1. J&L 20' Outriggers with Custom Bases and Rigging

    Southern California J&L 20' Outriggers with Custom Bases and Rigging

    J&L Welding & Machine 20' Aluminum poles Roof Mount Outrigger Kit with Custom Bases Outrigger Bent Butt Section Retail $2057 plus Custom Bases and rigging Asking $800 OBO *Photos of the boat show the outriggers before we purchased the boat and removed outriggers.
  2. Custom Newell classics

    Southern California Custom Newell classics

    Got 3 very clean well maintained classics for sale. Not interested in parting them out. They are all tiburon conversions and will include the original parts. $350 No Letter 332-5 electric blue tiburon frame(rare color) Original base and bars included $325 G229F red tiburon frame with custom...
  3. Christianbrat

    Arima Sea Explorer 15'11" Pilot House

    Last September I bought another boat and sold my Hobie Power Skiff (everyone who's owned one says they regret selling it, I'm no different). The new boat is the "Small Fry". I wanted more protection and somewhere to put a radar so I built a cab. Heres a bunch of pics for peeps looking to do the...
  4. Seeker 530 #15-40 9ft

    Southern California Seeker 530 #15-40 9ft

    Have a Custom wrapped Seeker 530 cream color. #15-40 9ft long with Alps XXNLG guides, x-tube deckhand handle. Great #25 to #30 bait stick or light Jigstick.
  5. I

    Jig Stick

    I'm looking for a Jig stick, 8-10 ft 20-50 lbs line compasity preferably deckhand style rapped. resantly posted about a week ago. Got a few responses and of course I was too late on the response. Seeker and or custom would be ideal but I live in the reel world pun intended. Look I dont fish...
  6. Custom wrapped ugly stik #30-60 7ft

    Custom wrapped ugly stik #30-60 7ft

    Custom wrapped ugly stik. Hey had to learn some how to strip and wrap a rod. Great Rock Cod rod with reel seat. #30-60, 7ft. Rod, reel, saltwater, penn Shimano avet calstar seeker fishing boat
  7. >PRICE DROP<  For Sale or Trade:  Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead

    >PRICE DROP< For Sale or Trade: Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead

    8' 15-30# Green Glass SD 36 Blank Trade for SPJ set-ups; Accurate Valiant 300 or 400 I'm having trouble uploading all of the photos, but I'm able to add the video of the rod here:
  8. KauaiDreaming

    2021 Arima YT

    Aloha folks, Looking for recommendations for a Reputable/Quality/Local (to SoCal) Custom boat cover maker/manufacturer. 2021 Arima YT. Thanx in advance for your feedback. 🤙
  9. B

    FENWICK P1870C 7' 15-40LB

    I am selling one rebuilt FenWick P1870c PACIFIC STICK E glass model. This rod was stripped down and rebuilt with all new components. I am asking $300 or I'm up for trades for any blue glass OC seeker rods or Long beach seeker models. Please no low ballers.
  10. Finding_Nico


  11. B

    Diawa reels calstar rods

    Cleaning out the garage Have more than what’s shown in the pictures Can text additional pictures Reels $250 Diawa Saltiga 50 star drag $150 Diawa Tatula type R 100H Rods $150 Calstar WC670C 20-50lb $150Calstar WC660H-C 30-80lb $120 Diawa Tatula TAT6101MXB 6-16lb $150 Calstar BTB 6480...
  12. T


    In south Florida and I will pay shipping LOOKING FOR CALSTAR GF 800-850m. thanks ! Chris
  13. F

    Farallon Boats pictures!

    Show off those pictures of back when we could fish! Show us your older or new Farallons and any fishing pictures while out doing what they are made to do. Hope everyone stays safe during this time and we hope to see you all out fishing again soon! -The Farallon Family
  14. Franklin Warner

    Looking for a custom built-in baitwell builder in SD

    Does anyone know of a custom fiberglass shop in SD that could help me do a built-in baitwell? My current one is only 16 gallons (half scoop of bait isnt enough). Looking to build onto the current baitwell or build another one. Thanks for the help.
  15. E man

    2 Custom Seeker WTS 7X

    I've been looking for a local builder and recently found one here. He built a couple for me and I must say I am very happy with them. They're clean and the threading is tight. I just wanted to give him a shout out and post a few pics of the builds. Thanks @twinfin1000
  16. Kawika Tumilowicz

    Efficient, stable, Trailerable... The soon to be Hobie Trimaran

    Well, it looks like I got myself into a LARGE project for a small boat. Saw 4 hobie 18 hulls and a decent trailer for sale on craigslist and decided to make myself a small boat that is economical yet seaworthy. I hate the designs of compression tunnel catamarans (family had a tern cat 18')...
  17. E

    Custom Wrapped Pliers

    I make custom wrapped pliers, duck bills, and cutters! Original grips are stripped off and I apply a thin layer of rubber undercoating to prevent any rust. I then wrap with your choice of braid style and colors. Lastly, they are finished with spar varnish to seal from the elements and to...
  18. O

    Custom Wrapped Calstar Grafighter GFTR-765M 40-100lbs 7 AFTCO HD Roller Guides

    Selling Custom Wrapped Calstar Grafighter Trolling Rod $400 OBO BLANK: Calstar GF-765M LENGTH: 6' 6" LINE RATING: 40-100lbs GUIDES: 7 AFTCO HD Roller Guides 3x31's 3x41's 1x51 TIP TOP: AFTCO #10 Black REEL SEAT: Perfection Marine-grade Aluminum
  19. Y

    Custom CNC Machined parts

    posted in wrong location... sorry
  20. SD32J

    Long Gone,delete..

    Please delete. Thanks BD
  21. Baja Bev

    Long Range Rods And Reels For Sale

    The wife of a friend of mine has given me part of her late *husband's tackle collection to sell. He had a very nice and well maintained selection of Seeker and Calstar rods as well as Penn Internationals (inc. Tiburon, 2 speed conversions, blueprinting, bearing & sleeve work through Cal...
  22. NoShameInTheSaltGame

    To cover boat, or not to cover boat, that is the question...

    Aloha Tuesday Y’all! Just over here pondering whether to Break Out Another Thousand on a boat cover to keep my sled nice and tidy. I’m pretty torn. On the one hand, I see the benefits of a custom cover: keeps boat looking new/clean, keeps bird shit off, adds a layer of security for thief’s...
  23. NoShameInTheSaltGame

    Boat Lettering Recommendations?

    Hi guys, Anybody have a great recommendation for someone who does custom boat lettering? I’m in the Monterey area. A bunch of stuff pops up when i google boat lettering, but was hoping for a recommendation on here for someplace legit that does great work. Thanks all!
  24. G

    Rod Identification Help Please

    Hello, I'm a vintage fisherman but I use mostly new tackle. I kind of got stuck on Shimano reels and Ugly Stik rods. Anyway, I picked up this really nice 5' 7" fiberglass rod with an Orvis 50a mounted on it at an estate sale Saturday. I've never seen anything like it. There are no markings. The...
  25. Sculpins

    SOLD! Custom Plywood tackle box with rod holders one of a kind $100

    This is a custom built Long Range tackle box built of birch ply and spar varnished in excellent condition. It's covered in easy to clean Formica laminate and all marine grade hardware was used where possible. It holds 5 Plano 3600 series boxes. I use this system and change out for the type of...
  26. Iron Rod

    Albacore Back Pack DIY Roller.

    So I have this Albacore backpack I bought years ago, never really wanted to Lug this huge thing on my back. It's been sitting around for a few years, also had this really lightweight folding cart I bought at Fry's -some time ago for my SKB but it didn't work out as the top lid needs 2 to 3...
  27. Dan G.

    Batson Rainshadow Vertical Jigging Rods

    Ok, I got carried away making these custom casting rods for family and friends and have three extras- all are new/unused, $150/each plus shipping; (1) Batson Rainshadow RCKJB508-500, 5'8", 50-100lb, 12-24oz., hypalon grips, Fuji palming reel seat, American Tackle guides and tip-top. Gorgeous...
  28. RiggingSoCal

    Custom Made Fishing Rod Racks by RS woodworks

    About me My Name is Patrick and I am a structural engineer. On my spare time I’m a hobbyist carpenter To Get a Quote For Your Rack! Message or text me All our products and use actual wood giving you a product that’ll last for years (no pressed wood here) You’ll receive your quote with the...
  29. Predatormonster

    Aluminum Hardtop For Sale

  30. RiggingSoCal

    Custom Made Fishing Rod Racks

    Hey guys, been making these custom made fishing rod racks for friends and deciding to start selling them to the public. Its a hobby of mine and I have a lot of fun making them. Depending on the size and style it takes me roughly 3 weeks to make it. I'd also love to make it for free if we had to...
  31. Wicked Plier Wraps

    Customer Wrapped fishing gear

    How many of you out there wrap your own gear? Pliers, rod handles are anything fishing related. Seine twine has been the go to cord for ages and still is a heavy favorite. 550 cord is making a big showing in the community. What do you guys use and why do you like?
  32. coastalsharker


  33. CHG_IV

    1984 Skipjack 28 Re-power Parts

    I am re-powering my Skipjack with outboards. Turning engine bay into a hold, going commercial this year. I use the boat now at least once a month. These items are all in excellent working order. I can deliver to SO-Cal once a month as I am there for business. Volvo 280 drives with complete...
  34. Bajangler

    Custom Boat/trolling Rod For Sale Almost New, Almost Free

    This rod was made in Florida, used 3 times. It is a Sceptre, heavy duty rod, was $175 new, asking $45 or best offer. Moving to Las Vegas, must sell. Rod is 6 1/2 feet, 50-80 lb. Pick up in La Jolla, PM with phone number if interested.
  35. F

    Custom Chris Craft Sea Hawk For Sale!

    This Boat is immaculate and turnkey! Over 900 build hours from Barret, check this thread: Asking $52,000.00. Mike 1 (949) 678-0116 -2017 7,000 lb custom made pacific trailer. -250 horsepower...
  36. Megane4336

    Original Super Seekers!!

    For sale: I have a set of original Orange County factory Super Seekers. These rods are pre Seeker ownership change. Come with turbos and heavy Aftco Rollers. ***Rods are all in excellent condition and have only been used less than a handful of times*** Text (619)799-7297 for more pictures...
  37. osiito


  38. wwen


    Bump. Will trade for Daiwa Isla/Catalina 5000 (HG/LG) or (equivalent amount of Halco Max 130, Topwater Swimbaits/Poppers (70-90g), Japanese jigs). Need stuff to actually fish with too much jigging gear. Hope some one else can out this fine equipment to good use! This setup would make a sweet...