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  1. MoIsFishing

    Brazilian flag build ideas

    I had a friend approach me and asked for a custom spinning rod for long range trips. He wanted some Brazilian flag colors incorporated to the build. I used the BNEX72/30-50 with Duragrips and Ti-Forged titanium guides. I like how the colors on the diamond wrap came out and I thought it would be...
  2. C

    Enough Backbone for Gunnison Browns?

    First day of fishing with a guide on the Gunnison River in Colorado. He’s concerned that the five-weight rod that I built for the trip may not handle the big browns on the Gunnison. First cast brings in a double for us including this big guy! That Matrix MA-F905-4 has some backbone!
  3. MoIsFishing

    Little Red White & Blue

    A friend wanted a red, white, & blue theme on his Bushido Nanophene Slow Load (feeling patriotic). I decided to go with the heavy action since he will using mostly 200g jigs. He took it down to Islamorada to work some ledges for mutton snapper and said he has never experienced a more fun outfit...
  4. MoIsFishing

    Inshore Grouper Build

    I had a friend in Tampa Bay request a build that would handle his inshore/nearshore grouper fishing. He will be using big swim baits and plugs with the occasional live pinfish mixed in for the finicky ones. I found a gem with this blank! I used the LS76/20-40 so he can make longer casts into the...