1. CharlieSaraspeSanDiego

    SOLD *Off the Market* - 21ft Boston Whaler Justice "Grey Ghost"

    * OFF THE MARKET * Decided not to sell. The "Grey Ghost" is a 1997 Boston Whaler Justice Military Hull. This boat was built to handle weight and weather. The "Grey Ghost" is a deep-v, extremely smooth riding hull that cuts through chop and avoids pounding like most small skiffs. Extremely...
  2. HarborSeal

    WTB 16-21ft Radon/Greenough/Wilson

    I know this is a long shot but I am looking for a turnkey boat or a project for a local firefighter. Cash in hand for either. Willing to travel. Please let me know if you are willing to part with one or know where I can find one. The usual...and yes I check CL on the reg All glass...
  3. Mr Lingcod

    Anyone have a video of a Radon going downswell?

    Very curious if anyone has a video of a Radon going downswell in good size swell. Not flat seas. Anyone? After a long time of talking with people, observing and being on the ocean, I've come to understand how the design works. In simple terms, the soft front end and big belly for buoyancy equal...
  4. C

    For Sale Radon for sale!

    I'm selling my radon 15, this thing is amazing! Selling for 10700 obo make and offer!!. If your looking for any type of skiff to navigate the channel this is it! Has made the crossing to the Channel Islands many of times and is comfortable and fast! If you know radons you know they are built for...
  5. IrieHi

    WTB Radon 26

    Looking to buy a Don Radon Signature 26 I am located in Hawaii please message me with what you have and specs thank you.
  6. Thebonecollector

    For Sale 177 Surf Skiff

    Length 17ft Beam 7'7" Weight 2,000 pounds dry. 30 degree dead rise in the bow, 18 in the stern. 2017 Hull with 9 warranty. 2017 Honda 90hp - 100 hours 4 year warranty. Tops out at 34 mph and cruises at 26 mph. 805 Marine designed the pilothouse and began glassing. Jeff Hull finished glassing...
  7. Mr Lingcod

    Greenough: Exotic, but how do they ride?

    What's the deal with the Greenough build? How do they ride? Why are they so fuel efficient for the size/weight? Does that near-tri-hull design make it pound in exchange for increased roll-stabilization and economy? If so, how does it work for our ocean on the West Coast?

    SOLD Parker 2520 sport cabin

    1995 Parker 2520 Sport cabin Modified v Twin 2004 Honda 130's 560 hours Boat is in great shape and a true fish killing machine. Offshore bait tank Wash down Basic lowarance finder/gps Rod holders Trim tabs Icom radio Great boat. Load rite trailer galvanized Needs brake actuator No title for...
  9. E

    Anderson 22

    Posting this up for a friend who does not have cell phone, computer or internet. His home number is listed under the "reply" tab.
  10. Greenough19

    Anderson/Greenough 19, Price Drop 37.5k

    This is a Anderson built Greenough that started life as a 17 center console and was completely redone by Bill in about 07-08 with cabin etc. I had this done myself and am the original owner since the rebuild. I had him extend the boat 2 feet which makes the rear deck almost twice the size it...
  11. Thebonecollector

    WTB 17-22ft greenough, anderson, wilson, radon

    Looking for 17-22ft range. Range 22k. Cuddy or Pilot house preferred. Would love to be able to sleep 2, but I'm a long distance backpacker/hiker so I can sleep in anything. I'm in between grad school. I don't have too much time for a project. Primarily used for crossing the channel and as a...
  12. conner rhoads

    17ft montauk radon style cabin build

    Decided to finally buckle down and build a cabin on the existing cuddly, it had a bolt on cabin before but was built to not last by previous owner... so i decided to take the concept and improve it a bit and make it a surf fish and dive machine! 1 framed up sides and top to get a good idea of...