1. T

    For Sale Michigan wheel Apollo xhs stainless steel prop

    Used good condition, came off a Suzuki, 109$ OBO, prop intact and functional, sold my old motor so took upgraded prop off
  2. Luke

    PV Tuna Fishing

    Going to PV on May 13th for a 3 1/2 dayer on the Apollo. There have been very few reports which usually means the fishing is off. The last I could find said lots of quality YFT around the Tres Marias Islands but they were keyed in on small baits. Has anyone been there recently (last few weeks)...
  3. MikeeDaGuy

    Openings! Apollo Puerto Vallarta Feb 17th thru 21st 3 1/2 day

    Hey All, Its been forever since I posted on BD, Busy as hell with work, which is a good thing! The wife is good for now with her cancer battle life is good! Anyways Let me get to it. Not my Charter although I have 5 maybe 6 spots filled with my ppl already. I have 2 openings for sure though I...