charter fishing

  1. Dhamar_Sportfishing

    Offshore Epic rooster,tuna fishing and billfishes

    🔥🇲🇽🍻🌥🦑😋 the bites continues!! Summer brings a lots of good fishing, nice clean water and plenty bait around our fisheries yellowfin still bowling and biting at roca corbeteña nice grade for sashimi and poke bowls!! We also catch billfish and nice size roosterfish way back home 😝 But...
  2. Dhamar_Sportfishing

    Inshore fishing May 2022

    A few days of epic fishing around the bay!! Our buddy catches his own fish on the poppers and Jigs all day long and this is what we got 🔥🔥 Colorado snapper!! Check this Stud Sierra mackerel Lots of Toro Colorado on the jig Also some bottom fishing His buddy’s...
  3. R

    Southern California Four Day Charter on the Poseidon leaving November 8th

    Looking to sell my 4 day trip on the Poseidon leaving on November 8th, 2021. Trip includes food, unlimited water/soda, 10 beers, two special catered gourmet dinners, and a sponsor provided cooler bag. Paid $1400. Will let it go for $1,100
  4. ChrisFishSD

    Fishing captains in Baja

    Anyone have contacts for capitans that operate pangas in these Baja places? Doing a road trip from San Diego to La Paz in May. Looking to fish and dive. Cheers! - Gonzaga bay - Bahia de LA - Scorpion bay - La Lobera / bahia tortugas - San Juanico - Punta chivato - La Paz
  5. msangler

    July 27-29 Apollo Tuna Charter

    Plans change! This is my trip that is usually half fly anglers and half conventional. But with Covid, everything changes. This will not a be a fly angler trip and I have openings on this limited load 2 day (16 anglers) on the great ship Apollo. The boat will depart Monday, July 27th, from...
  6. Croaker_King

    2.5 Day Legend 10/04-10/07

    Charter 2.5 Day Legend Limited Load Departs 10/04/19 Friday Evening 8:00 PM Returns 10/07/19 Monday Morning 6:00 AM Typically this trip peak season weekend price costs $695/person with a full load of 30 and does not include tip. We will run this trip with 28 people and a 15% tip is included in...
  7. Scott Edgar

    Halibut shakedown trip.

    We repowered this year with a brand new 300hp Yamaha. Decided to take her out for the new engine break in period, got bored half way through it and decided to backtroll for some bottom fish. First one picks up in a shallow cut on hard pan. 98-110’ 2nd one was on mud in a hole in 225’ Didn’t...
  8. msangler

    Fishing on the Island Tak and Sea Jay Charters, Channel Islands

    I am the charter master on 14 trips from May through November. Our group has shrunk over the years and I am looking for some fun people to join us. Here are some details Trips leaves Wednesday mornings, every other week, at 4 am. You are welcome to arrive the night before after 8 pm and sleep...
  9. Scott Edgar

    I don’t post often ......

    But lately we have had some reel good fishing with my new setup. Running brand new 2019 Yamaha's. Getting out too where there isn’t any fishing pressure from the rest of the fleet that sell 4hr-6 halibut or salmon trips.... right in close to town. I love the peace and quiet... but the...
  10. Norwester

    Cabo PANGA Seat Avail April 8

    I'm a Pacific NW fisherman and vacationing with my family in Cabo. I wanted to experience ocean fishing, and thought PANGA was a perfect way to be close to the water and catch some dinner for the rest of our vacation week...while enjoying 5 hours on the water in Cabo. One or two seats are...
  11. SalmonEye

    Ucluelet, BC Fishing Report- September 25th, 2018

    Our September fishing was better than expected for Chinook, Coho and Halibut. The fall returning Chinook (Kings) were close to the shore and most days saw fast action. We had a few days where it was slow in the morning and then lights out in the afternoons. That’s fishing. Actually some of the...
  12. Invictus

    3 Day Charter, Aztec, 4 Spots Left

    I have 4 spots to fill for our July charter, $956 included 9 meals. Limited load of 18. Help me sell this bad boy out, 10th year running.
  13. Invictus

    Aztec 3 Day Charter, Light Load of 18 in July

    Greetings, We run an annual charter for the last ten years on the Aztec. The boat fishes 25 but we limit to 18 MAX. This leaves piles of room to fish and relax with flat screens in the state rooms and a wide open galley. Price includes three meals a day, including dinner on last day. NOT...


    Hey everyone this is a 2 day charter that I've been putting together for the last 15 years and I have some open spots for sale. Please PM me if you are interested or have questions. HERE ARE THE DETAILS : BOAT: "OUTERLIMITS" - out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego (across fwy from Sea World)...
  15. M

    Saltwater Fishing Trip Recommendations

    Hello everyone, I'm from Michigan and have never seen an ocean before. As a High School graduation present my parents are taking me salt water fishing. I am looking for reccomendations as to where and what to fish for. Somewhere that has great charters and also has fishing opportunities that...
  16. MikeeDaGuy

    Openings! Apollo Puerto Vallarta Feb 17th thru 21st 3 1/2 day

    Hey All, Its been forever since I posted on BD, Busy as hell with work, which is a good thing! The wife is good for now with her cancer battle life is good! Anyways Let me get to it. Not my Charter although I have 5 maybe 6 spots filled with my ppl already. I have 2 openings for sure though I...
  17. M

    Share panga on 10/29 at La Ribera?

    Hi everyone. I'm going to be staying at a beach house just south of La Ribera on October 27-30. A quick 50th bday trip with a few friends. I'm the only fisherman among us and plan on hiring a panga on Sunday, October 29. (Owner of vacation house recommended Trino's Fishing Trips - they will pick...
  18. joshua mosley

    looking for one spot on a multi day trip this weekend

    have to be back by Monday night but free from Friday night til Monday night. Looking for a really good boat to get on (I am fairly new at all of this). I had to cancel my trip to cabo this weekend due to Norma. Really want to hook into some good sized fish and have a lot of fun.. Targets YFT...
  19. S

    Need a half-day charter for 10 on 7/16/16

    Looking for a charter for 10 guys on 7/16 for an AM half day trip outta SD - realize it's smack in the middle of the season but my boat can't hold this many. Please email if you can assist and are looking to make some money. [email protected]
  20. The Dominator

    Bluefin Update-Dominator Report

    *The Tuna Tease* We targeted Bluefin on the last couple Trips and had to Realy Work for it. There's definitely not a lack of Fish just the usual Bluefin game... Limit style fishing turning into having to Finesse them. Either way we're Fired up to get back out on Em. Be sure to Bring a Good Fly...
  21. The Dominator

    Dominator Trip Coming Up

    The Weather forecast is looking Great for the next 10+ Days with next Weekend in the high 70s!. We are Sold Out for this weekend but still have room on the Next trip leaving Friday 3/25 at 7pm. Grab your favorite yo-yo Jigs and come on out with us! Fatty Yellowtail, Quality Rockfish and Good...