1. steelogreen1

    Shot in the dark- WTB Davis Bahia 25

    I know the odds are low but serious buyer looking for a 25 Davis Bahia. Ready to buy if it's the right boat!
  2. FlyHabits

    2005 Davis 25' Bahia - Half Cabin Pilothouse with Rebuilt Diesel KAD43 (0 hours)

    Boat is sold. New baby and a 2nd one planned, COVID-19, job losses, no small business support for chartering, etc, etc. It's been the year from hell and I'm going to have to sell my boat, already closed my business, and am back working in accounting for a few years. Praying to rebuild this...
  3. Alexvi

    95 Davis Rock Harbor - Deal of the year $55k

    SOLD SOLD SOLD! Hi, This is a customer's boat. I'm posting this for Harold. I have the exact same model with the same engine/outdrive. This boat is much cleaner than mine and has a great interior. If you're in the market for a Davis/Radon, this is it. This boat is at the shop in Paso Robles...
  4. M

    Bahia de Los Angeles CPT

    We're heading down to Bay of LA some time in May and looking for any Boat/Captain recommendations. Thanks!