1. W

    Offshore ORCA'S Spotted off DANA.... in the fog....

    So Brothers.... Orcas off Dana this morning. Do you think its because of the large "biomass" of food? With abundant squid.... anchovies..... and BFT to eat? Or the seal populations exploding? Have you seen them? Have they had a impact on your fishing trip today? Will they finish the BFT...
  2. Chadmo

    Offshore My first bft and it was over 300lbs!

    tl;dr - 1.5 day on the pacific islander. What worked during the day was flyline light line 20-25lb size 4-6 circle hooks. The sinker rig and jigs both got bit once during stops at the Cortez but either the fish came off or line broke to poor knots. The kite produced big fish when they connected...
  3. nudling

    Offshore TGIF Pt Sur Bluefin 10/1

    So last year, I was in HMB trolling 2 rods, 80# and 65#, and the school was big (120#+). I maneuvered away from a hooked up boat but both my lines snagged the fish-on line. It's hard to get a bite so the only right thing to do was to cut my lines, which meant that I was already under-gunned and...
  4. G

    Slow Pitched on the Old Glory for BFT to be ridiculed and ignored.

    Just came off the most miserable 2 Day trip of my life on the Old Glory out of H&M and felt compelled to share my experience with this particular boat. I bought new, the Accurate 500N BV2 SPJ & spooled with 500 yards of 40lb power pro maxcuatro and mated it with my new Goofish 250-350 max...
  5. Fin-Nor LTL30II 2-Speed - New

    Southern California Fin-Nor LTL30II 2-Speed - New

    WTS a brand new Fin-Nor LTL30II ‘Lethal’ reel…….had it spoiled with 80Lb spectra with 60Lb floro for a heavy bait or flat fall reel, but never took it out and have no trips planned. Comes with reel clamp. Ready to kill some BFT. Price: $220
  6. P

    Best month to book 1.5 trip for bigger grade bft?

    I have been looking at reports and numbers from the past couple of years and noticed that during the hotter months, the numbers of fish caught are greater but the size of the fish being caught are smaller. I am trying to book a 1.5 to get my first 100+ pounder. I know you cant never accurately...
  7. BarryFree

    Offshore Oceanside95 Weekend Wrap 08/22/21

    South Bay Anglers Club went on the Oceanside95 for a 2 day fishing adventure in US waters. Checked in with Matt and confirmed my earlier bunk request F8 (Fate). Weather was good and the plan was to fish for BFT/YFT day one and YT and Dodo's via patty hopping day two. I bagged three Bluefin and...
  8. ollie martel

    Why are big bluefin not line shy? but small ones are?

    So me and my friend have been wondering. Why do big bluefin eat 100lb fluro but 30lb bluefin won’t eat 100lb fluro? Do they get blind as they grow old or something🤣
  9. 2 Penn international 30sw w/line

    Northern California 2 Penn international 30sw w/line

    2 Penn International 30sw w/line $700 pair 1 Penn Formula 15kg w/line $200 All three in fair condition all cosmetics. One International needs new drag washer grease, 15kg does not have the real clamp. Otherwise they work great. Asking $900 for the three I also have Penn 6/0 no lines. If...
  10. Eial Sauer

    Thoughts on a SS6480XH-8' (40-60) with a Accurate BV2-600 and 80 lb braid

    So I'm thinking of getting this setup, let me know what you guys think. Other Super seeker rod recommendations or even other brands, etc. I saw that the Bv2-600 could hold about 425yds of 80lb so I thought that would suit it pretty well. Yes, the rod is 40-60lb but I saw someone else on BD using...
  11. Ryan js

    Offshore Popper blow ups

    First report on here. Got to mission bay at 5 and skipped bait today because of all the foam spots on Thursday. Headed strait to the north 9 the fleet was there so went off a few miles around them and saw a few jumpers but that’s it. Also found a paddy with dorados on it but would not bite...
  12. Willdoggy

    Offshore Limits of MX Balloons!

    Late report for Friday, yesterday, I was too gassed last night. Michael and I left the Shelter Island ramp at 6am for a long day. 90 miles round trip but just over 12 hours on the water. The fish are close but we decided for a smorgasbord of activity. Everingham Bros had a short 15 minute wait...
  13. Matthew Bennett

    Offshore Tough Tits - Pacifica 6/10

    Tough trip on the Pacifica. left the harbor for bait around 9:30pm. Captain Andrew gave us the rundown in the galley per usual. He had informed us that the weather was going to be up for the majority of the trip. Hit the bunks and spent the night sliding from one side of my bunk to the other...
  14. W

    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    So brothers.... after the cyclic rise and fall of the Bluefin fishery in our local waters over the past 100 years, how does the continued "taking" of "cows and super cows" effect the long term Bluefin numbers for future generations of West Coast anglers? Considering that fish of this size are...
  15. Talica 50 New in  with line - Never used

    Talica 50 New in with line - Never used

    I purchased this as a back-up and have decided to change in our direction a bit, so I don't need it. Talica 50 Purchased from tackle direct in December. Spooled by the experts at Angler's Choice with 500 Yards of 130# hollow on the bottom, 400 yards of 100# in the middle, and 33 yards of 130#...
  16. tbev

    Colt Sniper Leaders

    What is everyone using for leaders on 80-100g coltsnipers for foamers? I'm setting up a smaller 50# spinning setup to throw at bf; smaller bf, early season and I'm wondering how big I can go without going too big. Anyone using a swivel ?
  17. Jeremiah Lubas

    SOLD Makaira 30ii-SEa BNIB

    BNIB Mak 30 sea II for sale. Never even mounted it on a rod. Bought it from J&H tackle spooled with 130 JB hollow core. Shortly after buying it I decided to go a different route for my cow BFT setup. Asking $550 firm + $15 Shipping (or pickup in Rancho Mirage) PayPal F&F only Possible trade for...
  18. Warchild714

    ***New Bluefin Tuna Tail mount!

    Sup guys here is a bluefin tail mount i just completed for a client . If anyone has questions let me know or if you need help on your next DIY project thanks.
  19. Cafacrafta

    Liberty Monday 8/10

    Scheduled for liberty Monday ... counts gone down lookin slow wondering if I should cancel and reschedule, what do y’all think ?
  20. A

    No longer needed

    No longer needed
  21. P


    With all the enforced downtime we’re experiencing, the gears have been turning.... With the spectacular success of green stick gear for tuna worldwide, why aren’t the private boat guys targeting bft with them? It’s used in Japan, Hawaii, Louisiana, and up and down the East Coast targeting lock...
  22. W

    Offshore Pacific Queen posts 30 BFT today and still fishing

    So Fishermans Landing shows the PACIFIC QUEEN has 30 BFT on board (40# - 60#). That was per Capt Gavin at 10 PM last night. They're still fishing on their 11/2 day trip. Woooohooo! Get em boys! :p
  23. W

    Offshore TOMAHAWK post 13 BFT (70# - 90#) on their 1 1/2 day.

    TOMAHAWK posts 13 BFT (70# - 90#) according to Fishermans Landing.... on their 1 1/2 day. So it appears there are some "willing" BFT out there by Colonet. Did this sneak under the BD radar?
  24. Ling catcher

    Mak 30sae and Custom770xh w/rollers

    I am the student u all are my teachers my ears are open. Looking to do my first long range trip 3-5 days. Goal is 100 - 150 lb Bft. This is my Craigslist/ ebay heavy set up i got for a good price. Trying to be versitle but not sure what all i can expect to do with this custom calstar rail...
  25. dEDGE

    Offshore Props to the Native Sun

    I had myself a free day on Sunday, my wife was out with friends and my daughter was busy with school stuff so I figured I'd hop aboard a 3/4-day boat and see if I could get a local YFT. Reports from the previous day said there were plenty of opportunities but inexperienced anglers and wrong...
  26. kdrouet

    Boat Ho needed for SCI- Thursday, October 3rd

    I have one spot available to fish for the big BFT on Thursday, October 3rd to fish SCI on my sport fisher. I have the all the big gear, kites, flying fish, helium etc. The plan is to leave around 6:00 am from Mission Bay and head to SCI. You must have a good attitude and know your way around a...
  27. dpsphoto

    Okuma Makaira 20II SEA Mak 20II w/ Izor Solid 100lb. Like New, One Boat Ride, Sweet!! SOLD

    Up for grabs is a like new Mak 20II Sea in Gun Metal Grey. It's loaded with 600 yds. of Izor 100 lb. Solid Spectra loaded at Bob Sands, a $140 value! Has been on one boat ride this week and never pulled on a fish. One tiny scratch but otherwise perfect. Comes with original box, manual, parts...
  28. JustFishn

    Red White & BlueFin Wicked Tee

    Hey guys I’m trying to sell some shirts I designed to help fund me getting out more often this season to create content for my channel. I call it Red White & Bluefin it’s a patriotic graphic T-Shirt that not only shows out patriotism but shares our passion for fishing in this cool design. They...
  29. Cafacrafta

    Tiagra 16 for flat falls

    Can I fish 80# on this reel, I want to use it for fishing flat falls for bluefin , if not 80 I could put 60#, it is a pretty big reel
  30. chrys


    Please CLICK HERE for all pictures and full listing. $19,250 WILLING TO WORK ON PRICE. Seller needs this boat sold! If interested call (619) 792-0694. A steal for how well this boats treated me. Gets 3-4 MPG. This walkaround is Trophy's most popular! Whether you're looking for a solid...
  31. Rodney Marquez

    Offshore Bluefin,YFT,YT on BD Sponsored 1.75 Day Tomahawk

    Hello anglers! This is my first fish report :) My Coworker and myself hosted our very own BD sponsored trip on the 1.75 @Tomahawk Sportfishing. We left June 5th at 11 am, fished local waters and scratched the yellowtail on drift kelp, no bluefin in the area. Captain Jeff makes the decision to...
  32. S

    Avet HX 5/2 - Silver

    For sale is an Avet HX 5/2 in silver. Come with reel clamp, Blue Water reel cover, and loaded with 80 lbs power pro. Sold Prefer local transaction but will ship at buyer's expense (PayPal Friend & Family)
  33. Dwalk

    Offshore Looking for BFT

    I’m heading out tomorrow on a small boat with some friends that doesn’t hold a ton of fuel we can get out about 30miles and back. Trying not to use up our fuel supply. Anyone seen those schools of BFT today? Help a new guy out leave a comment.
  34. Surg

    Offshore Memorial Weekend BFT report, fishing on Sardinera.

    I hope everyone had a happy Memorial weekend. BFT fishing was tough this past weekend for everyone with plenty of fish in the zone but they seem focussed on red crab. Ali had me come down south to add a few things on the SeaVee 340Z with triple Evinrude 300’s, and I got to tag along with the...
  35. MD2B

    Offshore 5/17/19 - Tribute BFT Report

    My first report so please be gentle :) Hopped on the Tribute 1.5 day out of Seaforth on 5/17 at 8pm. Picked up some nice 5"-7" dines at the receiver and we were off. For those who haven't fished out of Seaforth, the bait receiver is only a few hundred yards away from the dock, which is nice...
  36. Allen858

    Processing BFT

    Was fortunate enough recently to get into some nicer grade bluefin. Went through a bunch of fresh fish, and considered caning the rest as oppose to freezing. Did a bit of research on canning BFT, and found (limited) mixed reviews around the higher fat content, and stronger flavor. Decided to...
  37. samhigh

    Offshore Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    Headed out on Sunday around 7pm. 34 onboard the boat. I woke up around 4 am Monday morning to the sound of a fish hitting the deck. BFT on a flat fall. The only bite on that first stop. Put out the trolling lines around 6am. Got some yellows on the troll and two more BFT. From there it...
  38. Whiskey Line

    Cow BFT Reel Recommendations

    Hey all. I have a rod being built right now for BFT, and I'm in need of a solid reel. I'm running it off of a private boat, and will be flying a kite off of it and dropping flat falls in the dark. I have been going back and fourth between Penn International visx 50, Shimano Talica TAC 50, or...
  39. loganz

    Trinidad 20A & Torium 20HG

    Shimano Trinidad 20A 10/10 mechanically 8.5/10 exterior $380 comes with cover and tiburon clamp! Torium 20HG 10/10 mechanically 8.5/10 exterior $380 comes with cover $160 Both have 65 lb braid
  40. Crickett

    Offshore 9-12-18 Freedom SCI 27 BFT 3 Cow Recap of my trip

    This video I made is just a recap of my trip from 9-12-18 on Freedom Sportfishing out of 22nd Street Landing, I want to thank Terrence at 976Tuna for booking my trip I had to put 1 hours of clips into 3:00 min so I made 3 different videos. Hope you guys enjoy Please like and subscribe to my you...
  41. Xtremebraid Team

    Xtremebraid Team

    Team XB Nails 3 out of 6 BFT caught on this 2.5 day trip on the Chief.
  42. Mine


    My first BFT this year on the Chief 2.5 day caught on 200gram neon flatfall, Talica 16ii 80/100 flouro and seeker 1x3
  43. MORGS

    Offshore SCI BFT Tuna Hunt 9/20

    Little late on this report Made it out on one of Bight Sport Fishing Parkers out of fisherman's landing Thursday morning with Capt Bryan at the wheel. We Fished the back side of SCI, and we saw lots of breezers and metered a lot of life but, there were not having it. Bryan tried and would put...
  44. albe__rt

    Help needed on Poppers

    What is the proper way of reeling/retrieving a top water popper for BFT and YFT? I’ve looked up videos and most of the tutorials are on bass fishing. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  45. JustFishn

    So Cal Skiff Life Fishing Videos

    Hi everyone my name is Justin and I have just started a fishing channel on YouTube and I need the fishing communities support to help me make the channel a successful channel. I need 1000 subscribers and 240,000 minutes of watch time. This is my goal. I understand not everyone has a google...
  46. JustFishn

    Offshore Late Report 9/173/43

    Well as you all know there’s plenty of fish moving around out there with some large models and potential monsters. I went charging out there in my 14’ Livingston twice so far and for nada. First trip was a day or two after going out on Old Glory which the only person who hooked a fish was...
  47. NonProphet

    Offshore 7/8 LJ to 220/178 - we got a couple

    Left the slip in MB at 530am but didn't get out of the bait line until 630ish. Headed a few miles out of LJ to score the easy tunas but there were none to be found. Quite a few boats had the same idea, but like us, ended up trolling/heading to the 178. 8am and the parking lot along with the...
  48. K

    Maxing Out Avet LX 6.0

    Hello Bloody Deckers. I'm curious, what's the heaviest mono that an Avet LX 6.0 can properly fish? Also, in your experience, what's the biggest fish this thing can haul over the rail, assuming average angler skill set. I'm researching some gear to build up my arsenal. Thank you!!
  49. RiggingSoCal

    WTB Rail Rod with roller tip

    Looking for a rod for tuna fishing that won’t break the bank. Not expecting any Calstars or seekers but any decent rail type rod you guys wanna sell. Price cap around $80 looking for 60-100# rod. Something around 6 -7 ft. Thanks Or if you guys know of any Tackle shops that have 60-100 lb rods...
  50. joshua mosley

    looking for one spot on a multi day trip this weekend

    have to be back by Monday night but free from Friday night til Monday night. Looking for a really good boat to get on (I am fairly new at all of this). I had to cancel my trip to cabo this weekend due to Norma. Really want to hook into some good sized fish and have a lot of fun.. Targets YFT...
  51. Kings_of_Aces

    Offshore 131lbs Bluefin Tuna July 15th 43bank

    Obviously a late Report but I'm still excited on my personal best catch a 131.3 Pound Bluefin Tuna that I caught just North and inside of the 43 Bank back on Saturday July 15th when the Bluefin where as close to the coast all season! The day started off very slow trolling around from the 182...
  52. jim isbell

    Remember when?

    If memory serves (it often doesn't) there was a posting on here, by a guy who caught---if I remember correctly a very, very large BFT, maybe just over 300 pounds. He did it stand up, and the story had one photo of him on the fish, not using his arms, but leaning back, almost full squat and as I...
  53. kdrouet

    7/7- Offshore BFT

    Heading offshore from Mission Bay to fish the big BFT. The focus will be fishing the kite. Looking for one angler to split the cost of fuel. Right now, we have 3 and looking for a fourth. PM ME if interested.
  54. Tifoso

    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    I am wondering if: 1. they catch BFT or albacore out of the general SLO area (would be willing to travel a bit north or south of there)? If so, 2. when? 3. with whom? (would prefer a six pack, but a good party boat would be OK). Also, I am not interested in multi-day trips: I just don't have...
  55. Surg

    Offshore Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    It's been as good while since I post a report. This weekend was the best local trip we have been on as far as I can remember. I got to know these guys after installing three NSS12 Evo 2's with all the bells and whistles on their Bertram and it's been great fishing with them over the past...
  56. R

    Offshore They are still here if you don't mind choppy seas

    Headed out of Mission bay at 6 am. We were going to head 20 miles SW towards the 302 and work our way north parallel to the coast. Our plan soon changed because of rough seas. We changed plans to go straight west 20 miles. We saw two half day boats fishing 5 miles off the coast. I don't...
  57. errock_22

    Hooks on Surface iron for BFT

    Are you guys swapping the hooks out for heavier duty hooks with the bigger grade of bluefin out there? I have a bunch of JRI and Tady surface iron and wondering if I should swap out hooks on a few for something more beefy or a single? What are you guys using?