black hole

  1. UC Rail Rods / Custom Phenix Black Diamond / Black Hole Cape Cod

    UC Rail Rods / Custom Phenix Black Diamond / Black Hole Cape Cod

    Factory United Composites Rail Rods All are used and have some slight scuffs and guide corrosion but not beaten up. RCX 70 Viper - 7' - 80-130lb - $340 RCX 70 Invictus - 7' - 100-150lb - $340 RCX 70 Gladiator - 7' - 150lb-Unlimited - $300 Custom Phenix Black Diamond Simple black on...
  2. Alexxo

    Stella SW 20K, Tranx 500PG, Black hole Challenger Bank 8' heavy

    Hey Guys, Got few items to sell, let me know if you questions. Thanks SOLD - Stella SW 20K (Mint Condition), no line Fished couple of times, largest caught was couple of ~15# skip jacks SOLD - Black hole Challenger Bank 8' heavy (Mint Condition) Mode: S-801H Fished couple of times, largest...
  3. BiggetyBones

    Black Hole CB 801MH or 801H?

    Jamie / Kilsong / or anyone else with Black Hole Challenger 801 insight, I’m hoping you can help me decide which rod to purchase. Looking to purchase my first popping rod. Was initially looking at the Phenix Titan Line, but after hours of searches, I’m now leaning towards a Black Hole...
  4. oceansprint

    Need a Cow class popping/jigging rod

    Hi, I’m looking for a cow class popping/jigging rod, preferably 2 piece butted, that can handle a big fish and cast a light lure. Some options include I’m interested include Ripple Fisher International, Monster Ledge, Race Point, Black Hole series. If you have a rod to spare for some cash...
  5. Speernfish

    Diawa Saltiga Dogfight 7KH, Blackhole 86nano

    Both are nearly brand new. Diawa has a few trips and fish on it. Cape cod nano has one trip and 4-5 fish on it. Tiny lure rash on bottom eye epoxy, very minor boat rash on reel. Both in perfect condition and perfect function. Reel is JDM model and has 350yrds or new 100lb power pro. $800 for...
  6. I

    Recommendation for a 2 Speed Reel

    I'm looking for a 2 speed to pair up with my Black Hole Challenger Bank 801H to fish for tuna. I'm thinking of getting a talica 16 but I'm looking for other suggestions before buying one. Thanks in advance.
  7. HavasuSun

    Need Advise: Rainshadow Tuna Popper Setup

    Hi Guys. My next build (rod #2 for me) is going to be a Rainshadow Tuna Popper (RTP80MH). It is a 8' rod rated at 30-60 line weight, MF action, MH power, and 3-6 lure weight. My first question is around the grips. The build sheet that Rainshadow provides for the blank recommends a 12" butt...
  8. Steady Reel

    Black Hole Slow Pitch rod B-581H3R $250 in OC

    *Sold* Black Hole Cape Cod Special Slow Pitch Jigging Rod model B-581HR. Specs: Length 5'6", Spiral/Acid wrapped, Line rating PE2-5, Jig weight 450g. Used on two 3/4 day trips, caught bass and bonito. It's in excellent condition. I'm selling because slow pitch jigging isn't my thing and to fund...