1. Willdoggy

    11-4-18 Solo Celebration

    I’ve been working too much and with two teens not getting out as much as I’d like so yesterday, taking advantage of the time change I dragged my ass out of bed and had a great day despite some initial difficulties. Got to Dana Landing about 5am and motored over to EBros only to find my bait pump...
  2. Willdoggy

    Balloons Blow!

    Can’t make this shit up! Incredible. In my neighborhood to boot. Don’t forget #TheMylarRoundUp
  3. Willdoggy

    Long Day For a Sunset and Ballons!

    Decided to head North solo yesterday. 105+ Miles and 11-1/2 hours on the water. From Chula Vista to the middle of the 30 mile bank. I saw some temp breaks that looked promising but ended up only catching a small Bonito and a couple Sandbass. Bait from EBros has been great. Trolled, Surface Iron...
  4. Willdoggy

    Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up: Gaff em and Trash them

    If you need to give anyone some facts (especially those not fortunate to experience the open ocean) here you go: We are teaming up with these Floridians to get the word out.... In September 2017 we were shocked to win #TheMylarRoundUp Mylar Balloon round up...