1. [WTB] Avet HX 5/2 raptor

    Southern California [WTB] Avet HX 5/2 raptor

    Looking for a used (considering new) raptor HX 5/2. It can have line on it or not, don't care. Bonus... if you have a combo for a 80#-100# set up. would prefer face to face in orange county. However, willing to travel to you. Will consider anything in this ball park as well. I'm not picky...
  2. FS or Trade: 3 Phenix PSX Abyss rods and Avet SXJ reel

    Southern California FS or Trade: 3 Phenix PSX Abyss rods and Avet SXJ reel

    Reels: Shimano Torium 20HG w/ 50 or 65lb. braid. Have not fished this year, super clean, just a few boat rashes...just don't use..SOLD Avet SXJ 6/4 silver, brand new never fished, with box (box says SX, but actually is an SXJ. 50lb braid... $200 Rods: 3 Phenix Abyss: 908 (15-40) $150...
  3. Fish_On_Don

    Southern California WTB Avet HX Raptor or HXJ Raptor

    I’m looking to purchase a HX Raptor 2 speed, or even a HXJ raptor pref in great new or min condition.
  4. SOLD - [WTT / WTS]Okuma 50 TW gold - SOLD

    Southern California SOLD - [WTT / WTS]Okuma 50 TW gold - SOLD

    Okuma 50 with 100# mono, well serviced in oceanside shop. well loved and used as a shark set up. It was a gift to me. I don't have the time to get out anymore due to the kiddo. Needs a home to use the thing. Looking to trade or sell. Trade for 2 speed west coast tuna reel. Speed Master, avet...
  5. Spare Parts for Avet SX and MXJ

    Northern California Spare Parts for Avet SX and MXJ

    Hey BD, Wondering if anyone has the following parts they’re willing to spare: - 1 reel seat screw for both a G1 SX and MXJ? Also looking for the clamp and clamp bokts - Clamp and screws for G1 SX - Clamp for MXJ Pics Below:
  6. Malibu Angler

    SS-ULUA 93H

    Hello all, I am currently looking at a super Seeker 93h ulua and I would like to pair it with an accurate Valiant either 500 to 600 size. I predominantly fish at piers for sharks but am planning to do 1 to 1.5 day trips for bluefin. so I would like something dual purpose. My current set ups are...
  7. Shimano Talica 10II with PowerPro Maxcuatro

    Southern California Shimano Talica 10II with PowerPro Maxcuatro

    My Shimano Talica 10II is up for sale. This is a backup reel so it didn't see much use. The braid is PowerPro Maxcuatro in 50lb and was put on roughly a month ago and used on one boat ride. Comes with original box, hardware and documents. Prefer local pickup but can ship out @ buyer's expense...
  8. SoCali.Fishing

    Southern California WTB Avet MXL 2 Speed

    What's up Bloodydecks fam! I'm looking to buy a couple of Avet MXL 2 speeds. Not looking to buy any raptors. Let me know what you have! - Jonathan
  9. Fishing gear rods / reels - Fresh and Saltwater - AVET Shimano Phenix

    Southern California Fishing gear rods / reels - Fresh and Saltwater - AVET Shimano Phenix

    Selling a bunch of awesome condition fishing rods and fishing reel . All gear has been taken care of and maintained since being the original owner!!! AVET JX 6.0:1 Single Speed GOLD. New $329.99 , selling $250 w/braid AVET SX 5.3:1 - MC. Silver/Black. New $299.99 , selling $220 w/mono SHIMANO...
  10. Pro Gear 255 and 545 Models

    Southern California Pro Gear 255 and 545 Models

    Power Pro Maxcuatro Braid was put on end of last year for the 255 and 545 clicker model and went on one boat ride. Any questions you can reach me at my number below, respond to this post or private message me here. 1. Silver Pro Gear 255 - 8/10 condition 50lb PowerPro Braid / 15lb Seaguar...
  11. Avet Star MXL Like New w/ Box for sale $280

    Southern California Avet Star MXL Like New w/ Box for sale $280

    Like new Avet Star w/ box, tool. It Just doesn’t fit my arsenal. Used on an 8day last year. Couple blems where i hooked my jig onto the frame, but nothing major. Shown in the photos. $280, no lowballers plz Picked up in La Crescenta. 818-800-0933 Ralph H.
  12. …… SOLD!!

    Southern California …… SOLD!!

  13. Shimano Custom Tiagra 12 Baker Topless Frame 80#

    Southern California Shimano Custom Tiagra 12 Baker Topless Frame 80#

    This is a very "custom enhanced" Shimano Tiagra 12 Baker Topless w/ COFE upgrades Fishing Reel. Tiagra 12 with upgrades include: Tiburon Engineering Power Handle Baker Topless frame Blackmarket spool sleeve, higher tolerance bearings, heavy duty drag plate spring installed by COFE - will...
  14. guss

    Southern California Lefty Avet, Penn or Shimano

    Looking to purchase a used versatile entry level tuna set up for jigging, trolling and live bait. Looking for a used Lefty Avet, Penn or Shimano to pair with an existing 6ft. XH 30-80 lb. rated rod. If you have an existing lefty set up with a rod I might consider that. I live in central Los...
  15. Brand new Avet HX Raptor 440$

    Southern California Brand new Avet HX Raptor 440$

    Brand new Avet HX Raptor, never used with 100# braid. Tuna ready,
  16. W

    Southern California WTB Avet SX raptor in Dorado

    Looking to buy an Avet SX raptor in Dorado coloring. Thx! Steve
  17. Newell 540

    Northern California Newell 540

    Newell 540 in great condition Mechanically and cosmetically. Looking for trade (open to discuss) or willing to sell for $200.00
  18. Pro Gear 255 and 545 Reels

    Southern California Pro Gear 255 and 545 Reels

    Braid was put on end of last year for the 255 and 545 clicker model. Any questions you can reach me at my number below, respond to this post or private message me here. 1. Silver Pro Gear 255 - 8/10 condition 50lb PowerPro Braid / 15lb Seaguar topshot | Price: SOLD 2. Silver Pro Gear 255...
  19. Avet LX 2-Speed Left Handed

    Southern California Avet LX 2-Speed Left Handed

    Solid reel filled with 65lb. Seaguar Threadlock. It’s been on boat-rides but never really fished. The gold clamp is non-matching. Reel is ready to fish. Price is $265.00 with pick up in Corona. Will ship on your dime. Would cost about $25 to ship via Insured USPS Priority Mail. Chris 714.743.8216
  20. D

    Southern California Avet 30exw

    Looking into buying a avet 30 exw reel or if anyone has any other suggestions
  21. B

    Gulf of Mexico ISO ORANGE SX Raptor

    I'm looking for an avet sx raptor in orange. If anyone looking to sell or know I could get my hands on one. Any info would be much appreciated...Thx Jesse G 210 537-28fourtysix call/tx


    I just gave this reel to Avet to get full service and haven't fished it since, all the ball bearings are new and work great. I have upgraded the handle on it for better comfort and grip. ( no more hand cramp while fighting the fish) and already has a 65 LB mono on it that has never been fished...
  23. Looking for avet hx raptor lefty

    Southern California Looking for avet hx raptor lefty

    Hey guys, im looking for a lefty Avet hx raptor. Let me know if you can help me out
  24. 3 Seekers, 1 Penn, 1 Okuma & 1 Quantum Fishing Rods

    Southern California 3 Seekers, 1 Penn, 1 Okuma & 1 Quantum Fishing Rods

    Fishing Rods all but one in excellent condition 9/10 Seeker Inshore Series BCSW 708-7T Roller guides, 7 ft, rated 12 ~ 20 pounds (new $247), offered $120 (slow pitch rod?) Seeker Classic SC 670-7, 7ft, Honey Colored, rated 20~50 pounds (new as BCS 670-7 $255) offered $160 - (a GREAT all around...
  25. Seeker 530 #15-40 9ft

    Southern California Seeker 530 #15-40 9ft

    Have a Custom wrapped Seeker 530 cream color. #15-40 9ft long with Alps XXNLG guides, x-tube deckhand handle. Great #25 to #30 bait stick or light Jigstick.
  26. Looking to Buy Reel Clamps & Irons

    Northern California Looking to Buy Reel Clamps & Irons

    Wondering if anyone has reel clamp + hardware for an Avet JX/HX/LX? Also looking to buy reel clamps for lexa & tranx to fit on deckhand rods. I'd be happy with just about anything, tiburon, charkbait, durans, etc.. Also interested in adding to my yoyo and surface iron arsenal, since I don't...
  27. SOLD - Avet SXJ 6/4 MC 2 Speed Reel - Mint Condition

    Southern California SOLD - Avet SXJ 6/4 MC 2 Speed Reel - Mint Condition

    Original owner. Bought this in February of this year. Used only a couple of times as a backup reel. Still in immaculate near-new condition. Send me PM if interested. Can meet in North San Diego County (Rancho Bernardo) or close by. Asking $260. Cash only/no trades.
  28. Avet PRO EXW 4/02 with about 500 yards of JB Hollow spectra.

    Southern California Avet PRO EXW 4/02 with about 500 yards of JB Hollow spectra.

    What else is there to say, last serviced in 2019 but hasn't really been fished since. It's just too big and I am not on a private boat anymore, so we don't troll as much and I just don't use this. If nobody wants this, I am going to strip the line off to re-use on another set up. Everything...
  29. Accurate Tern 600 Narrow   6:1

    Southern California Accurate Tern 600 Narrow 6:1

    Accurate Tern 600 N - Great overall reel - Yoyo, fly line, surface iron, sinker rig Has 65 Powerpro and new 50 Mono top. Comes with clamp and box. Shipping on your dime. $315
  30. AVET EX 50/2 (LEFT HANDED)- Price Reduced $450

    Southern California AVET EX 50/2 (LEFT HANDED)- Price Reduced $450

    PRICE: $450 AVET EX 50/2 (Left Handed). Virtually brand new in box. Only been used once and reeled in a goliath grouper. One very small nick on reel but other than that, perfect condition. Spooled up with Seaguar 130lb braid. Reel and Braid combination cost over $650.
  31. Ian Rose

    Southern California WTB// #100 heavy reel spooled w/ spectra

    Still looking for a heavy reel to fish this summer. Looking for a used Makaira 16 or 20, also consider other #100 reels I can fish #80-100 topshots in the day and fish jigs at night. Please reach out out to me with offers, thanks.
  32. J

    Southern California Avet Pro EX 30/2 Two Speed Reel

    Pictures coming soon. Serviced in 2019 at Ken's custom and has only been fished once since. Has 130lb hollow braid with a brand new 100lb spliced mono top shot. Reel is silver and in great condition. I will include a Graftech Rail Rod - GRR78XXXH for another $100. Text Jason @ 858-735-6167
  33. Tranx 500 HG w/clamp

    Southern California Tranx 500 HG w/clamp

    Tranx 500HG - see condition in pictures - 80lb J-braid - Aluminum clamp - Squidco reel cover - no box $450 or trade for a TN40 Narrow Pick up in Elsinore or ship on your dime Paypal, Venmo, Zelle
  34. Avet SX 5.3

    Southern California Avet SX 5.3

    Clean New Avet SX 5.3 for sale (black) w/fresh 50# Izorline braid. Never been fished. Make an offer. Light blemishes from storage in tackle bag.
  35. Kencor Rod 820 7ft #40-60

    Southern California Kencor Rod 820 7ft #40-60

    Newly wrapped Virgin blank, never fished Kencor rod. Great #40-60 rod 7ft. Deckhand wrapped with x-tube handle. $175 OBO.
  36. Calstar Big Tuna Killers Rods

    Southern California Calstar Big Tuna Killers Rods

    I haveTwo Calstar Tuna rods for sale, just wrapped. Never fished. $175 each or both $325 1. T6455XH: 5 1/2 ft rated #50-100 line weight, purple and white wrap, pac bay aluminium reel seat, extra heavy guides. $175 2. T655TSS: 5 1/2 ft rated #60-130 line weight, green, dark green and white wrap...
  37. Avet MXJ Raptor (SOLD)

    Southern California Avet MXJ Raptor (SOLD)

    Avet MXJ Raptor Spooled with 65lb braid to 40lb mono
  38. Avet JX Raptor (Silver)

    Southern California Avet JX Raptor (Silver)

    Avet JX Raptor Spooled with 65lb braid to 40lb mono
  39. Avet JX Raptor ( Blue)

    Southern California Avet JX Raptor ( Blue)

    Avet JX raptor spooled with 65lb braid to 50lb mono topshot
  40. AVET SX 6/4 G2 - 200

    Southern California AVET SX 6/4 G2 - 200

    Selling my G2 SX 2 speed. Recently serviced at Ken's Custom Reels ($40) and not fished since, in perfect operating condition and excellent cosmetic condition as well. Thinking I will go with a small star drag for my 15 to 25 lb live bait setups so selling this lever drag to make room. Reel comes...
  41. gettingbentwithbo

    Southern California Fishing Reels For Sale

    I will add pictures whenever I get around to it. Or if you are interested in something specifically I will send you pics. Reels for sale with boxes - Avet SX MC - $175 - $SOLD - Shimano Torium 20 - $SOLD - Shimano Talica 10ii - $SOLD
  42. C

    Need a Rod to pair with Avet LX Raptor

    I’ve never really gone after big Bluefin before and I want a rod that is capable of landing a 100+ Bluefin. I’d be pairing the rod up with an Avet LX raptor, so what size rod would I want to pair with the reel so that I’m capable of landing a triple digit fish? So far I’ve thought about pairing...
  43. Avet JX 4.6 G2 MC

    Avet JX 4.6 G2 MC

    Avet JX 4.6 G2 MC silver bought from Charkbait last August spooled with 300 yards 50lb Toro Tamer and right now has a 40lb mono topshot (was getting about 120 yards mono top shot). Used on a RCJB84H with 10lbs drag at strike going after bull reds. Always stored with drag lever down and bait...
  44. Conolon bait stick, #30 rod 8ft9in

    Conolon bait stick, #30 rod 8ft9in

    Conolon bait stick, #30 rod 8ft9in. Black on black wrap on guides with cork tape handle. Will trade for penn fathom 40Nld2.
  45. Yoyo special Truline 5x Rod

    Yoyo special Truline 5x Rod

    Perfect #40 / 50 Yellowtail Yoyo Special. 6ft 4in Truline 5x with Alps guides wrapped black on black. Cork tape handle. Will trade for penn fathom 2 speed 40N
  46. Old School Seeker Patches

    Old School Seeker Patches

    Hey guys, My grandpa has some left over old school seeker fishing rods patches. 3.5” x 2.25” He’s looking to get $25 per patch. Free shipping. Let me know if interested. Text me 949 295 7303
  47. borngamer1993


    AVET MXJ mc 2 speed used on one trip (this is a replacement reel from avet after they accidently lost mine) comes with box. 40lb power pro spectra $300 UNITED COMPOSITES SIC (SURFACE IRON.COM) ROD 8'6 RATED 40-60 LB DECKHAND CORK IS WRAPPED IN CORD. $260 UNITED COMPOSITES RUS7'6 TILEFISH JR...
  48. calstar BT670-8 blank

    calstar BT670-8 blank

    I have one extra calstar BT670-8 blank for Sale. #20-50 8ft black. $110 Was going to wrap it but already have one. Will trade for different blank.
  49. Avet HX5/2R 2 speed reel custom Camo

    Avet HX5/2R 2 speed reel custom Camo

    Avet HX5/2R 2 speed reel custom Camo colour. Just got it maintenance by Mike Reels repair plus $100 worth of 150lb jbraid. Asking $340 each or $650 for both.
  50. Eman1001

    CalStar 6465XH w/ a 50w?

    Hello, recently purchased an Avet 50w and I'm looking for a rod to put it on. Using it for mostly standup fishing. I already have a CalStar 6465XH but is that too light for the reel? Thanks in advance.
  51. Tjsmith562

    Avet Pro EXW 30/2 (360$)

    Pretty much brand new. spooled with 130lb asking for 360$
  52. B

    Shimano Torium 16 HG-L and Shimano Tallus

    Hey BD friends, First post here: I have a used Shimano Torium 16 HG-L paired with a used Shimano Tallus rod. Reel is in great shape, minor boat rash loaded with fresh 65# braid. Tallus is in great shape too, 7’ 40-80lb Powerpro. Exact model is TLC-70MHBBL. Will separate but prefer to sell...
  53. ThunderMudder

    Avet HX2’s, $275-REDUCED!

    (1) Silver Avet HX2 with reel clamp and 60# hollow core spectra. $300>>reduced $275 Cosmetic 9.0, mechanical 9.5 (1) Black Avet HX2 with reel clamp, gold handle and 60# hollow core spectra $300>>reduced $275 Cosmetic 9.0, mechanical 9.5 most reels will have some kind of proper...
  54. Tjsmith562


  55. fishnuke


    Hello BD, I'm selling my entire collection. Not because I want to, it's because I have to. I need to raise money because my dog has cancer and needs surgery. If any are familiar with vet bills, it's a few thousand dollars for surgery. Anyways, I love my dog more than my hobby. Please understand...
  56. W


    Looking to sell my used silver AVET MXL raptor. Used two times for small grade tuna and dorado. In immaculate condition very very tiny boat rash. Filled with 50# braid and short 30# top shot. Comes with reel cover and original box. Was cleaned after each trip. The small boat rash is in the first...
  57. K

    Avet sxj raptor blue n purple

    Avet raptor sxj For sale. 320$ obo. Very clean real, rinsed after every trip. I live in Anaheim. 150yards of 20lb maxcuatro & about 150 of 50lb powerpro slick
  58. tarantula_tamer

    Reels: Penn, Avet, Accurate, Daiwa

    Used Reels. All in working order, some with more boat rash than others. Accurate Boss Magnum 870 Narrow $150 Green 50lb spectra backing Avet HXJ 2- Speed $250 80lb spectra backing 50lb mono top Daiwa Saltist B&G 50 $100 (No clicker) 50lb mono Penn Senator 113h 4/0 special $125 Tiburon...
  59. akachalupa

    RUS 85 PHANTOM $235 / OKUMA CAVALLA 5II $195

    Thinning out the quiver, selling my hybrid (UC MEGA TIP/UC MONSTER BUTT) RUS PHANTOM. It is 8.5 feet long and carries a 20-50 line rating. This rod is custom wrapped from the factory in green and orange... and for that I reduce the price to $235 (MSRP $377). Also selling my Okuma Cavalla 5ii 2...
  60. W

    Avets (SX/MX), Shimano Stradic 5000 and Seeker 6470 - dropped price 12/3 Final pricing 12/5

    Thinning my herd. Located in Orange, CA. No shipping. Avet SX5.3 MC - $190 $170, spooled with 40# braid - silver SOLD Avet MX 5.8 - $175 $155, spooled with 40# braid - black SOLD Shimano Stradic C5000 - $155 $140, spooled with 30# braid SOLD Seeker BSC6470 7' 30 (40) 50 Long Beach Glass -...
  61. E

    Avet HX (barely used) Trades Ok

  62. loveR

    2 speed Avet HXW Raptor 5/2

    LOCATION: NORTH OC $450 This is a like new, one boat ride ...2 Speed Avet HXW Raptor 5/2 with Power Handle, the reel is completely full (600 Yards) of 100# Seaguar Threadlock Hollow braid, it has 50 yards of shock leader (mono) as well 80#. I have an abundance of rods and reels so this one...
  63. sulla

    * SOLD * Tiburon N533NK $90

    I have a Tiburon narrow kit ( silver frame black spool ) for 500 and 400 Newell series.
  64. Vg323

    AVET SXJ 5.3.1 single speed Upgraded habdle

    Single speed. Very clean reel with upgraded handle $160 Cash and pick up only.
  65. Vg323

    Daiwa Saltist BG 30H black and gold sd

    $165 cash and pick up only. Clean reel with 50lb braid $300 if you take the 20H and the 30H Ignore: daiwa,shimano,penn,lexa,saltiga,calstar,phenix,avet,seeker,United composites
  66. ty-y-ler

    Avet MXJ 6/4 LH

    Left hand Avet MXJ 6/4 2-speed with 50lb braid. Small blemishes on top but mechanically 10/10. $225 picked up in South Bay (Torrance) or Long Beach. Shipping on your dime if you like.
  67. E

    Just Hx left

    Most sold but Hx
  68. J

    Avet Questions regarding 9'3" phenix black diamond hybrid with an avet g2 MXJ 6/4

    Recently picked up a 9'3" phenix black diamond hybrid and put an avet g2 MXJ 6/4 reel on it. Im somewhat new to this size reel and rod. What would you guys recommend I fish this puppy with? Thank you
  69. Steel Seeker 40

    Avet LX 2-speed first gen

    $250. I have not used this reel since getting it serviced from Avet. It has two 80# lines spliced together. It has some boat rash. I can text pics if you're interested. 6027580142
  70. crabdancer

    Avet HX Raptor-Gold

    $450 firm New with box Avet HX Raptor gold full of new 100# white izor braid. Includes professionally installed (blue loc tite) t-bar style handle knob AND original factory knob in box. Pickup in Lakewood. Retail would be $500(reel)+$50(tax)+$50(line)+$50(handle)=~$650 so save $200 here.
  71. Localangler

    ASCEND12t KAYAK FOR SALE! (Trolling mod as well)

    Selling my ascend 12T kayak, comes with a seat mod, tote with rod holders, paddle, anchor, trolling motor mod, battery, and a battery box (waterproof). Any other questions feel free to ask! Asking 850 OBO, also interested in trades for shimano talicas 12ii or 16ii that are in really good...
  72. akachalupa

    AVET MXL 6/4 - 215

    Selling this MXL 6/4. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. This reel has defeated several decent fish for me but I upgraded to a raptor version and never take it out anymore. Reel is spooled with 65lb izorline braid topped with 25lb mono. I had it serviced at...
  73. akachalupa

    AVET SXJ Single Speed - 145 SOLD

    Selling this SXJ I bought for no reason. Already have an SX 6/4. Have not needed to use this reel and trying to put some money together. Reel has been used 2 times and is spooled with 40lb braid. Comes with box. Pretty much brand new. Let me know if interested. Not looking for trades right now...
  74. Localangler

    Avet mxj raptor and United Composites Mag

    Hey how’s it going just wanted some advice what to pair my MXJ Raptor with, was thinking of running a United composites Mega or Mag. I already have a MXL raptor on my current mega so wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with the mag for the MXJ. Thanks 🤙🏻
  75. akachalupa

    Price Drop - DAIWA SALTIST BG 40H - 100

    Selling my Saltist BG 40H, reel is in excellent condition mechanically with standard cosmetic wear and comes with box and clamp. Recently serviced by Wally from PCBT in Oceanside. Reel has not been used since service. Reel comes with no line. Let me know if interested. Tight lines.
  76. Leke


    AVET MXL 5.8 MC (Magic Cast) Single Speed Lever Drag No Box Clamp and Cover Included Price: 200.00 Location: San Diego Price is firm. Not looking for trades and in no rush to sell. Thank you 🤙🏾

    Offshore Happy MARLIN Monday! Video of us hooked up on our first ever Marlin in San Diego!

    What a great day on the water and fun to hook up on a giant! We didn't have the video equipment on when we first hooked up, but it was less than 50 feet from the boat at time of hookup, really cool experience for our family! We have fished Cabo, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands without...

    Happy Marlin Monday! Hooked up on the Parker 2320, what fun!

    What a great day on the water and fun to hook up on a giant! We didn't have the video equipment on when we first hooked up, but it was less than 50 feet from the boat at time of hookup, really cool experience for our family! We have fished Cabo, Costa Rica, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands without...
  79. O

    Penn International V 30VSW $375

  80. O

    Penn International V 50VSW for sale $425

  81. K

    Avet HX 4.2 Single Speed or Shimano Torium 20/30 PGA?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to decide between the above-mentioned reels for live bait / occasional jigging. This would fit into my 50-60 pound lineup for tuna in SoCal/Mexico. I own both star and lever drags so this is not part of the equation, I love both equally. I love my little Avet sx, so I am...
  82. F

    What Reel is best on a G Loomis Pro Blue 905C?

    What reel will match up better to a G Loomis Pro Blue 905C? Avet MXL MC Raptor or a JX MC Raptor for snapper, grouper, and live bait free lined. Fishing FL east coast from piers and from a boat out to 250'. I want a reel that is comfortable to hold all day and cast live bait easily on flat lines.
  83. M

    Avet HXW Raptor 5/2

    Used Black Avet HXW Raptor 5/2 for sale-$400.00 or OBO Used on couple of boat rides, but unfortunately no fish. Filled approx. 1/2 way with 100# Power Pro Braid. No box. With Clamp. Can ship on buyers dime. PayPal Services, Zelle, Venmo Thanks for looking!
  84. JacobB

    Used Reels Orange County

    All reels sold!
  85. Justpicaz

    AVET HX5/2 MC RAPTOR Update - SOLD

    I have a NIB AVET reel spooled with 550yrds of 80lb braid. Local pickup in Costa Mesa, CA or Shipping available. This is the MC Raptor Model.
  86. foreignfishing1

    AVET JX Ready to Slay!

    I’m selling my AVET JX FULL OF 60lb white braid! Had it for about 2 years works like a champ. Just killed it in BOLA a few weeks ago on it but it’s time to let it go. I plan to get all fathoms. The JX works like new I’ve taken really good care of it always cleaned it after each time I go...
  87. ems_yakker

    Avet MXJ 6/4 G2 Silver

    Avet MXJ 6/4 G2 Silver, reel has 65 lb Power Pro. Reel is 9/10 cosmetic and 10/10 mechanical. $300
  88. David Speer

    trade for blue avet

    Anyone down to trade an avet mxl 6/4 2 speed g2 blue for a Neptune's heart Im looking for a blue one so i can match my all blue phenix
  89. 5.56

    Avet SX 5.3 - Brand New

    Brand New Never Used Avet SX 5.3 in Box filled with 40lb Izor Braid and about 50 yards of 25lb Topshot Izor smoke mono. Receipt included shows with tax and topshot I paid $206.87 Selling for $150 in the San Diego area.
  90. JeremyFishes

    Avet Pro EXW 30/2 with braid/mono

    Avet Pro EXW 30/2 loaded with100lbs braid and 85yds top shot of brand new P-Line 100lbs monofilament. Great condition reel and ready for trolling, flat falling, fishing the kite, whatever you want. Located in San Jose, willing to ship!! $350 plus shipping
  91. 99Phishing

    (2) Avet MXJ Raptors with box and braid

    Both in excellent condition, a bit of boat rash but always rinsed and dunked with freshwater after each trip. Smooth drag and always loosened in storage. Black - 65lb Sufix 832 braid $340 Gold - 50lb Sufix 832 BRAID $340 $680 for both, prefer not to ship. Located near Buena Park.
  92. H

    Should I get a Avet sxj

    So I’ve been looking for a new reel for yellowtail and smaller Tuna. Just something I can take to sci and throw a iorn or fish live with it and wondering if the Avet sxj was a good option. Found one used in good condition for 150 seemed worth some research. Thanks !
  93. djcase

    Clean condition USED blue Avet MXL 5.8:1 - $175

    Don't be afraid to use that stimulus check on a used blue Avet MXL 5.8:1 in clean condition for $175. Reel is ready to fish. Has some VERY minor boat rash indicated in the pictures. Comes loaded up with 50lb Power Pro and has a very short top shot of 25lb mono. Selling as I'd like to switch...
  94. M

    Shimano Tallus set up

    Selling my shimano Tallus 7ft rod paired with a Penn Fathom 30 2 speed reel For $380. Both the reel and rod were only used 2x the reel has some scuffs from rubbing on the boat but basically new. The reel comes with 80lb braid and topped with 60lb mono. If interested text or call Omar @ 7608057703
  95. Tjsmith562

    New Avet MXL 6/4 2 speed (260$)

    Brand new Reel. never been used. no magic cast
  96. Donny B

    Avet Pro EXW 50/2 for Big BFT

    Selling two Avet Pro EXW 50/2. Color Blue. Condition is excellent! Very good quality 50 wides. I’ve caught some beasts on the reels! Price $450 $350 each. Dropped $100 per reel. Need to sell!
  97. A

    What size avet for UC monster and UC del mar rods

    Looking into getting a new set-up, what size avet would you pair with a RCE800 MONSTER-CT and what about RCE800 DEL MAR-CT? (will definitely be getting a G2 avet for the better drag capacity)
  98. Steven Rush

    Avet SXJ Trade

    Hello, im here looking to trade my Avet SXJ MC for a Tranx 300 any model. I bought this reel about a year ago and have only put it through one season. Nothing wrong internally or externally and is basically a brand new reel. Great for any bottom fishing applications or jigging, i primarily...
  99. Bud-D

    Looking for AVET SX Raptor

    Looking for a new or used AVET SX Raptor. No SXJ's please. New or used, preferably in black. Let me know what you got!
  100. 99Phishing

    Avet MXJ Raptor MC in Gold - For Sale or Trade for Trinidad or Talica

    Hello everyone, I am selling a barely used excellent condition Avet MXJ Raptor in Gold, complete with box and accessories. Willing to trade for a Trinidad 16A or Talica 10II. I can also spool the reel to the brim with 50lb Sufix 832 for $50 more. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any...
  101. David Speer

    Avet Lx 6.0 Like new

    Avet Lx like new no major scratches look and feels brand nee drag isn't broken in yet either 160 obo
  102. David Speer

    Avet jx 6.0 blue Will trade send offers

    Avet 6.0 blue really good condition only has small scratches. Will trade just send offers i would like a tranx 300 or a shimano spinning 160$
  103. David Speer

    Avet Lx 6.0 MC

    140$ Mechanically 10/10 cosmetic 9/10 Dont need the reel id like to TRADE for a bass rod, rod rated up to 80 , tranx 300, OR just cash https://offerup.co/AwhIo4WHL3 Link to pictures on offer up^
  104. Steel Seeker 40

    Avet JX 2sp, LX 2sp, Torium 14

    All reels were purchased from these classifieds. They are all in great shape. I've upgraded and have no use for these any more. JX and LX $250, Torium $120. I'm in Seattle but will ship.
  105. S

    Tiny lever drags

    I am looking for the absolute smallest lever drag.... seen the Andros 5NS, Valiant 300, Avet SXJ, Siegler SGN, some others and some Chinese knockoffs. The valiant is a bit pricey. But not completely opposed to it. I have multiple SXJ’s and just wanted something new and smaller. If that even...
  106. BradFisherman

    Avet LX 4.6:1 Single Speed Reel $200

    Hi Guys, I have a Avet LX 4.6:1 Reel Single Speed for sale. Has a few minor scratches throughout, but was always taken great care, and has been steadily serviced. Works Excellent. Fantastic Reel for local or 1-3 Day Fishing. $230 Thanks, Brad
  107. RideMX4life21

    New Avet 2-speed EX 50/2

    Brand new, never used Avet EX 50 in original box 2-speed Right Handed - Silver This reel is NOT a blem model. Bought brand new over the summer for a spare Bluefin/frozen flyer reel but never ended up using it. Has sat in the box all summer and I no longer need. Go catch a cow Bluefin or a deep...
  108. RiggingSoCal

    Like New Avet MXJ 6/4 MC

    In like new condition Used only a few times and always gently rinsed with fresh water after every trip Retail price $340 plus tax Asking price :$280 obo Reel comes with 50lb pp spectra with 30lb mono big game Includes reel clamp
  109. SkiffnHB

    Long Beach Report 12/21/19

    SLOW!!!!!! Made some bait and drifted some deep spots for Butts, no luck. Ran to the local wrecks and managed some bass. Went to my honey hole, marked a ton a fish, but wouldn't bite. Sheet glass all day, nice day on the skiff. Winter is here...
  110. SkiffnHB

    Avet SXJ Raptor

    Whats everybody's thoughts on this reel? Love Avet, thinking this can be my inshore reel. Yellows/Seabass etc..
  111. F.I.S.H.Y


    BD'ers Being relatively new to the hobby, I've had times when reading threads for information that I couldn't understand some of the terms used. So I decided what if I started an encyclopedia sort of thread so that everyone can refer to when their not understanding what someone is saying, I...
  112. akachalupa

    AVET LX 6/3 G1 PRICE DROP - 165

    Selling my 2 speed LX. Never use it. I have accumulated lot of AVETs and Makairas and I never use this reel. Someone should. It has 300 yards of 65 lb spectra and topped with 40 lb mono. It has been on lots of trips with me and killed a lot of fish. Cosmetic is 7/10 and 10/10 mechanical...
  113. akachalupa

    Okuma Makaira 15II SEA - PRICE DROP - 295

    Selling my 15MAK Sea. Been on a few boat rides, 8/10 cosmetic but 10/10 mechanical. Perfect mechanical specimen. MSRP is 499.99. Spooled with 375 yards 60lb spectra and topped with 60 yrds of new 50lbs izorline smoke. I used this for 50 / 60 lb bait set up and the drag is very smooth. Comes...
  114. luv2phish

    Shimano Talica 2 speeds - 8ii,10ii,12ii,16ii

    I have 1 of each: My loss is your gain Talica 8Ii and Talica 10ii SOLD Talica 12ii and Talica 16ii I paid $589.00 each with tax. Cheapest Online is $496 with tax an shipping. Selling for $ 490/ each Spent over $2200 for all 4 reels Save some cash and buy 2 remaining reels for $980.00...
  115. N

    Looking for Avet Raptor in Dorado

    Looking for any of the Raptor Dorado's to add to my collection. I do ask that they are in good condition. Thanks
  116. akachalupa

    Avet HXW Raptor - Silver - 400 no braid / 500 w braid

    Avet HXW Raptor - Silver Brought on 1 boat ride and never pulled on a fish. No boat rash. Perfect condition. Loaded with 640 yards of 100lb 8x J Braid and an 80lb top shot of izorline smoke. Comes with clamp, tools and box. Asking 500. If you don't want the braid and would like to spool it...
  117. Espinoza569

    San Diego Set Ups

    So this is my first season out and I’ve gone on a few 1/2 days. So far I’ve caught bass, rockfish, a lingcod, and some small halibut. I’m looking to go on 3/4 and full days in the future to target tuna, yellowtail, halibut, etc. I won’t be going on any longer trips (2, 3 days etc). I have some...
  118. J

    Avet JX Raptor

    Mint, 2 boat rides, no fish, didn't even get cast (only 20# setup saw action), 400yds 65# Izor spectra, Avet reel cover, box and tool. Prefer local pickup, will ship at your expense. $OLD
  119. Josh_11

    Built Newell reel trade for lever drag

    I have a P series (best one) 338f Newell that I would like to trade for a lever drag preferably a 40lb reel. Has upgraded tiburon frame, carbontex drags, aluminum spool. This reel is great for someone learning to throw surface irons. Works perfect with great free spool. I have cash on my side...
  120. akachalupa

    PRICE REDUCED, Avet MXJ MC Single Speed

    AVET MXJ MC Single Speed never been fished or seen a boat ride. Asking 150. Not looking to do any shipping. Local F2F only please. In North County SD or somewhere near Sorrento Valley. Thanks
  121. RicardoShark916

    Wtb Lefty Avet Raptors

    Looking for an sxj or Mxl trx
  122. Mr. DRE

    Yo's Customs Sabre 6870 $150 takes it

    Anyone interested in older Yo's Customs Sabre 6870 honey deckhand style rod. Make reasonable offer local pick up no shipping.
  123. Alex Cohen

    Fishing Reels - Left-Handed

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of lefty reels I've used once or twice and no longer need. I'm pursuing a different type of fishery and these reels will not work for that application. Some of these reels are practically brand new. If you are located in Socal, local pick up can be arranged, otherwise I...
  124. Alex Cohen

    Fishing Reels For Sale - LEFTY

    Hey guys, I have a bunch of lefty reels I've used once or twice and no longer need. I'm pursuing a different type of fishery and these reels will not work for that application. Some of these reels are practically brand new. If you are located in Socal, local pick up can be arranged, otherwise I...
  125. F.I.S.H.Y

    Accurate BV 500 vs Avet MXL raptor

    Ok im used to avets and love them! But i wanna see what accurate made of. I got a deal for a Accurate BV 500 with Seeker Hercules 700' 30-60 for $450 and another deal for a Avet MXL raptor (BRAND NEW) and a phenix PSW 700h for $500. let me know! Im getting a Avet HXW raptor but want something...
  126. F.I.S.H.Y

    Avet HX

    I have a like new Avet HX, black with 3/4 spool of 80# braid and about 250-300 yards 50# braid. Also comes with clamps. Letting it go for $350 I can throw in a Phenix Black Diamond great condition, extra heavy 9' rod as a combo for $500, well over $700 worth Located in San Diego. I'll post pics...
  127. F.I.S.H.Y

    Avet Avet MXL Raptor Catches???

    Im getting a Avet MXL raptor on friday and I am dieing to know what people have landed with this reel! Please let me know! Also the Avet MXL raptor is paired with a Phenix PSW760H rated 30-60. Catches with that rod? Thanks for the feedback everyone!!!
  128. Mr. DRE

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH new in wrapper

    Price drop to $360 retails for $450. Brand new Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH with tags. Solid 25-60 set up. Decided to go a different so it will cost me. cash only no shipping due to length. Text with questions or more pics 818 620-8018
  129. F.I.S.H.Y

    Avet HX 5/2 vs Avet HXJ 5/2 Raptor MC

    I have the HX standard already and I have to admit its a amazing solid reel! But should i sell it and get the HXJ raptor? I do prefer more drag on these types of reels. I might get a MXL raptor with a Phenix PSW 700H for $500 tonight. Good deal?. I have my HX on a PSW909xhj also a solid rod! Let...
  130. F.I.S.H.Y

    Phenix PSW909xhj or Phenix PSW700H for Avet HX 5/2

    I have the PSW909XHJ but its a bit tall and i dont like the reel seat. Whould the PSW700H with Alps reel seat be better? Please let me know soon! Thank you for feedback!
  131. Mr. DRE

    Makaira 10II SEA in gunmetal $380

    Like new Makaira 2 speed reel with 80 lbs spectra. Includes box, cover, clamp, tool, etc. Cash only no shipping
  132. Mr. DRE

    Makaira 10II sea & Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid

    New in wrapper Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 869XH rod and used like new Makaira two speed reel with box, clamp, tool, etc. loaded with 80 lbs spectra. Paid $1100 sacrifice for $750 as set. Will separate $400 each. Cash price local pick up no shipping. [email protected]
  133. F.I.S.H.Y

    Catches on Avet HX 5/2 standard?

    Just curious to see what my new reel is capable of. Thank you for feedback!
  134. Irishman818

    Everything sold!

    SOLD-Avet G2 JX 6/3- $300 (65lb. Spectra) SOLD-Avet LX 6/3 Raptor- (80lb. Spectra) SOLD-Avet G2 MXL 6/4- $300 (50lb. Spectra) SOLD-Super Seeker- SS6480-8’ CT 20-40lb.- $375!!!! SOLD-Calstar Grafighter- GFGR-765-L 30-80lb.- $300 SOLD- GFGR-700-ML 20-40lb.- $275- REDUCED TO $175...

    Offshore Islander Charters - 3.5 Day - Video

    This is more of a trip re-cap than a report. Froggy goes fishing Private Charter August 26th - 30th on the Islander. This is a great boat with a killer crew and the food was just amazing.........no burgers or burritos on this trip!!! The Islander is probably most famous for it's Dive trips to...
  136. V

    Daiwa Saltist 30 and 40

    2 Reels - USED about 10 yr old - both work well: 1. Daiwa Saltist 30 - Star drag- $ 60 2. Daiwa Saltist 40 - Star Drag- $60 $100 for both
  137. Asael

    Avet jx or something similar in price and amazing ness

    Im looking for an avet jx 2 speed or something similar to replace my accurate boss fury 500
  138. G

    G2 Bearings

    hey, anyone have the size of the SX G2 pinion bearing? Apparently you can’t buy parts on the avet site anymore and figure I’ll try to get a better bearing from boca.
  139. heman

    Avet MXL 6/4

    Avet MXL 6/4 2 speed silver Lever drag Comes with clamp, no box. Cosmetic: 8/9 out of 10 Mechanical: 10/10 About half spool of 65# power pro Asking $250. No trades. PM or text 714-909-9239 46A8F876-AB36-4C23-8823-79189F2B2189 by heman posted Sep 6, 2019 at 10:35 PM...
  140. Connor Coscino

    Avet SX Break Disc Grinding Against Dog Cover

    Found my brother’s old reel in the garage, hasn’t been used in 3ish years. The reel binds up tightly and grinds when the drag is put into gear. Opened it up and the bearings and everything look good, except the break disc is grinding against the dog cover. I’ve been staring at it for a while...
  141. Josh_11

    Calstar GG 90j

    Let know what you got!
  142. Asael

    Shimano waxwings needed

    i need to buy some waxwings of all sizes let me know which ones you guys have
  143. lilharcher

    Bargain: BNIB Black Avet 50/2 Topless

    As the title and actual picture indicate, I have a brand new, unused, flawless Avet EX 50/2 Topless/SDS for sale, LOADED with brand new (unused) hallow 130lb Seaguar spectra, ready for your top shot of choice. Retail is $599. Quick Sale Price of $499 (firm) w/ spectra (over $150 off retail). I...
  144. Asael

    Shimano tyrnos 30ii looks and works brand new

    Shimano tyrnos 30ii 2 speed reel in crazy good condition has 60lb mono on it has original clamp and box along with the little screwdriver which came with it.. OPEN TO TRADE!!
  145. JayhawkNavy02

    Yellow Tail Rod & Schoolie Tuna Rod/Reel Reccommendation

    Long time reader first time poster. Looking to adjust my gear to more west coast focused now that I’m getting stationed here for the foreseeable (near) future. I’ve been back and forth (west and east coast) for the Navy for years, but hopefully static here in SOCAL for a while. Gave away...
  146. Shant

    Trading/Selling my Calstar 700L

    I want to trade or sell my calstar grafighter 700l. I'm looking for 160 or for an Avet sx 5.3 or a single speed Avet in general.
  147. G

    Avet MXJ G2 MC

    Got it as a gift from somebody who didnt know I fish lefties. 1 party boat trip, cleaned properly after, spooled with 50lb Power Pro Depth hunter, unknown yardage. Pretty much brand new, no box or clamp, though. 99% condition. $200 shipped anywhere Super down to trade for a lefty fathom...
  148. hugh kretschmer

    Avet Lx 6/3

    Used Avet LX 6/3 2 speed, silver, just serviced by Avet in May. 80lb braid with new 40lb top shot. Great condition $300
  149. M

    Penn Fathom 40

    Penn Fathom 40 star drag. Great condition, minor scuffs on the side. 65# braid with 100 yards 40# topshot $160 Located in Sacramento Text Matt 91688zero0five81
  150. LB.

    <—- see guys? That’s how ya know it’s SOLD!!!!!BNIB Avet EXW 50/3 $555

    Got this reel when i started thinking I wanted to do COW trips, no thinking multi 8-10 day trips instead. Paid $555. Will ship on your dime. I’m up in the LA area, sometimes OC on the weekends. Will be in SD the 1st of September for a trip on the 2nd. Can bring it (already gonna ‘bring it’) but...
  151. LB.

    ALL SOLd!!! reels - LX 2spd Black $225 JX 4.2:1 Silver $155

    Selling some extra fish killing equipment Calstar Rods SOLD! All are in perfect working order. LX 2spd 6/3 $230, MXJ MC $165, JX $155. LX no line, Black, couple ticks in it, but works perfectly. MXJ has some braid backing with enough to top shot plenty of mono. JX same Text for faster response...
  152. G

    Avet MXJ G2 MC

    Got it as a gift from somebody who didnt know I fish lefties. 1 party boat trip, cleaned properly after, spooled with 50lb Power Pro Depth hunter, unknown yardage. Pretty much brand new, no box though. 99% condition. $200 shipped anywhere Super down to trade for a lefty fathom 25-30, torium...
  153. Z

    Avet EX 30/2 2 speed Reel Unused in Box (Silver)

    I am selling a brand new Avet EX 30/2 2 speed Reel that is unused and comes with box (Silver), fully loaded with JB Hollow 130 pound spectra. Perfect for these cow bluefin that everyone is catching now. This will handle a fish up to 300 pounds. This reel is brand new and only has been taken out...
  154. Marco450r

    Newell 332 spool

    Hello Guys looking for a Newell 332 Aluminium Spool any one has an extra one for sale Let me know Thanks
  155. Halihunk24

    Avet MXL Raptor w/ Daiwa Proteus Rod

    For sale: Avet MXL Raptor 6/4 MC. Has 65# braid to the top. Comes with original box and Avet reel cover. $425 Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF line 20-50lb braid 55-100lb $160 Will sell as a combo for $550 Everything is brand new. Just haven’t had the time to fish as much. Would love for someone to...
  156. Dylan Tortarolo

    Rods & Reels for Sale

    Hi All, I just dropped off some reels for consignment at Hogan's Bait & Tackle in Dana Point yesterday so I do not have pictures of the reels. If you want to check them out please feel free to head down to Hogan's to check them out. REELS: (Both Reels at Hogan's if you want to go see them)...
  157. M

    80lb .48mm dia - PE 8 , max topshot size and needle size

    Hi Guys I just bought an Avet HXW and have it spooled with 80lb PE 8 .48mm dia Tasline Elite Braid, I am just after some advice, is it possible to topshot it with 60 or 65lb mono (120 yards), and if so which needle size would be best to use. Any advice would be appreciated. Chris
  158. M

    Looking for Calstar 800H and others

    Looking for a Calstar GFGR-800h or GFGR-800xh or GFGR-875H. Will buy or trade gear. Shoot me a message and we can talk
  159. droolerno2

    calstar 900L (never been fished) and avet SX 6/4

    Hey guys, Up for sale are: 1. calstar grafighter 900L that has NEVER been fished. I bought it off this forum years ago and left for NY for 5 years and never had a chance to fish it. It still had the plastic covering on it when I bought it. Its in the deckhand style but has a sweet paracord...
  160. JDFishSD

    Talica 20II with Tiburon T-Bar handle

    Talica 20II with Tiburon T-Bar handleand loaded with 100lb white Powerpro Max-Cuattro. The handle has one mark on it and the reel itself has a few marks on it. You can see this all in the pics. The line has only hit saltwater once. This is the perfect reel for the big bluefin out there right...
  161. JDFishSD

    Daiwa Seagate 35 reel and Seagate Rod - $125

    Brand New Seagate SGT70HF rod and Used Seagate 35 reel. Reel in good shape too with some wear and tear. Can see on the pics. Rod is 7ft rated 20-40lb and very well balanced with this reel. This combo is perfect for SoCal fishing almost everything offshore (except the big bluefin). I can load up...
  162. Ryan Schlingman

    Avet LX clicker problems

    So I just bought an Avet LX and when the clicker is engaged and line starts going out, the clicker disengages. But if I reel when it is engaged, the clicker stays on. I took it apart and everything looks good. If anyone could help out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ryan
  163. P

    AVET SX/LX Raptor Reels For Sale

    For sale: Both Reels are basically brand new, cosmetically 10/10 and work perfectly. They were purchased a few months ago from J&H Tackle. Avet SX Raptor (Blue) - $375 (Sold) Used once, spooled up with new line, 225yd Izor 50lb Braid and 30lb Izor Mono Top shot. Avet LX Raptor (Blue) - $450...
  164. hockeyplayer2503

    Phenix Rod & Avet Reels

    ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~ ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~ ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~ ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~ ~~~~ SOLD ~~~~
  165. shooter21

    Avet Raptors

    3 Avet Raptor Vampire 10/10 mech 10/10 cosm Fished once last year Jx filled with 65# prospec sold Mxj filled with 50# prospec sold Sx filled with 50# prospec sold Price includes shipping Paypal [email protected] or you pay fees
  166. Goldenglory18

    AVET MXL Raptor - $360

    MXL Raptor - $360 local, $380 shipped Silver color. Reel is in excellent condition with box, CD/oil and cover. Spooled with multi-color J-braid and mono leader. PM for questions/detailed pics. I live in WeHo and work in Northridge. I can do a local deal anywhere in between or relatively...
  167. tmcribbs

    Avet RAPTOR MXL6/4 MC 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel MC Cast - PATRIOT Flag Right Hand

    No longer for sale
  168. K


  169. Moor_fish

    Please delete

    Okuma Metaloid 5N 2 speed paired with a Phenix Abyss rod. Reel is new only been on one boat ride 10/10 with 80lb seaguar threadlock braid and clamp. Rod is 8/10 tip recently repaired at squidco. Looking for $300 obo.
  170. piopi

    Black MXJ Raptor - Delete

    Selling a used MXJ raptor. Used it a handful of times, and still functions like new. Overall looks like new minus the scratches on the bottom lip of the front bar in the first picture. Asking $325 and can meet in the greater LA area. Willing to ship at buyers expense.
  171. Frank Guzman

    Reduced!! Avet LX 4.6 for sale

    Bluefin killer right in time! Selling my Avet LX 4.6 for $150... This reel has been lightly used and needs a good home to put it to use! It has 300 yds of 65lb braid and is topped off with another 150 yds of 40lb izorline xxx. This fresh line was just put on 6/20/19. Text me if you’re interested...
  172. Ubaldo Rodriguez

    Vanstaal vr50 , shimano baitrunner, avet sx raptor

    PICKUP LOCATION SYLMAR 91342 or near by areas , shipping available at your cost , I accept cash , PayPal , and zelle . PayPal friends and family or pay PayPal fees . Txt for more info or questions 8189262708 Van staal vr50 Like new! Used 2 times . 280 yards of 30 lb izorline white braid . All...
  173. CODE RED


    225$ Trade for Tranx or talica plus cash on my side.
  174. Moor_fish

    Lexa 400 combo

    Lexa 400 7:1 used twice. Filled with 60lb white Seaguar threadlock braid paired with a 9 ft Californian Calico rod XH 15-40 rod. 200 for the combo firm. 150 for the Lexa and 80 for the Californian seperately. Awesome calico setup but can handle any pelagic up to 60 lbs. Throws the iron a mile...
  175. W


    I have an Avet JX 6/3 Gen2 for sale. Has 65lb braid w/ 40lb top. (Fresh Topshot put on this weekend 9/7/19) I bought it from a Rep on BD. Took it on one trip, no fish... I just prefer my Tranx. Located in Lomita/Torrance/San Perdo $300
  176. jmoore1989

    PRICE DROP - Used Rods & Reels For Sale - Avet, Penn, Shimano, Johnny Morris, Ugly Stick

    Getting rid of my extras that i don't use Avet mxl 6/4 mc 2 Speed With 50lb Braid - $250 (will trade for Fathom Lever Drag - SOLD Shimano Terez 7'8" 50-100lb Extra Heavy Medium Fast - $175 Penn Battle 5000 50lb Braid - $40 Shakespeare Ugly Stick 6' 80-130lb - $30 Penn Slammer III 8500 60lb...
  177. steelogreen1

    AVET LX 6/3 Fresh Line & Service

  178. tackle60

    Avet JX 6/3-MC & Seeker Combo $400/OBO

    Selling Avet JX two speed with magic cast feature. Comes with 65lb braid backing and 40lb top. Combo is ready to be fished today. Asking $400/OBO Text me for details. 858-722-1929 Gabe
  179. S

    Avet HX 5/2 - Silver

    For sale is an Avet HX 5/2 in silver. Come with reel clamp, Blue Water reel cover, and loaded with 80 lbs power pro. Sold Prefer local transaction but will ship at buyer's expense (PayPal Friend & Family)
  180. S_Villa

    Penn 12 ($60)international

    **SOLD AVET HX $280SOLD PENN 12H $80
  181. R


    Excellent condition Avet Raptor MXJ in silver. Loaded to the top with 65# Izor braid. $350 Reel is located by Murrieta, but I get up to LA/OC pretty often. Still have the box.
  182. Josh_11

    Calstar grafighter 9’ trade for 10’

    I have a calstar grafighter GFDH-900m 20-40lb It’s in very good condition I would like to trade for a 10’ jigstick let me know what you have thanks! Located in San Diego
  183. Woodeneye

    Calstar WC-660HRS-RT 30-80lb Troll Rod

    For Sale: Calstar WC-660HRS-RT 30-80lb Good condition. Excellent inexpensive troll rod just in time for Tuna season. $125 OBO. Thanks for looking.
  184. Goldenglory18

    AVET MXL MC - lightly used silver

    AVET MXL MC: SOLD Silver. Excellent condition, unknown line All prices now include shipping to your door USPS. PM for questions or offers. Thanks in advance... - Kenny
  185. GarytheCPA

    getting rid of some reels - Newell, Avet, & Penn Costa Mesa

    Too much gear & getting rid of some reels first. All are lightly used. The Newell's were given to me new a couple years ago by a friend who ran a tackle department. Threw a little surface iron with them, but they never really caught on with me. I don't think these Penn coffee grinders were ever...
  186. LB.

    Be in SD 9/20/19 - thanks BDoutdoors

    Thinning out. SX is almost perfect cosmetically 9/10, and 10/10 mechanically just switched gears on my 20-25lb setups. JX was recently gone through by myself and is ready to slay some meat. Both have braid amd are ready to go. Can ship on your dime. PayPal fnf, located in the LA /Pasadena area...
  187. C

    Daiwa Saltiga 30A and other reels

    Hi, i have a few reels for sale. 1.Daiwa Saltiga 30A . 9/10 Cosmetic and 9/10 mechanical . Asking $260 SHIPPED 2.Shimano Stradic 5000XG . 8/10 cosmetic and 9/10 mechanical. Missing the handle screw cap as pictured. Asking $160 SHIPPED. 3. Shimano Stradic 8000FH. 5/10 cosmetic and 8/10...
  188. Woodeneye

    (2) Shimano TLD30 2 Speed

    For sale Shimano TLD30 2 speed reel. Reel is in great shape, I have two for sale $175 each or both for $300. Upgrading my trolling reels and don’t need these anymore. Lightly used. One spooled with 60lb Izor Blue end of last season and not a fish on it, the other has old line and hasn’t been...
  189. S

    Avet HX Raptor 3-Speed - Price Lowered (AGAIN)

    Avet HX Raptor (3-Speed): The reel is new and never had line on it. Asking $525. Lowered again to $475 Shimano Twin Power 10K: Went on one boat ride but did not use it. SOLD. Prefer local transaction but will ship at buyer expense (PayPal F&F).
  190. tunaman82

    AVET MXL 6/4 like new

    For sale is my Avet MXL 6/4 2 speed in silver. Bought it and never really used it. Its in great condition and comes full of 65lb power Pro. Also Comes with Reel Clamp. I have original box and receipt from when i purchased it. Mechanically 10/10 Cosmetically 9/10 Asking 250$ OBO Text me...
  191. Moor_fish

    Avet Combo

    Hello I'm selling an Avet SX (Blue) with an Okuma MXR bait rod. Reel was checked by Squidco Saturday 4/27 and is in perfect working condition. Has some boat rash. Spooled with 65 lb white Daiwa J braid. Please see rod for ratings. Perfect for patty Yellows and small tunas as well as local...
  192. R


    I have an MXJ RAPTOR in great near new condition. I know the pictures do not look it but they are in great shape. The silver is hard to photograph. I will send additional pics upon request. No problem. Located in the Temecula area but I travel to OC, LA ,SD frequently. Avet MXJ Raptor (2...
  193. I

    Which reel.

    For my next reel 25/30# setup should I go for an avet mxl, or acurate tern/boss fury, or a torium.
  194. C

    Daiwa Saltiga30

    Hi, i have a used Daiwa Saltiga 30 for sale. 8/10 for Cosmetic and 9/10 for mechanical. Asking $260 shipped. Please make payments with Paypal as gift or add 3%. Thank you.
  195. garret_crispi

    WTB Left Hand Reels

    Interested in buying left hand reels... Avets, Shimano, Accurates. Let me know what you have. Located in SD but commute to Irvine. Will meet anywhere between the two.
  196. Genensd


  197. I

    New Avet suggestions

    What is a good size avet for island yellows, and small grade tuna? Also what pound line?
  198. J_Merrill

    SoCal Rod and Reel combo for Jigging

    I know this is the age old question and is a common topic but just want some help in choosing a reel for my 90j. I'm looking to fish straight spectra #50 to a #40 floro leader and want something versatile for jigging and chucking iron particularly for yellowtail and Tuna. I keep reading the...
  199. S

    Avet HX 3/S Raptor (new)

    Brand new Phenix Axis 680X3H, with tags. It is rated for 60-130 lbs rail rod. SOLD. Brand new Avet HX 3/S raptor (new) in black. This is the 3-speed reel and includes box, clamp, tools, and oil. Asking $525. Cash and local pickup only. Can ship reel at buyers expense.
  200. Arthur Seropyan

    Phenix axis w/ avet lx raptor 2 speed

    Mint condition never touched or seen water asking 600$ price is firm comes with the box for the reel also
  201. Arthur Seropyan

    Avet sx 6/4 2 speed (Neptune’s heart)

    300$ for the reel barely used in amazing condition comes with the box Neptune’s heart
  202. Steven1883

    New Daiwa Saltist 30H

    New. Comes with box and clamp. Spooled with 60lb J-braid. $225. Txt. 562 294 6089
  203. P

    Avet MXJ 5.8 MC cast REDUCED

    Got a very sparingly used Avet MXJ with box, manual, clamp and oil and 65lb. Power Pro braid included. These are the blems Turners were selling a while ago so they are dual color. I remember taking this on a few overnight trips and only picking them up a few times. 8+/10 condition as the pics...
  204. P

    Avet SX 5.3 MC cast REDUCED

    Got a very sparingly used Avet SX with box, manual, clamp and oil and 50lb. Power Pro braid included. These are the blems Turners were selling a while ago so they are dual color. I remember taking this on a few overnight trips and only picking them up a few times. 9+ / 10 condition. updated to...
  205. Alex Cohen

    Avet EXW 30/2 Blue

    I am currently consolidating my arsenal and selling a brand new Avet EXW30/2 in blue. I got rid of the box so I will be reducing the price to $420 and will include free shipping. If you need spectra, just let me know... I have a full line-winding station and can load it up for you under a good...
  206. J

    Lx raptor and Diawa sealine

    Lx raptor two speed inn good working condition. Few scratches but nothing major. Can’t remember what I have it spooled with. Sadly no reel clamp. Looking to get $400 shipped gifted Also have a Diawa sealines in size 30,40 and 50 Sealine 30 could use a light cleaning: $70 shipped gifted...
  207. J

    Rods n reels F/S

    Hey all, Have some rods n reels up for grabs. The inventory: 1)Vintage Penn Senator 9/0 star drag w/ clicker, spooled with heavy braid. Rod: Davis big game full roller Length: 1.75M Action: 100# Condition: fully operational and ready to fish but could use a little cleaning. Qty: 2 2)Okuma...
  208. Jonathan nunez

    Avet lx 2 spd..proteus

    I have a new avet lx raptorv2 speed with 100lb spectra and daiwa proteus rod..asking $550 for both in great condition no boat rash
  209. Espinoza569

    Avet LX 4.6:1 FS or Trade

    Brand New in Box. Never Spooled. $200 Cash. Also willing to trade for JX, or 700m Thanks for looking!
  210. noahg727


    Looking for a new 80w 2 speed. All aluminum, PayPal, willing to ship.
  211. R

    80 or 130

    looking for used 80 or 130. Penn, shimano, Makaira, avet. Looking for reel only. No rod.
  212. bradda_brandon


    Selling my Avet HXW raptor loaded with 700yards of NEW 100# white powerpro. Fished it on a few trips last season with no luck on it. Looking to get $400 or trade for a MAK 16Sea or a VISX 16 with a little cash on my end. **local pickup only**
  213. Corndog

    PHENIX PSW760ML lightly used SOLD

    Rod is PSW 760ML I believe. 7'6" 10 to 30lb rated. Rod is in good condition. Havent used it much since I mostly long range when I hit the ocean. Message me here or text to 970 four two zero 199eight Jason
  214. Arvin

    Avet Mxl MC Gold for trade

    Great reel works perfectly only used it 5-6 times want to get a torium or trinidad 65 pound suffix backing topped with 40 lb izor mono $180 or trade for torium/trinidad
  215. Josa1

    AVET 50 San Diego Special (SDS), Last Price Drop

    2/15/2019...Reel is sold. Last Price Drop...$290.00 with pick up in San Pedro. It would seem to me that if you need a 50 size reel, that you would really like this one. 2/4/2019....Price drop to $310.00 with pick up in San Pedro. 1/29/2019....Price drop to $340.00 with pick up in San Pedro...
  216. Ubaldo Rodriguez

    Avet JX Raptor combo

    Avet JX Raptor 2 speed mc cast Serviced by avet and put away since New drags and bearings No box no clamp 3/4 spool of 80lb izorline braid 50 lb xxx top shot Reel:350$ Rod:160$ calstar custom 765xl 30-50 , killer back bone . Or take the combo for 500$ Location : Sylmar Ca 91342 Cell...
  217. dEDGE

    Next Avet Sale..?

    OK, I know Avet typically has a 10% off sale once or twice a year, but when exactly is this? Is it during the Fred Hall Show? And, as I recall, certain tackle shops have offered an additional 5% - 10% off in addition to this. I think it was Baja Fish Gear and maybe even Charkbait.
  218. D

    Land based shark fishing help

    I was thinking of getting an okuma solterra 2 speed lever drag 50w for some sharking. I will be fishing from the shore. I need opinions on whether this is a good reel or should I go with avet. Also no clue on what rod to pair either conventional reel with from the shore, thanks.
  219. C

    Looking for curado 300e or 300ej

    Los Angeles area. Zip Code : 91214 willing to meet for pickup
  220. nachofish

    30's! Tiagra, PENN, Avets

    Looking to buy 30's Must be in great condition Any upgrades a plus Cash in hand
  221. ty-y-ler

    Avet MXJ 6/4 - Lefty

    Let me know if any of you guys are letting go of one. Thanks! Tyler
  222. Steel Seeker 40

    Avet JX 6/3 and LX 6/3

    I bought these two reels this summer off of this forum. I ended up buying a JX g2. My dad used the LX once and the JX wasn't used at all. The LX was just serviced by Avet. Asking the same price I got them for $275 each.
  223. 2

    Avet Mxj w/ Phoenix black diamond

    Avet mxj 6/4-mc raptor 2 speed on a Phenix Black diamond psw 700m Both are in good condition with brand new line $350.00
  224. G

    Avet HXJ Reel - Lefty

    Im looking for a lefty HXJ. Let me know what you have. I can meet anywhere from Orange County to San Diego.
  225. R

    PRICE DROP AVET JX 6.0 Silver $175 OBO

    AVET JX 6.0 Silver color.Reel is in great condition. $175 OBO Reel is located in the Murrieta area. I have the box, wrench etc... I may consider trades. With or without cash my end or yours. Looking for a UC swimbait rod or Tranx 300 right handed.
  226. C

    Tranx 500 PG, BX2-400, SX, SXJ

    Shimano Tranx 500 PG SOLD Reel is in great shape but has a few scuffs (in pics), the reel is washed with freshwater after each trip (been on 4 trips with me). Loaded with J braid 65 lb multi color. This reel will make anyone an amazing caster and it is so incredibly smooth. With the 4.6:1...
  227. migetguy

    Avet SX Raptor Lefty

    Selling an Avet SX raptor left hand took it out once. No boat rash only a small imprint from my centerlock reel seat. Spooled 2/3 with 50# powerpro . Also comes with Avet reel cover. Looking for 350 obo. .Located around the Chino area. Pick up or Shipping on your dime
  228. I

    Avet sxj questions?

    Going to get an avet sxj two speed for atalina. How much braid 50 pound did you fit on your sxj, and what rod goes good with it.I like phenix's.
  229. I

    Line capacity on a sxj

    How much strait braid did you fit on an sxj 6/4 2speed

    Offshore 2 day - Mustang Sportfishing - 10-12-18 to 10-14-18 - Video

    Short Story - I got a phone call early Wednesday morning from my Rep John at Dal-Tile. He asked if my reels were oiled??!! I replied, my reeIs are always oiled but why are you asking?? John says can you go fishing on Friday? I ask, this Friday in San Diego? Yes, in SD!!! And Yes, this Friday...
  231. Moor_fish

    Daiwa Saltist 35 Calstar combo

    Daiwa Saltist 35 with box and 60 lb Seagar Threadlock Hollowbread backing. I took the 50 ft mono top shot off. Cosmetic 9/10 (some boat rash) mechanical 10/10. (Used 3 times) Calstar is the WCDH-69OJ. 9ft rod 20-40 rating. Ready to go for all different types of saltwater fishing. Can use it to...
  232. YouFARMEDItBro



    Offshore Islander - 3 Day - Froggy goes Fishing - Video

    I was invited on this 3 day trip aboard the Islander with a group....Froggy goes Fishing..... 24 anglers that were pumped up to go Kill some fish!!! This was my 1st time on the Islander. Some of you may know the Islander for there mother-ship Kayak trips and for Shark diving trips. This is an...
  234. fv1500

    AVET 6/4 2 spd Gunmetal Grey RH excellent condition

    For sale Avet SX 6/4 2 speed RH reel in excellent condition. Includes box, clamp, DVD and reel oil. 1 day left on the auction. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5336488034&icep_item=302897186648 Moderators this is my own personal reel. I read...
  235. Battle Skiff

    Penn international 16

    Brand new in box PENN International VIS Gold Two-Speed Lever Drag Reel. Reel will cost you $600+ is a store. Comes with reel clamp, and penn reel tool everything brand new. $525. O.B.O
  236. Jason Luy

    Fishing Reel Lot - Shimano, Daiwa, Avet, Okuma

    1. TALICA 10ii - USED 50lb J-Braid w/ Box and Clamp - $390 2. AVET SX 5:3:1 w/ Clamp - $110 3. DAIWA SALTIST 25 w/ Clamp - $160 4. OKUMA CEDROS 10s Lightly USED - $200 5. SHIMANO TORIUM 20 - $120 Recently Serviced by Shimano in irvine w/ Clamp (dog chewed on rubber handle) 6. Daiwa Z30 -...
  237. S

    Avet SX 5.3 MC FS

    I have a blue Avet SX 5.3 MC that is new and comes with the box. It has been strung up with 20lb Izorline but has never been fished before. I am asking $200 plus shipping. Thanks for looking
  238. M4ttt0

    Silver MXJ 6/4

    I have a silver Avet MXJ 6/4 for sale. It has just been serviced and it spins like a top! minor wear and tear on the reel. Asking 200 obo. I'm not home right now but I will post pictures later. If there are any questions please feel free to ask.
  239. fv1500


    AVET SX 6/4 ~ $225.00 Excellent condition, cosmetically and mechanically a 10. Filled with 65# braid. Box and clamp included. Local pick up in San Clemente Dana Point area Will consider a trade for Trinidad 14a plus cash on my end.
  240. M

    Avet MXL 2 speed and Avet SXJ single speed

    For sale avet MXL 2 speed gunmetal grey and spooled with 40 lb power pro-used and good condition Avet SXJ in green spooled with power pro 30lb in great condition barely used. Asking 400 for the pair. Call or text mike for photos and more info 973-557-1196
  241. dillionare

    Avet LX Raptor & Calstar BWC 660HC 6'

    I bought this rod and reel for a long range trip and didn’t get to use it. Perfect condition Avet LX 6.3 MC Raptor 2-Speed Lever Drag Camo color with Tool and clamp. -Loaded with 100# power pro Hi-Viz yellow. -Never caught or hooked a fish on this reel. -Reel has “AM” initials engraved...
  242. cw0906

    WTB Left Hand Avet SXJ or Similar

    Looking to buy an Avet SXJ with left hand retrieve. Original or G2. Also open to similar small conventional left hand reels. Located in New Jersey (Zip 08080) so shipping likely necessary. Thanks
  243. Bud-D

    Avet SX or MXJ Raptor

    Looking for a lightly used Avet SX Raptor ALMOST any color. May consider MXJ Raptor as well if the price is right. Please include photos if you're holding! Thanks, Buddy
  244. R

    Daiwa Lexa 400 and Seeker G 970-7

    Selling a nice 25lb setup. Rod and reel have been through a season of fishing yellow tail, both are in excellent working condition. Asking $Sold
  245. Southwest Kayak Fishing

    Huk Ball Caps Trucker Hat

    New, Adjustable One Size Fits All Pattern caps $18ea Solid black or red $15ea Located near Mission Viejo Shipping available
  246. Elsa

    Shimano Talica 20II FS

    For Sale Shimano Talica 20II Great condition! Includes: Like new 300 yards of 100lb. Izor topped with 200 yards of Izor Hollow, clamp set, and cover. Mechanically 10/10 Cosmetic 9.5/10 $500...FIRM...Cash Only...Can meet in South Bay or South Gate Has gone on three boat rides and caught...
  247. Steel Seeker 40

    Wanted Avet MXJ Raptor

    I've been looking for a good reel for casting up to 40#. I do have a JX 2-speed no MC I could trade out. Just want to see what's available. Haven't seen too many in the classifieds.
  248. G

    Avet HXJ Raptor 5/2 - West LA

    Avet HXJ Raptor 5/2 - Like New. Taken on 3 trips last year with one small YT on it. Loaded with 400 yds of 80 lb white Xtreme Braid. Serviced by Avet this February and hasn't seen the water this year. Not desperate to sell so don't come at me with low ball offers. I will not respond. $375 for...
  249. steelogreen1

    Avet JX 6/3 Raptor

    JX 6/3 Raptor 2 Speed in perfect condition. Will consider trade with cash on my end for Stella 14000. $380 OBO
  250. migetguy

    Lefty Avet SX raptor

  251. Ed K.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  252. Ed K.

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed

    Avet MXL 5.8 Lever Drag Single Speed $180.00 Good Condition, Last One! Text 626-664-2983
  253. Ed K.

    Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two Speed

    Avet HXJ 5/2 MC Raptor Two-Speed professionally loaded with apx. 600 yards of Izorline 65# solid spectra. $410.00 Like New in box! Used 1x
  254. Fishinjunkie

    Accurate Valiant BV300

    I have a like new Accurate Valiant BV300. Comes with box and filled with 30lb PP braid. Asking $290 OBO. I'm open to trade as well. Let me know what you got.
  255. ycnibrc

    Avet MXL 5.8 MC

    Hi there I have an Avet mxl 5.8 mc red color mint no scratch or boat rash. Only use 3 times fill with 300 yard 65 braid with 80 yard 20lbs mono topping. Also come with upgrade power handle. 200$ pick up in Irvine CA or 210$ shipped anywhere in USA. Please pm with question
  256. coastalwerks

    Avet MXJ Raptor - Silver

    Hi Everyone, looking for an MXJ Raptor in Silver. Used or in new condition. Located in San Diego. PM me if you have one available
  257. Dan Uke

    2 Speed Reel with Calstar GF800M

    Hi guys I’m new to fishing and my friend is going to make me a Calstar 8FT Medium Grafighter. I want to get a 2 speed since he just made me a 8FT ML with a Shimano Trinidad 14A. I don’t plan on doing anything more than a day but want a 2 speed in case I hook up to a bigger fish. I’m thinking...
  258. Fishinjunkie

    Accurate Valiant BV300 Price Drop!!!

    I have a like new Accurate Valiant BV300 spooled with 30lb pp spectra. Comes with box. I'm open to trade for Trinidad 16a, Tranx 500 series, UC Centaur blank or complete rod. Price drop to $300 for this beautiful reel.
  259. V

    Reduced - Avet jx Raptor blem blk/red

    Avet JX Raptor. 80# braid. Mint condition and not a scratch. 1 boat ride and nothing caught. Powerful and compact. Blem with black and red color. Great for the tuna that’s around. Pm for info
  260. D

    Goliath grouper Avet set up WANTED

    Looking for a Goliath rod and reel set up. Just the rod or reel would be fine. Avet 50/2 preferred. Recommendations would be fine too
  261. P

    AVET MXL for MXJ

    Testing the waters here. I have a slightly used (2 trips) gold Avet MXL RH single speed and am looking to trade for a MXJ. I will provide pictures upon request or update this post later today. Located in San Diego.
  262. SoCalAggie

    Guidance on building out my quiver

    Hi BD! I've been a long time lurker and have been really digging through the forums to learn as much as I can! There is a lot of great info on here. I have spent the last few years acquiring some different setups and wanted to get some opinions and guidance on best applications/setups. Hope...
  263. coastalwerks

    Which Reel for UC Rod(s)?

    Hello gang, I'm in a dilemma between which reels to match which rods. Originally, i bought the 12 VISXS for the 80 Raptor but the weight savings of the Torque sounds appealing. Ended up buying a few more reels than possibly needed. Well it depends who your speaking too of course. Not that...
  264. borngamer1993

    avet, united composites, accurate, calstar

    FS: Avet raptor HXJ silver mint condition; used one time (took on a trip down to cabo and caught some schoolie tuna on the jig) Comes with box and avet reel bag + 80lb spectra with 50lb top shot $420 FS: Accurate Fury 600n; used a few times on trips down to baja, as well caught a...
  265. Javon

    Avet JX Raptor 6/3

    Anyone have one in mint condition? Silver, Gunmetal, or Gold preferred. Let me know 323 541 6212. Thanks!
  266. Tuggernuts

    Avet Reel bag.

    I’m looking to get an Avet Reel bag. Does anyone have one of these, and how do you like it? I also am trying to decide which size to get, I can’t find many reviews online about what size I need. I currently have an SX, MXL, LX, saltist 20, lexa 300 &400, and a saltiga 50. I plan on getting...
  267. Alaskanrocket

    MXJ 5.8

    I'm looking for a used MXJ or potentially a MXL if a good deal to be had. Any color, spooled or not. I don't mind a beater. It would need to be shipped to Alaska. Thanks, Jess
  268. ricmlopez

    $175 Avet G2 MXJ RH Blue

    In Whittier, Ca. $175 THIS IS A G2 Model. 20 lbs of drag. Includes over 300 yds of 50 lb izorline Spectra spoiled by M & M Rods. Comes with box, clamp and hardware. Shipping is $12.00 text Ric 562-980-6301
  269. K

    Shimano Upgrading Tuna Reel

    Thinking of upgrading my Avet LX 6.0 single speed (20# max drag). It's on a 6'6" Seeker Black Steel 40-60# rod. Would a Talica 16ii (40# max drag, 2 speed) be overkill for this rod? I like the idea of a high quality 2 speed for this rod. This will be my go-to setup for the bigger grade fish...
  270. V

    Looking for Avet JX Raptor

    hi bd I’m looking for Avet Jx Raptor. Used is fine if not beat up. Please PM me if you have something. Thanks guys
  271. voodoo

    PRO Power Winder for Fishing Reel Line in Near New Condition

    Near new hardly used Pro Power Winder for fishing reel line. PRO brand commercial quality winder Has all parts, 2 speeds, forward and reverse, line counter, anodized aluminum finish, speed control pedal, A great deal at $600.00 (reel not included) New Pro Power winder retails for $1999.00 CASH...
  272. coastalwerks

    Avet HXJ 3-Speed

    Was just reading through WON and there was an article out on Avet HXJ 3-speed for 2018. Also noticed it on Avet's site now. Has anyone checked it out? I know a few members were asking for this so here it is! Site LInk: https://www.avetreels.net/reels/hxj-3-rap-reel.html
  273. coastalwerks

    JX Raptor in Silver (Delete)

    Please delete!!!
  274. V

    Avet sold

    avet MXJ. 50# braid 25# floro top shot. Great working condition and ready to fish. $sold Text 714two6two707nine
  275. V

    Avet sx blem red/blue

    hi all Posting for a friend. Avet sx blem(red/blue). Cosmetic 8/10 mechanic 9/10 Overall very good condition with 40# braid with 25#mono top shot and ready to fish now. Text ‭1 (714) fourTwoOne-2259‬ $160
  276. shooter21

    Uc raptor/ jx raptor

    United Composites 8' raptor deckhand rod tuna cord with alps guides and Avet jx raptor combo for sale. Rod is 9-10 cosmetic, reel is 9-10 also. Looking for $550 shipped
  277. M

    Avet Handle knobs new and old style

    I have the following handle knobs for sale: - (1) Old Style torpedo knob & shaft from an Avet EXW 30/2 that is used but in decent shape with some paint chips. All the pieces are there to replace a knob including shaft and screws. Price is $20 shipped. - (2) new style rubber handle knobs. I...
  278. shooter21

    Mxj Raptor silver

    I have a near new (fished 1 time) mxj raptor loaded with 50# pp box, clamp and CD. I little flaw on shift cover not sure what happened, new one from avet is $7 Asking shipped
  279. Weberied556

    MINT Avet HX 5/2 gold

    Fished it for two season, sat in the rod rack most of the time. Caught 2 tunas 80# and handled them easily. Spooled 3/4 of the way with 80lb j braid, top shot with 60lb mono 50-70yards brand new. (for abrasion resistance) this was a yoyo/flatfall Reel. Would fish the drag as if I had 50lb...
  280. M

    WTB: Avet HXW 5/2 raptor (used)

    Used in silver, black or gun metal, also a avet exw 30 same specs
  281. skipjackrobert

    WTB Avet mxj in red or black raptor (not the mxl)

    Looking for a mint condition Avet mxj raptor in red or black. Mint condition please or will trade plus a few bucks on your side, a mint black Avet Jx raptor. No other trades or colors...thanks Robert 714-471-5766 Aliso Viejo...
  282. Hector Garcia

    Avet EX 30/2, Cousins CPX and Abu Garcia

    Please see other thread for sale items.
  283. noahg727

    Wanted: avet 50w

    Got a friend who’s looking for An avet 50w for around 400$. Needs to be shipped and PayPal gift. Shoot me a reasonable offer!
  284. InTheArena

    WTB Heavy Avet Reels Left Handed

    Hey guys, Looking to step up the arsenal. I’m having difficulty finding larger powerful reels in a left handed models. I’m currently searching for: Avet LX Raptor Avet HXW3 Raptor Avet 30 Standard Avet 50 Topless Please let me know what you have available. Tight lines gentlemen, Chris 714.743.8126
  285. Josa1

    FS: LNIB AVET EX 50/2 San Diego Special--Lowered Price

    Selling for a friend an AVET EX50/2 San Diego Special fishing reel. Reel shows as new but am not totally certain as it might have been used once. There are no dings and the reel functions perfectly, rated 10/10. Has the box, rod clamp and small tools. It has great free spool, a strong...
  286. Ziad Amr

    IMPORTANT... Reels For Slow Jigging

    Guys i ne s your help for choosing affordable great slow jogging reel , i was thinking of okuma andros or any of the avets , can i know your recommendations and your reviews about those 2 reels or if you have better options ? Thank you :)

    Offshore YFT on Wednesday. with video, drone view and underwater fish on footage

    We left Dana early on Wednesday,with a nice scoop of bait, that it turned out, we didn't need, all our fish came on jig strikes. We headed out to the 425, passing north island early, that gave us 2 awesome sunrises..Got to the area not quite at the numbers, several boats were there, we were...
  288. InTheArena

    WTB - Avet, Shimano L/H Reels

    Good afternoon gentleman, Currently have miscellaneous gear to trade but am in the market to purchase: Shimano Torium 20HGAL Avet LX Raptor Lefty Avet HXW3 Raptor Lefty Please let me know if you have anything available. Tight Lines. Chris 714.743.8126
  289. themonkey40

    Suggestions for Upgrading Avet JX/LX Handle Knob

    I am interested in upgrading the handle knob on my JX and LX to something larger and more comfortable than the factory supplied for YoYo jigging. Has anyone sourced a good aftermarket vendor for more comfortable handle knobs? I have also contemplated using a t-bar style instead of a knob for...
  290. SaintJeezy

    WTS BNIB Avet sx 5.3 mc all black.

    BNIB Avet 5.3 mc. Comes with everything, box, clamp, oil, CD. Really slick looking in all black. Willing to let it go for $180. Local pick up 949-525-3793
  291. tgorostiza

    AVET MXL 5.81 Left Handed Reel

    Single speed LH handed reel in good condition with excellent spin / drag. No problems or issues just no need for the reel any longer. Will sell or trade for a RH reel. $185
  292. Jack Yac

    Avet sxj LH mc with Shimano teramar medium heavy

    Selling as combo only, had it for less than a year. 290 OBO Pickup only, Pasadena
  293. Walker Inc.

    Ilwaco OTC

    Who's going? I know after getting the oppurtunity to go to CR with John Kapica and Team Reel Broke last year, I want to go back BAD. We might be serious on Saturday and not drink beer........... Leaving Friday from Westport, fishing all day, then into Ilwaco. Staying and fishing the tournament...
  294. noahg727

    Wanted: 80tw or 80stw

    Looking for an 80tw or 80stw for LBSF. Must be willing to ship.
  295. J

    Need help with Avet JX and HX gear set ups

    Just purchased new Avet Jx and Hx, 2 speed, both with MC, lever drag. Going to use them on 8 day trip south of San Diego. Alijos Rocks, The Ridge etc. So Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowtail. Wanted a 40# and 60# set up, but I'm open to opinions. Would like the JX to be my go to set up during the trip and...
  296. J

    Avet JX and HX set ups

    Just purchased new Avet Jx and Hx, 2 speed, both with MC, lever drag. Going to use them on 8 day trip south of San Diego. Alijos Rocks, The Ridge etc. So Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowtail. Wanted a 40# and 60# set up, but I'm open to opinions. Would like the JX to be my go to set up during the trip and...
  297. Reub Dog

    AVET MXL 2speed Red for sale

    MXL 2 speed I bought this reel and used it once on the thunderbird caught a 35lb yellowtail. I don't like it it's too big so I bought a mxj and love it so now it's for sale I put 50lb power pro with 40lb top shot mono and 6ft 30lb florocarbon ready to go fishing $240 obo no low ballers
  298. SoBayOutCast

    New Avet G2 LX 6/3 - A reel Review!

    So, I bit the bullet and bought the new Avet G2 series LX 6/3 2speed. It's definitely smooth with the new upgraded bearings, and center shaft. Overall fit and feel is great, and it shifts between gears flawlessly. I have it paired up with a custom Calstar 100J 10' deckhand rod for throwing...
  299. Rafatkhalil

    Custom Calstar 8ft jig stick 30-60lb $180

  300. InTheArena

    WTS - Phenix Black Diamond 808MH - 33% Off Retail

    Up for sale is a perfect condition Phenix Black Diamond 808MH rod equipped with the Fuji TCS Trigger reel seat. Phenix is known in the industry for their outstanding guarantee on their products. The manufacturer model specifications are as follows: Black Diamond – Casting A new generation of...
  301. Taiko

    Will this make sense??

    Hey guys, Im having trouble pairing my rods to the correct reel. i am currently running a Phenix PSW 808MH with a Torium 16 (left hand). I also have another rod which is a Daiwa preteus PRTB80MF WITHOUT a reel. I am thinking about a Avet sx (left hand) for the Daiwa rod but before i purchase...
  302. Torsk

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    Rods and reels for local P/U in Santa Monica only. All reels that state spectra have at least $50 worth of line on them which equates to $120 reel actually costing $70. Thanks to everyone who has helped me to move this gear, lots of happy faces. ;-) Shimano Tekota 800...
  303. Jack Yac

    WTB left hand Avet SX & Okuma Metaloid

    Looking for avet SX left hand either 1 speed or 2 speed. also looking to purchase okuma metaloid either 5 sizes is aright Let me know! PM me please
  304. Arthur Seropyan

    BNIB avet jx mc cast

    Asking for 250
  305. Baitless

    Reels - AVET, Newell, Penn Baja Special, and others

    Avet SX 5.0: $140.00 Newell P332.5 (with 200 yds of Spectra): $150.00 - Penn Baja Special (with 300 yds 65lb Spectra): $135.00 - Pending Shimano TLD 20/2 Speed with topless Tiburon frame (filled around 75% with 65lb Jerry Brown Spectra): $165.00 - Pending Text me at: (818) 620-3187, pickup in...
  306. papajig

    WTS-Avet SX Raptor and MXJ Raptor

    I am selling my brand new in box Avet raptors: MXJ Raptor - Gunmetal - $370 SX Raptor - Gunmetal - $350 Brand new in box, never been touch so no lines whatsoever.Prices are firm. Cash or Paypal gift only. If interested, please send me a TEXT at (626) 360-5166 Not interested in trading...
  307. P


    My buddy just built me a sick 30-50lb 7' rod. Looking for a good 30-40 size lever drag. Hoping to slay decent sized tunas, and yellowtail. BloodyDecks, let me know who has something decent for sell in the San Diego area.
  308. G

    Reel Clamp

    Hey All, anyone know of an after market reel clamp that fits a LX that has a loop for a safery line? I try my LX and would definitely like the extra safety of it if possible and the standard avet clamps don't have an option for that. Thanks
  309. avbaracuda

    WTT- Calcutta 400 w/Power Handle for Avet SXJ, SX or MXJ

    Prefer black or silver Avets.
  310. F

    Hx raptor rod recommendation calstar or phenix for a 6 day in september

    I just picked up a few avet reels for my 6 day in september on rr3. I have been on 3 day trips but new to 6 day trips. I picked up 4 new reels that i need rods for. 1 HXW raptor 2speed maybe 100# 1 HX raptor 3speed maybe 80# 1 HX ratpor 2speed maybe 60# 1 MXL raptor 2speed maybe another 40# I...
  311. bigbf

    Shimano Trinidad DC20-Sold

    Hi all, Have a Trinidad DC20 that i'm looking to trade. Looking for an Avet MXL Raptor or Tranx. The digital control or DC lineup of Trinidad was the elite version a few years back. It is a dream for casting the iron off the bow or fly-lining small baits. Great reel... just looking to change...
  312. firedog84

    For Sale: Avet SX and Seeker Black Steel

    Selling my Green Avet SX and Seeker Black Steel rod both in very good condition. This rod and reel were made for each other. The Avet is an SX 5.0:1 in green with 50Lb spectra, you could put whatever topshot you choose on it. I can do $130 for her. The Seeker Black Steel is a graphite, G...
  313. Scuba Chris


    In this review i'm going to explain several key features of this great casting conventional/multiplier reel all in 1 video. I'll also choose and explain my choices of line. MC Cast Control Magnetic Breaking Explained How To Properly Adjust The Pre-Set Strike Control Which Dial Setting You...
  314. dukedaddy

    22nd Landing Freedom 1.5 day voucher $275

    I have a 1.5 day voucher for the Freedom fishing boat out of 22nd Sport Fishing Landing. Voucher is worth $295 good up to 1 year, my loss is your gain. Unable to go due to work injuries. Price is firm for $275, please text/call 714-478-7074. Thomas 714-478-7074
  315. dukedaddy

    22nd Landing Freedom 1.5 day voucher $280

    I have a 1.5 day voucher for the Freedom fishing boat out of 22nd Sport Fishing Landing. Voucher is worth $295 good up to 1 year, my loss is your gain. Unable to go due to work injuries. Price is firm for $275, please text/call 714-478-7074. Thomas 714-478-7074
  316. B

    WTS Penn international II 30 SW and Avet Hx 5/2

    Selling a Penn international II 30 SW and Avet HX 5/2 gold. Both are used but in excellent condition. Penn International II 30 SW: $300.00. Has Cofe free spool and drag enhancements Avet HX 5/2 gold: $285.00. Includes 65lb spectra with 80 lb mono top shot Both reels come with original boxes...
  317. M

    Avet EX 30 4/01

    I am selling an Avet EX 30 4/01 loaded with 300yds of 80lb Jerry Brown hollow braid and a 100yd 60lb topshot. This is a rare single speed version of the 30 Narrow that has an aftermarket T-bar handle. This reel is in good mechanical condition and received new bearings and maintenance last year...
  318. M

    Avet 30 EXW 4/02

    I am selling an Avet 30 EXW 4/02 loaded with half a spool of 80lb braid and includes the reel clamp and original box. Mechanically its solid but it does have some small surface blemishes and scratches. Price is $300 plus shipping and I accept paypal.
  319. emarquez4

    SILVER JX RAPTOR 2 speed $350.00

  320. Bent on Kelp

    Brake disk/ Pinion gear stuck?

    So I bought a MXL 2 speed 2 weeks ago. This is my first time opening up and apparently NOTHING was lubed or greased inside... Thanks AVET. It has more corrosion than my single speed I've had for a year and have hardly taken care of. Now, the brake disk or pinion gear is stuck in place and I...
  321. S

    Shimano Terez 6'6" $200

    SOLD !!
  322. E man

    F/S NIB Avet SX MC Reel

  323. SccfoChef


    Got a good condition Avet sx with reel clamps. Nice little reel for $145
  324. barracuda76

    Shimano Reels TN20a Tac10ii Cal400D

    Selling some extra reels that I won't be using. Used but not abused shimano Trinidad 20a with 30# and 65lb power pro. Reel casts a mile. No box, clamp or original handle. It does have upgraded handle. Has some minor rubs. $375 OBO. Reels serviced in June. Shimano talica 10ii with some marks...
  325. D

    Seeker and Avet SX 5.3 fishing combo

    brand new Seeker Stealth 7015c paired with a used Avet SX 5.3. Rod is 12-20 ans till has original tags on it and reel is in great condition. Fully spooled with 50lb pp. Cosmetically 10/10 and mechanically 10/10. Reel comes with box, CD and clamp!!! Great light rod to kill yellowtail on!! Asking...
  326. R

    Penn International 50SW Two Speed

    I have a Penn International 50 SW two speed in really clean condition for SOLD. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks,
  327. R

    AVET HX Silver 5/2 and Shimano Torium 20

    I have a couple of reels for sale that in great working condition. Avet HX Silver 5/2 w/ braid in pretty good condition 9/10. Has been well taken care of and Includes box. SOLD Shimano Torium 20 in good condition. Has boat rash but in great working condition. 7/10 cosmetically and 9/10 working...
  328. M

    Avet LX 6/3 mc, Raptor like new $385 local pickup SD

    Like new, Blue, used 3 times on sport boats. Rinsed well after each use and drag released during downtime. Estimating less than 200 casts @LESS than 3 hours at the rail. Spooled with 65# spectra and 10' of 30# pink Seagaur this reel is ready to fish Tuna! Comes with original box, disc, and lube...
  329. L


    2 Custom CalS tar Fishing Rods. All Aftco Rollers and Reel Seat. Excellent Condition 1 BT-6460 40lb to 50lb. 1 BT655H 50lb to 60lb Perfect for the Big Bluefin $200.00 each OBO Live in Long Beach
  330. #Special K

    WTT Avet SX 5.3 for 300 size baitcaster

    Hey all, Abu Toro series, Lexa 300 HD, Curado 300, etc. Needs to be salt worthy. The reel is in excellent condition (8.5/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mech as it was just serviced). Let me know if anyone is interested and what you got - preferably with pics. If I need to throw in a little cash I can...
  331. Taiko

    New Avet JX Raptor and Shimano Torium with Phenix outfit

    Hey Guys, new to the forum and would love some input from you pros out there. I just recently ordered two new outfits and need some input. Rods can be changed but reels probably gotta stay since im a lefty with limited choices. I am somewhat new to the saltwater scene but have some experience...
  332. Rusty_Shackelfurd

    Accurate FX-400x vs Avet SX 5.3?

    I'm looking for a reel to put on a Cousins BT 8030 that i am having built and i think ive narrowed it down to these 2 reels. price is not really an issue since they are both fairly close. I would be using this setup for throwing big artificials for lingcod and/or as a 25lb-30lb bait stick. I'm...
  333. FishingFool55

    2.5 day Trip Aboard the Commander

    Please repost and share with your friends. Leaving this Friday!! Call the landing! Book online!!
  334. fishing29

    Avet MC Cast LX 4.6 For sale $200

    Extremely versitle reel. Ive casted surface irons for yellowtail with this reel, yo-yoed my arm off, dropper looped, and fly lined. Used for 1 season, Minor boat rash throughtout the red except the lower left side from my surface iron tremble hooks rubbing (we all know the mechanics on the...
  335. K


    Shimano Triton Charter Special $85 Avet SXJ $165 Avet MXJ BNIB $185, 2 speed $265 Avet JX 2 Speed BNIB $325 Shimano Sustain 6000FG $280 Shimano Trevala TFS-69ML $120 Combo $360 Shimano Torium 30 $125 Pickup only. No shipping. Thanks for looking
  336. S

    Avet SXJ 6/4 2-Speed

    I am selling my mint condition Avet SXJ 2-Speed reel - comes with box and loaded with 50lb braid and a 20b mono top-shot. Bought this from another BD'er and never fished it - this reel is like new. $225
  337. socal538

    Avet reels and Seeker rods

    Selling some of my fishing gear. All used but taken care of well. If interested in anything send me a message I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I do not ship. Local sale only. Avet Mxj 5.8 filled w/50 Spectra $160 Avet Mxl 5.8 half w/50 Spectra $175 Avet Mxl 6/4 2 speed filled w/65...
  338. dillionare

    FS 10/10 AVET LX 6/3 Raptor Camo

    I am selling my Avet LX 6/3 Raptor Camo NEVER been used. Filled with 80# Spectra and 60# mono top, also comes with box and avet reel case. No trades, checks, money orders or shipping. Only cash and local drop off. I live in Garden Grove and we can meet half way. Asking $425 [email protected]
  339. Frantissimo

    For Sale- Avet HX 5/2 and Shakespeare TW 66 4/0 Combo

    Very Nice!
  340. B

    For Sale: Calstar 700xlh & Avet SX 5.3:1 Combo

    Looking to sell a sweet little combo I don't use as much anymore. Like the title says, Calstar 700 xlh in great condition (8-8.5/10) and a blue single speed Avet SX 5.3:1 in excellent shape as well (8.5-9/10) and recently serviced w/ new drag. Has 65lb spectra backing. Asking $170 for the rod...
  341. Sheaalderete

    For Sale Avet MXJ 6/4 Gold Avet JX 4.1:1

    I Am selling these reels and they are in great shape! Had them both serviced by Kens beging of last summer! The MXJ was fished once last season! Great real but I'm more of a shimano guy! I am open to trades on Shimano Reels(Talica or Trinadad) and phenix Rods(809H or 909h) Also both Reels have...
  342. osiito


    If anyone is interested i will be at the Fred Hall show this weekend. I can bring it there. Barely Used Avet SXJ Single Speed in Gun Metal. Its loaded with 50# Berkley Green Spectra. Never seen the Salt. Used for catfish a couple times looking for the DD's. Asking SOLD Pick up in West Hollywood...
  343. Mick Dodge


    Hey everyone i have a brand new in box Avet JX 6/3 2 speed reel (gunmetal in color) I'm willing to let go... This is an excellent 30-40 lb reel great for live bait, surface iron, or yo-yo.
  344. justsaymoh

    MXJ 6/4 Raptor 2-Speed Lever Drag

    MXJ 6/4 Raptor 2-Speed Lever Drag Price: $350 (firm, no trades) Condition: Excellent Includes: 400 yds, 65lb Izorline, box, clamp, etc. Retrieve: Right Braid Capacity: 50/650, 65/430, 80/340 Drag: Strike: 21, Full: 31 Gear Ratio: H: 6.3:1, L: 3.8:1 Inches Per Crank: H: 41 in., L: 25 in...