1. Gyotaku Fish Prints, Tuna, Calicos, Halibut, Octopus Art 20% off

    Southern California Gyotaku Fish Prints, Tuna, Calicos, Halibut, Octopus Art 20% off

    Fish prints for sale. These are actual prints of fish, including bluefin tuna, calicos, sand bass, octopus, and more. I use sumi ink to create these prints. Basically, the process involves painting the ink on the fish and then placing paper on top of the inked fish. When I lift up the paper, a...
  2. Hobie Mirage Lynx

    Southern California Hobie Mirage Lynx

    Hobie Mirage Lynx in pristine condition. Great kayak for fishing powered by Hobie MirageDrive 180 pedals with forward/reverse and kick up fins. Paddle, seat, steering system included… ready to go! Lightweight, fast, easy to transport and store. Great watercraft for shore anglers or float tubers...
  3. davidchen5576

    Looking for fishing buddies in Irvine/RSM Area

    Hey guys, My name is David and I am 22 years old. I just moved down to the Lake Forest area after graduating college about a month ago. I am looking for people to fish with in the area. I am open to any type of fishing but am primarily interested in saltwater, as I heard the freshwater fishing...
  4. Phenix Abyss PSX907 9’0” Casting Rod (cork-wrapped deckhand) - $145

    Southern California Phenix Abyss PSX907 9’0” Casting Rod (cork-wrapped deckhand) - $145

    Phenix Abyss PSX907 9’0” Casting Rod (cork-wrapped deckhand) - $145 Graphite/S-Glass composite (super light) Moderate 12-30lb, Fuji reel seat, Essex SiC guides (designed for braided line). Specs: I have it set up as my calico/YT/YFT/Dorado...
  5. Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P High-capacity w/ power handle (*right-handed) | $165

    Southern California Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P High-capacity w/ power handle (*right-handed) | $165

    Daiwa Lexa 400HS-P High-capacity w/ power handle (right-handed) | $165 7.1:1 gear ratio, Right-handed Near-new braid (50#) on with a bit of topshot (should be replaced), box and clamp included. Great reel for swimbait fishing the calicos, or throwing on the football YFT or YTs, or bonito...
  6. 1Matthew

    Calico Bass swimbait reel-Help

    Hi all! I’m trying to get more into the saltwater bass species fishing. I’ve gone out for calico Bass using my sealine 30 but really want to get a baitcaster for chucking swim baits at them. I’m looking for something to throw 1/2 oz - 2 oz probably and typically fish around the Channel Islands...
  7. Irod Genesis Bailey Swim XH

    Southern California Irod Genesis Bailey Swim XH

    This rod is pretty amazing. Been using it as an all around calico stick (big hardbaits, jighead swimbaits, ect), and as a freshwater swimbait stick (ms slammers, huddleston, ect.) Only selling because I've started wrapping my own rods. Pretty much new condition. Rated 20-60 lbs and 2-8 ounce...
  8. J

    Inshore La Jolla Kelp Lessons Learned

    Short story - La Jolla Kelp, 3 calico, hard bottom south of kelp 2 white fish/1 Boccaccio, misc rockfish, 9 mile bank scout nothing Long story - This is not informative for those with experience, I have none so it was news to me. Drove down to Mission Bay and launched from South Shore boat...
  9. reefhunter11

    Surface Iron Video

    Over the summer the Baracuda and Calico bite was crazy! Crazy for the Jig. This video is an aerial perspective shot on the DJI MavicAir 2 of Baracuda slamming the jig. We put a lot of time into editing this video. Let us know what you think of the video in the comments section. Were hoping...

    Catalina Trip Two Harbors-Bonito, calico, lobster

    Here is our most recent trip to Catalina: Lots of bonito, calicos and lobster (mostly shorts). Any suggestions besides floating strips of bonito to get past calicos and bonito for YT? Heading out to Avalon Wednesday and Thursday this week.
  11. L

    Seeker Inshore Pro 807-8' T

    Selling my Seeker Inshore Pro 807-8' T 10-17lbs (very underated) 140$ Bought it at Fred Hall last year, has normal wear and tear but nothing major. The only cosmetic issue is a scrape on the back of one of the guides, very minor, went into the threading but not the actual blank (picture...
  12. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    Video Report: Capo beach b

    It felt good to be back in the game!😃 Fishing Capistrano beach targeting bass and sheepshead (Bat Ray Bycatch)
  13. Jordan Lynn

    Calm day at the Marina Del Rey breakwall... got a few good calico!

    As usual me and the boys had a great time out at the wall in MDR. I've not been out there when the water was that calm before... it was nice. We had a pretty slow but productive day overall between everyone. Skys were completely cloudy all day and it looked like a storm was going to approach at...
  14. Jordan Lynn

    Calico bass at Marina Del Rey, CA breakwall

    It was a slow day getting there but I managed a couple on a cool cloudy day in SoCal. I was curious to see if I could catch any fish on my stuff I usually use in freshwater. It was a grind lol. Here's a little video of the day if you're bored.
  15. Efishient

    Cheap 8' and 7'6" calico/jig sticks

    Californian Calico Special 8' XH 15-40: $100 13 Fishing Defy Black 8' XH 20-40: $75 BPS Graphite Series 7'6" XH 30-80(more like 20-40): $50 All rods are fast action all rods barely used, just sitting on my rod rack Won't ship, local pick up/meet up in south bay area, or Orange County depending...
  16. Jordan Lynn

    Catching Calico Bass from a dock with Live Bait

    Hey everyone, hope you're having a good Presidents Day. I was thinking this video could potentially work in the fishing chit chat forum. Maybe it could help someone out who's unfamiliar with live bait fishing like I was. This was my first time in a long time to use live bait... It was fun but I...
  17. Jordan Lynn

    Dock fishing Marina Del Rey for Calico Bass

    Hey everyone, hope your weekend went well. I was able to get a few hours on the water with some friends and manage a few fish. The weather was perfect, you couldn't have asked for a better day to be outside! I was on live bait for the first time in a looooong time and managed to get one but the...
  18. Jordan Lynn

    Dock Fishing for Calico Bass with Live Bait in Marina Del Rey, CA

    Hey BD, hope everyone is having a good President's Day. Just wanted to drop this little video off of me and some friends fishing in Marina Del Rey last week. The weather was perfect and the fish were biting after a little bit of work. We only had 3 hours to be there but I think we still managed...
  19. Mle

    Rare Lucky Craft 110 Flash Minnow for SALE

    5/8oz Lucky Craft Flash Minnow 110 for sale $15 each
  20. Moor_fish

    New Okuma Rod

    Okuma Shadow stalker never used. Could be used for both fresh and salt. Comes with lifetime warranty. Please see pics for rod dimensions. $75
  21. Baja Belk

    Shimano Calcutta / Okuma rod combo

    Excellent condition Shimano Calcutta 400 with box, paperwork, and reel tool. 8.5/10 cosmetically (very minimal boat rash), and 10/10 mechanically (recently serviced). Spooled with 30# Spiderline stealth braid. Rod: Okuma Shadowstalker swimbait rod, 7’ heavy. 15-30#. Practically new (used one...
  22. Swampchicken

    Okuma Helios SX Baitcast Reel - Inside Look

    Hello all, Just put together a little video with a quick look at the new Helios SX Baitcast reel. Some great upgrades over the current Helios including a new handle design with a longer throw, disengaging spool shaft, and new internal breaking system. Hope this answers a few of the questions...
  23. M

    SWBS 2019 partner needed

    I am looking for someone who needs a partner for the 2019 SWBA and/or SBS. I've got gear but no boat. Currently I'm fishing spotties out of a kayak in the harbors which is great but looking to up my game and add some sand bass and calicos to the list. Willing to lend sweat equity and share any...
  24. Efishient

    PV shore fishing??

    I live pretty close to PV and have seen videos of people catching nice size calicos and sheepshead off the rocks. I know there is a bunch of restricted water in the area for fishing, but I would appreciate it if some of you could tell me where I can fish off the rocks or at least where to hike...
  25. Mike Darby

    9 Mile and Point Loma 8.25

    Got out to the South 9 just above the border at 9:00am. Started a fast troll with a feather and XRAP-20. Crossed the bank and zig-zagged across the east side til about the 178. Plenty of birds but none of them working anything. Plenty of boats too but no one seemed to be catching. No paddies at...
  26. DrBob89

    Big Bass at The Pipe 7/30

    Haven't posted for a while because there's been nothing but bass to report on. Yesterday (7/30) I was going to head to Catalina but turned left out of Huntington Harbor instead and tried the Newport Pipe. It was a good move. Fishing was great, weather was perfect, and I was alone all morning...
  27. G

    Jig heads - Light vs. Heavy (Catalina Island)

    I'm putting tackle together for a trip to Catalina August 6-10 and looking for some advice. I've got three rod/reel set-ups: UC 7' (30-50 lb.) w/ Avet MXL raptor - 60 lb. white 8-strand UC 6' (40-80 lb.) w/ Avet HX raptor - 80 lb. white 8-strand Toro Tamer 4-piece 9' surf rod 30-50 lb. w/ Lexa...
  28. L

    Good all around yellowtail rod?

    I just ordered a Shimano torium 20 and I am looking for a good all around rod. I am 15 so I don’t have a lot of money to spend. Any suggestions would be helpful thanks!
  29. DrBob89

    Horseshoe 1/12 in the fog - better technique

    Thanks much to Kman, tuner, and crabdancer for their tips on calico fishing. I used them all to have a much more productive day yesterday 1/12. I was probably ripping the hook or bait out jerking like a TV bass fisherman. The fog was thick in San Pedro at 7am, so I waited until 8:30 to leave...
  30. fishtrax


    Selling off some of my tournament gear... Looking to sell it all as a package, $120 OBO takes it all. Promar Rubber Net Patagonia Fishing Vest (Med) Ardent Smart Cull 2" Hitch Cutting Board with Rod holder fitting Misc......
  31. Camreed1

    Long Beach SWBA Tournament 2/18

    Hey Fellas, First time posting here. Are any of you guys fishing the Long Beach leg of the SWBA tournament this weekend? I live on the peninsula and spend a lot of time kayak fishing the bay, but I would be keen to team up if anyone else is fishing it solo and could use a partner. Cheers!
  32. wburdge

    Irons Gear & Tips! Help! 1st post too!

    Hey folks! Been lurking here for quite a while & figured I'd better ask for some help! Haven't seen my particular questions asked & I used the search bar ;) After much research I picked up a Lexa 400HD & Phenix Abyss 809 to toss irons. I got the Lexa for a steal & the rod fits in my car haha...
  33. jock

    Phenix 836L for sale

  34. AllDayEveryDay

    Fishing PL Kelp tomorrow.

    Hello fellow anglers! I will be fishing the kelp tomorrow, most likely off of PL rather than LJ because it seems to be producing more. Looking to catch rockies and calicos and whatever else wants to bite. I read a few other threads mostly reinforcing double droppers with squid or macks, and of...
  35. RenoG

    Open Invite Free Mission Bay, Kelp, and Local Banks fishing for strangers

    Given the number of people charging $300 to go fishing on their overpriced houseboats, and an effort of good will to the community, I have decided to offer NO CHARGE fishing trips on my boat, the Sea Sea Rider in Mission Bay, CA on weekends. I've never had strangers on my boat, but I am...
  36. fordexpoman

    Cousins Raze rod (Raze RSW 7930T 7'9" 20-30lb. Inshore Rod)

  37. SccfoChef

    WTS Phenix bass recon 8'

    PHX-C804 10-20lb 8' Good condition $145
  38. Hueneme Rick

    Anacapa Island Yellowtail and Calico Bass

    My wife caught her best Calico Bass and First Yellowtail on our Recent Trip on the Island Spirit the boat ended the day with 32 Yellowtail. I got two myself.