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  1. Truline and Harnell combos

    Southern California Truline and Harnell combos

    Hello selling these beautiful nice looking great condition vintage rods if you know then you know these are very hard to find rare indeed they come clean the both have rod labels on them and ready to fish ultra light fishing rods only $260 each Truline 7f 5ft #2-10 lb mono line or fluorocarbon...
  2. ext

    Southern California ext

  3. Jimmyz

    Bloody Decks Decals - Stickers - HOOKED UP, THANKS

    Greets all, I'm looking for some BD Decals / Stickers for the new boat and Tow vehicle, if anyone has any spares they wouldn't mind selling, it would be much appreciated! Thanks- -MJ A Great BD'er hooked me up with a couple BD Tuna Decals, thanks again for the assist!!!
  4. JustFishn

    That One Time Let’s Talk Hook Up mentions me while I was trolling for Marlin

    Once upon a time I was out slow trolling for Marlin off my local islands and I had some luck finding something rare. Due to El Niño I happen to hook a Blue Marlin. I made a short video of it way back when but in this video I incorporate the audio from Let’s Talk Hook Up