1. Max_Luck_Min_Skill

    My First Cow, A Long Ride Indeed

    Ok so story-time. Hi guys, I'm Victor, I'm 17 and my username is a good representation of my skill set. I guess to start, we'll have to go to 1960, when my dad was born. I'm kidding, we're not going that far back. I've been on 6 "tuna" trips on my life. My first trip was when I was 12, my...
  2. Braggz

    Offshore BFT at the San Salvador Knoll 6/20

    Quick Report Happy Fathers Day to All you fish slaying dads out there! Launched at Shelter Island at 4AM. Only 1 boat in line at the bait barge. Cleared the point by 4:45 headed straight for the San Salvador knoll area. Stopped on a couple small patties holding small YFT and picked one off to...