1. L

    SOLD Phenix Axis 820xh 8’2” 30-80lb

    This rod has never touched the water. Purchased as a longer heavy stick to throw poppers to big bluefin🤦🏻‍♂️. Brought out on 1 trip and never took it out of the rod holder. Seems like it could also be a great yoyo/ flatfall stick too. Ive heard great things about the Axis if you are interested...
  2. Donny B

    SOLD Avet Pro EXW 50/2 for Big BFT

    Selling two Avet Pro EXW 50/2. Color Blue. Condition is excellent! Very good quality 50 wides. I’ve caught some beasts on the reels! Price $450 $350 each. Dropped $100 per reel. Need to sell!
  3. P


    With all the enforced downtime we’re experiencing, the gears have been turning.... With the spectacular success of green stick gear for tuna worldwide, why aren’t the private boat guys targeting bft with them? It’s used in Japan, Hawaii, Louisiana, and up and down the East Coast targeting lock...
  4. Swampchicken

    Cabin Fever? How about self servicing your reels

    Here is a quick video I put together on self servicing my Komodo SS reels. We all know (hope) that this deal will end in a couple of months. Now that we are all quarantined at home and getting antsy, we can all only clean the garage so many times. After walking out there several times and...
  5. CharlieSaraspeSanDiego

    SOLD *Off the Market* - 21ft Boston Whaler Justice "Grey Ghost"

    * OFF THE MARKET * Decided not to sell. The "Grey Ghost" is a 1997 Boston Whaler Justice Military Hull. This boat was built to handle weight and weather. The "Grey Ghost" is a deep-v, extremely smooth riding hull that cuts through chop and avoids pounding like most small skiffs. Extremely...
  6. Rodney Marquez

    How Important is Spiking or ikejime your fish?

    So I wanted to ask the community how important is the method of killing your fish? Do you guys notice a difference between bleeding vs non bleeding immediately after catch? also do you guys notice a difference between spiking vs non spiking? This was a video clip of a bluefin tuna being spiked...
  7. RideMX4life21

    SOLD New Avet 2-speed EX 50/2

    Brand new, never used Avet EX 50 in original box 2-speed Right Handed - Silver This reel is NOT a blem model. Bought brand new over the summer for a spare Bluefin/frozen flyer reel but never ended up using it. Has sat in the box all summer and I no longer need. Go catch a cow Bluefin or a deep...
  8. Alex Cohen

    For Sale Shimano Terez Rail Rod

    Used Terez rail rod. Rod has crazy amount of backbone. Still in decent condition and can be used to target big fish. It's rated for 100-150lbs spectra. Model is TZCR74XH. $250 shipped. Here are some pics.
  9. Efishient

    Rod Suggestions for Talica 20

    Thinking about putting on 80# hollow on the Tac 20, what do you guys have on yours? Also wondering what rods do you guys use with this reel? Thanks in advance!
  10. Nick Boone

    SOLD Assorted Poppers

    I have a box of assorted poppers for sale. Some are very lightly used but most are brand new with upgraded hooks and split rings. Halco and YoZuri poppers. Plano box included. $125
  11. Bmoore1975

    SOLD Helium Tank - $100

    50 cubic feet Aluminum Helium Tank. Purchased from West Air in Escondido. Maybe 20% full or less ? I'm located in Carlsbad. Let me know....Thanks
  12. Local Knowledge Fishing Show

    How to Rig Flying Fish for BIG BLUEFIN

    Captain Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge explains, in depth, how to rig a flying fish for kite fishing big bluefin tuna. This method can be utilized for targeting Pacific Bluefin tuna. Using the right fishing gear, line, hooks , and bait is crucial to getting those big bluefin tuna to bite. This...
  13. Roosta

    Aztec 2-Day Private Charter - Spots Available

    I chartered the Aztec for a 2-day trip leaving Oct. 22 at 10pm returning Oct. 24 around 8pm targeting bluefin tuna. It's limited to 20 anglers and as of right now there are 9 spots available. Price is $660 which includes meals and permits. Fishing the Aztec with only 19 other anglers will be a...
  14. Swampchicken

    Tuna Mayhem aboard Tribute Sportfishing

    Had a pretty incredible trip aboard Tribute Sportfishing a week ago. I put together a little recap video of the incredible bite we had going on the fun sized yellowfin and bluefin tuna.
  15. Jigslinger

    SOLD Please delete

    Please PM or text (714) 916-2462.

    Islander Charters - 3.5 Day - Video

    This is more of a trip re-cap than a report. Froggy goes fishing Private Charter August 26th - 30th on the Islander. This is a great boat with a killer crew and the food was just burgers or burritos on this trip!!! The Islander is probably most famous for it's Dive trips to...
  17. JustFishn

    #TBT Thunderbird (COW BLUEFIN)

    So the Thunderbird is on the meat out there and running some Cow Tuna Trips. Here’s a news segment on KCAL 9
  18. emarquez4

    For Sale Phenix Megalodon, Hybrid 929, Shimano Trinidad, Kencore

    Prices reduced 1. Phenix Megalodon paired with a Saragosa 10,000-- Sold 2. Phenix Hybrid 929-- SOLD 3. Shimano Trinidad 20 Gold-- $275 New 65lb braid and 30lb topshot 4. Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl--SOLD- Thanks Bill 5. Kencore Panga Special--SOLD Text me for prompt response- 562-822-7237.
  19. F

    Advice on 30-40lb 8ft bait rod for tuna

    Hello, I recently bought a Penn fathom 25nld2 and I'm trying to decide on what rod to pair it with mainly for bluefin 50-80lb with the ability to catch a 100lber if i happen to hook one (i don't plan on it). I plan on fishing 30-40lb topshot/leader on it primarily for flylining sardines. I want...

    Pacific Voyager - 2 day - Video

    This is more of a trip re-cap than a report. This trip was 3 weeks ago August 11 & 12. As always, I had high hopes of going to look for some Large BFT but ended up chasing schoolie YFT & Yellowtail. We started the trip heading towards SCI and halfway thru the channel the wind kicks up and Capt...
  21. Z

    For Sale Avet EX 30/2 2 speed Reel Unused in Box (Silver)

    I am selling a brand new Avet EX 30/2 2 speed Reel that is unused and comes with box (Silver), fully loaded with JB Hollow 130 pound spectra. Perfect for these cow bluefin that everyone is catching now. This will handle a fish up to 300 pounds. This reel is brand new and only has been taken out...
  22. JDFishSD

    For Sale Talica 20II with Tiburon T-Bar handle

    Talica 20II with Tiburon T-Bar handleand loaded with 100lb white Powerpro Max-Cuattro. The handle has one mark on it and the reel itself has a few marks on it. You can see this all in the pics. The line has only hit saltwater once. This is the perfect reel for the big bluefin out there right...
  23. Darin Dohi

    For Sale Calstar GG6490H-J

    Near new condition. It was taken on one trip to Guadalupe in 2018 but never fished. It had a reel mounted on it for that trip but not fished. This is a unique rod that is relatively hard to find these days. It is a corktape rod. It could be used for throwing large surface iron as well as...
  24. JustFishn

    Old Glory Bluefin (HARD TIMES) 7/23 Video

    Short Report: So here’s pretty much how the day went out on Old Glory Sport Fishing 7/23 we got a late start but that didn’t matter much. We were on the fish right away, they just didn’t want to participate in the festivities. We found huge volumes of good grade Bluefin on the sonar. They...
  25. downtime

    Watching big tuna..Video..Reel Hard

    We decided we would go offshore and look for tuna even though there are many spots to catch yellowtail right now. Well all we did was look at em flying out of the water! Easier for me to make a video of our trip....enjoy! Make sure to subscribe to my channel as I put up trip reports on YouTube...
  26. Baja Belk

    Better Late than Never

    This saga is from July 6, which may or may not be helpful to some now, however, my technical details were posted on Fishdope the same day, and honestly, the news is nothing new. There's lots of tuna here, some bite, some don't, some weeks and days are bitier than others. This particular day...
  27. Rodney Marquez

    Shimano Stella SW Bluefin Fight

    Hello Gents! I just wanted to share with you guys one of the footage I got of 2 bloodydecks members fighting a nice size bluefin tuna on the Stella SW. They were tag team fighting the bluefin and took about 20 min to reel in. They were the only ones using a spinning reel setup on this trip...
  28. Cafacrafta

    Flat fall rod

    I have an old rod that is 5 1/2 and rated for 80-130 pound line with rollers, could I use this for flat fall fishing for big bluefin with 80 pound test , or should I get a longer rod if I want to use the rail?
  29. JakeFromStateFarm

    Chivalry Isn't Dead- A Yellowtail Shootout Moment of Class

    First off, I just wanted to say thanks to all the teams that participated in the 2019 BD Outdoors Yellowtail Shootout. We had an excellent turnout and there were some big yellows caught this year with the biggest one of the tourney coming in at 37.1lbs. But the moment that captured everyone's...
  30. A

    Setups and rigging for 1.5- 2.5 day trips now through Fall

    I travel from the east coast so I try and have multi use setups... my plan right now is to bring 4... 1) Andros 5n for 20-25lb live bait (350yds 40lb solid braid to short flouro Blackwater) 2) Makaira 10 for 30-50lb (400yds 60lb hollow to loop to 25ft wind on leaders) 3) Tesoro 12 for jig...
  31. JustFishn

    Red White & BlueFin Wicked Tee

    Hey guys I’m trying to sell some shirts I designed to help fund me getting out more often this season to create content for my channel. I call it Red White & Bluefin it’s a patriotic graphic T-Shirt that not only shows out patriotism but shares our passion for fishing in this cool design. They...
  32. Rodney Marquez

    Bluefin,YFT,YT on BD Sponsored 1.75 Day Tomahawk

    Hello anglers! This is my first fish report :) My Coworker and myself hosted our very own BD sponsored trip on the 1.75 @Tomahawk Sportfishing. We left June 5th at 11 am, fished local waters and scratched the yellowtail on drift kelp, no bluefin in the area. Captain Jeff makes the decision to...
  33. Surg

    Memorial Weekend BFT report, fishing on Sardinera.

    I hope everyone had a happy Memorial weekend. BFT fishing was tough this past weekend for everyone with plenty of fish in the zone but they seem focussed on red crab. Ali had me come down south to add a few things on the SeaVee 340Z with triple Evinrude 300’s, and I got to tag along with the...
  34. Cafacrafta

    5/25 Pegasus Bluefin

    Headed out on the Pegasus out of fisherman’s landing on 5/24 for a 1.5 day trip looking for bluefin. The crew said that the recent storm had pushed the fish away but the spotter plane had found some somewhere south, we headed there. We found a small school around 6 but didn’t bite , we look...
  35. Z

    For Sale Okuma PCH Custom Railrod

    For sale is a Okuma PCH Custom 741XXH heavy duty conventional fishing rod. This is a Railrod made for large fish, specifically Bluefin Tuna. Line rating is 60-100 pounds and is made for fishing the rail. The top grip is 18 inches long giving you optimal room for fishing the rail which is the...
  36. Rodney Marquez

    It was his first bluefin and it was triple digits!

    Hello anglers! I recently went to Fisherman's Landing, to see for myself, the report of a 135 lb bluefin tuna. Brought the BDoutdoors camera gear, and wanted to film the angler's story, what gear he used, and what boat he went on. I really wanted to capture the angler's "stoke". Previous...
  37. JakeFromStateFarm

    Bloodydecks Sponsored Extended 1.5 Day Trip

    Hey BD'ers we're running a sponsored trip on @Tomahawk Sportfishing June 5th-7th! We will be fishing offshore targeting tuna and yellowtail. The price of the ticket includes all your meals, bunks and Mexican fishing permits. No passport required. $395 If you haven't been on a trip with...
  38. NorCalSoCalIDC

    Late Report: CLUBFISH Pacific Voyager charter Nov '18

    Edit: Some of these photos were taken by Robert and Rachel, so I do not have ownership of all photographs included. After a little bit of a long-term weather forecast scare, the trip was set to depart as scheduled on Thursday, November 15th, at 10 am. This trip last year was, well, epic...
  39. Pitman

    Show your Bloody Deck

    BFT by Pitman posted Aug 12, 2015 at 7:03 PM
  40. Swampchicken

    Squish Jig Blow Out

    Since Okuma and Savage have parted ways, Okuma is blowing out their inventory of Savage items, including the new Magnum Squish Jigs. These are the 250-280 Gram size. Not a bad opportunity to stock up on bluefin weapons. And for $10.99-11.99 you can’t go wrong. If you aren’t familiar, these...
  41. Bendo Babe

    Blue Fever

    Blue fever on the Tribute! “Once you go BLUE you never go back!” My addiction to hunting these Pelagics are real it started 3 years ago when I caught my first 71lber on a plastic swimbait..caught two that year including a 91lber then the next year was truly an awesome year I caught 28 Bluefin 8...
  42. Vinnie08

    ONE OPEN SPOT ON TBIRD 2day leaves tonight 10/3 9pm bluefin are biting!

    Last minute cancel one spot on the two day tonight at 9pm fishing tomorrow and Friday, bluefin are biting! $450
  43. Vinnie08

    ONE SPOT O TBIRD 2 day leaves tonight 10/3 9pm bluefin are biting!

    Last minute cancel one spot on the two day tonight at 9pm fishing tomorrow and Friday, bluefin are biting! $450
  44. M

    Epic video of Giant Bluefin crashing halfbeaks (saurys) before taking a bait

    Check this video that out that we took on our cell phone last weekend fishing off the Massachusetts Coast. After breaking off two giant bluefin on spinning tackle, we decided to break out the heavy guns and drift some live mackerel on balloons. We setup in an area that where we had seen action...
  45. Swampchicken

    Fish Jerky- Super Easy Recipe

    I think I may have posted this in the wrong forum previously, but here is a super easy recipe for Bluefin Tuna jerky. I use the Big Chief electric smoker as well as a super simple marinade. For the full recipe details, please click here at...
  46. Swampchicken

    Now that you landed that big Bluefin, what to do?

    Well, the SoCal fishing is still on fire. Huge bluefin tuna coming over the rail daily. Yellowtail and dorado under paddies. Its the time of summer that we dream about. One question I get asked pretty often is what do I do with all of that fish. Here is a pretty simple recipe for fish jerky...
  47. michelle

    Bloodydecks Trip to PEI - WIN - Catch Giant Bluefin

    Hey Guys, our sweepstakes is almost over! Last chance to sign up for a chance to win a trip to Prince Edward Island and chase giant bluefin tuna. This is an all expense paid trip for you to fish with the Bloodydecks crew and go on a bucket list fishing trip. Our sponsors are also hooking up...
  48. Swampchicken

    Excel 3 Day Report Aug 2018

    Just got back from the Okuma Excel 3 Day trip on Friday. Fishing was tough and the boat stuck it out to try to get the big fish. With reports of lots of small fish down the coast, Capt Mike decided to go big and headed to Clemente. One passenger hooked one on the popper on a foamer on the way...
  49. Guideoutpost

    Need advice on serving bluefin tuna bellies

    Should I smoke it or serve it as sushi (toro)? These are huge slabs of meat from my 293 lb. BFT. 3 inches thick and could feed 10 people.
  50. Dave Hansen

    Bluefin on the Kite -

    To make this a reality, instead of just a dream, log onto If you follow our step by step video series on flying the kite, this could be you.
  51. Guyster

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    Well I have probably rigged over 500 custom flat fall type lures so far this year and I always get asked “How do I rig my own lures”? I have access to all the hooks and swivel combinations in my inventory and this works for me. All the swivels are Heavy Duty Offshore swivels and the hooks are...
  52. mikerome98

    SOLD Phenix Axis / HAX 780XH

    I am looking to sale my mint condition Phenix Axis rod. Specs are as follows: HAX 780 XH / 7'8" Line wt. 30-80lbs. $200 For a faster response text me at (323) 702-5808
  53. marx88

    Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    Hi! I just wanted to share my story I was out there last week randomly fishing all over the place and I swear these guys shot right by my boat... it was really foggy but I heard a jet over head and 2 large explosions followed immediately by 2 bang bang and the boat jumped up so hard i almost...
  54. NonProphet

    7/8 LJ to 220/178 - we got a couple

    Left the slip in MB at 530am but didn't get out of the bait line until 630ish. Headed a few miles out of LJ to score the easy tunas but there were none to be found. Quite a few boats had the same idea, but like us, ended up trolling/heading to the 178. 8am and the parking lot along with the...

    1.5 Condor Sport fishing 6-16-18

    We took our boys out Father's day Weekend with my buddy Aaron from Lake Tahoe. There were 6 of us in our party, with 4 boys 16 to 20 years old. We left the docks at 7:00 pm. Stopped by the bait receiver for some health Sardines and we were on our way. My first time on this boat. It is...

    Condor 1.5 Day - 6.16.18

    We took our boys out Father's day Weekend with my buddy Aaron from Lake Tahoe. There were 6 of us in our party, with 4 boys 16 to 20 years old. We left the docks at 7:00 pm. Stopped by the bait receiver for some health Sardines and we were on our way. My first time on this boat. It is...
  57. aalbergo1587

    SOLD Brand New Talica 25II

    Brand new in box Shimano Talica 25II $500, price is firm. Call or text 310-733-0275. Perfect reel for the bluefin and $650 brand new at so this is a GREAT deal to say the least.
  58. J

    For Sale Open spots for charter

    I have open spots for a private charter on "Outer Limits" out of Seaforth Landing in San Diego. Going with a light load (16 anglers, boat holds 23). 2.5 day, $720 Meals included ~9pm Sunday July 22 to ~6am Wednesday July 25 2018 For more info contact Jay at (619) 948-8008 or [email protected]
  59. Tuggernuts

    SOLD Okuma Cruz popping rod

    i ordered an Okuma Cruz popping rod and received it today. It is perfect, never been used, but I ordered the MH and I’m thinking I want the H model instead. I paid about 155 for it. I plan on just returning it and getting the H model. If someone wants to make me an reasonable offer around...
  60. Whiskey Line

    Double Trouble Rig

    Hey all. Wanted to get some clarity on the double trouble rig. Any any input you guys have had/seen that produces fish regularly with success would be greatly appreciated. Can you please see below and let me know your thoughts? I have been looking into this online, and heard many variations...
  61. J

    Anyone bridle mackerel from a kite for bluefin in Southern CA?

    Went out last week for a trip down to the tuna grounds to try for the first bluefin of the year. As is typical with our beloved beasts, we found them and chummed them to the surface, only to strike out on getting any to bite. We even backed down to 15lb flouro leader to no avail. At any rate...

    New Lo An - Blown Out - Late Report 4-28-18

    Booked this 1.5 day trip in back in March with the hopes of a chance at some early season Bluefin. 2 weeks (New Moon) prior they had limits of Bluefin on the New lo An. With the trip being 1 day before the Full Moon we had hi hopes. Only 5 Days before we had heard from the Landing that there...
  63. 3AmigosSportfishing

    For Sale Custom Flying Fish Lures

    1. Single Flyer Unrigged $10 2. Single Flyer Rigged $15 3. Flyer with Machine Stinger $35 4. Cuatro Flyer Chain $60 ***Stingers are detachable so you can swap out if you choose*** Flyers are available in Blue, Chartreuse and Red in 8”. We also offer a 6” model in an Chameleon Purple/Blue...
  64. D

    Bluefin tuna rods

    Bluefin tuna
  65. carlsbadsurfer

    Oside-95 11/5 report Bluefin

    I typically fish out of San Diego or Mission Bay even tho O-Side is about 10 minutes from me but knew the bluefin were close to SCI and a 1.5 day on 11/4 was only $225 bucks out of O-Side. Trip filled up fast, 35 people on a 95 foot is not too bad so I stayed optimistic. Mixed group of both...
  66. Matthew Bennett

    9/5 Ass kicking and a half and a PB

    Long time browser but a first time poster. Ever since I landed my first bluefin my goal has been to land a bft over 100lbs. With so many chances and so many fish nearing 100lbs it was finally my chance to break the barrier. With watching the reports over the weekend I knew this would be my best...
  67. Panic

    STOP Fishing BlueFin Tuna off California????

    Saw a report this AM on FOX San Diego Channel 5 that Fishing for BlueFin Tuna is to be stopped because Federal Limits have been reached???? What is this about.. Is this for Commercial or Sport fishing? I did not think there was any FEDERAL LIMITS of Sport caught fish?? Does anyone know the what...
  68. Chris Pereira

    Spinfisher 6500ll vs 8500ll

    Im seeking a gear recommendation for my upcoming 2.5 day trip. I would like to take a popper/lure setup so I purchased a spinfisher 8500LL and paired it with a Ugly Stik Tiger 20-50lb (I'm still considered the Jigging Elite 50-100lb) as a budget setup. <$200 The 8500ll feels big and heavy and...
  69. Kings_of_Aces

    131lbs Bluefin Tuna July 15th 43bank

    Obviously a late Report but I'm still excited on my personal best catch a 131.3 Pound Bluefin Tuna that I caught just North and inside of the 43 Bank back on Saturday July 15th when the Bluefin where as close to the coast all season! The day started off very slow trolling around from the 182...
  70. L

    3.5 Day Report (July 13-16) on the Success

    This is my first "report" on this forum, so I apologize for the length/format if it's not the norm. My brothers, a couple friends and I had booked a 3.5 day on The Success a while back, but due to many circumstances we didn't get to go until last week. We had a trip out of Puerto Vallarta...
  71. L

    3-4 Spots Available aboard "Success" 3.5 day trip -- true limited-load private charter (7/13-17)

    My brothers and I booked The Success for a private charter, wanting to take a few friends and have the whole boat to ourselves. A couple people had last-minute issues and can't make the trip. We've booked the whole boat, and 3-4 spots are available. Price is $1k plus $35 for permit and we...
  72. Promar

    Ahi USA Cedar Plug Giveaway

    Hey Everyone, In honor of launching our New Ahi USA Live Deception Cedar Plugs we put together this giveaway to give one lucky winner a chance to be one of the first to have these for this tuna season. Click on the link below to enter. Enter Here!!! Winner will receive...
  73. Speernfish

    FS- Bluefin Popping Setup-Diawa Saltiga 7000H-Dog Fight, Black Hole CapeCod 8'6 Nano

    Diawa Saltiga 7000H DF 9/10 condition. Perfect operation and well cared for. Some very minor rotor rash. Rinsed and oiled often, stored drag off. Used one trip to CXI, selling to fund new bow. 2010 Japan model. Can be serviced somewhat(lube/minor maint) stateside. Certain Repairs (not likely)...
  74. B

    Hunting Big Bluefin on the Prowler 4/30

    With the reports of all you can eat 100lb bluefin being caught on 3/4 day boats last week I decided to grab my rail rod and get on the Prowler out of Fisherman's Landing for an overnight on 4/29. From what I've heard and read these triple digit fish have been hanging around, willing to take the...
  75. Speernfish

    Diawa Saltiga Dogfight 7KH, Blackhole 86nano

    Both are nearly brand new. Diawa has a few trips and fish on it. Cape cod nano has one trip and 4-5 fish on it. Tiny lure rash on bottom eye epoxy, very minor boat rash on reel. Both in perfect condition and perfect function. Reel is JDM model and has 350yrds or new 100lb power pro. $800 for...
  76. Baja Bytes

    Bluefin again...grumpy weather forecast

    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview Friday, February 17, 2017 Gary Graham Que Pasa Down the Mexican Coast The biggest news this week was the catch of a 104-pound bluefin tuna caught by Alan on the Excel while returning from a long-range trip. The fish was reportedly caught off a spot of...
  77. wburdge

    Irons Gear & Tips! Help! 1st post too!

    Hey folks! Been lurking here for quite a while & figured I'd better ask for some help! Haven't seen my particular questions asked & I used the search bar ;) After much research I picked up a Lexa 400HD & Phenix Abyss 809 to toss irons. I got the Lexa for a steal & the rod fits in my car haha...
  78. H

    Bluefin Tuna Video

    Let me know what you think.
  79. Fisheye Channel

    Video Bluefin Tuna - San Clemente Island on the Searcher

    From a previous Trip on the Searcher, finally edited the clip. My boy Jason and I took turns filming each other.
  80. chef gabe

    Tuna Hunt--11/9

    Decided to run offshore in hopes of a last shot at some tuna. Finished the day inshore hunting for halibut. Here's the breakdown for each. Offshore: Left Dana point with some nice dines and headed in slick conditions to the 279-209-277. Epic weather. Only saw 2 boats all day and zero radio...
  81. marlineer84

    Fighting Chair

    Fighting chair and "plug in" aluminum pedestal. Off white upholstery with navy trim. Gimbal with standard leather trim. Manufactured by Skipjack Boats. Very similar to the Pompanette 100Q model. Quality stainless steel hardware. 2 position seat back for steering the chair position...or nap...
  82. D

    SCI bluefin on Sauerfish charter

    Decided to charter a 6 pak rather than fight 30 other guys on the cattle boat. Brought my wife, son, and a couple buddies. Sauerfish was recommended by Bloody Decks and they had an opening for an overnight fishing Sunday. Met Eric and crew and left Dana Landing 9pm Saturday night. Eric had...
  83. Surg

    Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    It's been as good while since I post a report. This weekend was the best local trip we have been on as far as I can remember. I got to know these guys after installing three NSS12 Evo 2's with all the bells and whistles on their Bertram and it's been great fishing with them over the past...
  84. mrjjwiley

    Bluefin Tuna and Big Yellows at Catalina on the RTA

    Thats right... we landed a smaller size bluefin tuna today on the backside of the island and lost a few others. They were breezing and breaking and we just slid up on them and got bit. Other than that episode we found some quality yellowtail at a few different spots on the backside as well. We...
  85. chef gabe

    Bluefin Everywhere!!! Wide Open

    Well today was finally the day. Our day started by spotting a marlin about 6 miles out of dana point. We had no bait so rigged a troller with marlin lure....he bailed on us. We've been hunting for weeks and have caught one BFT before on spotty run and gun conditions. Today was different...


    Custom wrapped by Performance Tackle. Calstar Grafighter 90H with triple wrapped stainless guides. I paid $550 for it in February 16' It is in excellent condition and ready to fuck up anything that is on the other end. I need some extra money for a Panama trip that im going on next month...
  87. Melton Tackle

    Yummee Fly'n fish - Back In Stock!

    Original Yummee Fly'n Fish (Wings Out) are BACK IN STOCK!!! Very limited amounts, come get 'em before they're gone! Also available Bluefin Rigged...
  88. GunghoSD

    Insane foamer action

    we found ourselves drifting into a huge foamer, and then the school engulfed us, the chove ran for cover under our boat and the tuna followed, NO we did not run the boil over, 80-200lbrs hitting the boat and almost jumping in....pretty cool day.
  89. M

    So close Yet so far

    Made my first solo trip today on our 17ft Invader. It seemed like EVERYONE was on the 43 today but I decided to just hit the 9 for paddies and maybe get lucky to find some boils. I went straight out from mission bay and started to work my way down. Got a late start but the conditions were...
  90. FishingFool55

    2.5 day Trip Aboard the Commander

    Please repost and share with your friends. Leaving this Friday!! Call the landing! Book online!!
  91. fishing29

    Avet MC Cast LX 4.6 For sale $200

    Extremely versitle reel. Ive casted surface irons for yellowtail with this reel, yo-yoed my arm off, dropper looped, and fly lined. Used for 1 season, Minor boat rash throughtout the red except the lower left side from my surface iron tremble hooks rubbing (we all know the mechanics on the...
  92. Fishingguy

    Bluefin Fever

    Fished earlier this week and was rewarded with bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and some bigger grade bonitos. Fishdope has been great in helping me with my trips and providing some great insight on whats going on out there. Chased yellows at the finger and headed off shore in the afternoon searching...
  93. The Dominator

    Bluefin Update-Dominator Report

    *The Tuna Tease* We targeted Bluefin on the last couple Trips and had to Realy Work for it. There's definitely not a lack of Fish just the usual Bluefin game... Limit style fishing turning into having to Finesse them. Either way we're Fired up to get back out on Em. Be sure to Bring a Good Fly...
  94. Fishingguy

    I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    Some know me, some don't, but I've made a lot of great firends on this forum. My name is Billy Keleman and I'm a fishing addict. Long story short, I started a 6 pack a few years back called Spectra sportfishing but just couldn't make the numbers work and lost everything. It killed my love for...
  95. lips

    Bluefin in the Shop

    Had a school swim threw the shop today Keeping it Seasonal over here. "Charlie" 3D Bluefin Tuna 18 gauge steel Torch Colored and Bronze brazed eyes Clear Coated 38"Lx15"W Sold contact for info/shipping details or pick up/drop off Thanks for lookin Stay Salty
  96. The Dominator

    Dominator Trip Wednesday, 6th Sponsored by Jimy Jigs

    BFT We'll See You Soon!!! We've Upgraded our Fish Hold System with an additional larger compressor and chiller barrel! Our goal is to have the Highest quality Fish in the fleet come off our Boat! Also have some great things coming together in our galley along with an upgraded menu. We're...