calico bass

  1. Jordan Lynn

    Absolutely insane day at San Clemente Island. Calico & Yellow....

    So me and some friends went out to SCI for some Calico Bass fishing and hopefully yellows. This was my first time out there and holy mother of god what an experience. I made this video of our day if you're interested. It was epic and I'm not trying to sound clickbait-y saying that.
  2. Jordan Lynn

    PENN Fathom 200 & 300 Low Profile reel review from San Clemente Island

    Me and a few friends headed to SCI the other day to test out these new Fathom reels. I was on the 200 and Tee was on the 300. We had them paired on a couple iRods and absolutely slayed them out there. Here's the video if you'd like to check it out.
  3. Jordan Lynn

    Catalina Island report 11/2/20 - All day bite

    Got out on the Mardiosa Sport boat for my first trip out to Catalina. Cuda, Bonito, Sheepshead, treefish, lost yellows, calicos... it was a great time. Here’s a video recapping the day if you’re interested.
  4. muymacho74

    Lucky DW-1 Gone But never forgotten

    I recently lost my favorite (and Lucky) DW-1 on a 1.5 day trip on the Navegante Sportfishing out of Redondo on 10-15-2020. I acquired this particular jig on 6-26-2020 when I delivered the first shipment of DW-1s to H&M landing and Jerry (owner of JRI) gave me a half a dozen to take with me on a...
  5. Jordan Lynn

    Fun Calico sunset session at Marina Del Rey Breakwall

    Had a good time with my buddy Terry in MDR. We started in the docks and worked our way out to the breakwall. Terry was throwing HUBs and underspins and I was throwing some underspins as well with a few different swimbaits. Overall it was a great time on the water.
  6. Jordan Lynn

    Fishing the Santa Monica Breakwall

    Had a good time filming for this episode while fishing the Santa Monica breakwall. I had never fished there before, super cool spot. Divers were saying they were seeing big calico down there.
  7. Jordan Lynn

    First time kelp fishing for Calico in Palos Verdes

    My buddy Jesse invited me out to fish PV with him recently. I had never been out there before so it was a pretty cool experience. We took a skiff from Redondo and had a good time during a sunset session. Here's a video if you want to check it out.
  8. Jordan Lynn

    Awesome day smashing Calico at the wall at Marina Del Rey using Damiki Products only!

    Man, what a fun time I had on Sunday with my buddy Bairon hitting the wall at MDR. We used only Damiki stuff and challenged each other to a little fishing competition, loser buys lunch! Check out the video if you'd like. Probably one of my best days on the water in a while for a newb...
  9. N

    HUGE rare gear selloff (cheap prices). Cousins Raze, Abu Volatile, MC/Pearl Swimbaits, Daiwa, Phenix, Shimano, and more!

    Hey bass guys - I posted in classifieds but thought I'd give the bass guys a look too since it's all bass gear. I am selling a ton of tackle. Please text me three one zero-eight zero one-three one zero eight if interested. Open to discounts if you want multiple items. Thanks! Reels: OG...
  10. N

    For Sale HUGE cheap lure selloff fresh and salt - swimbaits, hardbaits, creature baits, lead heads

    Hi all, Times have changed and I have to get rid of a bunch of gear. Text me at Three One Zero, Eight Zero One, Three One Zero Eight if interested! Thanks! Swimbaits: 2x mattlures ultimate gill: $10 each Mattlures soft baby bass: $10 Mattlures soft perch: $10 50 mixed big hammer and MC...
  11. nicksteele97

    Want to buy: Big Pancho and LK

    Hey all - I’m looking to buy Big Pancho and LK swimbaits. Does any one know how I can get in contact with these guys? Or does anyone have any for sale? I hope they’re still pouring baits. thanks so much! Nick
  12. Jordan Lynn

    Catching a Calico using my Deeper Chirp Sonar Fish Finder

    Hey BD, I had a suuuuper slow day at Los Alamitos Bay in Los Angeles the other day. Managed a few small ones but didn't want to waste the footage so I edited this quick little catch video. Nothing crazy but I hope you guys enjoy.
  13. Cashdaddy777

    Kayak Fishing South of Santa Barbara

    Hi y’all, I’m taking my kayak out this weekend. Ive been looking on Fishbrain maps and google maps to find some kelp beds along there and I’ve narrowed it down to 2 spots. A reef in Summerland and Carpenteria reef. Has anyone had any luck at either? If so any tips on shat setups to use would be...
  14. DaPerrin

    Rainy Day Ocean Kayak Fishing Newport Harbor

    Decided to get away to NH and try for some bass. Was not expecting moderate rain and gusty winds but went out anyway as I love fishing in the rain now and then. Picked up some Calicos trolling a Bomber Long A 15 ft diver. Only noticed one other kayaker out fishing on this morning. Lots of paddle...

    Early Spring SB Bass Fishing

    A few early Spring days of Calico and Sand bass fishing in Santa Barbara. The majority of these fish were schooled up in 80 - 120ft and suspended off structure chasing bait. Couldn't even get close to the bottom and you were bit! 1 - 1 1/2oz lead heads paired with 6" Redemption swim baits did...
  16. Jordan Lynn

    Freshwater bass tackle useful in Saltwater?

    I honestly had no idea if you could use the same kind of stuff from freshwater fishing out in the salt. I decided to try with a few different things and see what happens. I went out to the wall at Marina Del Rey with the boys and put in a few hours of work. Overall it was a good test and we...
  17. Jordan Lynn

    Calm day at the Marina Del Rey breakwall... got a few good calico!

    As usual me and the boys had a great time out at the wall in MDR. I've not been out there when the water was that calm before... it was nice. We had a pretty slow but productive day overall between everyone. Skys were completely cloudy all day and it looked like a storm was going to approach at...
  18. Jordan Lynn

    Calico bass at Marina Del Rey, CA breakwall

    It was a slow day getting there but I managed a couple on a cool cloudy day in SoCal. I was curious to see if I could catch any fish on my stuff I usually use in freshwater. It was a grind lol. Here's a little video of the day if you're bored.
  19. Jordan Lynn

    Fun day at Marina Del Rey, CA on the kayaks this weekend... couple decent fish

    Hey BD. Me and boys had a fun time out in Marina Del Rey this last weekend. Weather was overcast all day and highs were like 69 I think. I was too lazy to take my stuff off from the previous day at Lake Balboa so I decided to see if I could catch some saltwater fish on my stuff I use in...
  20. Jordan Lynn

    $40 budget Okuma Stratus VI Spinning Reel does pretty good

    I've been using the crap out of this affordable little Okuma spinning reel from Dick's Sporting Goods. Caught a couple decent calico bass on it again this weekend. Here's a little video of the day out with it if you're bored...
  21. Efishient

    For Sale Cheap 8' and 7'6" calico/jig sticks

    Californian Calico Special 8' XH 15-40: $100 13 Fishing Defy Black 8' XH 20-40: $75 BPS Graphite Series 7'6" XH 30-80(more like 20-40): $50 All rods are fast action all rods barely used, just sitting on my rod rack Won't ship, local pick up/meet up in south bay area, or Orange County depending...
  22. F

    WTB Beginner Calico / Yellowtail setup

    Total noob when it comes to saltwater. Looking for decent “general purpose” rod/reel combo or individual item. Pick up anywhere in San Diego area, also have a UPS account and can issue a pick up.
  23. NY4Reels!

    Video: Lots of Sand bass and Spotties. Long Beach Harbor 2/15/2020

    Hi guys It was way too much fun! Hope you like the video! I created a new intro that I’m going to use in future videos. Please post up and let me know what you guys think. Lots of Sand Bass and Spotties. Long Beach Harbor, CA 2/15/2020
  24. Sardine_matt

    Anyone wanna go fishing?

    Anyone out there in the socal area with a boat that wants to go fishing this weekend or anytime soon? Im trying to get more into fishing and wanna spare myself from a charter boat. Id be willing to chip in. If not, does anyone know where or how I can meet people that could help me out? pm is...
  25. Jordan Lynn

    Catching Calico Bass from a dock with Live Bait

    Hey everyone, hope you're having a good Presidents Day. I was thinking this video could potentially work in the fishing chit chat forum. Maybe it could help someone out who's unfamiliar with live bait fishing like I was. This was my first time in a long time to use live bait... It was fun but I...
  26. Jordan Lynn

    Dock fishing Marina Del Rey for Calico Bass

    Hey everyone, hope your weekend went well. I was able to get a few hours on the water with some friends and manage a few fish. The weather was perfect, you couldn't have asked for a better day to be outside! I was on live bait for the first time in a looooong time and managed to get one but the...
  27. Jordan Lynn

    Dock Fishing for Calico Bass with Live Bait in Marina Del Rey, CA

    Hey BD, hope everyone is having a good President's Day. Just wanted to drop this little video off of me and some friends fishing in Marina Del Rey last week. The weather was perfect and the fish were biting after a little bit of work. We only had 3 hours to be there but I think we still managed...
  28. Jordan Lynn

    Kayak fishing the outer breakwall at Marina Del Rey last Sunday

    Hey BD, I had a hell of a time Sunday with my buddies kayak fishing the outer breakwall at MDR. It was super cloudy pretty much all day and the bite was definitely on! I think I ended up getting 6 or so, Terry went into double digits and Oliver got three. In total we landed 4 different species...
  29. SkiffnHB

    Avet SXJ Raptor

    Whats everybody's thoughts on this reel? Love Avet, thinking this can be my inshore reel. Yellows/Seabass etc..
  30. Jordan Lynn

    South Ventura/North Malibu Surf fishing

    Hey all, this is a little late but I still wanted to share from last week. My buddy Cameron took me out on my first surf fishing trip. We arrived on site around 6:30am Sunday morning and fished for a few hours before heading to Surfriders to finish off our day. Conditions were beautiful and it...
  31. NY4Reels!

    YouTube playlists of Dana Point & Newport Beach

    Hi folks, I seldom had any reports worth posting but that changed when I picked up a GoPro. l finally created a few playlists by location, and I’ll continually add to them and possibly create some new ones as time goes by. Please have a look Hope you like them! Southwest Kayak Fishing: Dana...
  32. Baja Belk

    Father's Day Weekend Fun

    Second time this year I put a date on the calendar to go tuna fishing, and the tuna go lockjaw the day or two before, only to resume biting a couple days later. Like clockwork, every time. C'est la vie, let's go to the islands and have some fun. Got to South Island, dropped Rapalas back, and got...
  33. Fisheye Channel

    Channel Islands Harbor Halibut and Bass Report

    On Saturday June 8th I launched out of Channel Islands Harbor, and worked for Halibut. Brett TKO and I ended up with 2 shorts each. I had a 19" and one just shy of 22" next week he will be 22". After fishing for Halibut with live bait from Ciscos on a Carolina rigg for a few hours and getting...
  34. Fisheye Channel

    Clash of the Kayaks Fishing Tournament

    Clash of The Kayaks Fishing Tournament Announcement! Join us October 12 for a fun day of Kayak Fishing and BBQ at Channel Islands Harbor. Compete to win Cash and prizes for the three longest fish, and earn the title of the "First Champion of the Clash of the Kayaks” at Channel Islands Harbor...
  35. silent slayer

    United Composites for throwing swim baits at calicos?

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the UC mega-bass and swim bait fanatics rods? I’m considering purchasing one model or the other. However, I do not know the difference between the two as the ones I am considering are both rated 15-30#. Also, which would be a better match with such a...
  36. nicksteele97

    Swimbait/Calico/Saltwater Bass rods and reels for sale!!

    I have 3 rods for sale: Cousins Raze 798 (perfect leadhead/swimbait/Huddleston rod), 808 (perfect weedless/ mid sized glidebait rod) and 909 (perfect iron/big softbait and glidebait rod). All of these rods are in brand new condition , used on one trip. You can’t find these for sale anymore...
  37. Nick Boone

    For Sale Curado 300E (3) $150 each

    I have 3 Curado 300E’s for sale. All reels are in great condition and come filled with green 65lb Power Pro braid. A few minor scuffs but nothing functionally wrong with the reels. $150 a piece.
  38. Fisheye Channel

    Channel Islands Harbor Calico Bass Kayak Fishing - Video

    Funny Video of my Wife and I catching Calico Bass.
  39. Swampchicken

    Nearly donated Komodo at Cedros

    Lucky enough to win the CCA raffle for the Cedros Kayak Fishing Trip at last years tournament series. In short, the trip was amazing. Such a class operation Jeff runs down there. If you get the opportunity, do it! That said, if you do go, hold on tight any pay attention around the kelp. Even...

    Fury 2 Day - July 23 to 25 - San Clemente Island

    This was a 2 day Charter Trip on the Fury out of Dana Point. This was my first time on the Fury....The Captain and crew were super cool and the boat was kept nice and clean. The charter group (13 Anglers) had decided to fish San Clemente Island for White Sea Bass, Yellowtail & Calico's and skip...
  41. L

    Fishing Newport jetty?

    My buddy and I are going to Newport jetty. Any tips or suggestions would be helpful. (Bait, lures, etc.) also are there any Bonito there?
  42. NathanNichols14

    La Jolla reports?

    HAs anyone had any luck in LJ lately? Thinking about cruising over there tomorrow morning for any kind of yellow or calico bite.
  43. BrentlyDunivant

    Calico at Cruz

    Very strong calico bite at Santa Cruz Island the past couple weeks. Managed a dozen and a half a couple weeks back, and then this past Sat, the 12th, we caught about 3 dozen. All ranging in size from 10-12" up to a fat 20" with a huge belly. You can see the fat belly of the 20" of the picture...
  44. SoCal_Fishing

    Dana Point Jetty Fishing

    Hey guys! New member here and I can't wait for what's in store. Originally came from SD Fishing Forums. Dana Point Harbor is my go to for inshore fishing and I have fished the whole harbor. Never been to the two main jetties though. Anybody been? What do you use?
  45. AllDayEveryDay

    Trying for some fish out of SD... LJ kelps/canyon? any info?

    Anyone been out recently? any tight lines for anyone? any info helps mostly lookin 4 yellows, but halibut+lings are sick for sure, might switch over to those if yellows aren't producing was there bait? or no? jigs or live?? Ill do a post, about how the trip goes, would love to return the favor...
  46. DrBob89

    Another good bassin' day 1/24 (and t-shirt weather!)

    T-shirt weather in January and a great morning of local bass fishing today (1/24). I didn't have to go far, found lots of fish 2-3 miles out from Queen's Gate. There were lots of birds, porpoises, and even some boils. The attached sonar image gives the details of the best spot. 90-100'...
  47. saltysam

    pairing lexa 300hd

    I just recently bought a 300 hd spooled with 40 lb braid. I'm looking for a rod to buy and I have 2 in mind. Can I get some opinions or suggestions. I want to use it for yellow, calicos, bonita. BW8040S or TIC80HF
  48. DrBob89

    Mr. Calico doesn't mind the rain

    Went out from San Pedro this morning in the rain. Left at 7:30, back at noon. It was a chance to air out my Sitka rain gear... Wind was light and from the east, swell was tiny. Rain was on & off, not too bad. I looked for bass around the Horseshoe and finally found very good fishing near Two...
  49. Alexander Joseph Gonzalez

    Corral State Beach - Halibut & Calico Bass Fishing

    Corral State Beach in Malibu is an awesome place to go fishing in the surf. The beaches near Highway 1 have a lot of surfers and tourists so it's best to look at the surf reports and pick a good day with low surf conditions. I used a 7 weight fly rod that is 9 feet long, with a 250 grain...
  50. nels2008

    Dana point October 5, 2017

    Made a quick solo fishing trip out of Dana Point Harbor. The plan was to check out the coastal kelp for calico bass, then head offshore to troll and look for surface fish. Mainly finished the Sano kelp to slow fishing but beautiful clear water and conditions. Only caught two calico bass...
  51. A

    Long rod for jerkbaits from shore

    Do you have suggestions for a long baitcasting rod (8 or 8'6 maybe) for throwing jerkbaits like the LC110 in the surf for bass/halibut etc? I usually use a 200 size reel and 40lb braid. I feel like the extra length could helpwith casting distance to hard to reach areas. Thanks!
  52. Spencer Allen

    8/4/17 Kayak Fishing at Leo Carillo

    Posting a bit late. Launched from the stairs, first time going out there in my new Kayak. Beautiful calm water. Launch was easy. Rolled coming back in. Mostly dropping jigs in the kelp with frozen squid. Nothing worth keeping, but a few calico bites. Bait was boiling the water quite a...
  53. A

    Bass rods for sale!! Shimano, Phenix, Cousins Tackle, Abu Garcia

    Thought I'd give the bass guys the first go. Selling several bass rods, all in new or like-new condition. Text me at 310-801-3108 with inquiries. Phenix m1 80h (great calico weedless/hardbait/leadhead stick) - $90 Cousins Tackle 799lpt (great calico weedless/hardbait/leadhead stick) - $100...
  54. A

    Float tube fishing Newport Harbor 3/26/2017

    Fished with a buddy early Sunday morning. Hope you guys enjoy the video. YouTube