boat build

  1. Rodriguezfishing

    Building a pilot house

    Building a pilot house a on 19ft Bayliner I’m converting to saltwater fishing boat any ideas ?
  2. hookenthemlips

    Repower with ?

    Hello, I posted previously enquiring Which direction I should go to Repower my boat. Got a lot of feed back, thanks for all the responses if your reading this post as well. Finally figured it out after a few months of searching. I’m going to order a brand New GM 5.7 Vortec from...
  3. Lorboy

    Moeller 50gal Fuel Tank- 250$

    BRAND NEW Moeller 50gal FT5042 I intended to use this tank for a rebuild. I jumped the gun and purchased this one for just over 350$ (including shipping) from Selling this one for 250$ obo. I'm willing to trade for a bow railing that will fit a 20.5' boat with a 6.5' beam...
  4. hbouldin1216

    Gregor 14ft Build

    Hey guys! It's taken me forever to finally get this thread going, but I've finished what I'm calling "Phase 1" and want to get some ideas/feedback on Phase 2. I'm also ready to reduce my estimated 6:1 ration in terms of "Hours spent in the garage: actual time fishing!" Some background: I...