3/4 day

  1. dankobby

    3/4 Day on the Dana Pride 10/1/23 - 14 Bluefin

    Saw the recent reports of bluefin caught on 3/4 days out Dana Point so I figured I’d give it a shot. The crew and captain were great. We got bait and headed offshore at 6:30 AM for 2 hours. The bait was some of the worst I’ve seen, blood spots and dead ones. Probably 5% of them were good...
  2. cole boop

    Crazy 3/4 day bluefin limit plus bonus yft video! 9/28

    Video is up from yesterdays plunker bite out on the sum fun 3/4 day! Don’t grill me too hard in the comments for the mistakes made lol. Enjoy! I love making saltwater vids.
  3. cole boop

    Where are the yellowtail we used to see

    Just got back into ocean fishing last year after a fun dorado trip. I’m pretty into it now constantly scouring bd forums even got Fishdope from when I was interested in trying to get out on a couple slayday trips figured it’d pay off. This has always been a thought to me but where are the...
  4. dedge

    Offshore Props to the Native Sun

    I had myself a free day on Sunday, my wife was out with friends and my daughter was busy with school stuff so I figured I'd hop aboard a 3/4-day boat and see if I could get a local YFT. Reports from the previous day said there were plenty of opportunities but inexperienced anglers and wrong...
  5. I

    Winter fishing

    Assuming we do not get El Nino what is a good boat 1/2 day to full day boat to hop on out of the LA or oxnard to go fishing. Also random does glow in the dark lures help rockfishing.
  6. I

    Island rod

    I am looking for a rod preferably seeker, phenix, calstar, Uc. Problaby going to use 25lb line and fish it for calicos, yellows, and maybe some rockfish. Also what reel do would you prefer on the rod just wondering.
  7. I

    Best 3/4 day boat

    I live equal distances away from both the native son and spitfire which one should I go on. Do to my schedule I can not go on any longer trip. Also what gear should I bring on the boat.
  8. kbray001

    Mahilini is back

    Hey, I wanted to let everyone know the Mahilini is going to be back fishing this Saturday, June 16th running daily 3/4 day trips to the Nados. From now on you can book your trips directly from their website listed below. https://malihinisportfishing.com/ It sounds like the Coronado’s are...
  9. saltysam

    pairing lexa 300hd

    I just recently bought a 300 hd spooled with 40 lb braid. I'm looking for a rod to buy and I have 2 in mind. Can I get some opinions or suggestions. I want to use it for yellow, calicos, bonita. BW8040S or TIC80HF
  10. G

    Building first surface and yo-yo iron arsenal - what to buy?

    New Years resolution to fish more this year! Interested in folks perspective. Will be doing more 1/2 day, 3/4 day and hopefully an overnight or 1.5 day trip or two this year - specifically to target yellowtail and tuna species. Need to limit the budget to ~ $150 or so and am wondering what...
  11. G

    Clear or tinted mono for local SD 1/2 and 3/4 day boats?

    Hi everyone! Respooling my 3 x jigmasters for my sons and I. Mostly do local 1/2 day and 3/4 day trips for whatever they are catching at that moment (rockfish, bonito, etc) Any recommendations for clear vs. tinted lines (e.g., smoke, pink, etc)? All 3 jigmasters currently rigged with 30#...
  12. G

    Best rig and tackle for 3/4 day this weekend?

    Hi everyone - Thinking about heading out on a 3/4 day this weekend in San Diego - do a lot of 1/2 days but this will be a first. What is a good rig for party boat yellows? I have a baja special, a jigmaster 500, and a newell 220 The baja has 60 lb spectra, the jigmaster has 20 lb test, and i...
  13. R

    3/4 Day Trips

    Hello all, I recently decided to quit on the half day trips because I was under the impression (based off some things I've read and people I've talked to) that the 3/4 day trips targeted larger fish. I am going next weekend from Oceanside due to proximity to where I live and cost (tickets on...
  14. F

    Limited 3/4 day on the Jig Strike. March 19th

    Limited to 15 people on the Jig Strike out of H&M landing in San Diego. Passports are required as we will be fishing the Coranado islands. In search for Yellowtail. And if they don't want to play we will load up on Rock Fish. $162.00 per. This includes your Mexican fishing permit and Visa. A...
  15. F

    Limited load 3/4 day trip on the Malihini out of H&M landing in San Diego.

    Hello I am the charter master for a limited load of 23 aboard the Malihini out of H&M landing in San Diego. On Sat March 19th. I stI'll have spots available. On the trip we will be going after yellowtail and rock fish. The cost is $175.00 per person. This includes your Mexican fishing license...