<<< SOLD SOLD SOLD >>>>>>> RODS for Sale 1. Shimano Teramar Inshore Series TMC-X711MHBRA 7’11” 15-30 lbs. line weight (Never Used)- $$$ Sold $$$ 2. Shimano Terez TZC-80M-P ** $$ SOLD $$ ** REELS for Sale 1. Shimano Curado 300EJ (Never Used) ****$$ SOLD $$ **** 2. Daiwa Lexa 300 HS-P...
  112. Jbananas556

    SOLD BNIB Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 5500H and BNIB Shimano Twinpower SW 10K

    Selling 2 brand new reels. Both are perfect, only selling because I need some funds for different gear. *Click/tap pictures for better quality* First is a BNIB JDM Daiwa Expedition 5500H, one of the best spinners ever made. Only taken out of box for pics and inspection. Asking 650$ shipped via...
  113. Rockets

    SOLD BNIB Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 8000H - San Diego

    Sold For sale is a brand new in box Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 8000H spinning reel. Specs are below: Gear Ratio: 5.7:1 Retrieve(in): 56.7 Ball Bearings: 13+1 Weight(oz): 30 Line Capacity Braid: 80/600 yards, 100/480 yards Max drag: 66 lbs
  114. fishoncustomrods

    For Sale ISO Lexa 400hs

    looking for a Lexa 400. It can be broken, I need it for parts. Thanks in advanced!
  115. Goldenglory18

    SOLD AVET MXL MC - lightly used silver

    AVET MXL MC: SOLD Silver. Excellent condition, unknown line All prices now include shipping to your door USPS. PM for questions or offers. Thanks in advance... - Kenny
  116. Javon

    WTB Lexa 400 HD 7:1

    Anybody have one in good condition? Text (323) 541- 6212.
  117. C

    For Sale Daiwa Saltiga 30A and other reels

    Hi, i have a few reels for sale. 1.Daiwa Saltiga 30A . 9/10 Cosmetic and 9/10 mechanical . Asking $260 SHIPPED 2.Shimano Stradic 5000XG . 8/10 cosmetic and 9/10 mechanical. Missing the handle screw cap as pictured. Asking $160 SHIPPED. 3. Shimano Stradic 8000FH. 5/10 cosmetic and 8/10...
  118. Javon

    For Sale Daiwa Tactical tackle bag $75

    have a lightly used Daiwa tackle bag for sale. 4 Plano trays. Pics below. Nothing wrong with it, just not my style. Text if interested (323) 541-6212
  119. Rockets

    For Sale New Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 8000H - San Diego

    Selling a brand new Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 8000H SOLD
  120. Javon

    SOLD Daiwa Lexa 300HD 7:1 $160

    BD, Selling a used Lexa 300HD with a few (200?) yards of braid, I think 50lb. Only fished a few times, looking to get some other stuff. Text if interested, it's the reel in my avatar (323) 541-6212.
  121. Javon

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist 20BG $100

    Hi everyone, Selling a practically brand new black and gold saltist filled with 50lb J-braid. Only fished twice a few years ago before I ran out of time to fish :( Text me for pics if interested, it's the reel in my avatar. (323) 541 - 6212
  122. Moor_fish

    SOLD Avet Combo

    Hello I'm selling an Avet SX (Blue) with an Okuma MXR bait rod. Reel was checked by Squidco Saturday 4/27 and is in perfect working condition. Has some boat rash. Spooled with 65 lb white Daiwa J braid. Please see rod for ratings. Perfect for patty Yellows and small tunas as well as local...
  123. C

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga30

    Hi, i have a used Daiwa Saltiga 30 for sale. 8/10 for Cosmetic and 9/10 for mechanical. Asking $260 shipped. Please make payments with Paypal as gift or add 3%. Thank you.
  124. _Mako_My_Day_

    For Sale Extra Reels looking for New Home

    Hey y’all! I’m clearing out tackle I’m just not using anymore and hoping to get it into hands that will get some use out of it. I have: 2 Penn Jigmasters 1 Daiwa Sealine 50 All are in fine working order with solid drag and freespool. Penn’s are $30.00 a piece and Daiwa is $50.00
  125. AdamGman

    For Sale PENN FORMULA 10 KG

    This is an older model Penn reel that came out around the time of Shimano TLD ( I think) It has virtually never been put to use ( drag was never engaged on a fish ) I only took it out once and skunked. Comes spooled with around 400 yards of 80# braid,hollow core, cost me about $100 to spool...
  126. K

    WTB Shimano Tallus 6'6" Heavy or 7'0" Heavy

    Hi, I am looking to buy a Shimano Tallus 6'6" Heavy or a 7'0" Heavy in either Blue or Brown. (TLC66HBBL / TLC66HBBR or a TLC70HBBL / TLC70HBBR) I am located in the San Gabriel Valley area and I am often in North Orange County. Please let me know what you guys have for sale or if you know a...
  127. Jbananas556

    SOLD New 16 Daiwa Catalina 4500H

    Selling another great Daiwa Reel. This time a NIB Catalina 4500H. Purchased direct from Japan and spooled with a little over 300yrds of 40# J-braid. If your looking at this reel you probably already know its basically a Saltiga minus 3 bearings. Asking 475 Shipped/Insured paypal.
  128. Rockets

    Fishing Braid Diameter Spreadsheet

    Wasn't sure where to post this. I made this because I was tired of looking up fishing braid diameters for comparison purposes, and I thought some of you might like it as well. Includes Power Pro, Jerry Brown, Seaguar, Daiwa, Cortland, Tuf-Line, Diamond, Berkley, and a few others, for solid and...
  129. Moor_fish

    SOLD New Okuma Rod

    Okuma Shadow stalker never used. Could be used for both fresh and salt. Comes with lifetime warranty. Please see pics for rod dimensions. $75
  130. P

    SOLD Daiwa Sealine-X 20 SHV

    Daiwa Sealine X 20 SHV in good condition. Includes clamp as pictured for the deckhand rods. This was once one of the better 15-20lb. chovy fly line reels at the time. Where are all you old schooler post Newells fly liners at?! $50 OBO willing to ship on buyers dime
  131. P

    SOLD Daiwa Coastal Baitcaster (lefty)

    Daiwa Coastal 153 HL for sale. This reel was designed to fish saltwater and is perfect for all the bay bassing or halibut fishing. Still in great shape and has a lot of life left. spool bearing spinning silently still and always rinsed off after trips. This is left hand retrieve. 8+/10...
  132. chicho64

    SOLD Calstar GFGR 770.4-xh delete please

    Selling brand new calstar grafigther model gfgr 770.4-XH unlimited rod length is 7' feet factory wrap with life warrenty never seen water or mount a reel on it is rail rod asking price is $400 i paid about 595.99 including taxes repeat rod is brand new Factory wrap it has life time warranty Rod...
  133. buddha jeff

    For Sale BNIB Shimano Torium 30 SOLD

    Never used Shimano Torium 30 latest model. Located in San Diego. $180 or best offer. Need to sell to pay some bills.
  134. C

    For Sale Daiwa BG8000 80 o.b.o

    Looking to sell a used Daiwa BG8000. In good condition. Spooled with 30lb braid. 80 o.b.o. 480-283-3149 Chris sold!!
  135. C

    For Sale Daiwa BG8000 80 o.b.o.

    Looking to sell a used Daiwa BG8000. In good condition. Spooled with 30lb braid. 80 o.b.o. 480-283-3149 Chris
  136. Jbananas556

    SOLD Spinners-Catalina, Certate, Spheros, Torque

    Need to thin the herd to finance some new gear and other things. Listing some very fine reels. I am the original owner of all listed except the Torque. All reels shipped insured via USPS, PP only. First up is a brand new inbox(opened for pictures), JDM 2016 Daiwa Catalina 4k straight from...
  137. Sherrita

    For Sale Daiwa GrandWave-Z #30SHW - $70

    Daiwa GrandWave-Z #30SHW For a faster response, please contact me via a Phone Call at (619)223-8574 or by email at [email protected] I'm located in Point Loma, CA
  138. Jbananas556

    SOLD Like New Daiwa Dogfight 8000DF

    Selling a like new Daiwa Saltiga 8000DF(standard 4.3:1 ratio). Purchased from J&H last August for a few trips that never happened. Ended up just using it in the canal a total of 4 times. (Date of purchase is shown in one of the following pictures). This thing feels amazing, probably the...
  139. Mle

    For Sale Lucky Craft 110, 120, 125. YoZuri Daiwa LiveTarget Krocodile Luhr Jensen

    Lucky craft 110 - $15 Lucky craft 120 - $10 Lucky craft 125 - $10 YoZuri deep diver - $8 Daiwa lures - $8 Livetarget lures - $10 Rapala lure - $10 5oz vintage krocodile - $40 7oz vintage krocodile - $40 All lucky crafts new in package, all other lures never been used no packaging
  140. nicksteele97

    Swimbait/Calico/Saltwater Bass rods and reels for sale!!

    I have 3 rods for sale: Cousins Raze 798 (perfect leadhead/swimbait/Huddleston rod), 808 (perfect weedless/ mid sized glidebait rod) and 909 (perfect iron/big softbait and glidebait rod). All of these rods are in brand new condition , used on one trip. You can’t find these for sale anymore...
  141. R

    For Sale Shimano Tyrnos, Daiwa Saltiga & Sealine

    Up for sale are 3 reels. All reels are used and in good condition. Sealine has some boat rash and slight corrosion on handle counter balance. Shimano Tyrnos 12 2 speed- SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 30 Star Drag - $250 OBO Daiwa Sealine SG50H - $60 OBO Prices are negotiable within reason. Pm for more...
  142. Level3tjg

    SOLD New Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight 8000

    I've got a new Saltiga Dogfight 8000 in open box. It's never been mounted on a rod or had line on the spool. This reel is missing the handle. It was either misplaced or stolen. Either way... it's missing. You will need to purchase a replacement handle to use this reel. Aftermarket you can find...
  143. K

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 10H

    Brand new never used. $320 o.b.o Cash + local pickup Low ballers will be ignored.
  144. S

    For Sale Phenix and Okuma Rods, Shimano, Daiwa, and 13 Fishing Reels

    All reels in good working order. Baits as shown. 300DSV Stock Handle- $130. SOLD 300DSV Hawgtech handle and knobs- $160 300E- $175 Calcutta 400B with Hawgtech knobs- $160 Steez 100 HS- $350 Curado 200i 7:1- $145 Revo Inshore- $120 Lexa 100HS- $80 13 A3- $185 Corvalus- $35 Baits MCL 3 piece...
  145. Jonathan nunez

    For Sale Rockfish rod and reel combo

    Selling my daiwa sealine-x 40sha and Sabre classic rod 15-40# both in great condition I just don’t use it anymore...asking 120 for both obo
  146. C

    For Sale NIB Lexa 400WN HS-P $200

    NIB. Received as gift over the weekend. Never been used. Opened to take a pic.
  147. L

    WTB Daiwa Tournament SS 700 & SS1300

    Looking to buy a SS 700 Daiwa Whisker SS700 Tournament
  148. coastalsharker

    For Sale LEXA-HD 400XSL-P

  149. C

    TRADE NIB Lexa 400WN or Okuma Metaloid 5iin for Tranx

    Looking to trade a NIB Lexa 400WN HS-P or NIB Okuma Metaloid 5iin for a Shimano Tranx 400 or 500.
  150. E man

    For Sale Newell 332, Pro Gear V42 & Daiwa Lexa 300H

    Reels are in excellent condition. Not getting used so off they go. Pick up in North Hollywood or can meet anywhere in SFV if it’s on my way. 1. Newell S332 - great freespool Reduced to $130 2. Pro Gear V42 - solid reel with great Reduced to $130 3. Daiwa Lexa 300H - spooled with 20lb Izor...
  151. S

    Best reel for a phenix axis 9' 30-80

    What's the best red to pair with the phenix axis 9' 30-80 ? Also miss helping me pair my rods and reels also line recommendations thank you all !!!!! Rods : Tri helix 9' 25-60 Calstar BTG 90j 30-60 Varmac 8' 20-40 Phenix axis 9' 30-80 Reels: Saltiga 40ha Tranx 500 hg Saltist 35h (bg) (...
  152. T

    SOLD Around 15-40lb rod suited for a Lexa HD 400

    New or use is fine. Preferably anything 8ft and under. Please send pics; If it’s USED please send full detail of any dents,scratches,corrosions Live in OC , not willing to drive more than 40 miles out unless free shipping.
  153. Moor_fish

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist 35 Calstar combo

    Daiwa Saltist 35 with box and 60 lb Seagar Threadlock Hollowbread backing. I took the 50 ft mono top shot off. Cosmetic 9/10 (some boat rash) mechanical 10/10. (Used 3 times) Calstar is the WCDH-69OJ. 9ft rod 20-40 rating. Ready to go for all different types of saltwater fishing. Can use it to...
  154. Matt2468

    WTB LEXA 400 Left hand

    looking for left handed lexa, let me know if you've got one or seen one for sale.
  155. bruce l.

    SOLD Withdrawn-Combo

    -- Withdrawn. Thank you! --
  156. Battle Skiff

    For Sale Penn international 16

    Brand new in box PENN International VIS Gold Two-Speed Lever Drag Reel. Reel will cost you $600+ is a store. Comes with reel clamp, and penn reel tool everything brand new. $525. O.B.O
  157. Jason Luy

    For Sale Fishing Reel Lot - Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, Okuma

    1. TALICA 10ii - USED 50lb J-Braid w/ Box and Clamp - $390 2. AVET SX 5:3:1 w/ Clamp - $110 3. DAIWA SALTIST 25 w/ Clamp - $160 4. OKUMA CEDROS 10s Lightly USED - $200 5. SHIMANO TORIUM 20 - $120 Recently Serviced by Shimano in irvine w/ Clamp (dog chewed on rubber handle) 6. Daiwa Z30 -...
  158. A

    TRADE New Accurate Valiant 400

    looking to trade for a trinidad 20a or somthing similar please text me @ (619)-4143-596
  159. winnawinna17

    For Sale Classic Daiwa J16 reels

    Hello I was recently passed on these 2 beautiful classic Daiwa Jupiter 16 reels (J16). Good beginners reel and fun reels to use. 40$ for both obo. Thanks
  160. chicho64

    SOLD Shimano calcutta TE 200 GT

    Shimano calcutta TE 200 gt total efficiency in good working condition minor sctratches it doesnt affect the performance of the reel recently service by shimano asking $120
  161. R

    For Sale Shimao TLD 30

    I have three reels for sale. BNIB Accurate Boss Extreme BX2-400 RED Limited Edition (Rare) - sold Shimano TLD-30 2-speed in excellent condition - $150 Penn Baja Special w/ box and papers - sold Let me know if you are interested. [/ATTACH=full]958751[/ATTACH]
  162. S

    For Sale Shimano, Daiwa, Abu Garcia spinning and casting

    Located in North County San Diego Please PM if you’d like more pictures Open to trades (Tranx 301/401, Seeker/Calstar/United Composite Inshore and jigstick Rods, or lot of JRI jigs) -Abu Garcia Revo Toro 51 only used once, like new condition. Comes with everything(box, paddle handle, oil...
  163. manho

    For Sale Rods / reel, polespear

    Selling some gear I don’t use. Cash only and meetup in Los Angeles, or Fullerton area. PM and phone numbers. Thanks! Rods SOLD Reel: 1). Daiwa Seagate (SGT35H) $120 - 65lb izorline white / 50lb mono topshot - 9/10 condition - boat scuff Spearfishing: 1). Riffe Travel Carbon Fiber Pole...
  164. R

    SOLD Daiwa Lexa 400 and Seeker G 970-7

    Selling a nice 25lb setup. Rod and reel have been through a season of fishing yellow tail, both are in excellent working condition. Asking $Sold
  165. J


    -Brand new Daiwa lexa 300 Winn series 160 OBO -Brand new Daiwa Saltiga 20HA 330 OBO Buy both together for incredibly low price!
  166. winnawinna17

    SOLD BG 8000 power knob

    Hi Does anybody have a Daiwa BG8000 power knob/handle for sale. Thanks
  167. Tyler Doan

    SOLD Mint Daiwa Saltiga 15H

    SOLD! Thanks BD!
  168. hbmike11

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist 30T - Torque model - 4.9/1 gear ratio

    I have a Daiwa Saltist 30T, old school, torque model, 4.9/1 gear ratio, narrow spool. Comes with 50 braid & clamp. Asking $100, I'm located in Irvine/Newport Beach. Mike 949-300-1070
  169. hbmike11

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 30T - old school - practically brand new

    I have a Daiwa Saltiga 30T, old school, 4.9/1 gear ratio, narrow spool, bought new, I've used it 3 times. Comes with 65 braid, clamp & box. Asking $375, I'm located in Irvine/Newport Beach.
  170. Brqndqn

    For Sale BNIB Shimano Talica 50ii

    Brand new Shimano Talica 50ii New inbox with all accessories included $950 shipped for each Message me for more info
  171. Ed K.

    SOLD Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  172. Ed K.

    SOLD Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  173. Ed K.

    SOLD Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two Speed

    Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two-Speed professionally loaded with apx. 600 yards of Izorline 65# solid spectra. $410.00 Like New in box! Used 1x
  174. A

    SOLD $210 for Tuna/Yellowtail spinning set up

    Shimano Baitrunner 12000D 25lbs Max Drag 300 yards of 65lb spectra Great for fly-line with Baitrunner feature Daiwa Proteus 76HFS 7’6” Heavy power Rated for 55-100 Braid (Good to fight fish 30-40+ based on skill) Versatile enough to fish smaller yellowtail/tuna or calicos Lightweight...
  175. Fishinjunkie

    SOLD Accurate Valiant BV300

    I have a like new Accurate Valiant BV300. Comes with box and filled with 30lb PP braid. Asking $290 OBO. I'm open to trade as well. Let me know what you got.
  176. Collin_789

    WTB Jig stick calstar / seeker

    Looking for a calstar 90j, 900H 100 etc. seeker ulua 9ft or 10ft, please let me know what you got, (looking for factory rods only)
  177. Collin_789

    WTB Seeker ulua jigstick

    I’m looking for a seeker ulua, (jig stick) 9ft or 10ft , please let me know what you got, thanks!
  178. ty-y-ler

    Line Recommendation for Lexa 400

    Just picked up a Lexa 400 for throwing some surface irons and I'm not sure if I should go with 65# braid or 50# braid so I could get a bit more on the spool. Any recommendations? And thoughts on low-vis colors on charter boats?? Thanks guys!
  179. Tyler Doan

    SOLD Daiwa BG 6500 or 8000 (thanks BD)

    hello fello bders, As the title says I’m looking for a Daiwa BG 6500 or 8000 Located in Anaheim Pm me if you have one
  180. Fishinjunkie

    For Sale Accurate Valiant BV300 Price Drop!!!

    I have a like new Accurate Valiant BV300 spooled with 30lb pp spectra. Comes with box. I'm open to trade for Trinidad 16a, Tranx 500 series, UC Centaur blank or complete rod. Price drop to $300 for this beautiful reel.
  181. Rodolflow

    TRADE or Sell Pro Gear 545 Reel

    Thanks for looking.. Trying to let go of this Pro Gear.. Looking to trade for a Daiwa Lexa 400 WN (can add a bit of cash too). If you have it and want to make a trade let's do it! Filled with 65lb powerpro and 30 lb topshop about 40-50 yds. Selling works too whatever comes first. $150obo of...
  182. Señor Peeweesimo

    TRADE Sila-flex MT 75 R

    Vintage Sliaflex MT 75 R (not the Browning junk) glass rod comparable to Truline rods. Definitely a collector's item in the right hands, it could use some work but the rod is complete. All reasonable offers and/or trades for fishing gear will be entertained (reels, rods, jigs, lures, bags, ect.)
  183. RiggingSoCal

    Does A Longer Rod Always Mean A Longer Cast?

    Hey guys I know the casting distance depends on a lot of variables so let me clear some of those up. I'll be using a Daiwa BG 5000 (I like this size because it holds 310yards of 65lb and weights 22.6 oucnes) using 65 lb original power pro braid with a short leader "not" having the know go...
  184. Joe birch

    WTB 525 mag and silver saltist

    Looking for 525 mag reels and daiwa silver 20h 30h.
  185. Andriy Proshchenko

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 15H $270

    Used couple times Daiwa Saltiga 15H. Spooled with 30lb braid, two tiny nicks on the left plate. $270 local pick up, Carmel valley area. PP friends and family or add 3%. I can ship, buyer to cover shipping costs. Lowball offers will be ignored.
  186. tamddo714

    WTB tranx 401 HG LEFT HAND

    looking for tranx 401 HG left hand show me what you got! thanks
  187. A

    SOLD Shimano Baitrunner 12000D Daiwa Proteus 76HFS

    $260 for Baitrunner 12000D and Daiwa Proteus 76HFS Great Condition - Used for only 1/2 season (2 yellowfin trips couple rock fish outings) Very clean and no scuffing on reel or rod Spooled with 65lb Spectra 25lbs max drag Rod rated for 55lb-80lb braid but fishing lighter is still fun on it No...
  188. TimothyReel

    For Sale Saltist BG40H BNIB

    Torium is sold, so Saltist left... Brand new, this reel has never had line on them nor been on any rod. Saltist = 165$ price include Shipping payments: PP + 3% fees, also accept Venmo for payment which is free. Thanks
  189. Bite1

    SOLD Reduced Calstar 270 8C and New Daiwa Proteus 70XXHF

    Reduced !!!!! Money is tight, guys. Got some bills due. I live in Los Angeles Calstar WCDH 270 8C 12-30 Rating 8 feet $85.00 Firm Good condition rod. No rust or cracking on coating. Bought it off a guy for 120 about a month ago and haven't used it. Daiwa Proteus PRTB70XXHF 7feet 40-60 mono...
  190. M

    For Sale Daiwa Lexa HD 300HS-P w/30lb multicolor J-Braid

    I am selling a Daiwa Lexa HD 300HS-P baitcaster with 7.1:1 gear ratio and loaded with 30lb multicolor J-braid. The reel is in overall great condition as I only used it for 1 season. Comes with the original box and papers. Selling to pay some bills. Price is $165 shipped and I am located in...
  191. Tyler Doan

    SOLD WTS/WTT BNIB Daiwa Lexa 300WN

    As the title says, Looking to sell my Daiwa Lexa 300WN was an impulse buy Took out of the box to spool with 55lbs spectra backing to 65lbs white tuff line spectra (never used). MSRP: $250+$35 for spectra Pickup in Anaheim Obo: $ 180 my loss Or trade for a Cousins CPX 809F SOLD
  192. Jarrr

    For Sale Diawa Lexa 400hd (lefty) 8.1:1

    Like the title says. Great condition, smooth, always cleaned and oiled meticulously. 9 cosmetic / 10 mechanic. $200 firm. Shoot me a pm if interested.
  193. Jack Yac

    Cheap fishing gear!! Daiwa, Shimano, truline

    Everything has to go ASAP 1. Left hand Calcutta 400D 225 OBO 2. Daiwa Sealine 50 RHand Shimano rod combo 110 OBO new price 80 OBO 3. Daiwa Saltist 50 130$$ 4. Truline Dynamo 15 thread factory wrapped 60 OBO 5. Shimano torium 20 left hand 185 OBO ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE Text me...
  194. Brqndqn

    Truth SG/ lexa 400HD/ Lexa 300hl

    Truth/ seigler SG $230 Lexa 400HD $220 Lexa 300HL $150 All reel new condition. Both lexa come with box and accessories Truth comes with ah and accessories Everything has been barely used Narrowing out my reels as I don’t need this many Located in garden grove
  195. Grantanamo

    WTB Roddy/Truline

    Looking to buy some Roddys and Trulines. Located in San Diego. Roddys: 8-10ft single piece Trulines: looking for a lot, offer... Will consider blanks, factory, and custom wrapped rods. Would also have interest in Blue/Green super seeker Ex glass rods. Message here or also available to text at...
  196. DylanJ

    Daiwa swimbait rods

    Whats up BD! Just curious if anyone has tried the new Daiwa DXSB swimbait rods. They look pretty nice and are a reasonable price. The 8ft XXH Is rated for 35-65. Does anyone know if that is Braid or Mono Rating? I greatly appreciate any information and advice. Attached is a link to the Rod i...
  197. K

    SOLD Saltist BG20

    Daiwa proteus 80HF 20-50 [SOLD] Daiwa Saltist BG20 w.clamp $100 Cash + local pickup.
  198. Dan G.

    Has anyone purchased a high end saltwater reel thru Walmart mail order?

    This may sound like a dumb question but let me explain. I'm looking to buy a Daiwa SASD40A (star drag) for some trips this winter. There are no tackle shops which carry saltwater gear in my area (SLC) so I'm relegated to buying nearly everything through mail order. This reel on Walmart's...
  199. R

    FS: Vintage Newell P322F

    I have a early 80's Newell P322F for sale. Comes with box and Papers. SOLD Let me know if you are interested. Thanks,
  200. noahg727

    Wanted: Daiwa sealine SLT 50w

    Looking for a Daiwa sealine SLT 50w. Must be willing to ship and PayPal gift. Send me a PM
  201. NumbThumb

    Big swimbaits, clips, and bay patrol.

    The wife and I scored some angry dudes on the long swimbaits with the flash. Drifted into Navy territory and was greeted by tactical maneuvers from the bay patrol. The dude was super mellow and navigated back 50 yards. It was so active we just casted to movement or breaching and bang!!!
  202. noahg727

    Anyone have any experience with the Daiwa slt sealine 50w 2 speeds?

    I have the opportunity to purchase a Daiwa slt 50w 2 speed for under 300$. Reel was only used a handful of time and it's in great condition. I would be using it for LBSF. Any thoughts?
  203. titan05

    For Sale- Daiwa Sealine SHA and Daiwa Saltist Reels- All Reduced

    Hey All Just doing some mid summer cleaning..... I think all these prices are fair and my gear is always clean and if it isn't I say it....don't be shy ....Got a offer.....Bring it......I don't bite ;) Okuma Catalina 25 cs - no clamp - clean - good drag - 50.00 Okuma Catalina 55N - clamp -...
  204. reeltease

    NEW reels coming out

    Once again ICAST 2017 had a lot of new things in store for the fishing enthusiast. Attached are some of the newest reels about to hit the market.
  205. H


    Models PMF53H,PMF55H,PMF57H The Old School Daiwa Lexa Inbox me if you have thanks
  206. Awsum

    Shimano trinidad vs daifa saltiga?

    Im searching for a new reel for yellowtail (and be able to handle smaller yet and bft) and was stuck between the shimano Trinidad 20a and the aiwa saltiga 35ha. as far as I can tell, the saltiga is maybe the same thing with a smaller line capacity but runs almost $100 dollars cheaper. can anyone...
  207. SccfoChef


  208. R

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 40 and 40N

    I am looking for a Shimano Trinidad 40 and 40N in really good condition. Let me know what you have. pm please Thanks, Larry
  209. Arthur Seropyan

    Daiwa combo

    got a Daiwa proteus 7'6 with a Daiwa saltist LD30 up for grabs PM for pics It's brand new so 400
  210. coastalwerks

    DS: Daiwa Shoulder/Rod Strap

    New in package. $80 OBO Daiwa Shoulder Strap SHOULDER PADS = (Gentle on Shoulders) & Prevent Slips Fabric Protection to minimize scratches occurred due to rod buckles. Neo Belt Dimension = 320mm X 35mm Belt Area = 11mm X 38mm Black Color Only
  211. S

    Shimano Terez 6'6" $200

    SOLD !!
  212. Andriy Proshchenko

    Reels for sale - Penn Torque 12, Fathom 25N, Newell 332, Avet MXL, Daiwa Saltist, Shimano, Okuma

    Reels for sale, these are duplicate setups that I have sitting around. All reels are either brand new or 9/10 condition, putting 9 just because these were used several times. Couple of them have tiny marks but no major boat rash on any reel. 1. Penn Torque 12 black - full of 40lb Daiwa jbraid...
  213. R

    Penn International 50SW Two Speed

    I have a Penn International 50 SW two speed in really clean condition for SOLD. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks,
  214. R

    AVET HX Silver 5/2 and Shimano Torium 20

    I have a couple of reels for sale that in great working condition. Avet HX Silver 5/2 w/ braid in pretty good condition 9/10. Has been well taken care of and Includes box. SOLD Shimano Torium 20 in good condition. Has boat rash but in great working condition. 7/10 cosmetically and 9/10 working...
  215. ryder vega

    LOOKING FOR daiwa lexa 400 HD(LET ME KNOW ASAP)

    if anyone has a daiwa lexa 400 hd for sale let me know asap at 562-507-8068
  216. Babykiller

    DAIWA Luna 253 baitcast calico reel. TRADE

    Daiwa Luna 253 bait cast reel 9.5 cosmetic 9.5/10 mechanical Just professionally serviced at Daiwa headquarters located in Irvine for pickup $Trade for saltwater reel or rod. Make an offer.
  217. R

    FS: Gloomis Saltwater Series and Shimano Calcutta Rods

    i have one Gloomis Saltwater Series and one Shimano Calcutta Rods for Sale in excellent condition. Gloomis Saltwater Series Factory, 108-25, 9' 20-30# - $250 Shimano Calcutta 815, Made in Washington, 8' 10-20# - $200 Please let me know if you are interested. thanks,
  218. B

    WTS Daiwa Reels

    1. Daiwa Luna 253 - Brand New In Box -200 - OBO 2. Daiwa Saltiga 50 - Brand New in Box - $380 -OBO Willing to ship on your cost. If you have any questions, please message me or email me. [email protected]
  219. Joda

    Used Daiwa Saltiga LD40 2 speed

    Hi I got the reel brand new from fellow BDer here. I took it out for a trip and realize my current fishing trips do not need this big of a reel. Selling for $350 with Daiwa J braids 65# filled, used once. $330 without Braid.
  220. K


    Shimano Triton Charter Special $85 Avet SXJ $165 Avet MXJ BNIB $185, 2 speed $265 Avet JX 2 Speed BNIB $325 Shimano Sustain 6000FG $280 Shimano Trevala TFS-69ML $120 Combo $360 Shimano Torium 30 $125 Pickup only. No shipping. Thanks for looking
  221. Delbrugge4


  222. manho

    Looking for Phenix 809H or Calstar 800M

    Please post your price and location. I work in Brea, and live in Cerritos. Also, if you'd like a trade, please see below. Daiwa Lexa 400 PWR-P w/ 40lb red braid PPro (w/ Box) condition 9/10 Shimano Torium 20HG w/ 50lb red braid PPro (w/ Box & Clamp) condition 8/10 (tiny scuff) Seeker Classic...
  223. J

    WTS/WTT BNIB Shimano Trinidad 30A QUICK SALE

    WTB/WTT BNIB Shimano Trinidad 30A $400. First one come with cash take it 3105261205 - Whittier/Commerce
  224. M

    Daiwa AIRD Coastal baitcaster

    I've seen a lot of good deals out there on the Daiwa Coastal AIRD baitcaster series but I can't find many reviews on this reel. Anyone have any first hand experience with them in the salt? I will be using it mostly for jigging with 1/2 - 2 oz jigs for black sea bass (<5lbs), flounder (<7lbs)...
  225. R

    What reel?

    Im looking to get a new all around reel for calico bass up to yellowtail and maybe tuna, i was looking at either the Daiwa Lexa 400 or the Abu Revo Beast. Anybody use one or both and have some recommendations or comments to say about them?
  226. coyoteslayer93

    Daiwa Proteus Rods

    I have 3 Daiwa Proteus rods available, two of them have been used four times total, and the other is brand new. The two that have been used four times are 8' Medium Heavy action The new rod is 7'6" Medium Heavy action. All of them are really good rods caught a lot of tuna on them when I did...
  227. lifted135

    For Sale Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P

    Looking to sell my Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P. Comes with brand new carbontex drags and 50 # suffix braid used once this season with topshot of 40# XXX smoke. This reel is ready to go. Price $190.00. Reel is cosmetically 8/10, does have some scratches and 9/10 mechanically, was going to get it...
  228. O

    Daiwa Saltist 4000H

    BNIB Daiwa Saltist 4000H. $160 cash ftf. Located in La Verne/San Dimas area.
  229. Adam Briggs

    WTB: Daiwa Saltist STTBG50H

    Looking to buy a Daiwa Saltist 50H Black and Gold ... I have PayPal ready, or rods and reels that I can bundle to trade if interested.
  230. mkimin


  231. skymango

    (SOLD) FS: Daiwa LEXA 400PWR-P Bait Casting reel, 5.1:1, with Box

    Hi, Up for sale is Daiwa LEXA 400PWR-P with 5.1:1 ratio. Spooled with 55 lb green Daiwa Samurai braid + 40 Lb Izorline XXX Super Co-Polymer mono. Asking $SOLD. Bought new at the beginning of last season. It's been on boat rides maybe 5 times or so, but was only used as a back up reel to lever...
  232. Elsa

    LEXA-HD400HS-P 7.1:1

    For Sale: Daiwa LEXA-HD400HS-P Spooled with 65lb. J-Braid top shot 40lb. Like New. Put line in the water literally once! I have the receipt showing I just purchased a couple months ago. $230 FIRM, CASH ONLY, no trades. Located in the South Bay. For best results leave your number and ill text...
  233. Edrush

    For sale daiwa saltist bg40

    selling my daiwa saltist. Cosmetic 8.5/10. Mechanical 9/10. Used a handful of times. No damage to mechanism and some boat rash. I just put about 400 yds of 65# spectra. Asking $160.00. Interested in trades.